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Subjects: Gosford Cancer Centre; Craig Thomson; GH Holden co-investment; Immigration; Malaysian
agreement; Queensland election

PM: [audio break] watching the concrete being poured for the Cancer Centre here at this hospital,
so it's a day of achievement, another milestone in bringing a cancer centre here to Gosford.

And that's going to make a big difference to this community, because at the moment people have to
travel to get cancer treatment, go to Newcastle or go to Sydney, with all of the additional stress
and strain that means for them, at what is already a difficult time of their lives.

So, having seen the concrete poured today, we're going to see a centre up and operating next year,
something that's been achieved with almost $30 million of Federal Government money and a
contribution from the State Government.

This is part of the new health infrastructure that we're bringing to the Central Coast. It includes
a rehabilitation centre at Woy Woy, as well as a GP Super Clinic here in Gosford. And it's a real
pleasure to work alongside Deb as she advocates for this community and we're able to make a
difference to health infrastructure here in this community.

All week in Parliament we've been talking about our Labor vision of the future, our plan to make
sure that our national prosperity is used to benefit the many, not the few. To make sure that the
vast mass of Australians - working people, retirees - get to see the benefits of national

And that's one of the things that we can say here today is being achieved with this new health

And of course across the parliamentary week too, we've been debating economic matters like our plan
to ensure that small businesses get new tax benefits.

We're very determined that in this age of mining prosperity, a resources boom, that that money is
shared around the country and shared by small businesses who struggle, who work hard, who give
their fellow Australians a job and who deserve a tax break to help them do that.

I'll hand over now to Deb and then we'll be happy to take your questions.

O'NEILL: Well I'm delighted to have the Prime Minister here in, what I always say in Parliament, is
the best seat in the nation. It's such a beautiful place to live but sadly people figured that out
some time before a lot of the infrastructure came into being, and that's why it's so important that
this Federal Labor Government understands the needs of regions such as ours and is investing in the
essential health infrastructure that we need.

To have seen the bunkers poured today and to know the community support that's been behind
persuading the Federal Government, the Labor Government, to commit $28 million to getting that off
the ground is a great achievement.

I'm absolutely delighted that that has happened today, the sun's shining and it's quite symbolic
of, I think, the bright future for health here on the coast.

Also, I'll be taking the Prime Minister very shortly with me down to the seniors' concert down in
Woy Woy and I know that entire community is delighted that it's $22 million of Federal funding
along with $5 million from the State that's going to bring life back into our Woy Woy
rehabilitation centre, and of course the investment of $7 million in a GP Super Clinic.

This is a practical action, our Prime Minister getting the job done for ordinary Australians,
making sure that there is benefit for the very many people in the community who need access to
public health services. Thank you.

PM: And I want to reassure I am not singing at the event we're going to next. I will say a few
words but no singing for me. So, who's got a question?

JOURNALIST: Craig Thomson's been embroiled in another scandal this morning, trying to interfere
with a local government plan for a job centre. Are you confident that, in his position?

PM: Look, there's been a long-running issue here on the Central Coast about youth unemployment and
about access to training, so as a Labor Government for a long period of time we've wanted to see
better access to training for young people and indeed for adults who missed out on education
earlier in their lives.

So there's been a proposal considered over some time about a Central Coast training facility. It
has had some difficulties and the relevant government department is continuing to work through

So, as for Mr Thomson, he has been involved, of course, as a local member in advocating for this
facility which we allocated some money towards at the 2010 election.

But we do need to resolve some present issues between the proponents of the facility to get it done
for the people of the Central Coast.

JOURNALIST: Joe Hockey has expressed reservations a Federal Government's plan to inject a quarter
of a billion dollars into Holden (inaudible) small businesses are being left out (inaudible)

PM: The only political party in Federal politics leaving small businesses out is the political
party that Joe Hockey's a member of.

The Coalition, the Liberal and the National Party, have determined to vote against tax breaks for
small businesses. They're asked to consider a really simple proposition - do you think big mining
companies that are making huge profits should keep all of that money, or should a share of that be
used to help small business? We say yes, Joe Hockey says no.

On support for Holden, I'm not surprised that Mr Hockey's indicating he doesn't support car worker
jobs. The Opposition saying no to everything, is saying no to supporting car worker jobs and
they've cut by half a billion dollars, or have a plan to cut by half a billion dollars, the very
pool of funds we've used to support Holden.

So our vision of the economy here is that we need manufacturing, we need our great manufacturing
companies like Holden doing everything they do, training up workers, bringing the innovation.

But we also need vibrant small businesses and that's why we've got a plan for both.

Working with Holden, to hold it in Australia for the next generation; working with small businesses
to make sure that they get a tax break and a helping hand.

JOURNALIST: Bob Carr last night said that we should restrict immigration to preserve the
environment. Do you agree with that?

PM: On immigration, the government makes decisions a piece at a time, so what we do is we look at
the economic circumstances in our nation and set our immigration targets so that they best work
with the nation's need for skilled labour.

Now none of that should ever be an excuse for not investing in the skills and capacities of
Australians, which is why as a Government we've been so focussed, so incredibly focussed on
investing in early childhood education, school education, universities and now we have a big new
package for skills, including new HECS arrangements for skills to help people get those more
expensive qualifications without being immediately out of pocket.

So our focus on immigration is on what the nation needs.

JOURNALIST: Are you backing negotiations with the Malaysian Government on offshore processing?

PM: Look, we want to secure arrangements to process asylum seekers offshore.

There's one person stopping us doing that and it's no surprise who it is. It's Tony Abbott because
he says no to everything, including no to offshore processing of asylum seekers.

JOURNALIST: So you're not currently in-

PM: -We have a concluded agreement with Malaysia. We can't enact it because Tony Abbott is saying

JOURNALIST: What about (inaudible) in the Queensland election? The latest polls look like a swing
towards Campbell Newman.

PM: Look, I certainly wish Premier Anna Bligh well as she goes into Election Day in Queensland

I've worked with Anna Bligh and she has achieved a remarkable amount for the people of Queensland.

Education's very close to my heart, and one thing that Anna Bligh's achieved in the recent period
is creating a prep year in schooling for Queensland kids.

Queensland kids were getting a year less schooling than kids around the nation, which was only ever
going to leave them behind.

Anna Bligh's stepped up and fixed that as well as stepping up when Queensland faced its darkest
days during the summer of natural disasters.

So I've got all good wishes for Anna Bligh as she goes into Election Day tomorrow, and we'll see
what the people of Queensland decide.

JOURNALIST: Do you feel Mr Abbott overstepped the mark when he said you have a target on your head?
Do you accept his apology?

PM: Look, Mr Abbott's words are a matter for Mr Abbott.

Thanks very much.