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Tonight - a blow for Sydney drivers.

Petrol prices soaring and going

higher. Julia Gillard celebrates

her new tax but faces a new

challenge. Revealed - the Brazilian

student who died after being

tasered by Sydney police. Dawn

destruction - the storm that

smashed homes in minutes. Quicker

and cheaper - a breakthrough test

for allergies.

Good evening. Sydney families are

being hit with a new financial body

blow. Petrol prices are soreing to

their highest level in years and --

soaring to their highest level in

years and motorists are warned. In

the Sydney suburb of Clovelly,

petrol has hit $-- has hit record

levels. It is looking very likely

that prices will get to about $1.60

in the weekly cycle. The price

board was enough to turn drivers

away. I didn't feel like it. I saw

the price and bailed. Ridiculous.

The average price of unleaded in

Sydney is around $1.44. That's

likely to be $1.55 by the weekend.

You can get it less for $1.37 in

Blakehurst. The price increases are

forecast to continue. We won't see

a dip before Easter. In the next

few weeks, it's predicted we'll be

paying the highest prices in 3.5

years. We'll try and encourage

motorists as to when the best time

is to fill up before Easter. A

global economy on the mend, as well

as concerns over oil supply in the

Middle East, are driving the cost

of oil up. Petrol prices affect

everything from food prices to how

much spare cash consumers spend in

the shops. Already, consumers are

pulling back and remaining

conservative. Let's go now to more

details. How's it looking down the

track? Prices seem like they'll be

getting higher over the next couple

of weeks. While prices are high,

they're not at record highs just

yet. So the advice is to get to

know the average in your local area.

If you see something lower or a

cheap bargain, get it before Easter.

Fill up while you can. Thank you.

The young man who died after being

tasered by police in the city on

Sunday morning has been named as 21-year-old Roberto Laudisio Curti.

Let's go live now to Simon. What

more do we know about this young

man? Well, we know that Mr Laudisio

Curti arrived in Australia last

year. He's been living with his

sister and her husband since then.

We also know he's been studying

English at a Bondi Junction college

where a number of his classmates

were today told about what had

happened. None of them wanted to

talk publicly but they were very

sad about what happened and he

seemed like a nice guy. The police are continuing their investigation

in to exactly what happened. Part of that investigation obviously

will be the CCTV footage they got

from the coffee shop just near

where Mr Laudisio Curti was hit by

the tasers. Police have told me

unofficially he was hit by a number

of tasers and that he fell to the

ground and subsequently died. The

NSW Ombudsman will be conducting

its own review of the investigation

in to this case. The police say

they are conducting a thorough

investigation. Here is what the

Assistant Police Commissioner told

us earlier today. The community

should take great comfort that

we're putting our experienced

investigators on this matter.

Obviously, Mr Laudisio Curti's

family, the rest of his family are

on their way from Brazil. The

investigation is ongoing and will

be handed to the Coroner as soon as

possible. The Gillard Government

has spent the day toasting its new

mining tax. A 30% levy on the

profits of coal and iron ore miners.

One mining giant is vowing to

challenge the tax in the High Court.

Today the Labor Caucus was in

celebration mode. Rejoicing after

Parliament finally passed the

controversial mining tax last night.

Ensuring that Australians get a

fair share of the benefits of the

resources wealth. Celebrations

could be premature with at least

one mining giant planning to mount

a High Court challenge. Fortescue

Metals says that the company has

engaged senior counsel and will

commence legal proceedings. The

Liberals are on side. A Federal tax

on State property is a tax which

discriminates between States.

That's prohibited. If there is a

High Court challenge, the State

Government will present the State's

point of view. Money from the tax

will be used to boost

superannuation savings and fund tax

cuts for business. How much the tax

will raise is now under question.

Even the Government admits it

doesn't know how much it will raise

over the next decade. Depends upon

the exchange rate. Depends upon

volumes. Depends upon commodity

prices. Wayne Swan defended his tax.

He was ejected. Who is the

Treasurer over there? He was

ejected too. When Julia Gillard

became PM, her three main goals

were to introduce a carbon tax, a

mining tax and control the borders.

Now it seems the validity of all

these measures will be decided here

in the High Court. If the challenge

fails, the miners still have the

Opposition's promise to scrap the

taxes in government. We're

absolutely 100% committed. A man

has been charged with the murder of

Tamworth policeman senior constable

David Rixon. Michael Allan Jacobs

was wounded in the exchange of

gunfire has been under police guard

in hospital. Detectives are

alleging the male acted alone

during the incident. The incident

arose after an attempt by senior

constable Rixon to engage the male

in a random breath test. The 48-

year-old has been refused bail. A

freak storm has ripped through the

North Queensland city of Townsville,

smashing homes and bringing down

trees and powerlines. Its force has

been likened to a tornado and

lasted less than 10 minutes. It

came out of the blue. Just before

dawn. All of a sudden, bang. It

just hit. It was a tornado in

everything but name. A few minutes

of ferocious winds and driving rain,

ripping a swathe of destruction and

shock through the North Queensland

city. It's absolutely amazing. This

is worse than what Townsville saw

when Yasi came along. Yasi hit

north of Townsville last year and

caused widespread damage. Locals

say today's freak weather was even

more intense, although it came and

went very quickly. Somebody's roof

sitting inside my swimming pool.

It's taken the fence line. Maybe it

came from here. More than 40 homes

were badly damaged. 25 had their

roofs torn off, sent flying in to

powerlines. Large trees uprooted

and hurled metres away. Premier

Anna Bligh flew in to promise Government help. It's ripped their

lives apart. It's hard to describe

the feelings. The father of a young

woman who died in an awful accident

on the Hume Highway is on a mission

time prove breakdown lanes. Sarah

Frazer's car had stopped near

Mittagong when she and a good

Samaritan were hit by an oncoming

truck. At 23 years of age, Sarah

Frazer had everything to live for.

An adventurer with a passion for

photography, she was driving along

the Hume Highway to university when

her car broke down. A tow truck

driver pulled over to help but the

pair were hit by a passing truck.

Her car had overheated and he was

helping her put it on to the back

of the tray. That simple. One month

on, Sarah's father, Peter, is

heartbroken. He's convinced both

his daughter and the tow truck

driver would still be alive today

if the section of road they were on

had a proper 2.5 metre wide

breakdown lane. Two beautiful lives

have been completely wasted because

this road didn't even meet the

standard. Peter Frazer says he

expects there are hundreds and

hundreds of examples of narrow

breakdown lanes right across the

State. Here on the Great Western

Highway, it's clear the road

shoulder is less than wo.5 metres

wide. With a number of trucks

roaring past, you wouldn't want to

breakdown here. The State

Government says it will look at

enacting legislation but it wants

an audit first. In the meantime,

the Frazer family are calling on

people to sign a petition on the

website below. Our family and our

friends and the community wants to

make certain this doesn't happen to

anyone else. We knew James

Magnussen was quick, now he says

he's ready to become the fastest

swimmer ever. He boobgd his place

on the London Olympic -- booked his

place on the London Olympic team

but his best is yet to come. With

his guns loaded, Magnussen sent a

warning to the world.

COMMENTATOR: There's a missile

heading for London and it's set to

explode in the Olympic pool. Brace

yourselves. The 20-year-old had his

sights set on a new world record

but the line just beat him to the wall.

It was still the fourth fastest

time in history. The other times

were set in the days of the dodgy

super suits. His rivals will be

rattled. I'm sure they'll have a

few sleepless nights. I think it

keeps them second guessing their

own preparation. He's a countries

kid who oozes confidence and shares

a sense of humour with his dad. He

gets his athletic ability from me.

I would take my shirt off but I

have a better body than him. We can

add James Roberts to our artillery.

Second, a PB and a ticket to London.

We have got rockets and missiles.

Magnussen was back in the pool this

morning for what he calls a bit of

fun, the 50 freestyle but he was

the fastest qualifier for the semis.

All this while trying to shake off

a chest infection. He can go

quicker if he's fit and taperer. If

I swam it in a minute, I wouldn't

mind as long as I got that Olympic

gold. Australian researchers have

discovered an easier and safer way

to test whether a child is allergic

to peanuts. Experts say their

breakthrough can save lives. Denise

found out the frightening way that

her two-year-old daughter had

dangerous food allergies. She had

hives everywhere. Until now, half a

dozen pin pricks over a child's

body was the first step to confirming which food was

responsible. A groundbreaking study

at the Murdoch Children's Research

Institute is set to revolutionise

the process. Skin prick testing

isn't as accurate as we would like.

We're left with some people having

a positive skin prick test. The Murdoch researchers swapped all

those pin pricks for one simple

blood test. That can be done by a

GP, eliminating the costly wait for

specialshs, bringing answers in

days instead of years and reducing

the need for food challenges.

Whether a patient is given food,

they may be dangerously allergic to.

This blood test is trying to

minimise the impact on waiting

lists. It's likely to minimise the

impact of how many food challenges

we need to do. Reducing the waiting

period will save lives, they say.

They could be at risk themselves or

their children, but they don't know

until they see a specialist. Coming

up, a mother shot outside one of

Sydney's biggest sports clubs. Plus,

Bob Katter carving it up on the

campaign trail. Kate's surprising

fashion statement for her first big

(BOTH SPEAK ITALIAN) (APPLAUSE) SONG: # Don't hold back # Is there anybody out there # Feeling something? #

A mother remains in a serious

condition in hospital tonight after

being shot by her estranged husband

at Bossley Park. The 48-year-old

who had taken out an AVO against

the man was fired at as she left a

local club. Every Monday night, she

plays bingo at the Marconi Club.

Arriving and leaving at the same

time each week. But last night that

pattern cost her dearly. Her ebs

husband would have been fully aware

ofthality situation. The mother of

two was shot in the face in the

club's car park just after 10

o'clock. Within an hour, police

found her former husband dead in

the garage of his Bossley Park home.

When the cops came at our door at

midnight, we were shocked. The

couple divorced in 2010. Like many

women, she lived in fear of her ex-

husband. She had taken an AVO out

against him and even changed her

name when they split nine months

ago. No violence, nothing. Police

say they have no record she had

breached the domestic violence

order until now. Certainly this is

extreme. We lose a woman a week to

domestic violence in this country.

She has had major surgery here at

Liverpool Hospital. It's understood

she has severe brain injuries and

when or if she wakes up faces a

long difficult recovery.

It started out as a campaign ad

ahead of Saturday's Queensland

election. But with a stompy music

Internet. mix, it's now gone viral on the

SONG: # Bad boys, bad boys, what

you going to do when Bob Katter

comes for you...

# We've seen plenty of Prince

William's wife, Kate, since their

wedding nearly a year ago but we

haven't heard her say much since

she answered, "I do." Lately she's

been out and about on her own and

speaking in a way that's brought

back memories of Diana. Knowing the

world would be watching and

listening, the nervy Duchess of

Cambridge steped to the microphone.

You've all made me feel so welcome.

A great pleasure for me to come to

Wales. A warm but careful smile, a

little self-conscious and big hair

to hide behind. Kate's voice

sounding a little posher nowadays.

I'm only sorry William can't be

here today. He would love it here.

True teamwork, so much can be

achieved. Kate met kids with life-

threatening conditions. For many,

this is a home from home. A

lifeline, enabling families to live

as normally as possible. Instead of

buy Agnew outfit, Kate chose to

wear a four-year-old dress. She

charmed and comforted the children,

later digging in to help plant a

commemorative tree. It's been a

successful few weeks for the

Duchess whose solo engagements

kuepblts have gone any better. Next

time -- couldn't have gone any

better. Next time, she will be

joined by Prince William. Now the

speeches have started, it has

strengthened her position as a

family. hard-working member of the royal

Time now for sport with Ken. Good

evening. Good evening to you. Tony

Williams is set to pay a very high

price for this spear tackle but he

did receive some unexpected support.

Why these stars were shavering down

at a Hazelbrook school? At Ford, small speaks... VOICEOVER: MAN: Triple J. ..but doesn't need to shout. Small loves music, but doesn't beat its own drum. Small grips the road, but doesn't hog it. on a single tank. And small goes miles and miles Presenting the compact Fiesta CL - just $16,490 driveaway. automatic - And the sleek Focus Ambiente just $21,990 driveaway. and it's bigger than ever. Small is here, Colgate 360 Surround, Today, I present to you, most advanced manual toothbrush. designed to be Colgate's aren't on teeth, Since 80% of bacteria more than just teeth. his mission is to clean His surround clean bristles, tongue and cheek cleaner wraparound other toothbrushes can miss. clean parts of the mouth (ALL GASP) Bacteria, beware! Bacteria, here I come. cleans more than just teeth. VOICEOVER: Colgate 360 Surround of something big... Medibank is at the beginning health insurance forever. ..something that's changing of health support services a new range staffed with Medibank nurses, Like a 24/7 health advice line reliable online information your health, to help you better understand and in-hospital support so you can as part of your hospital cover. you now get all this Because you're with Medibank, largest health insurance group. part of Australia's

Geoff Toovey has told Nine News

he's been flawed by the severity of

the charge laid against Tony

Williams. The jiepbtsdz Eagle is

facing up to 10 weeks -- giant

eeing sl facing up to 10 weeks on

the -- Eagle is facing up to 10

weeks on the sidelines. No ill

effects from being dumped by Tony

Williams. I think he's got a

bruised butt. Williams is known as

T-Rex. Some of the worst in recent

times have been heavily punished.

Luke MacDougall got 10 weeks for

this. And Michael Crocker was

rubbed out for nine weeks. The Sharks skipper said Williams

doesn't deserve a long suspension.

He didn't mean it. The judiciary

should take that in to account. The

Sharks broke their 10-match losing

streak against the premiers. At the

launch of the Men of League round,

big Dave Taylor's decision to leave

Souths was the talking point. John

Saturdayler -- Sattler said they

should sack him now. I feel

strongly about it and I really

believe once they make the

announcement they're going, I'd hit

them on the bum and move them on

straight away. See you later? Yes.

As expected, Tommy Raudonikis said

the Tigers would be crazy to buy

Willie Mason. He's a good player. I

don't think he's worth it. Wests

shouldn't sign him? No. Are they

that desperate? I don't think so.

It was a special day for students

at Hazelbrook Public School in the

Blue Mountains. Sandor Earl and

Michael Gordon had their heads

shaved alongside Declan Filtness to

raise money and awareness for the

Leukaemia Foundation. The ALF world

is mourning the death of Jim Stynes

after a long battle with cancer.

After leaving Ireland to try his

luck in Australia as an 18-year-old,

stierpbz won a Brownlow Medal and -

- Stynes won a Brown low Medal. --

Brownlow Medal. He passed away in

the company of his family this

morning and will be given a State

funeral. The Giants make their AFL

debut on Saturday but the Harbour

Bridge was the backdrop for the

news conference today. Kevin Sheedy

said his biggest problem is trying

to find someone to mark Adam Goodes.

Libby Trickett will tonight attempt

to achieve what Ian Thorpe couldn't

by capping off her comeback with a

berth at the Olympics. Trickett is

the fifth fastest qualifier. She

needs to finish in the top six to

earn a relay spot. Getting back to

Jim Stynes, he was just a fine

human being both on and off the

paddock. Couldn't have said it

better. He sure was. Temperatures

close to average. Weather after the


on WIN News... The Border

Commissioner - questioned over how

much influence he' ll have. The

Greens reveal their team to contest

the ACT election. And, the cycling

study - showing the dangers of

sharing a path. That' s next

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This program is This program is captioned live.

Just a few early showers for Sydney

this morning clearing to a mainly

sunny day with light easterly winds.

A high is directing cool south-

easterly winds onto the New South

Wales and south-east Queensland

coast while a monsoonal low is

triggering heavy rain over the

Queensland tropics leading to

flooding. So the heaviest falls

tomorrow will be about the Central

Queensland coast, with more than

200mm expected over the next 24

hours. Around the country tomorrow:

Shower or two for Brisbane. Rain in

Melbourne easing. Early rain in

Adelaide. Sunshine for Perth. A

mainly fine day forecast for Sydney tomorrow.

Katoomba climbing to 24 degrees.

A series of cold fronts will affect

Sydney towards the end of the week,

bringing a shower or two on

Thursday. Mainly fine over the

weekend with temps sitting in the

low 20s. In our west - Thursday a

shower or two. Maximums in the mid

twenties ahead of that change.

That's Nine News for this Tuesday.

I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have

a good evening. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - dangerous for cyclists. Tonight ...

The new Cross Border Commissioner

questioned over his powers. The ACT

Greens team revealed - as the

Territory edges closer to the

election. And: sharing footpaths

proves to be more dangerous for

cyclists. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, The first NSW Cross

Border Commissioner Border Commissioner was under

pressure today, to reveal how much

power he will have when it comes to

decision making. Cross-border decision making. Cross-border issue

like road safety, health, and

housing development, are now more intertwined than ever. So - he' s

thrown the focus back on the ACT,

calling for a Territory calling for a Territory counterpart