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(generated from captions) Prince Andrew was in it. Oh, but UK, 'cause I think Oh, I don't know. but who were they fighting? No, it was the UK, Argentina. Oh. Oh, no. I've got it wrong. It was the Channel Tunnel. You've got it wrong. Mmm. Oh, no. History is my worst subject. Yeah, the treaty was signed and Francois Mitterrand between Margaret Thatcher of building the tunnel, and a set of the conditions would be, etc, etc. including where the borders Which means, Caroline... Well, I've got a grand. Well, the good news is you can go to the Elwood canal. instead of the Panama Canal, we could get you a cask wine, OK? Instead of having a nice Bordeaux, (LAUGHTER) That's good stuff. Caroline just won 1,000 bucks! Anyway, on Millionaire Hot Seat. Catch you next time Goodnight! This program is captioned live.

Tonight, police suspect child

murder over blood in a school cubby

house. Why jail and Tony Abbott are

brawling over tax cuts. One gun

seize $own our west helps smash an

international smuggling racket.

Make or break time for Ian Thorpe's

come back and a rare halo around

Sydney's sun. Good evening. There

is a twist tonight in the school

cubby house murder investigation -

police believe the large pool of

blood found at Riverwood Public may

belong to a child. Tonight Nine

News has exclusive details from a

witness who found a bloodied knife.

There is no body, just at lot of

blood, enough to make police think

this was murder. We are not talking

about punching someone in the nose

or fighting, it has come from a

substantial injury. A litre and a

half of blood a pool about a metre

wide discovered inside this cubby

house in Riverwood public school's

play ground in January. The DNA

test confirmed it is Hugh machine

and male. Now police believe the

blood belongs the a small man or a

young boy. Parents are rattled. To

see something like that happen is

disturbing especially when you have

three little boys here. We are are

hearing talk, rumour and you know

the parents do not want to hear

that they want to hear the kids

will be safe when they come the

school. This neighbour heard a

garbage truck drive into the school

ground in the dead of night just

before the blood was discovered. It

quickly came to the great and

unlocked the great and went into

the schoolyard. Very quickly left.

A few days later this woman found a

Stanley knife near the cubby. Night

was covered in blood. That blood is

being tested to see if it match

Tess blood in the cubby house.

Police have been trawling through

missing person's reports, checking

school databases and working with

DOCS but so far no clues there.

Several searches of the swam behind

the school have also led nowhere.

Sarah Harris is at the school do

police have anything else to go on?

That same young boy who found the

Stanley knife says he told police

he saw a man with dark brown curly

hair clutching his arm and

staggering away from the cubby

house. It is one of a number of

leads police ring investigating but

what they do know for sure that is

whatever happened inside that cubby

house took place between 13 and 29

January and they urge anyone who

might know someone who went missing

around that time to con being at

the crime stoppers. We will go to

breaking news - these pictures are

just in from pennant hills where a

13-year-old has been hit by a car.

The helicopter head financing the

scene but no word on the child's

condition. Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott are in a stand-off over tax

cuts. A row has erupted over the

Revenue from controversial mining

tax but it has taken a bizarre turn.

A funny thing happened on the way

the Federal Parliament, Labor the

party of the workers, want give a

tax cut to companies. To support

businesses, to support economic

growth and to support jobs. But the

Liberal whose see themselves as

low-tax and pro-business say they

will vote no We will oppose company

tax cuts and mining tax. Tempers

flared as the two sides slugged it

out in the house and the Speaker

Peter slipper throughout six

Coalition MPs in quick succession.

Government policy is the use

revenue from its mining tax to

reduce corporate tax on small

companies from 30% to 29% in July

and for all companies a year later.

The relief for small business

should get through with the support

of Greens but an alliance between

the greepbts and the Coalition

threatens to derail the tax cut for

bigger firms. I never thought I

would see the day that the Liberal

Party would join with the Greens to

vote against the the tax cut for

business. Mr Abbott Says tf because

the Coalition opposes the mining

tax it will also oppose benefits

funded by it. As an alternative...

We will be taking a corporate tax

cut to the next election and it

will be fully costed and fully

funded. But he refuses to epet his

earlier comment the cuts will be

1.5%. It will be a modest cut. As

controversial Labor backbencher

Craig Thompson was admitted to

hospital in Canberra with stomach

pains Fair Work Australia announced

the results of the long investigation sparked by

allegations of misuse of credit

cards when he was an official of the Health Services Union. Rar

Thomson was not named by 28

contravention of legal requirements

and union rules by three former

officials have been referred for

action in the Federal Court. To

news just in - a 14-year-old girl

has been abducted at Eaglevale in

Sydney's southwest. Police allege

this 16 year-old by dragged her if

the high school and headed ease to

Claymore. Call 000 if you have any

information F a drive-by shooting

has helped smash a firearm

syndicate. Three men face your as

details emerge of a smuggling

operation that has brought hundreds

of deadly weapons into Sydney. A

Sylvania Waters post office raided,

Andrew Botros arrested an alleged

global gun smuggling syndicate

busted Tfrblgts biggest illegal

syndicate doing think legal gun

smuggling syndicate Australia has

seen The second arrest, the 21-

year-old worked at a great company

near the post office. I was shocked,

nice people. They are a arrests

made, 12 houses raided across

Sydney from the West to Sylvania

Waters in the south. Police allege

the syndicate smuggled up to 220

Glock pistols since August but this

is the only one so far off the

street it was used in in drive-by

shooting at punch bowl in January.

Strike force dough effectives

traced the serial number of that

handgun to an Austrian manufacturer

and discovered the batch of guns

had been on sold to a German

dealership. Using forged documents

and false names the dismantled guns

were then allegedly flown into

Sydney in packets labelled plastic

and metal We have the reach to be

able to go anywhere to get you. So

far 140 magazines have been seized

and a further 20 handguns prevented

from leaving Germany but that

leaves more than 200 still missing.

It is incredibly concerning us to

that these firearms could be on the

steefts Sydney. Concern too that

other criminals may be using the

same tactics posting gun parts into

Sydney fuelling more drive-by

shootings. We have millions of

items of cargo coming into the

country. It is absolutely

impossible for everyone of those to

be searched. The three men faced

court today on firearms charges

carrying a maximum ever 20 years in

jail. There has been a showing bus

crash in Switzerland. 28 people

including 22 children killed when

their coach hit the wall of a

tunnel. Helicopters ferried the

injured to several hospitals, the

group had been on a ski holiday in

southern Switzerland and were

returning to Belgium. For the past

five years we have assumed

Australia's economy is strong and

the world economy weak. But our

thinking might have to change with

signs the US is recovering while

Australia's confidence has taken a

turn for the worse. The world's

biggest economy is showing signs of

emerging from its recessionary

slumber. They are trying to come

back to dance! In February US

retail sales grew 1.1%, in January

ours rose just 0.3%. Talking about

how in 2008 it was horrible, like

it was in the can then lately it

has been getting a lot better. But

in Australia consumers confidence

is ape gain down. In this sure

straight is moreover all concern

about the economy and in particular

concern about jobs. They call

Australia a patchwork economy as

retailers have struggled to keep

World Cup the mining boom but many Australians have had consumer

confidence affected by interest

rates and their job prospects.

Because I used to buy far too much

and I realise do not need as much.

More cautious about spending things

full price At the end of the day customers will always migrate

towards brands that they love and

trust. A new survey says hardware

store car etailers, supermarkets

and alcohol outlets will perform

better but news agents, stationery

shops and department stores face

the billest challenge The job

outlook is deteriorating and we

need more interest rate cuts more

quickly. Health services in our

west have been given a major boos

with the the Premier announcing an

extra $175 million to upgrade

Blacktown and mount drew witness

hospitals. The bulk will go towards

the new cancer sent e mental health

unit and car p at Blacktown. His

comeback has been disappointing but

it is now or never for Ian Thorpe.

The five-time Olympic gold

medallist lot compete this week for

a spot in the too many for the

London Games and admits he will be

gutted if he does not make it. In

the pool who was hard to pick, but

the imposing figure of Thorpie

looms large at this championship.

He is the poster boy who can pack a

news conference and then there was

the burning question - can he do

it? I am probably as confident as I

have been in my preparation. It has

been a costly come back, $150,000,

bankrolled by Swimming Australia.

Thorpie today bristled at talks he

had received special treatment. It

is not my decision who does or does

not get funded Today as he failed

to set the world or fire, races in

Singapore, Beijing, folko, Italy

and Melbourne posting sluggish

times and not one final. It is the

nice way to say you can't swim any

worse so get out there and have a

go. But there is a difference here.

His previous competition has been

in the middle of heavy training,

while he has land in Adelaide, fit,

fresh and excited. I hit the will

be come prabl for me to makeing my

first Olympic team. That is how

will I feel. Libby Trickett is just

as eager. Two years after quitting

- I am as lean as I was in 2008.

I'm stronger than 2008. I think

industry the potential to be as

fast as I was. Ian Thorpe's

predictions are not as bold. He

says he would like inform swim

faster and he is going to have to.

Make or break for Thorpie. When

will we see him swim? Friday

morning, Pete, is D day for Ian

Thorpe. He will compete in a heat

in the 200 metres freestyle. The

final on Saturday. His mission is

to finish in the top six to make

the relay team and book himself a

flight to London. Libby Trickett

will be in action tomorrow along

with the trim Olympic gold

medallist Stephanie Rice who did so

well in Beijing. She has

troublesome shoulder and will test

that out tomorrow in the 400m

individual medley so a big day of

swimming tomorrow starts these

championships. If you think your

child is just being naughty when

they keep you up all night it might

be something more serious. Sleep

experts at the Children's Hospital

at west meet have discovered that

many kids suffer insomnia but they

have some crucial advice for

parents. Getting 2-year-old Justin

into bed is easy but sleeping is

another thing.. We want him to be

off in dream land dreaming about

Thomas the Tank Energy. This is

Justin 9.30 at night, eyes wide

open. As the minutes pass it looks

like he is nodding off but a false

alarm. Justin tosses and turns

obviously agitated. After 20 minute

his dad holds his hand to comfort

him but it does not work. It takes

Justin 50 minute the finally get to

sleep and this is on a good night.

It can take up to an hour, an hour

10, 15 minute on occasion. It must

be frustrating but he was patiently

lie link the and not complaining

there His mother thought it was

normal but sleep experts now know which youngsters generally suffer

from insomnia and which ones are just refusing to sleep children

with Somali fail to respond to a

tough approach. Strictness,

discipline, rewarding them for good

shreerpbgs sensible parenting does

not seem to work. Another clue for

families and doctors is the

genetics, 80% of children studied

at the hospital had one or both

parents who suffer from insomnia.

Top couple keep a sleep diary and

have a routine focused on

techniques for calming and

relaxation. Hot deep barbgts hot

milk, reading. We have a ritual for

him to turn off the light so he

pulse down the Curtain, closes the

window and we will see how that

goes but I think small improvements

already. In the news ahead t

enduring beauty queen murder miss

industry Jon Benet Ramsey reveals

the real JonBenet plus dramatic

pictures of a jet that rolled off

the runway and what caused the

amazing halo around the sun

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Sydney? Peter Harvey explains. She

was like a little doll but so

dolled up by her parents she looked

older than her innocent age of 6

but sadly she never got the chance

to grow up. Now a new book has

brought back memories of Jon Benet

Ramsey's mysterious murder 16 years

ago. The tiny victim of a vicious

and still unsolved murder as the

whole world has continually seen

her - a beauty pageant Queen all

made up looking eerily older than

any other 6-year-old. Now her

father Jon Ramsey explains how he

can still not get that night in

1996 out of his mind. When I found

her it was a rush of relief then

within moments I realised she was

probably dead. But she as back in

my arms. For the first time we see

photos of the little girl he

prefers to remember. I see her in

shorts and T-shirt and hair kind of

scruffy and just kind of a kid.

These days he is critical of those

tiny tots beauty pageant that

JonBenet once dominated and perhaps

even drew the attention of her

murderer. I saw all element of

competitiveness that thought was

unhealthy. Many police involved in

that first investigation still

believe they found the murderer on

the very first night, they believe

I was him, Jon Benet Ramsey. Since

then all the authorities have

apologised and he still wonders who

would do such a thing.. He is

either alive, dead or in prison.

The engines work just fine. It was

the brakes on this Delta Airlines

jet that proved a problem. The

engines were being tested at full

power on runway at Atlanta Georgia

when it went sliding down an

embankment, an expensive mistake.

After a miserable summer, the sun

in service sky is always a welcome

sight but today it looked heavenly,

surrounded by a halo. It was too

good to last, one or two bright

sunny days then this - hazy cloud

moving in over the city, bringing

with it a new look to the sun, a

distinct halo. A hint of a return

to the sort of weather that has

plagued Sydney for months. Normally

runs ahead of cold fronts and is

traditionally a sign of rain to

come. Government the halo is formed

when sun hits cloud which carries

billions of tiny ice particles. The

halo effect only occurs to or three

times a year. It is a distant

relative of the rainbow, caused

when sunlight passes through water

drop lets. Spectacular. Incredible.

Rare enough to be fascinating.

People have rung us up asking us

bind epbs day and aliens.

# Here comes the sun # I said

# It's alright... Time for sport

with Ken. Good evening. Good

evening, Peter. Tonight we head

live to Leichhardt where Danny has

breaking news on the future of two

tiger superstars! Plus, we meet the

new face of racing, can you guess

the famous father? Lewis Hamilton

shares his secret for speed.

(TV PLAYS) Hey, look, it's kicking. It's kicking. Look! It's gonna get it. Come on! (BOTH SHRIEK) Did you see that? Look at it! That is a well-trained baby. Do another one. Do another one. VOICEOVER: Maltesers - the lighter way to enjoy chocolate.

Premier slip winning coach Des

Hasler says he is not surprised the

bulldogs are off to a flying start

and warns that even though the Dogs

have won two from two there is

plenty of improvement to come. The

Dog team hired Des Hasler because

of his work ethic and he is happy

to remind others about how they

should do their jobs. We started OK,

um... Sorry mate. Want a job!

(LAUGHTER) Um, no pressure. Um, ah

and so what was the question? Des

Hasler can understand play better

than most but says he is not

surprise bid the Dogs hot start the

season. I do not think in this

competition anything should take

you by surprise if you are willing

to work hard enough. The Warriors

were impressive in beating

Parramatta on Monday night and Des

Hasler is full of respect They are

the most dangerous wide the ball I

think. In the competition. The Dogs

will be boosted by the return of

Frank Pritchard after he was wiped

out of last week's clash. Des

Hasler cannot understand why Manu

Vattuvei is allowed to play this

week after this hit. Apart from

being inconsistent Des Hasler says

the concern is that the players do

not know what is going on.? Are you

confused? I am. So it must be

confusing for them but they do not

have the time. Danny joins me there

was talk today this was switch to

Rugby Union considered but what is

the real story. Molten's manager

says he will not go to Union. The

Waratahs were interested. He wants

the stay with the Tigers and

getting out of his contract with

the Dragons the Tigers want to keep

him. Lote Tuqiri's name is being circulate would English and

Japanese rugby clubs but he wants

the stay with the Tigers. He has a

young family in Sydney and would

like to have another season with

the Wests

A 16-man test squad has been named

to take on the West Indies. Clarke

leads and Haddin and Wade were both

selected. Newcastle will hots

athletes from 25 countries in the

inaugural special Olympics Asia

Olympic Games next year. 2,000

intellectually disabled athletes

will take part. Tony Abbott's

daughter Bridget has been named as

one of the faces of Sydney's

carnival and the 19-year-old has

one firm policy for ladies heading

the track this automatic number.

You need the wear good shoes

otherwise it will be a hell of a

day for you. That is a good tip!

Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton made

a pit-stop in Sydney today ahead of

the Australian Grand Prix to go

carting with fans and media and no-

one went faster. This is where hi

all the fun. This is where I did my

schooling. Ham depaich me a few

tips. I then went racing. Wait for

it, just be patient! Is coming up.

Yep. Here it is. That is me driving

number 1 but not in that position

on the track! Great driver Lewis

Hamilton but a lousy teacher! Then

again he did not have much to work

with, Peter Not a lot at all, Ken,

but thank you for doing it. Natalie

is next with the weather and hot

and humid for us today. It was. We will see what the police blitz. That' s tonight Next

on WIN News... The scheme - to slas on WIN News... The scheme - to

ACT electricity bills. The CM

believes a ban on battery-hen farms

would shut down manufacturing. And:

"it' s now or never". Pressure' s for the A-league bid. Join me for "it' s now or never". Pressure' s o

all the details next.

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An almost picture-perfect day in

Sydney. That bit of cloud only

spoils it slightly. 26 degrees in

the city and a top of 29 for

Penrith. The tropical sigh lone is

bringing increased ring and wind to

the Top Endometriosis a trough is

drawing strong air if the interior

South Wales. in to the south and the western New

I hope you have a good evening.

From us all,

is at midnight. Tonight ... The

scheme to cut electricity bills by

hundreds of dollars. The ACT rules

out being the first and only

jurisdiction to ban battery-hen

farming. And: Aussie slang - part o farming. And: Aussie slang - part

a police blitz on binge drinking.

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post, A

new scheme - that could slash the

cost of power bills in Canberra is

likely to be introduced by the star likely to be introduced by the

of next year. Electricity of next year. Electricity supplier

would have to pay for households would have to pay for households t

get new green appliances. It' s

been met with cautious optimism. been met with cautious optimism.

The Government says its a plan that

could save Canberra households thre could save Canberra households

hundred dollars a year. This is hundred dollars a year. This is