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(generated from captions) It's Brian May from Queen. Yeah. Oh, no! Yeah, yeah. He completed his PhD in 2008, to become a full-time musician. 30 years after he dropped out having worked with Freddie Mercury - And believe it or not, his thesis, might have inspired him as well - in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud'. was, 'A Survey of Radial Velocities Pretty specific. There you go. than 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. That's a bit more convoluted Mate, you've won 1,000 bucks. But congratulations, Adam. Thanks so much. Good luck with the journalism, OK? Adam Hunter just won a grand. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll catch you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

The Gina Rinehart empire was laid

bear today. The explosive details,

a warning from Peter Garrett -

agree to my terms or face financial

ruin. They are the details Gina

Rinehart fought hard to keep secret.

Pages of claims, emails and

affidavits, at the heart of the

Rinehart family feud. One side, the

mother and the other her daughter.

Mother and daughter are pitted

against John, 36 who lives with his

family in Thailand. And be ank ah

and son in Vancouver. And Hope, who

lives in New York. The children

claim their mother changed the date

that would have handed them

millions from the family trust,

instead of last year, it was

altered to 2068. The documents

reveal Gena enlisted -- before it

gets really out of hand, I would

try to get it back inhouse.

Another email, calling the

litigation an horrific step and

urging her to drop the legal action.

He adds, with a sting: Clear and

today, the children were at each

other's throat again. The daughter

who sides with her mother, dishing

it out to her brothers and sisters,

of saying it should have been kept out

Media: And retaliating..

One the estimate in the documents,

puts the value of the trust at $2.4

billion, that's 600 million each

fort children. The battle continues.

A grandmother has told Nine News of

terror during a home invasion in

Sydney's north-west. Her home at

Berkshire Park was invaded. After

30 happy years in her home,

Beverley has been forced out. The

grandmother had a machete trust to

her neck. She thought that they

were going to cut her head off. As

Beverley shrep, three robbers broke

into her Berkshire Park home. They

ransacked the office before the 62-

year-old stirred. I saw a shadow at

my door. They threatened and

terrorised her more than an hour.

We'll take your head off and rape

you. The men ordered her to open

the safe, filled with the family's

antique jewellery and $4 that you

in cash. It took me two or three

tries. Once they had the jewellery

and cash, one of the men held

Beverley here while the others

stole two televisions. The

offenders have managed to make

themselves a glass of cordial. They

demanded her credit cards and pin.

He would come back if the pin was

wrong. The men fled in her car. The

car was indeed taken and later

destroyed, somewhere in the

locallity. Why threaten somebody

like that? Cowards. A piece of

Sydney's maritime history is

sitting on the bottom of

Blackwattle Bay. The Harbour Queen

started taking on water last night.

Previously it operated as a Manly

Ferry and cruising restaurant.

The State's most wanted man, is now

armed with a semi automatic gun. A

fresh warning tonight? Yes, that's

right. Investigations by strike

force established to find naid naid

naid. He is in possession of a

rifle and ammunition, which police

say was recently stolen from a

property along with food and

clothing. Now, as a result of this,

police are warning residents from

Gloucester to secure their homes

and their possessions. Naid naid

naid has been on the run since 2006.

He is wanted over the deaths of two

women, the sexual assault of a

child and attempted murder of a

police officer in December. The

reward for information is $250,000.

So police are warning the community

to remain vigilant. Thaufplt our

troops in Afghanistan are on alert

for a possible violent backlash.

Locals are enraged after a rogue US

soldier went on a shooting spree,

killing women and children. The

after math of a one man massacre.

16 victims, nine of them children.

The rogue American soldier went

from house to house, slaughtering

viflians, before returning to his

base and handing himself in. Afghan

president, was was was said this

was an assassination which cannot

be for given. President Obama was

on the phone, calling the attack

tragic and shocking. By midmorning,

our Prime Minister joined the

chorus. A large number of Afghan

families are grieving today. On

behalf of all Australians, I offer

my condolences. Four of our own

troops have been murdered. This

atrocities from the other side is

unprecedented. The American staff

Sergeant is 38-year-old, married,

two children, a veteran of three

tours in Iraq. This is a gift. It's

not the first, in January video

surfaced of four US soldiers

urinating on corpses. In February,

copies of the Koran were accidently

burnt, sparking violent protests.

The only thing surprising about

this is the scale. It's big. Alert,

and staying put. 242014 remains our

exit date, there will be no cutting

and running.

Westpac bank today evicted a single

mother from her home. The woman was

so distressed she had to be taken

to hospital, all because a cheque

hadn't been cleared. She's broke

and broken. The trauma of being

kicked out of her own home. Westpac

sent in the sheriffs to do their

dirty work, for being behind in

mortgage payments. While the

officers did their best to comfort

the single mother. An agent fort

bank's solicitor stayed out on the street. Struggling to comprehend

the Akihitos, having deposited

Monday last Friday. Westpac said

that it's fine and they told us to

put it in the bank against the

mortgage account. And then this

morning they said no, they've

changed their mind. The explanation

was that the funds had not been

cleared. It left Lisa so distressed

she had to be taken to hospital. As

for the waiting Westpac

representative, she got what she

wanted. Whether it was our

involvement or common sense, this

afternoon, more than six hours

after sending in the sheriffs, Westpac reversed their decision,

conceding the money was in the loan

account. A decision hard to fathom

after Lisa's traumatic morning. I

think they are drugs. Late today,

they said eviction was always a

last resort. But, there was no hint

of an apology. I don't want to pay

Westpac any more money. I want

another bank. Patients in Sydney's

west are being promised shorter

waiting times and improved services,

with a new surgical wing opened

today in Penrith.

If you are on the hunt for cheap

petrol, it's worth your while to

look further. Nine News exposes

Sydney's extreme fuel pricing.

Where there is a big difference of

filling up on one end of the street and another.

Two petrol stations on the same

street, 16 cents difference in the

price. You feel cheated. At one end

of the road, it cost 153 per litre.

Over a kilometre away, it's 16

cents cheaper for the same blend.

Filling up there saves of average

family almost $600 per year. It's

cheaper here, even with 4 cents

discount. Strangely, more people

still fill up at the shell, blinded

by disdiscounts. I like shell. Why

do you like shell? Just because of

Coles giving you the covoucher.

Since we started filming, shell has

dropped its price by 3 cents. Even

with the disdiscount, it's still 9

cents per litre cheaper if you

drive up the road. You have to dot

math with these things or you will

get caught out. You will think you

are getting a disdiscount,

sometimes you will be paying more.

The advice is to shop around. With

trouble brewing in the Middle East,

more petrol pain is coming. Once we

see oil prices rising, we see it

reflected at the petrol pumps. How

do the Independents keep it low and

make money? It's a good question.

They are running a business. They

can still turn a profit at these

low prices. You can only imagine

what they are making down the road. People should support these

independent stations, they offer genuine competition, which is

keeping prices lower. And the if

they disappear, you know what the

big guys will do then. Thank you.

Whitney Houston's daughter has

spoken publicly for the first time

about the death of her mother.

Bobbi Kristina described the last

moments she shared with the

superstar while promising to follow

in her mother's footsteps as a

singer. Hello, lovely one. I'm

doing as good as I possibly can.

Bobbi Kristina, now, exactly one

month, since the death of her

mother, is it still getting to the

fact that her mother has gone.

Sometimes it's so surreal that I

walk into the house and call for

her. All of the years of troubles,

the absent father brought them very close.

# My little girl. I hear her voice

in spirit talking to me and telling

me to keep moving. What was your

last day like with her? It was so

early in the morning. I went to go

get her and thought, "Come lie down

with me, mum." She stayed with me

all night and all day. Along with

hoping to become a singer and

actress, Bobbi Kristina will always

have another job as well - the

guardian of her mother's name.

Everything that people are saying

about her, all of that negativity,

it's garbage. That's not my mother.

That's not who she is. Coming up in

Nine News - breaking down. One of

the hard men of Rugby League makes

a passioniate appeal. Plus - a

power plant brought to the ground

in spectacular fashion. Our cameras

At Kmart, on everything from briefs to bath towels, our prices are having an effect on people. Irresistibly low prices on everything every day? ALL: OK!


Communities are being urged to have

their say on the future extension

of the north-west rail link. Two

corridors of land could be set

aside for the expansion. One

stretch is a long Cudgegong Road

and the other extends to Marsden

Park. The demolition of the English

power plant was over in less than

60 seconds. Crowds of people came

to watch the four towers tumble to

the ground. These cameras give a

very close view of the explosion.

The owners want to turn the site

into a green energy park.

A shark feeding frenzy has been

captured. A school of sharks out

for a spot of breakfast, some can

be seen leaping into the air. They

were 700m off-shore. Lifeguards

ordered swimmers out of the water.

The very best sports people have

big hearts. The ability to fight

when the odds are stacked against

them. But courage is not restricted

to champions. A childhood friend of

Dragon Dean Young is fighting a

deadly illness while expecting her

first child. It's a fight that has

inspired the NRL star and his wife, bruck.

You have to be tough to hand out

this sort of punishment and an

social it too. One piece of news

from Deane's father about a

childhood friend crashed him. He

said he had to talk to me and I

knew something was wrong. After

that he said, "You better phone

Brooke" Lisa's got cancer. I'm hope

lgs. It was a big hit. Bigger than

anything he suffered on the footy

field. I went back to the camp and

I was angry for a couple of days,

kept to myself and pretended it

wasn't happening. And then I just

broke down one day and left the

camp. Deane's friend, Lisa, has

cancer so akpwres sieve she was

told to give up on her unborn baby

and save herself. She chose hope

and keep therapy. It's my own

opportunity to have this family. It

was easy looking back and I made

the choice. The 27-year-old will

have a hysterectomy after the bakey

is delivered prematurely. This

child will never give its mother

any grieve. I will behaving a word

to you. The medical bills are so

crippling Deane is using his high

profile with the Dragons to set up

a fighting fund. He will auction

his most prized footy possessions.

Maybe it has happened for a reason,

to make us better people. I don't

know. We wish we didn't have to

tell the story. But what a bunch of

people. To make a bid on the items,

head to the Dragons website and

follow the links to the Dean Young

auction. Coming up next - a former

great explains why the Dragons have

no reason to complain as Wayne

Bennett continues to poach their

stars. We go live to Parramatta

stadium. And Sally Pearson's quest

for Olympics gold. What's next? And

some sunshine for the

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Former Dragons tough guy says his

old club has no right to whinge, as

Wayne Bennett tares the heart out

of his former team. There will be

more pain to come. This was Wayne

Bennett's finest moment in the red

and white. Delivering the Dragons

their first competition in 30 years.

By bit by bit, he is picking the

eyes out and the Dragons have to

wear it. They feel bad when they

poach players. It has happened in

the past and will in the future.

Clubs do it to each other. Every

week and month fort rest of the

season there will be a drama player

leaving the club. Let's not use it

as an issue. It's been going for

the last five years. Given the

history, there will be more Dragons

heading north. He left us when he

headed north. Coaches want to take

the players they think can do the

job. Panthers skipper was a player

who signed with a rival club. They

let him out of the deal. He says

League is a business. Your fans and

close supporters have an opinion.

Your team-mates are behind what you

do. They know you have to set

yourself up outside of football.

After the 2 tries yesterday, he is

a must for the team. Hopefully, he

gets picked in the green and goltd

or the blue jersey would be nice

too. And the nights will be

anxiously awaiting for the results

of the scans of an injured shoulder.

We are live from the Parramatta

stadium. Danny, a big blow for

Parramatta. Naith en spent most of

the weekend in hospital with a

virus. He has been ruled out even

though he wanted to play tonight.

That will put more pressure on

Chris to perform. There's been

calls for the sacking of Steve, the

Parramatta coach. Eels officials

won't hear anything about that.

They will start talks to extend the

deal into next year and beyond.

Thank you, Danny. Aussie track star

Sally Pearson will take a well

earned rst before starting final

preparations for the Olympics.

Pearson showed off her world indoor

gold. The final day of competition

for Australia wasn't so successful.

Craig Mottram finished and Alana

Boyd Boyd was ninth. Wayne Rooney

has lifted Man United back to the

top of the English Premier League.

Man city gave up top spot to Swansea.

Don't forget that Dean Young

auction is going on in the Dragons

website. To finance news:

With a few light showers about, I

will have Next on WIN News... Calls for Next on WIN News... Calls for

action to improve safety on the action to improve safety on the Kings Highway - following orders Kings Highway - following orders for

another safety review. And, another safety review. And, How the Capital celebrated it' s birthday.

Join us for all the details next.

the week ahead after the break.

Cool and cloudy for the city today.

With east to north-easterly winds

over the Western and southern suburbs.

Temperatures before below average.

On the chart:

Showing signs of developing into

cyclones over the next few days.

The heaviest falls tomorrow will be

along the Queensland coast. Along

Nation tomorrow.

Sunshine for nid tomorrow. North-

easterly winds freshening in the

afternoon. And checking the temperatures:

And moving further ahead:

Thank you very much. That is Nine

News for this Monday. I hope you

have a good evening. From us all, goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee

night. Tonight ... Six dead in a

horror three days on the region' s

roads. Canberra celebrates its

birthday and plans unveiled for the

next. And, Organisers thrilled with

the new-look Black Opal Race Day.

Good evening, I' m Greg Thomson. A

woman is dead after a single woman is dead after a single vehicl

crash on the Snowy Mountains this

morning. A ute crashed into an

embankment along Alpine Way, ten

kilometres west of Jindabyne. The

male driver was airlifted to The

Canberra Hospital for treatment. He

is in a stable condition. The incident is one of three fatal

crashes since Friday afternoon - crashes since Friday afternoon - tw