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Tonight, live for the man who

killed a nurse over a bad job

reference. The south-west hit hard

by job losses. The flood crisis on

two France, the pork spree and the

River Weiner. The bitter dispute

between Gina Rinehart and her

children. The Queen chose Kate

Middleton as a companion on her

Diamond Jubilee tour. A former US

Marine will die behind bars for the

murder of seediness Michelle Beets.

All to -- Walter Marsh attacked her

because she gave him a bad job

reference. Walter Marsh, about to

spend the rest of his life in jail

and laughing about it. Convicted of

killing Michelle Beets, a chap's

would notice. The Justice described

it as he is. These last moments of

her life must have been horrifying.

It was an act of barbarity. For her

partner, justice has been done. I

am happy he is off the streets and

cannot cause any more harm. We were

there the night he was taken into

custody. It was the end of a

thorough homicide investigation. I

think nothing of him for what he

has done to Michel. The judge said

the former Marine targeted his old

boss at Royal North Shore hospital

because she gave him a bad job

reference. Her friends crowd at the

courtroom, many crying as the judge

described how she died. They burst

into applause as he was jailed for

life. The manner in which she

killed her was crawl, merciless and

apparent. The crime falls within

the worst category of murder. On

Walter Marsh was a suspect early in

the investigation, complaining

about an arty -- our cameras

filming him. You continue to do

what everyone. You try that in

America and you would have a gun in

your face. Evidence from his wife

and her brother was compelling. He

practised the murder on his wife

and told her up it was done after

Michelle Beets was murdered.

Outside court family and friends

cried and comforted one another.

Myself, friends and family miss her

terribly. That will always be the

case. We going out too long a jail.

The judge said they would be no

chance of parole. Is this unusual?

I do not think so. It reflects that

the judge's discussed at the

evidence that he was forced to here

in relation to this case. It shows

the Subi brutality of the murder.

Walter Marsh joins a club of

vicious killers, including the

backpacker murderer Ivan Milat and

the need to copy killers. We have

had some problems with our

connection. Three people have been

killed in an accident near Canberra.

One man and two girls died in a

crash between two cars east of

Braidwood. Insurance group IAG has

announced 600 jobs will go up as

part of a restructuring. As the job

losses continue, the latest figures

show that Sydney's West faces the

brunt of the cuts. These men are

the human face of the job losses in

Sydney. I am very worried. This

father of three and his fellow

workers are among the handful left

in in the workshop. We may not get

any of our entitlements. We know

there are no jobs and the Rudd 30

people be what the same job. It is

Sydney's toughest jobs market.

Unemployment in western Sydney is

3% higher than the national average.

Over the last four weeks, 5,000

jobs have been lost in New South

Wales. They range across a number

of industries. Manufacturing,

construction and financial services.

Be Premier's promise of the more

jobs by 2013 looks like a pipedream.

There is no promise that these men

will get what they are owed. They

began a protest today. When it

comes to manufacturing in

particular, they do not look like

the last. We go to weather rule

Park. Tonight we hear about more

jobs going in our West. This empty

building is not the last. At Parramatta the small business

centre will be closed by the state

government. Another 69 jobs, a

victim of budget cuts. Western

Sydney business needs a helping

hand. A major crackdown on trucking

firms Scott's Transport has found

18 heavy vehicles had the speed

limiters tampered with. 100 trucks

were taken off the road after a B-

double was clocked doing 142 on the

Hume Highway. The company has been

charged with 71 offences. Blue

skies across Sydney today, but

there is still a flood threat in

the north-west. Residents were on

alert as the Hawkesbury River

searchers. As the water crept close

to the top police moved pedestrians

to close -- safer ground. For a

week, residents have been watching

and hoping. Roads remain cut,

families stuck. I do not know if

the school is operating today. The

birthday party had to be cancelled

for the second time. We rescheduled

it and we are in the same situation.

That will not change as long as

Warren Gabba dam continues to spill

over. SES crews continue to do or

not, warning residents it is not

ready yet. Locals take a gamble

heading to work across the Richmond

Bridge or the Windsor Bridge. We

will have to drive around through

Lithgow and Katoomba - 83 away

drive. At least they have a car.

One doesn't vehicles were towed

away from this parking lot,

waterlogged and wrecked. It was

submerged by two-thirds was John

this woman lost her family car and

everything in it. The car seats,

the pram, the entire car. Experts

hope they can write off another

deluge Heath sunny skies continue

over the weekend. Yesterday we saw

a classic low pressure system. We

are at Windsor and Narrandera.

Another night of waiting at Windsor.

Yes, all afternoon residents have

been at the Windsor Bridge what

seemed an waiting to see if they

can't would again be split into two.

The bridge remains shut to

pedestrians, but that may change.

The hawks Prix only has to rise

another 150 millimetres before the

bridge is also shut to drivers. The

water is rising very slowly. The

massive Deng Ping of rain two

nights ago has caused this rise. We

hope the locals will be spared any more grief.

Thank you. Have thwarted his peak

in Narrandera now? Yes. The

Murrumbidgee river has peaked at

nine metres. The centre of town was

spared sliding because the levy

yield. Residents on the outskirts

were not fortunate. This service

station, made tail and homes are

now under water. Other locals were

up at dawn sandbagging their homes.

Some escaped the floodwaters but

Abbas did not. The Lachlan river

peaked at falls last night and the

water is now receding. --. It will

be some time before residents are

it out back in their names.

Sydney's torrential rain has caused

a sinkhole to open in Neutral Bay.

Police have closed the street and

at are urging drivers to avoid the

area. The mother of Mount Druitt

goal Kiesha Abrahams will face a

committal hearing in July over the

death. Kristi Abrahams has been

charged with murder. Her stepfather

Robert Smith has pleaded guilty to

manslaughter. Incoming Foreign

Minister Bob Carter has headed to

New Zealand today for talks with

his New Zealand counterpart. He has

not been sworn in yet. Why is the

already overseas? It is a sign that

he is wasting no time getting to

business. He has already met with

the New Zealand Foreign Minister.

An early breakfast meeting with the

prime minister tomorrow. On the

agenda will be plans to strengthen

relations between the two countries.

This is taking place before Bob

Carr officially becomes Foreign

Minister on Tuesday. He will not be

officially sworn in until Tuesday

afternoon. A cancer patient has

taken her search for a stem cell

donor to face book. Pamela Boo

Sejean, 26, has been diagnosed with

Hodgkin's lymphoma. On the further

I go down the track, the less

chance I have that the Bible and

that scares me. She hopes more

people will join the bone marrow

Registry. The official tour has

begun to mark the Queen's Diamond

Jubilee and the 86-year-old chose

Kate Middleton to celebrate the

occasion. Palling up to Leicester

station, the Royal Express on the

first stop of the Diamond Jubilee

tour. The Queen accompanied by

Prince Philip and the Duchess of

Cambridge. Devoted crowds by deed

line the streets for a glimpse of

the royal party. A lucky few got

personal introductions. That was so

amazing. She looks very well. She

looked really pretty. I love the

pink colour. She is matching with

me. They had front row seats at a

fashion show and they chatted to

each other. This is the start of a

very busy period for the Queen

which will see the travel

throughout the UK. Her Diamond

Jubilee tour will be spaced out

over performance. Lester was chosen

to mark the start of this historic

tour because it lies at the heart

of England and the day it was

thumping for the Queen. Ahead - the

bitter dispute that has torn a

billionaire's family apart. Petrol

prices rise - what she will pay

over the weekend. The grannies

going for gold in

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'Cause we're worth it.

The NRMA is encouraging drivers to

fill up tonight because petrol

prices will rise tomorrow. The

Caltex in a week, the second 11 on

Parramatta Road at Mount Prichard

and the 711 at Ingleburn have the

cheapest petrol at the moment. The dispute over the Gina Rinehart

trust fund is going public. She

lost her last Regal bid today to

keep the details of the dispute it

secret. Details of their children's

attempted to grab control of their

trust fund from their mother could

be made public. Her daughter,

siding with her mother, tore into her siblings.

siding with her mother, tore into her siblings. This case is

motivated by greed and I have no

doubt that one day soon my brother

and sisters will regret putting

money before family. and sisters will regret putting money before family. The three

children are alleging serious

misconduct by the mother as trustee.

What were the allegations? Trustees

are open to public scrutiny. She

said if she is allowed to continue

to run the trust she will provide

their children with dividends to

ensure they lead a privileged

lifestyle and will never have to

work again. She told them that if

they gained access to the trust

fund they would have to pay $100

million in capital gains tax. fund they would have to pay $100 million in capital gains tax. A

lawyer for Gina Rinehart released a

statement today saying in part: lawyer for Gina Rinehart released a statement today saying in part:

Nasty. There has been speculation,

now the answer to who in Haaretz

Whitney Houston's fortune. Bobbi

Kristina is the sole inheritor. Her

former husband Bobby Brown has been

left out. Her cousin Dionne Warwick

has spoken for the first time since

their death. On the autopsy result

is still several weeks away. The

Eurovision Song Contest is already

quirky enough, but Russia's entry

breaks all the rules. Grannies in

colourful frocks, average age 75.

They perform their hit song in

Azerbaijan in May. Manly versus

Wests Tigers tonight. Geoff Toovey

will tell us how he plans to combat

Benji Marshall. Will Jarryd Hayne

be fit to revive the Eels in Round

Two? Our One Day champion

cricketers off to the Caribbean.

More sunshine expected over the weekend.

At Kmart, our prices are having an effect on people. Because from trampolines to toasted sandwich makers... (GASPS) $19?! ..from boys' toys to bath towels... Oh, my God! ..everything is at an irresistibly low price every single day. Whoo! And, gee, it's making people feel good. So, could you get used to: ALL: OK!

It's a Friday night block buster -

the clash of premiers Manly and

pre-season favourites Wests Tigers.

Andrew Johns is in Gosford for the

big game. Joey, there's been talk

all week that Kieran Foran is

battling to be fit. What's the

latest? A a some bruises from last

week. He is right to go, so that

it's a plus for the mainly Sea

Eagles. It was a great effort last

week. I hope they do the same

tonight. You one missing Stewart

tonight. He controls the right side

attack. Will you have to change

your style? We think we are still

very potent. Wests Tigers. How do

you stop being she Marcel? If we

score more points than them, we

will be happy. What dangers do you

see? A very confident Manly coach.

A great night for football on the

coast. Parramatta fullback Jarryd

Hayne has completed his first field

session since damaging his knee.

The Eels' success rate without

Hayne is poor, so he's racing the

clock to be ready for Monday

night's clash with the Warriors.

It's the session he needed to

complete to be any real chance of

playing Monday night. Jarryd Hayne

looked comfortable. It's a day to

day thing for him and Willie Tonga.

All signs are pretty good at the

moment so hopefully they'll be

right for Monday. The Storm knows

first hand just how good Rabbitohs

centre Greg Inglis is. He'll be a

target when the two sides meet on

Saturday. I didn't see any

weaknesses when he's on the field

or in the gym or anything. He's a

great athlete. He's got strength,

speed, size. He's got all the

things you want in a great player

and he's also quick between the

ears. And if you're sick of

refereeing blunders you'll love

this. The NRL will trial a video

referral system in the Toyota Cup

this year. A coach or captain can

challenge a decision they believe

is incorrect. It will then be

reviewed within a 60 second time

limit. You don't bust your gut for

80 minutes to lose a game because

of a poor decision. So if the

technology is there we might as

well use it. Outside Suncorp

Stadium rugby league great Darren

Lockyer has been immortalised in

bronze. Very humbling and it

probably still hasn't quite sunk in.

The Australian cricket team is

already on its way to the Caribbean,

less than 24 hours after taking out

the One Day final series against

Sri Lanka. The Aussies won game 3

by 16 runs, on the back of a five

wicket haul from Clint McKay. The

series against the West Indies

begins next Friday. Tonight is all

about the FTSE. begins next Friday. Tonight is all about the FTSE.

To finance and the stock market closed higher. To finance and the stock market

closed higher. The weather is next. What closed higher. The weather is next.

What a contrast yesterday. A

beautiful autumn day. Yes, sour That' s tonight. Next on WIN

News... Ten years on - police renew

the call for information about a

brutal murder. A glimpse at what a classroom might look like in the

future. And, Brumbies players say

their focus is on the cheetahs, not

off-field dramas. That' s next Attention, all students. A blue lunch box has been found in the playground. It contains a wholegrain ham and salad sandwich, a bottle of water, a banana and a Kellogg's LCMs bar. (ALL GASP) (ALL SHOUT EXCITEDLY) VOICEOVER: Made with puffed grains of rice and now a wrapper you can write on, Kellogg's LCMs new Write-On Wrappers are the fun way to remind them. PEOPLE: LCMs!

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After the coldest night since

January, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.

Tomorrow, south-east winds will

cause isolated showers along the

coast while a monsoon trough will

strengthen over the top end. Mary

it or rain is expected across the

country. -- very little rain. More

sunshine to Marlow, with a brief

shower at any day. In the middle of the day.

Grab a copy of the magazine in

tomorrow's Daily Telegraph.

This is a cross between tennis and

badminton. Whatever you do - enjoy

the sunshine. Good night. Supertext

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SCHEDULE Tonight ... The Coroner' s

ruling, fuels a family' s ruling, fuels a family' s heartache

A decade on, police revisit a

brutal Canberra murder. And: a

glimpse into the future. How will technology benefit children? First

to some breaking news. Three people

have died in a collision, on the

Kings Highway - east of Braidwood.

Two young females have been

transported to The Canberra

Hospital. For more - WIN reporter

Gemma Coombe . The accident

occurred at around 4:30 this afternoon on the Kings Highway,

twelve kilometres east of twelve kilometres east of Braidwood

Two cars were involved - three

people have been confirmed dead by