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(generated from captions) Ah, it would've been a stab I probably would've went crow., RICK: Yeah, I'd be the same. I think maybe badger. Crow? Badger? Joan, it's seagull. Oh, never mind. Aaah! It was a bird. Not to worry. got to spend the afternoon with you. $1,000 is great, Eddie, and I've Aww! Good on you, Joan! Well done. to you for everything you're doing Hey, congratulations and well done and we're rapt you've got $1,000. That's perfect. Thank you. Well done, Joan. Joan Costin has just won $1,000. in the Millionaire Hot Seat. We'll see you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - scandal for the premiere.

A spin doctor steps down for

keeping his boss in the dark.

A robbery in Sydney's North West.

Flood crisis - a petrol station

goes under and an unfinished damp soaking.

The Sydney family who want to know

mum. why a hospital did not save their

And good news for homebuyers.

Good evening. The Star Casino

scandal has now gone right to the

top of the O'Farrell Government.

The Premier's chief media advisor

has been stood down without pay,

accused of forwarding sensitive

emails to his girlfriend who held a

senior position at the casino.

Almost one year in power and the

Premier has a damaging scandal and

his hands. Peter Grimshaw has been

stood aside without paid while

being investigated for reportedly

leaking government in out to his

girlfriend. -- without pay. I am

disappointed that emails, no matter

how important, have been forwarded

on. The scandal starts in the Star Casino. A venue attracting

attention for the wrong reasons. It

is where Peter Grimshaw's

girlfriend worked. She is an

alleged victim of sexual harassment

at the casino. An allegation that

they have to the sacking of the

boss Sid Vaikunta last month. Her

identity was known to the

hospitality Minister George Souris

but withheld from the Premier. How

can he have confidence in a

minister who conspired with Peter

Grimshaw to withhold information

from the Premier of NSW? To

complicate things further, Mr

Grimshaw had a senior role at the

casino before leaving for work with

Barry O'Farrell. It is

extraordinary that Barry O'Farrell

stands down his communications

director over leak in else, not

over alleged corruption. The

Independent Commission Against

Corruption has been asked by Labor

to investigate. There will also be

two separate inquiries by the

Independent bicker and gaining

authority and the Premier's on

department. I asked my Director

General to investigate whether

there had been any breaches of the

code of conduct. -- independent

gaming and Liquor Authority. This

is a very murky affair. It is

laughable that George Souris is

also in charge of events. The

Premier Cabinet warned all his

ministers to always pass on

information. George Souris is lucky

that he and barrel O'Farrell go

back a long way. Thank you.

Armed with a shotgun, three robbers

have ambushed staff and customers

at a bottle shop in Kings Langley.

They attacked a worker and rampaged

through the store, all of it caught on camera.

It was both dramatic and terrifying.

Three masked men storm into the

bottle shop busy with customers.

One makes an almighty leap over the

counter, pushing a female worker.

Another, armed with a gun,

terrorises shoppers and steals one

of their wallets. The staff run and

try to hide but they are quickly

flushed out. The terror continues.

Bottles of liquor are thrown at

them as they run away. At the same

time, the third bandit pockets

cigarettes, alcohol and more than

$2,000 cash. We were pretty shocked.

We have never had anything like

this happen in our shop. The men

escape in a stolen car. The vehicle

was found a short time later at

Seven Hills, partially burnt out.

The robbers are still on the run.

Police concerned the sawn off

shotgun used in the robbery is

still out in the streets of western

Sydney. As you know, they can be

quite lethal. These people should

be punished. The community should

help to get them. It is not the

right thing to do. A police any

closer to making an arrest? They

are working on it. They see the

CCTV will be crucial in their

investigation. All three men are

described of being of Pacific

island her appearance and have a

solid build. This was a busy

afternoon. There were many people

out at the shops. -- Islander.

The flood's crisis point is tonight

at Wagga Wagga, where around 1,000

people have been ordered out of

their homes. There is a growing

fear the town's levee will not hold

back the Murrumbidgee River, which

is surging towards its peak.

The dam in all its force. Flood

water spilling into the murrain GB

-- Murrumbidgee River, straight

towards Wagga Wagga. As she moves

downstream, she swallows roads,

service stations, everything in her

path. This couple run a farm near

Leeton that is now under water. For

them, this flood is the final straw.

Money was tight to start with.

People do not have the money to

keep going. Gundagai and the locals

are also suffering. I love living

there but this is the last time for

me. I will not go through this

again. Downhill in Wagga Wagga, all

they can do is watch and wait. The

weather is calm but the

Murrumbidgee is on the rise. The

town is literally being split in

two. North Wagga Wagga is most at

risk. There are fears it will not

stand a chance. It is now empty

after the 700 residents were

ordered to leave. This couple have

moved in with a friend and that

told they will not get home for at

least a week. We acted quickly.

Grant some essential items, cloaks.

For now, the levy is doing its job

but only just. It is an anxious

wait. -- grabbed. The sheer volume

of rainfall still threatens across

the region. Canberra's unfinished

down is bursting at the seams.

Deconstruction is barely able to

cope with the downfall.

And our reporter is in Wagga Wagga.

It is a dangerous situation? Years.

It is. The biggest concern for this

whole region is just how fast the

water is moving. -- yes. Along with

North Wagga Wagga, we hear there

are real concerns for prefer. There

in mind it is not just the concerns

for regional NSW, south-east

Queensland is also bearing the

brunt of this rain. Today, a man in

dinky died when his car was swept

off the road. -- Gympie.

The Prime Minister's new look

cabinet became official today. The

revamped front bench was sworn in

at Government House, though there

was one high profile no show.

The newest members of the Julia

Gillard ministry and their best

smiles. With one obvious exception.

Kim Carr watched glumly as his

colleagues lined up for promotions

before being sworn in for his on

demotion. The Governor-General had

special praise for new sports

minister Kate Randy. It is great to

be swearing in another woman

minister in our country. Four there

was one notable absence today. New

Foreign Minister Bob Carr will not

be sworn in until later this week.

He is waiting for the NSW

parliament to formally appoint him.

He is also in the spotlight,

targeted by angry mining executives.

-- the Treasury is also. At the

moment, I welcome this debate.

Clive Palmer and other mining

magnates all singled out for

criticism. We cannot afford to let

the political conversation be

undermined by the greed of a widely

irresponsible few. Not just an

attack on billionaire's, but an

attack on Beedle Australia.

Suffering from a common chest

complaint, Dulcie Friendship went

to Bankstown Hospital. She would

never come out. Her family said she

received a death sentence at -- end

up calling for an inquest to work

out why.

She was my best friend! She was a

big part of our life. It is a loss

that Julie Friendship still cannot

believe. I miss her so badly. She

deserved more. Dulcie Friendship

was a loving mother and grandmother.

At 79, her life was cut short. She

did not want to die. She was afraid

of dying. She was being treated for

a simple chest infection at

Bankstown Hospital. The last time

Julie Friendship saw her mother

alive was on may 24. She was tired.

I would never have left my mother

if I thought that she was going to

be dead. During the night, she

stopped breathing but there was no

attempt at CPR. An intensive care

doctor earlier advised staff not to

resuscitate her if things went

wrong. The decision that requires

patient or family concerned. Was

there ever a conversation with the

intensive care consulted about

resuscitation? No. Nothing

whatsoever. Bankstown Hospital says

the decision not to resuscitate

Dulcie Friendship was because of

her poor clinical help. That reason

was not clearly communicated to her

family. -- health. The CPR policy

has now been reviewed. Bankstown

Hospital offers its deepest

sympathy. This off -- this has been

offered for further investigation.

Julie friendship once an inquest. I

have lost my mother and it will not

change that but it may for somebody else.

Everything seemed upside down in

Russia today. An election where

everybody knew what the result

would be before the results were

counted. The day went topless

protesters braved the chilly air of Moscow.

Just outside the Red Square - a

vast crowd of people welcomed the

Vladimir Putin back to the Kremlin.

The 59-year-old triumphant to the

President again. As tears rolled

from his eyes, he claimed victory

in what he claimed an open and fair

election. But in truth, the party

started well before the polls

closed. This size of this crowd and

the noise it is making has been

designed to drown out any opposing

voice in the country. Vladimir

Putin cast his vote, knowing he had

already won. Three half-naked women

gatecrashed this stage moment --

this state moment. They yelled,

Putin is a thief! Moscow was locked

down in the shades of the Soviet era.

Something big and pink is coming to

Sydney. The musical 'Legally

Blonde' is coming to Sydney. Then a

song from 'Lucy Durack'. (SINGING).

The show premieres at the Lyric

Theatre in October.

Coming up - why now is the time to

crack into Sydney's housing market.

Also, Hazel Hawke's

This program is not captioned.

It has been painful to watch

extremists in Libya kicking

headstones at a Commonwealth War

Cemetery. Canberra is still unsure whether graves of Australian

Walsall does have been desecrated.

Police have been deployed by the

transitional government of Libya.

Libya has apologised and several

men have been arrested.

To The Reserve Bank is widely

tipped to keep interest rates on

hold tomorrow, offering some relief

for mortgage holders across Sydney.

It will also be welcomed by first

home buyers as new figures show the

number of people trying to crack

into the market is at a two year high.

First home buyers are braving

adverse market conditions. Twice as

many are looking for houses or

flats today compared with one year

ago. Property prices are low across

the country. Interest rates are a

bit Floyer. First-time buyers like

Julia Featherston who has a tight

budget but used the market to her

advantage. -- a bit lower. It can

give you the confidence that you

made a good decision and you are

getting the best available. War

first timers are turning to agents

to come through the hardest

question of all. -- more. Am I

getting a good deal? We are seeing

some amazing deals. Conditions have

improved. Since July, the average

Sydney first by a's mortgage has

been cut by $10,300 to under

$300,000. They are saving bigger

deposit. The combination of lower

interest rates and cheaper houses

means home owners are committing

26% of their pay to their mortgage

compared to 28% six months ago.

That has given this woman her

chance at cracking the market. It

is definitely more affordable in

some respects because interest

rates are lower. A first-time buyer

has the look for something that is

worth what they are paying for it.

Glaciers usually move at the speed

of...glaciers. Inch by inch until

they suddenly crack at the edges.

Huge chunks have been falling off

the face of the Perito Moreno

glacier in Argentina. But do not be

alarmed, it is perfectly natural

and not related, experts say, to global warming.

In the US, a three-year-old girl

has somehow survived after

swallowing 37 high powered magnets.

The toddler was taken to hospital

with stomach pains. An X-ray

revealed the magnets had snapped

her intestines together and ripped

a hole in her stomach. She

underwent surgery and is expected

to make a full recovery.

Tough work for Prince Harry,

soldiering on through his Caribbean

tour. At church, meeting boy-scouts,

and Miss Bahamas. Spreading the joy

of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Topping it off, a cruise round the

harbour in a speedboat. It is not

as easy as it looks.

She helped to smash the taboo of

dementia. Now Hazel Hawke is once

again giving an insight into her

own battle. The former First Lady

has been captured in a very

personal portrait for the Archibald prize.

The people at the Art Gallery at

this time of year. We ran into some

famous faces. There are contenders

and the supremely optimistic. And

then this artist's tribute to Hazel

Hawke. It is a portrait before the

onset of Alzheimer's and one of her

after. She has an intrinsic warmth.

I would hope that shines shoot --

shines through. 10 years ago, she

was living at home with her baby

grand piano. Now, the 82-year-old

is cared for at a nursing home.

Weekender be embarrassed about

Alzheimer's. -- weekend to be. She

still converses. It is the eyes,

the tone, the warmth. Her portrait

will be up against another 800

entries. The verdict will be

announced next week. The official

winner will be named at the end of

the month and will receive a record

prize of $75,000. Sport is next.

It has been a dramatic day for the

Roosters star Braith Anasta. It

started with this colourful charity

shoot but went downhill fast. The

details next. Plus, the latest on

David Warner's injury. We will tell

you if he is fit for the second

final. And Rory McIlroy's latest milestone.

And a gorgeous sunny day in Sydney.

More details shortly.

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The Roosters' preparation for

tonight's clash with Souths has

been thrown into chaos, with

Captain Braith Anasta ruled out.

League Reporter Danny Weidler is at

ANZ Stadium. What is wrong with Anasta?

Batting star David

Is set Play The One-day Tomorrow, Despite His During Century In One.

He has a back injury. It was good

to see the children this morning.

But I have had back problems for

about one month. I got to about

100% leading into not -- last

night's training session. I copped

a bit of a knock. I cannot play on.

Your replacement will be desperate

to succeed? Daniel Mortimer has had

a great season. He is full of

confidence. He has played at the

highest level. He will

highest level. He will be looking

at playing and the club is

confident he can do that. Adam

Reynolds had 21 stages. Will that

affect him in the lead-up to his

debut? That is a shock! I did not

know. I do not think so. I have

heard he is a great player and has

a good future. I do not believe

stitches will get in the way of

that. Thank you for joining us. Add

extra news, Frank Prichard and

Timana Tahu both look like they

will have one week out duties as pensions.

Thank you.

Batting star David Warner is set to

play in the second one day final tomorrow, despite injuring his

groin during gain 1. The Aussies

moved on to Adelaide today, lucky

to be leading the series. They won

by 15 runs after Sri Lanka's

batsmen made a late charge.

Rory McIlroy is golf's new world

number one player after the 22-

year-old won the Honda Classic

today in Florida. He has finally

realised his dream. He has ascended

to the top. He is the second

youngest after Tiger Woods, who was

21 when he claimed the number one

ranking. Tiger finished two behind

Rory McIlroy with 62, his lowest

ever final-round score on the PGA

tour. And Rory McIlroy withstood a

lot of pressure. What a feeling. Finance lot of pressure. What a feeling.

Finance news.

The All Ords closed almost 10

points lower today. Out dollar is

buying $1.70 US. Natalie is next

with the weather and will

buying $1.70 US. Natalie is next with the weather and will be blue

skies stay? At that is the big question.

More wet weather on

Next on WIN News...Days of rain - causes millions of dollars in

damage. A look at Cotter Dam, as it

spits out thousands of megalitres a

day. And: the new Sports Minister, Kate Lundy sworn in. Join me for Kate Lundy sworn in. Join me for al


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The band of rain that moved through

last night delivered 15 kilometres

to the city, clearing to a mostly

fine start to the week.

Temperatures ranging between 22-27.

A low pressure system and so of

this trough will bring widespread

flooding rain to south-east

Queensland over the next 24 hours.

Expect over 200 millimetres. And

south-easterly Kings along the

coast. But the higher will keep

flood affected areas of the state

dry. A wet day for Brisbane. Cairns

heading for 31 tomorrow with

isolated showers for Melbourne and

Canberra. Hot four per. Storms with

32 degrees across the top end. --

hot for Perth.

The call Mark south-easterly winds

will hang around. -- cool. In the

West, a few showers.

will hang around. -- cool. In the West, a few showers.

That is Nine News this Monday. Have

a good evening.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - tonight' s late edition Tonight ...

The region, starts drying out. But

water is still spilling over at our

dams. The heroic rescue, of two men

and a dog. Their friend dies while

trying to cross a causeway. And:

putting practise into play. ACT

Senator Lundy - sworn in as Federal

Sport Minister. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post. The sun has returned

and the rain has stopped falling and the rain has stopped falling bu

the damage bill from last week' s

wild weather keeps growing. The ACT

Government says it' s too early to

tell how much it' ll need to fork

out for repairs but it' s at least

several million dollars. There several million dollars. There ar

scenes like this all over the

Capital. Yellow tape cordoning off

damage following Canberra' s