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(generated from captions) been pleased to see the back of him.

That brought an end to that lovely That brought an end to that lovely

partnership between he and Hussey.

Notice all of the singles. All

about getting to the other end and

working so well with Mike Hussey.

It's been a feature of his innings,

he has been busy.

Some of the biggest Hot Spots we've

seen, the KFC Hot Spot out of

Hussey's bat today. First pull shot

he produced was fantastic. He is

still really timing the ball nicely.

And it sounds great out of his bat.

Four balls to go here. Will he slip

him this little mystery ball of

his? I think he might. It's a his? I think he might. It's a handy

one. That one is taking it away to

first slip. No edge. He is setting

him up. What is his jobs now, James

Pattinson, is to it to protect Mike

Hussey and stay at that end or not?

I reckon they should take it as it

comes. If there is a run to be had,

take it. Two balls to go. India

want this wicket. Bowled nicely.

What a test match so far. We've got

two days to go. They won't be

required. You might see a result

tomorrow. In fact you would think

one way or another it will happen

on day 4 of this test match. It's

been intense right till now. So

make sure you tune in tomorrow,

because it will continue to happen

at a rapid rate. There is every

chance India could chase them down.

But the Australian bowling has been

excellent. The conversations, just

building the nerves up on Pattinson. He is learning all about test cricket.

There it is. The change-up. Four

runs. Bonus for Australia with the

final ball of day 3 in this first

test match against India. So that's

it. It's 8 for 179. We now say it. It's 8 for 179. We now say

goodbye to our Sydney and Melbourne viewers, who

This program is captioned live.

Tonight: a P-Plate driver crashes a

bus packed with a soccer team. Yachting deadlock, the final tussle

of a fight to the finish.

Car yards race to boost sales.

The crocodile that bit off more

than he could chew.

And a rescue mission from Ponting

and Hussey in the first test.

Good evening. A P - Plate driver

could face criminal charges after a

shocking crash on the F3. The 2-

year-old was behind the wheel of a

minibus carrying 12. Police say he

was driving through the night without a break.

It's hard to look at, but police have had enough.

They wanted us to show the full

reality of what a car accident looks like.

The mangled metal, the shattered glass, the blood.

We say it over and over again. It

is not just about you behind the

driving wheel. I'm horrified that

accidents of this kind keep occurring on the roads. Paramedics

got the call just after 4am. A

minibus loaded with 12 Sudanese

soccer players had rolled on the F3.

Rescue teams prepared for the worst,

but remarkably everyone but remarkably everyone survived.

Injuries range from minor

lacerations to fractures. Head and spinal injuries. One man was

airlifted to hospital. The crash

scene cut F3 traffic down to one

lane for hours.

Police think the bus was trying to

overtake another car when it lost

control. It crashed up this

embankment and into a gum tree. The

force of the impact sent the car

spinning 180 degrees. The 22-year-

old driver, a P- -- P- plater could

face criminal charges.

Near Coffs Harbour, these Near Coffs Harbour, these drivers

were not going anywhere in a hurry. were not going anywhere in a hurry.

There were delays for up to an hour

as the Pacific driver choked on northbound congestion. Terrible.

You need patience. Simple advice to save lives.

Police are investigating two armed

robberys that occured in Sydney's

south-west. They believe the same

man was involved. T's the late in

effect a spate of hold-ups driving

businesss to the wall. Another

weapon, another agitated robber,

holding an innocent worker at

knifepoint. It's the same scenario

over and over again, becoming a

nightly event in south-west Sydney.

nightly event in south-west Sydney.

Terroriseing someone that is coming

in, doing a day's work. Then

fleeing with hardly anything to show for it.

Someone got $240 last night and

what's that going to get you? A

couple of hours later police

believe the same man struck believe the same man struck again

at this corner store in Lakemba. It

was the second time this week

Assan had a knife held to his face.

For not giving him the money, what

For not giving him the money, what

he wants, he hit me. Third in three

months. I feel like close shop.

Bob's bottleshop was held oup up. A

man in a balaclava waved a knife

and demanded money. Robbed 13 times

in as many years, his insurance so

high he can't afford to be

protected. Whatever they take

they've got and I'm down that

amount of money. All the victims we

spoke to say that they have fed up

and so, too, are police.

A strike force has been established

to investigate. Detectives believe

it could be the same group of

people responsible for each case.

If someone knows who that person is,

then they should come forward and

put a stop to it.

There's been a dramatic rescue on

the state's south coast after a man

was caught in treacherous surf at

Kiama. He was draged from the water but revived after five minutes. He

remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

It is set to be a thrilling end to

this year's Sydney to Hobart yacht

race. Invetec Loyal is leading nair proly.

-- narrowly. When is the winner due

to cross the finish line, Tracy? We

have heard Investec Loyal could be

crossing that finish line at ten to

seven tonight. They're 700m ahead

of Wild Oats 11, but the five-time

winner is moving slightly faster.

We've been feeling the winds and

the maxis have been moving quickly.

It's so tight. Experts are still

saying it could be anyone's race.

It's been a dual between two giants.

Wild Oats 11 and Investec Loyal,

trading blows as they move towards

the Tasmanian coast. Loyal was

hounding the winner from the

beginning. It pulled ahead last

night. Nair proly back in the lead.

We're working hard to keep it that

way. Karl Stevanovik's sea legs

gave in. He was spotted looking

under the weather on Day 2. But

Loyal's narrow lead didn't last

long. The favourite flexed its

musnls the morning. -- muscles in

the morning. We're making small

gains. There was a moment for

competitors to forget about the

race T ashes of the ABC chopper

pilot were scattered into the sea.

Not since 1997 has a battle for

line honours been so close. It is

looking close, but it's also

looking very flukey. I want to see

a close finish. It would be nice to

see Investec come in. Wild Oats

owner, Bob, Oatley confident he

will do a winning speech for the

sixth time. I'm confident about

their ability to cross the line

first. It's well and truly turned

into a game of tactics, with winds

light and patchcy. The 100-footers

are moving slowly. Every gust is


If you are in the market for a car,

you could be in line to save yourselves thousands of dollars.

Sale discounts are big tpwer than

ever as dealers rush to move stock

before the end of the year.

For the next three days the buyers

are in the driver's seat. A $1,000

Myer gift card. Drive away. Don't

misout. If you know what you want,

sure you get it. What's your price?

I said thrbgs is my price f you can

match that, I am happy. He said no

worries. There's lots of sales on.

Prices are pretty good. So good, in

fact, many cars are cheaper than they've been in years. Our base

Cruz is $21, 990. It's $4,000 off recommended retail.

Holden is about to lose its place

as Australia's best-selling car.

Mazda is keeping up the pressure.

The cars are up to $3,000 cheaper.

We now have alloy wheels, windows.

Stkpwhrit's not just about the

fight for Number 1. This year's

tsunami mean that Japanese car-

makers are playing makers are playing catch-up.

They're trying to make up for it.

It's not just the cars that are

competitive. With interest rates

heading lower you can get a good

deal on finance. Experts warn you

need to do your research.

Read the fine print. Don't bite off

more than you can chew. Get advice

before you sign a loan and make

sure you know what you're signing

up for. Jane, will these up for. Jane, will these discounts

last? Come January 1 all the deals

are going to change. The big end of

year sale also be over. You should

be able to get a good deal on this

year's stock. Next year is shaping

to be a buyer's market. Those

Japanese car makers will do

everything they can to move stocks.

That should drive competition in

the other brands. If you shop

around you should get a good deal.

Thank you.

Sydney just -- justifiably boasts

of holding the world's best New

Year's Eve celebrations. This one

is no different. There are three

days of preparations. If you have

not made plans for Saturday night,

there are plenty of choice. Our

harbour is wrapped in flags.

There's portallo, with views and a

mystery square on the mystery square on the bridge

bearing a secret symbol. Sydney, get your glitter on.

REPORTER: What's popular for New

Year's? A lot of glitry costume

items. Hats, masks. Accessories

sorted. Now time to save a seat. I

will spend my time in a mate's

place at Kirribilli. We will have a picnic and watching

This year's fireworks display has

an official anthem available on iTunes.

# We are the light

But mum is the word on the official

party theme. A big moment at ten

seconds to midnight which has never

been done before, keep an eye out

for that. Which is? I can't tell

you too much. The hottest tickets

include a 1920s themeed party at include a 1920s themeed party at

the Opera House costing $990 a head.

Marcia Hines will sing and you will

dine on a menu designed by Matt

Moran. $1,000 will get you to Fort

Denison, where there's lob terster.

And the Island, an exclusive barge

promising free-flowing champagne

and Sydney's best DJs. Tickets?

Just under $800. There will be

local fireworks at Cambelltown at

9pm and midnight.

If you want to asproid the If you want to asproid the crowds

more are hosting parties at home,

booking caters and decorators. Not

a lot are having themes, it's

mainly colours. They want the big wow factor.

That's why Rob will celebrate at

home in Guildford. I think the

whole value of New Year's Eve is to

extepbld it with your family and

enjoy celebrating and bringing in

the New Year with the people that

you love and enjoy the most.

Well, Davina is at Blues Point.

It's been a tightly-held secret.

When will we know the theme to this

year's fireworks display? We know

the general theme is 'Time To

Dream'. Tomorrow there will be

information at the fireworks but

everyone wants to know the logo.

It's officially not revealed until

New Year's eve. But we've told

there are hints around the city.

There may be a dress rehearsal.

He is a crocodile with a crooked

smile. The jiepblt croc at the

Australian Reptile Park is missing

a couple of his biggest teeth after

fighting an unusual battle. All

started when he saw a lawn mower

and thought it might make a nice bite.

In is one very confused weapon tile.

He's trying to eat a lawnmower.

My heart jumped out of my My heart jumped out of my chest.

It's hard to tell when a crocodile

is crying. -- crying. Crocodile

tears are not what they seem, but

no doubt this big fellow at the

Australian Reptile Park was hurting

a little, after biting off more than he could chew.

It happened that fast, was that

scary. Glad to be alive. Elvis the

Croc, all five metres, was lying

peacefully in his pond. His beady

eyes looked up, saw workers mowing

the lawn and he thought, "Breakfast".

A mighty twang of the tail, a swish

of the hips and Elvis erupted.

Next second he was attached to the

end of the mower, he almost took me in with him.

Let it go, let it go. I had to

scream, "Let it go". That is a

large tooth lying on the bottom.

That's an enormous tooth for any

croc. Undeterred, Elvis draged the

mower into his lair guarding it. It

took hours before he could be

hoaxed to give it up.

Now to the cricket. On a dramatic

day at the MCG, Michael Hussey and

day at the MCG, Michael Hussey and

Ricky Ponting proved they're not

Ricky Ponting proved they're not

readyor the scrap heap yet. Hussey

scored an unbeaten 79 and Ponting's

60 to rescue Australia after a top-

order batting collapsed.

They call Dravid "The Wall' but he

couldn't keep up the pace of Hilfenhaus.

Debutant Ed Cowen discovered the

dangers of fielding in close.

Bang in the middle. After removing

Tendulkar in the final over last

Tendulkar in the final over last

night, Siddle got the better of another dangerman.

But Hilfenhaus was doing most of

the damage.

The recall made it five when the

visitors collapsesed by lunch.

Australia ahead by 51 runs. Neither

Warner or Cowan could add much.

With the wicket coming to life,

Marsh and Clarke soon followed.

Four for 27, it was up to Four for 27, it was up to Ponting and Hussey's experience to change the

the course of the innings.

The two veterans went run for run,

reaching their half centuries

moments apart.

But Ponting's dream of a drought-

breaking century was shattered by Khan.

At the MCG they are going on.

In the news ahead: why new parents

are in line for a boost from the Federal Government.

Plus, Kim Jong-il's spectacular sendoff.

And the giant escalator bringing hope to the

A day-long search by boats

helicopters and planes has failed

to find a Sydney woman missing off Queensland's Whitsunday Islands.

The 31-year-old Indonesian was one

of a dozen on a boat that capsized

yesterday afternoon. Eleven others

were rescued by a vessel.

New fathers and partners are to get

paid time off to spend with their

new-borns. It's part of the

Government's plan to extend its

parental leave scheme which has

proveed to be a big hit since its introduction a year ago.

For new parents, those first months are crucial.

Like many mums, Bet was back at

work sooner than she would have

liked. Even a couple more months

could have made things easier. With

paid parental leave she's been able

to take more time to spend with her

second time Leo. Under the Federal

Government scheme, one parent gets

18 weeks off at the minimum wage of

$590 a week. It's good for women

and for kids. Mostly it's mums who

take the time off. But where does

that leave dad? For Beth's husband,

Matt, his only option was unpaid

leave. I couldn't have afforded to

take a week unpaid. A few more days

off would have been really nice.

The Government has plans to

introduce paid partner leave - two

weeks off also at the minimum wage.

Two weeks is a start. There will be

many dads who want to do more. What

we have to do is to make sure the

scheme is financially sustainable.

The Opposition says its scheme

would be nor generous. New dads and

partners would get two weeks at full pay. But despite this the Coalition will support the

Government's scheme. Something is

better than nothing. But remember

payments of the minimum wage don't

work for the large proportion of Australian families.

A remarkable two-day funeral

service is under way for the North

Korean leader Kim Jong-il,

beginning with a funeral procession

through the snow-covered capital.

His son and successor Kim Jong-un,

walked alongside his father's walked alongside his father's

hearse and State Media is referring

to the 28-year-old as 'Supreme Leader'.

Prince Philip has left hospital

saying he feels fine four days

after surgeons cleared a blocked

coronary artery T Duke is keen to

catch up on Christmas at

Sandringham which includes a chance

to hunt pheasant on the Royal estate.

Technology has brought freedom for

the sick and the elderly in a

Colombian shanty town. Escalators

have been constructed up the

hillside liberating people who up

until now couldn't cope with the

steep walking trails.

Now the sport.

We're heading live to the MCG to

grill Healy at his own moment of madness.

And the Big Bash and the iconic

As we saw earlier, 15 wickets have

tumbled on Day 3 at the MCG.

Michael Hussey and Ponting the only

batsmen to get on top. We're joined

by Roz Kelly. It can still go either way?

The Aussies are 8 for 179, a lead The Aussies are 8 for 179, a lead

of 230. Ian Healy who would have

thought, it's still open. No-one

would have thought it would be this

wide open. Low-scorers are often

the best. But can England - can

India break the pattern. Hussey has

work to do. Then India will have to

bat well against an Australian

attack who was disciplined today.

It's been exciting but nothing more

spectacular than your efforts on

the segue machine. My day got off

to a rocky start. I got into

trouble with the MCG staff for

tearing up the surf. It was easy to

ride the segue. I thought I better

jazz something up for the start. No

injuries. We're all right. The old

bones are going okay. Bones are

good. Let's hope Australia can keep

going. Heals hasn't admitted it but

he has an impressive grass stain on

his knee. I'm sure he does. It was

billed the battle of the spinners. Shane Warne's kl Melbourne Stars

against Stewart Magill's Sixers.

The West Indian held out for 52.

Veterans Magil lrbs and Lee combineed the remove White. combineed the remove White. That

was a catch from Lee. Bravo's work

saved a six. And the Sixers won by two runs.

Kim Clijsters hit Brisbane ahead of

her Australian Open defence,

spending the day with cuddly koalas.

Kim didn't have trouble with them,

but her daughter Jade Jade was less

than impressed -- Jada was less than impressed.

We have Investec Loyal, and Karl's

tummy on track; beautiful pictures of the blue water classic.

Very exciting finish. Thank you.

Amber next with the weather. Amber next with the weather. No

complaints. Warm and sunny. It sure

was. And it will keep

tonight at 6. In a special tonight at 6. In a special state

edition of WIN NEWS. A rock edition of WIN NEWS. A rock fisherman critical after an fisherman critical after an accident

at Kiama. Police shocked at the

behaviour of some drivers. And a behaviour of some drivers. And a

major victory for an cancervictory for an inspiring major victory for an inspiring cancer campaigner. See ya. Need a cab, sir? No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers.

SONG: # I wasn't doin' nothin'... # Catch ya, Johnny! # Anyway # Just what is it that I'm supposed to have done? # # Hey... # VOICEOVER: Every police car is a mobile RBT. So if you're worried about getting breath-tested, you should be. (SIREN WAILS)

# You better get a lawyer, son # You better get a real good one. #

We enjoyed a mostly sunny day with

a few clouds around. It warmed to

24 degrees in the city, 27 in

Penrith, with moderate south-west

winds. Tomorrow a high will

winds. Tomorrow a high will bring warm warm easterlies.

Troughs in the east and west will cause light showers and storms.