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(generated from captions) minutes left of play which, with

the second new ball, will be around

about 10, maybe 11 overs to make up

The for the time we lost earlier today.

The second new ball is due in two

overs. Here's Sharma. Once again he

beats Haddin. Was there an edge

this time? The umpire says no.

There was some sort of noise there.

It wasn't a super confident appeal.

Let's have a look. There it is.

Let's see what Hot Spot says.

Nothing on the bat. So NSW and

Victorian viewers you'll leave us

Don't now for news on the primary channel.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - celebrity chef Matt

Golinsky critically injured and his

family dead after fire ripped

through their home. through their home. A wife's

tribute to her hero husband, killed

during a helicopter-rescue mission.

Off and racing - the Sydney to

Hobart fleet head off but there's

in trouble ahead. Sydney shoppers pour

in for the Boxing Day sales. And

test debut. Sydney's Ed Cowan impresses in his

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Georgie Gardiner. Good evening.

tonight Celebrity chef Matt Golinsky is

tonight fighting for his life,

after fire ripped through his home,

killing his wife and three

daughters. The 'Ready Steady Cook'

star suffered third degree burns in star suffered third degree burns

the blaze at his home on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The

women Matt Golinski lived for and

fought for. His wife Rachel and

young daughter's Sage, Starlia and

Willow. They never stood a chance.

It was 3:30 this morning and the

family home near Noosa was well

alight. We heard banging and noises

and came out and we just saw the

house completely engulfed with

flames. It was huge and the fire

was everywhere and all we could

hear was screaming it was just - it

was horrible. Matt - a well known

Queensland chef - had made it out

alivebut his family was missing. He

was crying and screaming and that

was a combination of the pain and

his family inside. He picked him up

and took him down the side of the

house to try to get him to safety.

He was airlifted to Royal Brisbane

Hospital - critical - with burns to

almost half his body. The young

father ran a catering business, was

the executive chef at one of

Noosa's most elite restaurants and

regularly appeared on 'Ready Steady

Cook'. But one of his favourite

meals? We have fish and chips and

go down and sit on the Noosa river and watch the sunset.

His 12-year-old twins - Sage and His 12-year-old twins - Sage and

Willow - were born with a crippling

disorder similar to cerebral palsy disorder similar to cerebral palsy

but with the community's support,

the girls received therapy and were

living near-normal lives. Now that

same community gathers around the

support each other. It is family's mailbox - this time to

absolute tragedy that this as support each other. It is an

occurred. It is a family tragedy.

The widow of a paramedic has told

of her anguish but admiration

of her anguish but admiration for

her husband who was killed during a her husband who was killed during a

rescue operation on the south coast.

Mick Wilson died on Christmas Eve

while trying to save an injured

canyoner. He was my soulmate, my

person could best friend. I was as proud as a

person could be.

Kellie Wilson, just a few days ago

married to her hero. Now a widow

with three children - 14, 12 and 5

years old. Her husband, honoured

for a rescue in 2008, died

answering the call to yet another

emergency. A canyoner in trouble at

Kangaroo Valley. He was a true hero.

During the difficult rescue it's

believed Wilson slammed into the

cliff face. He and the patient were

then lowered to the canyon floor.

Wilson unable to free himself, the

chopper crew was forced to cut the

winch line. His body recovered

yesterday - on Christmas morning.

This is the first time one of our

State's paramedics has died while

on duty. But everyday they go to

work and face the same risks.

Mick's colleagues say this has been

a terrible reminder of just how

dangerous their job can be.

Certainly every paramedic that

works on the helicopter and runs

the same risk that Mick was running

the other day is going to rethink

their role. The death of Mick

Wilson a reminder too, for all of

us, of their brave work. In

Sydney's great Boxing Day tradition,

a fleet of 88 yachts sailed out of

the Harbour this afternoon, racing

towards Hobart. It was a smooth

start but crews face a rough first start but crews face a rough

night with strong southerly winds

on the way.. Tracy Vo begins our

coverage. A blue water classic

under grey skies. 88 sails weaving

their way through the harbour. The

giants dominating the water in

clouds what's set to be a rough ride. The

clouds held off in the morning as

the final checks were ticked off.

Nervous energy, as veterans and

rookies jump on board what will be

their home at sea. Newbies to the

game - our very own Karl Stefanovic

- paralympian Kurt Fearnley and

league's Anthony Minichiello - all

joining the Investec Loyal team. I

think we will have a competition,

one who is spewing the first or one who is spewing the first or one

who is the first to be thrown

overboard. Minute dumb dumb go if

we are in the water, God help us.

Investec came just three hours

behind favourite Wild Oats eleven

last year - they're aim is to

narrow that gap - or even more. We

have a great crew and a good self-

belief and I think the guys are

going to give it a hot shake. Anything could happen. Spectators

scrambled to see the super maxis in

action. And to catch that final

glimpse before the fleet head out

to sea. It is an easy sail as they

disappear around the heads but they

will be chopping winds gusts of up

to 40 knots making for an extremely

Choppy wave down south. Waving

hoping goodbye to the Harbour City and

hoping they survive the night.

Under full sail Wild Oats is all

but unstoppable but an but unstoppable but an electrical

fault threatened to sink her

challenge before the start. Major

dramas on board Wild Oats XI.

Frantic efforts to fix the problem

were successful and the race

favourite started with the fleet.

But skipper Mark Richards was still

clearly on edge. Keel for (Beep!)

sake. Put the main on. (Beep!) go.

Let's go, boys. After a slow start

Hugo Boss found obstacles at every

turn. We are looking for a clean

lane. In spite of the early set

back Wild Oats was first out of the

harbour and with her bow pointed

south began to pull clear. Doing

her best to keep in touch, fellow

maxi Investec Loyal also found open water.

water. In a sea of smaller yachts

Jessica Watson and her crew young

crew still managed to stand out.

The average age on board Ella Bache

is just 19. The weather will play a

big part in this race and Amber

Sherlock joins me in the studio.

Those southerlies will be very

challenging any They sure well, and

the same storm cell which hit

Melbourne is making its way up the

coast. This afternoon we have seen

North, North Estherly winds

reaching around 20 knots but they

will pretty much do a 180 and

change to south, south-westerly so

crews will be facing a head winds

and some rain as well. Remnants of

ex-troughcal cyclone Fina have seen

huge swells along the coast. Many beaches were closed today. The

swell also caused another day of

closures at many Queensland beaches,

and with that large swell expected to continue until at least

Wednesday, more beachs will be shut

again tomorrow. Thank you, Amber. Large

Large hail, torrential rain and

flash flooding have caused havoc in Melbourne ruining Christmas Day for

many families. A strong wall of water

water gushed through a street at

Eltham in the city's north-east,

sweeping away a car. In total, 20

people had to be rescued from their

vehicles. A 5 jrd is in a critical

condition after a car hit a tree in

Ballina this afternoon. Ballina this afternoon. Meantime,

this P-Plateer was lucky to walk

away after crashing and flipping

his carrying at George's Hall

overnight. The State's holiday road

toll stands at five. Stamina,

endurance and fierce competition.

We're not talking about the Sydney

Hobart, but the Boxing Day sales.

Shoppers across the country are

expected to spend more than $1

billion before the stores close

tonight. And they started early.

Waiting in the darkness in droves, hundreds of people prepared to

brave a very early morning. Some

left their families at home on

Christmas night. What time did you

get here? 9pm. Others arrived

before just before dawn and it was

all in the name of bagging a

bargain. At David Jones, the sound

of the bell sent die-hard shoppers

running. At Myer similar scenes.

There is nothing surprising when

you think of savings like this.

Upwards of 60% Early estimates

suggest that shoppers today will

part with around $1.7 billion and

that in three weeks the figure will

be $12.4 billion While there are

discounts on pretty much everything discounts on pretty much everything

in store there are no prizes for

guessing the busiest area. There are hundreds, if not thousands of

people in ladies fashion and the

cash registers have been ringing

hot all morning. As for the boys,

it might look like they're not into it. Because that is what every good husband does. But surprisingly

they're set to lead the way with purchases with David Jones

expecting to sell one million

business shirts over the sale business shirts over the sale

period, other items include half a

million towels, 150,000 pairs of shoes and 30,000 handbags But at

the end of the day, it doesn't

matter what you want to buy, if

you're not willing to brave the

crowds. There are few bigger events

on the Australian sporting calendar

than the Boxing Day test and today

more than 70,000 people packed the

MCG to watch Australia play India.

For Sydney's Ed Cowan, it was the

perfect stage to make his December

debut. Cricket is so much more than

a game to Indians. It is a religion,

and they gave the MCG plenty of

rhythm. Despite gloomy weather,

most Aussies stayed true to our

Aussie tradition - singlets, Aussie tradition - singlets, thongs

and beer. There was also a bus

party but these guys were missing a

very important mate. This was how

debutant Ed Cowan had planned to

spend Boxing Day until he got a

better offer. Apparently I can't do

too much of that when he is going

to play for Australia. I made the

opportunity for him and I am prel

he happy for him. He was presented

his baggy green by Dean Jones. It

was very emotional. I always get a

little bit teary when I start to

see him tear up a little bit. A

nervous morning for his wife, as

the Sydney-raised boy slowly found

his feet on the game's biggest

stage. It goes without saying it stage. It goes without saying it is

the biggest moment of his life. But

Cowan soon made his mark. It is the

best debut innings by an Australian

opener since Michael Slater 18

years ago. Well, live to Roz now at

the MCG, a great performance by Ed

Cowan but the Aussies not out of

trouble? Well, they started well

and that is what Michael Clarke

said is very important if they are

going to win this test. Ed Cowan

and Ricky Ponting had a century

partnership, but India, well, they

have had a very, very successful

afternoon and the crowd here as

gone crazy. We will have all the

highlights of the day's play coming up

up later in sport and it is zef

Nately worth sticking around for.

Indeed, thank you very much. In the

news ahead, Sydney shark alert. Our news ahead, Sydney shark alert. Our

most dangerous beaches revealed.

Plus, some advice to Sydney drivers

about holiday petrol prices. And the Duchess of Cambridge dazzles the crowd as

Christmas. Shark nets have been protecting Sydney beachgoers for

decades but just how many sharks do

they trap? Tonight, Nine News can

reveal where the predators have

been caught and where you're most

in danger. A few weeks after being

bitten by a shark, 14-year-old Ron

Mason is locked in a battle,

fighting off the fear factor as he

heads back into the water His

encounter at Maroubra comes as new

figures confirm the beach is

somewhat a haven for sharks. The

hardest bit is getting my kfrsdz up

and going back out there. But you

will do it? Yes, sure.

Along the coastline each summer

sharks nets are strung up at our

most popular beaches. They are

there to assist in the bather there to assist in the bather

protection program. But over the

past ten years 378 sharks have past ten years 378 sharks have been snared. Wattamolla Beach, south of

Sydney, was the biggest magnet for

sharks with 64 caught in nets. The

haul included whaler and tiger

sharks and a dozen great whites. At

Maroubra the nets trapped 17 sharks,

mostly whalers. Further north, four

sharks were snared at Bondi,

including a great white. At Manly

six were caught and one each at

Harboard, Curl Curl and Warriewood.

It is an ineffective system, it It is an ineffective system, it is

a barbaric system and I think we

need to try to take more of a 21- century approach. But the fisheries department says it

it can rely on history to defend

the netting program. Before they

were introduced there was on

average one fatality a year on our

beaches. I think if you are

swimming at beach with life guards

and shark nets you are in and shark nets you are in pretty

save hands. And even this young

victim agrees. Does iv give

comfort knowing there is a shark

net here? Yes, absolutely. Drivers net here? Yes, absolutely. Drivers

are being urged to fill up the car

tonight with the average price in

Sydney a $1.34 a litre. The NRMA

says prices could rise by as much

as 13 cents by Wednesday. You can

get unleaded for as little as $1.30

at Bankstown's 7-11 on Stacey Street, Glenfield's Caltex

Crossroads Truckstop, and the 7-11

in Greenacre. Military training

almost turned deadly for a Chinese

recruit, with his weak attempt to

throw a live grenade. The bomb

bounced back off the bunker wall

but, thanks to the instructor, the trainee survived his botched

attempt to hurl the bomb the

required distance. The popularity

of the Royal Family is soaring

going by the record crowd which

came out to watch them attend

church for Christmas. While Prince

Philip makes a recovery from heart

surgery, the family's new recruit,

Kate, was doing her bit to swell the turnout. The younger royals

took a stroll through an avenue of

well-wisher, heading for the

village church which sits close by

the Sandringham Estate. Kate was in

the middle of the group, warming the middle of the group, warming up

the day, with a stylish hat and

flanked by William and Harry.

Regulars say this was the biggest

crowd since the Diana years and

earlier they really were cuing

around the block, waiting to grab

the best position for this royal

Christmas ritual. The Queen was

delivered by limousine, just as the

walking party turned up and the

spectators were delighted. We

waveed and hollered at Kate and

Will and we got a nice photograph

of her. They looked gorgeous of her. They looked gorgeous Lovely.

I am very happy. I liked the hat a

lot. Inside the church a prayer was

offered for the recovery for Prince Philip. The Duke is spending

another night in hospital after he

recovers from surgery on a artery.

By his glum Christmas Day was

brightened up by a visit of

grandchildren. They hope it isn't

too much longer before Prince

Philip returns to his family. And

Kate left in no doubt about his

regard, at least several hundred

more than last Christmas. It is

time now for all the sport. Here is

Tim Gilbert. Good evening. Ed Cowan

led the way on debut against India

but the Aussies have been left

fuming after a couple of suspect

decisions. Plus, two spin Kings to

face off in the big bash and we


Ed Cowan can be satisfied with his

debut but the first test between

Australian and India is evenly

poised on day one at the MCG. Cowan

made 68 and Ricky Ponting 62. A

short time ago Australia was 6 for 253 in its first innings. The

perfect way to add to the Boxing

Day buses - a low-flying A380 Day buses - a low-flying A380 in

the skies above the MCG. After

Clarke won the toss, a flying start

from Australia's newest opening

partnership, Warner, setting a

cracking tempo. He has got hold of

that!! He has smashed that. A brief

shower stalled his momentum and he

fell first ball after the delay.

Out!! Out straightaway. The Indian

army were still in full cry when Marsh's

Marsh's departure gave them even

more to cheer about. Ouch, caught

at cover. Batting for his cricket

life, Ponting got a warm welcome

from the crowd and a vicious run

from the Indian attack. But the

veteran was soon dishing out his

own variety of punishment and after

a slow start Cowan was also getting comfortable. A pressure-relieving

half century for Ponting, while

Cowan also reached that milestone

in an impressive debut. But just as

Australia looked to be settling in

for a long stay, India's bowlers

hit back. He gets his first of the

day. Hussey follow for a first-ball

duck but he was certain there was

contact between ball and bat.

Doubts also about Cowan's departure

on 68. He has him. They were the

best of mates today, but tomorrow

night former Aussie spin twins

Shane Warne and Stuart MacGill will

go head-to-head in the Big Bash


It is nice to make young blokes feel bad about himselfs,

particularly their batsmen. Sydney

to Hobart crews are preparing for

the arrival of a big southerly

tonight, which is expected to kill

off hopes of a race record.

Investec Loyal trails Wild Oats XI

as the fleet heads past the NSW

South Coast. As many of you would

know, our own Karl Stefanovic is on Investec Loyal. I caught up with

him a short time ago and asked him

what the experience has been like

so far. It has been absolutely

incredible, just that start was

unbelievable. I have seen it many

time from the outside but to be

involved in it directly was just an

experience of a life time.

What about these this weather that

is on the way, are you feeling

jittery about that. Don't mention

the war, Tim my. We are a little

bit concerned about that, it looks

like it will come through about 7

and 8. That will change the race a

fair bit. It will be a bit of a

rough night and probably a bit of a

rough 24 hours for us. It will

change the race, Georgie. It will

also change the way you feel. Never

heard him so subdued. No, very

quiet. We wish him well. Amber is

next with all the weather and a

southerly change on the way? Yes, and Hurry in for Holden Dealers 2011 Stock Clearance right now with vehicles priced to clear.

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details next.

After a beautiful weekend of

sunshine, grey skies returned today.

It did say warm though, reaching 27 degrees in the city. Tropical

Cyclone Grant has been down graded

to a tropical low when it made land

fall without significant damage.

The biggest concern now is heavy

rain and flooding. Sydney could see

up to 20mm of rain in the next 12

hours. Taking a look around the country tomorrow.

Thank you very much, Amber. That is

Nine News for this Boxing Day. I am

Georgie Gardiner, thanks for being

with us. Good night.

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