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Tonight - roads and homes flooded

and it is not over yet. Julia Gillard's punishing Julia Gillard's punishing Cabinet reshuffle. The winners and losers. reshuffle. The winners and losers.

Our amazing new train. Where it is

going and who will pay for it.

A sneak peek inside George

Clooney's exclusive Sydney event.

And Australia's embarrassing loss

to the Kiwis in the second to the Kiwis in the second Test.

Good evening. You would be Good evening. You would be forgiven

for forgetting it is summer. Sydney

has received an absolute drenching has received an absolute drenching

over the last 24 hours, with some over the last 24 hours, with some

parts of the city suffering the

wettest December in more than 20

years. According to the Bureau, the

worst is yet to come.

Some art should be here by now but

Mother Nature has other intentions.

-- summer. It is becoming a

familiar sight across the city. Umbrella as. Sydneysiders wonder

when it will end. Roads were

swallowed, the worst at Coffs

Harbour. Some drivers were forced

to abandon ship. Slippery

conditions caused a three car smash,

putting five people in hospital.

Homes and schools were isolated on

the Central Coast. The busiest area

for the rescue services. for the rescue services. Torrents

of water gushed into some houses

from the front and back. I woke up

this morning and came downstairs

and there was about 10 inches of

water. Everything was floating. At

5:50pm, there was nothing. At 6pm

we were floating. 165 millimetres

pounded Gosford. In Sydney, the

Northern Southwark -- northern

suburbs were the worst hit. 110

millimetres in some suburbs. In the

south-west, Canterbury received up

to 55 millimetres. 70 millimetres

in the city and almost 60

millimetres in Kenrick. -- 17. We

are expecting wetter than normal

conditions which are expected to

suppress temperatures through the summer.

Have we seen the worst of it? There

has already been some reprieve for

seeking when rain eased this

afternoon. We will not be seen

anything like last night's downpour

tonight. Tomorrow, a 60 % chance of

rain. Just about 5 millimetres. The

weather bulletin will be with us

for Christmas Day. later. She will have the forecast

Commuters are facing lengthy delays

on the M2 this evening after an on the M2 this evening after

accident blocked the motorway near

Pennant Hills Road. Westbound lanes

have re- opened but there are

kilometres. queues of up to six no -- six

Julia Gillard has announced

dramatic changes to her ministry in a pre-Christmas cabinet shuffle.

Some of Kevin Rudd's backers have

Some of Kevin Rudd's backers have

been demoted but the prime minister

denies she is trying to get support

to stay in the top job.

It was a day of reward for Julia

Gillard's supporters. I thought we

should pump up the team and I have

done that. With more ministries and

new cabinet positions. I am

absolutely stoked that our Prime

Minister has given me this

privilege. I am looking forward to

serving the government and

Australian people. There will be a

new man taking over the industrial

port for you. And a new head for the health portfolio.

Australia is a country which allows

women to fulfil their potential.

Despite tensions, Kevin Rudd is

affairs minister. But his backers safe and well stay on as foreign

have been punished. Two were

demoted. The Prime Minister is

trying to buy the loyalty of the

men. This is the strongest possible

team and I have put it together.

Senator Nick Sherry is retiring. He

supports the Cabinet revamp. It is

appropriate that renewal take place.

That has been part of my

consideration. We have got so much

more to do to meet the challenges

of the future. That is what this

will be all about. Labour will be

hoping the reshuffle translates

into a popularity boost. The latest polls show the government's primary

vote seats on just 29%. On a two-

party preferred basis, that gives

the Coalition a commanding election

winning lead on his 57%.

-- and 57%.

The corruption watchdog has

recommended criminal charges be

laid on Tony Kelly. The ICAC

findings are related to the pit

wall to incident. John Robertson is

calling for his expulsion from the party. -- Pittwater.

It has been a wrong time coming but

today, the plan for the north West

Rail Link was unveiled. As well as

eight new stations, there will be a

futuristic sky train. The premiere

compares its building to that

compares its building to that of

More the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

price More pretty pictures with a hefty

price tag. The finalised plans for

the project will be submitted for

planning approval. There are now

line. eight stations on the 23 kilometre

It is important to Sydney like the

Harbour Bridge was. Two news

stations added. An elevated Sky

Train Running four kilometres, off

to Russ Hill. That is great! It

looks good. -- to Rouse Hill. This

man has been told he has until June

to bake cake. He has been waiting

for a decent offer. They are in for

a big fight. -- to a cake. There

are new homes popping up almost

expected an extra 200,000 people every day around here. It is

will be within a year by 2050. But

before that, there is an $8.5 before that, there is an

billion question still to be

answered. It remains to be seen how

they will fund the project. A

public-private partnership since

most likely seen at the government

is still refusing to contribute.

For the first time in almost 80

years, the Harbour Bridge will

undergo a major resurfacing. The

work is set aside for three

weekends in January but it weekends in January but it should

only take two. Starting on the 13th,

the bridge will be closed from

10pm-5pm. One lane each way will be

left open for buses, taxis and

motorcycles. The Harbour Tunnel

will remain open. Extra train

services have been planned.

John Ibrahim's sister has walked free from court after being found

not guilty of recklessly dealing

with the proceeds of crime. Almost

home $3 million was found stashed in her

home but police could not prove she knew it was there.

Eight Judge's verdict. That the

cash was not hers. She wants to go home and get on with her life. Her

smile was well hidden. You must be

feeling relieved? Maha Sayour

saving celebrations after a judge

ruled she was not guilty of

reckless for dealing with the

proceeds of crime. Police used a snake

snake camera to search Maha

Sayour's home. The older sister of

the king of the Cross, John Ibrahim,

claimed she had no idea how almost

$3 million came to be hidden in the

groove cavity. One by one, 95

vacuum sealed plastic bags removed,

each containing $30,000. While the

judge cleared that -- cleared judge cleared that -- cleared Maha

Sayour, he did find it suspicious

that there was more money hidden in

her bedroom. She said the money was

given to her by John Ibrahim to

help pay the mortgage. 2.8 the

money has been forfeited and is in

the hands of the NSW Crime

Commission. -- the money. Most of

it will go government holdings. The

wake of suspicion has been lifted for now.

He is one of the biggest stars in

the world and it seems one of the

most elusive. George Clooney has most elusive. George Clooney has been avoiding the paparazzi since

arriving in Sydney but was happy to

meet fans who paid hundreds to see

and hear him speak.

One of movie star, 800 star-struck Sydneysiders.

George Clooney in the flesh,

captured by a fan as he went live

and on plug for one away. We love

you, George! What appeared to be a

broken up -- broken arm was no

deterrent. Will you ever wash your

hands again? No! You are in a

little black dress. Were you hoping

to make an impression? I do not

know. A select few got a handshake.

Maggie Beer was stirred up. I feel

like a schoolgirl with George

Clooney. He is one of the world's

biggest movie stars and is here to

talk about Hollywood. He is using

his celebrity to highlight

humanitarian issues close to his

heart. Like Southern Sudan. If

somebody like him can play a role

bike trying to help other people,

we will get involved. How do you

like a so far? I like you very,

very much. Thank you for the

weather. He spoke of his new

venture, setting up satellites to

spy on war criminals on the border

between north and South Sudan.

Where is he? We are trying to find

him. In a flash, he was gone. George!

Live now 2-hour entertainment

editor. You spend some time with

George Clooney today. How is he? --

to our. He has his humanitarian hat

on. Raising money for those spy

satellites to help the people in

Sudan. He has been meeting fans. He

is in sparkling form. An absolute

charmer. Everybody who comes into

his radius says what a nice guy he

is. He was elusive but I suspect it

was for the right reasons. With two

hit films, we will see plenty of

him on the red carpet over the next

few months. Many would be happy

about that. Thank you.

Australia's cricketers have

suffered a humiliating loss to New

Zealand in the second Test. A

century to Dave Warner was the only

positive to come out of the positive to come out of the defeat.

The Kiwis won their first match in Australia

Australia in 26 years.

Resuming on none for 72, the young

openers strolled out for their

final Boxing Day audition. Phil

Hughes perishing there. David

Warner charged on. Just got away

with that. New Zealand was sharp. When Khawaja it departed, Ricky

Ponting joined David Warner shortly. Ponting joined David Warner shortly.

Out for 16 but still got it here

from the supportive home crowd.

Could be the last time he leads the

field in a Test match. When they

lost three/zero, things were grim.

All of the responsibility of two

test veterans. Dave Warner returned

from lunch. There was plenty more

to do. The 25-year-old was rock-

solid as another collapse solid as another collapse followed.

Australia won nine down and 42 runs

short of target. New Zealand good

taste of victory. They thought they

had Nathan Lyon twice. The Test

match is going to continue! match is going to continue! The

spinner and Dave Warner battled on.

Australia got within eight runs of

winning the series. There is the

win for New Zealand! Warner was the

only man left standing as the Kiwis

celebrated around him. The opener

did all he could with a man-of-the-

match performance. It is disappointing that others out there

with eight wants to go.

-- that I was out there.

Later, we will cross live to Hobart

with the verdict from commentators.

You would have to look twice to

recognise Princess Mary on the

streets of Hobart today. Dressed in

casual shorts and pink sneakers,

the Princess was out shopping with

her two sisters.

In the news ahead - how CityRail is

erasing official records on crime.

Plus, the new device keeping kids

safe on the internet. And why this

man is running for his life.

An alarming investigation has found

catching a train in Sydney may be

more dangers then you think. Crimes

reported to police and the official

statistics made public can differ dramatically.

I did not know until we got in the

taxi and there was blood everywhere.

A did not see him come out. Two

commuters randomly attacked months

apart at separate train stations in

Sydney. Brietta Kingsley-Miller

stand three times at Hornsby

station. Michael Graham, king hit

on a train near Chatswood. But the

transport minister is on message.

It is safe. But it is as safe as we

are led to believe? And nine News

investigation revealed up to 10% of

crimes reported to police have

vanished from official records. In

the last year, 122 serious offences

were a waste. Including a 66 cases

of robbery and theft, 50 assaults and six crimes of sexual nature.

Some people do make it up, some

people make a mistake. The real

problem is when people are willing

to commit to make a formal

statement. Central statement --

Central Station is the most Tagus.

If -- is the most dangerous. A

crime he reported every day. The

government has spent $14 million

over four years to improve security.

Boost things like security cameras,

lighting around stations, give

commuters that extra bit of confidence.

It is a staggering statistic. 65%

of children are now accessing the

internet through smartphones,

iPhones and tablet instead of a

computer. That is making it more

difficult for parents to control

what their children are exposed to.

In a room full of kids, what is

more popular? One of the coolest

cat in rugby league or an iPad? cat in rugby league or an iPad? It

seems Santa Claus is getting plenty

of orders. I want an iPad? Lote

Tuqiri worries about the internet

freedom these smart devices provide.

It is hard for parents these days.

You have to the village and on

working with them rather than being

too strict. Software companies too strict. Software companies are

launching programs that let parents control how their parents --

children use the internet. I do not

believe they will like it. But he

puts control back in the hands of

parents. It is installed on a home

PC and can be linked to up to three

devices. They can remotely control

the hours their children use the

internet, what websites the queues

and any -- any words or images they

want blocked. If the child breaks

those rules, the parent receives an

alert. We have a responsibility to

make sure we take this forward.

Harvey Norman sold a record number

of iPad last week. But parents

beware, techs at the kids will

always find a way around the always find a way around the box.

If you take something away from the

kids, it is more likely they will

access their friends. So you do not want to drive this behaviour

underground, you want them to

access it but be restricted slightly.

The case for a man driving a stolen

stretch hummer turned out to be a big surprise for Californian police

when they finally caught up with

him. He was naked. And then he put

up his hands to surrender as he

tried to out from those in pursuit.

A police dog was let loose.

The sport is next and we're still

reeling from that loss to the Kiwis?

We shouldn't have lost but New

Zealand deserve their moment. We'll

have the latest on the fall out

from Hobart. Also, how did Warnie

really get these blisters? And really get these blisters? And

golf's new money man, Luke Donald, conquers two continents.

As we showed you earlier, a fired-

up New Zealand attack was too good

for our fragile batting order in

the second Test. We go live to Roz

Kelly in Hobart. Leaving Dave

Warner aside, our batsmen looked

ordinary. Yes. What a way for Dave

Warner to shake his Twenty20

stereotypes. He was the only highlight in Australia's

performance today. In 12 days, they

will play India in the Boxing Day

Test. While they are expecting some

key players like Shane Watson and

Shaun Marsh to return from injury,

there is still a lot to sort out in

the batting line-up. That is what

has been letting them down. Here is

what the commentators think. Phil

Hughes will struggle to get in. A

lot depends on who is fit. I do not

believe he will seek huge changes

but there will be some concerns for

the selectors. It leaves them with

a lot of questions. They are taking

on India with a lot of doubt. The

Australians leave for their Australians leave for their home

bases tomorrow. A few of them will

play it again in India. We will

have another chance to push for

selection. As for the Kiwis, they

are partying very hard. They are

screaming their heads off in the screaming their heads off in the

dressing room behind the now. Thank you.

you. Two weeks to get it all together.

There is always something with

Shane Warne and this time it is the

mystery of his burned hand. He says

he expects to play this weekend in

the Big Bash game but it is hard to

imagine, looking at these pictures.

He has been named to take on Sydney

Thunder on Saturday. He is not

letting on how the accident

happened. We hear it involved a cooking accident.

Robert Allenby and Geoff Ogilvy

says they remain good friends, despite

despite their ugly spat after the

President's Cup. They claim they

will be tested if they are paired

together on Thursday. And Luke

Donald has become the first player

to top the money list of the US PGA

and European Tour in the same year.

He needed to finish inside the top

night at the Dubai -- Dubai World

Championship. A total of $14

million over the two championships.

Thank you. The weather is next.

It is not looking bad for Christmas Day. That' s tonight. Next on WIN

That' s tonight. Next on WIN News..

Upset elderly residents show us

their damaged units after last

night' s storm. ACT ALP' s first

election promise. And: a major

development approved at Googong.

Join me for all the details next.

Phew! New Goulburn Valley Quencher is a refreshing drink! (MAKES BUBBLING SOUND) With natural spring water! And juicy deliciousness. Delectable twists of fruity goodness! Ahhhh! Goulburn Valley Quencher. A new twist on refreshment.

He sought to rental rain today, up

to 100 millimetres in the northern

suburbs. -- we saw torrential rain.

Tomorrow, a low over the Tasman

will move east. In Brisbane, a will move east. In Brisbane, a

possible shower with 31 degrees.

A partly cloudy day tomorrow.

It will be cool with a morning shower on Wednesday.

We have the long-range forecast and

for Christmas, it is looking like a

partly cloudy day with a top of 25

degrees. There are -- there partly cloudy day with a top of 25 degrees. There are -- there is a

chance of showers but plenty of sun.

That is the news. Good night.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media


late edition. Tonight ... Homes

damaged: retirement units flooded -

upsetting residents. The ALP' s

first promise. Two more nurse-led

walk in centres if the party' s

re-elected. And: There' s no sun -

but there' s still a risk, men in

particular warned about skin particular warned about skin cancer

Those stories shortly but first, A

man has died at a building site in

Macgregor this afternoon. The man

was working when he was run over by

a grader around 2 p-m. Police say

the man died at the scene a short

time later. WorkSafe ACT and the

Coroner are both investigating the

incident. It' s understood the man

was forty-five-years-old and has a