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(generated from captions) to win $999,999 but... I hate to say you lost the chance It was an adventure, alright. It was an adventure. You've won $1,000. You were magnificent. You've been sensational. of applause, everybody. Give Jim Graham a big round Jim... (LAUGHTER) ..bloody Kiwis! They've done us again. They've done it again. been tonight in Millionaire Hot Seat. Catch you next time. What a show it's

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Tonight - budget blues - Wayne Swan

cuts back the baby bonus and the

public service.

The Sydney speed cameras letting

drivers off scot-free. A row over

traffic-light labelling for food.

The late-night encounter that left

an Irish tourist dead.

And the world's hottest celebrities

right under our noses.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton. Good evening. The

Federal Government will reduce the

baby bonus and slash spending

across the public service to bring

the budget back into surplus next

financial year. But the Opposition

claims the wafer-thin surplus of

just $1.5 billion is a hoax and

won't be achieved.

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan were

big on babies in the election

campaign, but now faced with a need

to tighten the nation's purse

strings, the baby bonus... I have

been a strong supporter of the baby

bonus, but these payments must be

sustainable over time. At least

they are giving would-be parents

nine months' notice. The bonus will

be chopped back to $5,000 in

September next year. Indexation of

the benefit will be frozen for four

years. This is a rip-off of the

forgotten families of Australia.

But it will save $358 million over

four years. Part of a federal mini

budget that improves the budget

bottom line by $6.ile billion in

that period. According to the --

$6.8 billion in that period. It

will produce a wafer-thin surplus

of $1.5 billion in 2012-13. We are

showcasing to the world the strong

economic fundamentals of the

Australian economy. But the

Opposition says it's all smoke and

mirrors. This supposed surplus -

it's a hoax. It is a hoax.

Government departments already

under instructions to reduce

spending by 1.5% will now have to

slash another 2.5%, or $1.5 billion

next financial year. A shocking

decision, says the Public Service

Union. Our best analysis shows that

up to 3,000 jobs will be lost.

Agencies will find savings in a

range of areas - travel,

hospitality, advertising. The

Government acted because the

financial crisis in Europe and

America has ripped more than $20

billion out of forecast tax revenue.

It will also save $710 million by

crack down on rorting of living-

away-from-home allowance by

temporary residents, and money by

restricting the dependentent spouse

offset, and $2.1 billion by

previously announced tax reforms by

a year. The budget deficit this

financial year will be $37 billion,

nearly $15 billion more than

forecast. So the idea of even a

tiny surplus next year arouses considerable scepticism.

Let's go live to Nine's finance

editor, Ross Greenwood. Ross, what

does this mean for Sydney families?

Well, here's the point - if you are

taking significant amounts of money

out of the budget and out of

household's pockets, then what

you've got is the Reserve Bank on

the other side potentially cutting

interest rates, and potentially

from December, this time next week.

You have a situation where the boss

of Aussie Home Loans said there's a

big chance they could cut rates by

a full half a per cent next week.

The strength of the Australian

economy today is seen by our AAA

credit rating being givenment this

is the first time in history we've

-- given. This is the first time in

history we've had AAA credit

ratings by the big agencies. That,

at least, is good news. Thank you.

A 12-year-old boy is in hospital

tonight after being hit by a car,

apparently driven by a learner

driver at Auburn. It's believed the

boy ran out in front of the vehicle.

Ambulance officers treated the

child at the scene for foot and leg

injuries. He was taken to the

Children's Hospital at Westmead in

a stable condition.

Have you ever been convinced you

were caught by a fixed speed camera

but didn't receive a fine? Well,

tonight we can reveal a staggering

number of speeding drivers are let

off the hook every month because of

faulty cameras, avoiding millions

of dollars in fines.

Gone in a flash. Drivers busted

breaking the speed limit - it's all

caught on camera, but a thousand

Sydney drivers a month are getting

off scot-free. So people don't get

find? That's alright. It's not fair

at all. I don't know how they get

away with it. Service records

obtained by Nine News reveal that

since January last year more than

20,000 fixed-camera speeding fines

have been ripped up because the

cameras weren't working. The most

common faults - speed not recorded

properly, faultly flash, blurry

photos, obscured numberplates. What

we don't want is people getting off

on a technicality when they were

speeding, or somebody getting a

fine because the cameras weren't

include: working properly. The hot spots

The worst in the state? These

cameras on King George's Road at

Beverly Hills. They have had 20

major defects in 21 months,

including broken road sensors,

faulty flashes and power problems.

You have gotta wonder in

authorities even bother turning

them on at all. They do the job of

helping safety. That's when they

are working. Roads and Maritime

Services spending $20 million a

year to fix the glitches. Sarah,

what have been the problems with

the fixed cameras there? Well, Pete,

this camera has had 17 problem,

producing photos that are

overexposed and out of focus. There

have been problems with vehicle

detections in lanes one and two.

The RSC says these cameras are

checked and fixed every month. So

up wouldn't want to risk speeding

here. Thank you. Federal Police

have seized $30 million worth of

drugs hidden in a shipment of

raisins from Afghanistan. 98 kilos

of heroin and 198 kilos of

pseudoephedrine were found.

Certainly, 216 kilos of illicit

drugs off the street, which in our

view is a significant impact on

organised Crime and on the flow of

drugs in the streets. A 34-year-old

man has been charged. There's

strong criticism of a traffic-light

food labelling system. The red,

amber and green colour codes show

fat and sugar content. But some say

it's too simple and a waste of

money. They tell us what to do on

the roads. Soon, green, amber and

red could be guiding us down

supermarket aisles. A traffic-light

labelling system spelling out

what's low and high in fat, sugar

and salt. Well, I suppose you will

be attracted to it and wanting to

have a look on the back. I think

it's a good idea. We're always

looking for low-sodium content.

It's been at the top of the

labelling wish list for consumer

groups such as Choice. An

individual with diabetes might be

look for green for sugars. There

are some concerns the system will

send the wrong message. It's really

taking a very complex subject,

which is nutrition, where we eat

whole foods, not individual

nutrients, and trying to make it

too simple. Soft drink, for example,

would score three green lights for

its fat and salt content, and just

one red for high sugar levels. Milk

would appear worse, receiving three

amber lights for fat and sugar and

only one green for salt. You don't

put soft drink on your cereal or in

your coffee. It's about comparing

products within the same categories.

As for chocolates and lollies, they

don't look as bad as they are. Take

these - all good except or one red

light. Some say it's a complete

waste of money. What we do need is

better education. The federal and

state governments will decide

whether to introduce the labels next week.

Blind farmer Ian Moore has lost a

court case to prevent mining on his

property at Singleton. It means

mining will be allowed to drill for

coal within weeks. The corruption

watchdog will still investigate the

original decision to grant the

lease. An Irishman has given a

dramatic account of how his brother

collapsed and died after being

punched in the face. A Coogee court

must now decide whether the rogue

punch was the cause death.

Tobias Simmons on trial over a

fatal pudge. Are you confident? The

30-year-old is charged with killing

Gearoid Walsh, a 23-year-old Irish

backpacker in Australia for the

time of his life. Gearoid had been

on a weekend of binge drinking with

his brother, Ciaran, and some mates.

They had gone to a shop for a late-

night snack, when he got into an

argument. Punches were thrown. The

Irishman was hit once and fell to

the ground. He would never wake up.

Do you have anything to say to the

Walsh family today? At the time,

Gearoid Walsh's mother came out to

Australia, pleading for her son's

killer to come forward and asking

for mercy. We don't want him to

torture himself over this. I don't

see this as a murder. I think he

was just very, very unlucky. Tobias

Simmons has pleaded not guilty to

manslaughter. He grease he hit

Gearoid Walsh but the issue in this

-- he agrees he hit Gearoid Walsh,

but the issue in this trial is

whether it was that punch which

killed him. Today, Gearoid Walsh's

brother gave evidence he saw his

brother's face go blank before his

legs buckled and hit the ground. He

tried to stop his brother going

back to the shop where he had

argued with Tobias Simmons and told

him off for getting in arguments

with strangers. "This is how stupid

things happened. Some of the last

words Ciaran would say to his brother."

A secret invasion of Sydney is

under way. The city has become a

mecca for some of the world's

biggest stars. And at Peter Harvey

reports, every celebrity arrival

brings a complex new set of logistics.

Sydney on the cusp of summer.

Celebrity central. A star-watcher's

heaven. It's so busy right now, I

don't know where to start. Jonathan

should know. He writes about them,

and there's absolutely no shortage

of material. Rolling Stones...

Selma Hayak and Antonio. Leonardo

DiCaprio, Mick Jones. Most are

promoting their latest films.

DiCaprio is still making his. A

very large set for 'The Great

Gatsby' rising in Centennial Park.

More of that later. All the stars

guard by behind-the-scenes

military-style security. Between 10

to 20 security operatives. The

paparazzi are everywhere, but the

best of them know the limits. It's

a bit like hunting, but it's got

the pay-off at the end of the day

when you get the good photo with a

smile that goes around the world.

Teams of publicists and security

agents organise many of the

supposedly impromptu photo

opportunities. For the most part,

they can live life in Sydney

without being bothered. As for

Leonardo DiCaprio's gat gats by

mansion here, it's -- 'The Great

Gatsby' mansion, it's taken a few

months to build. But that's show

business. Swimmers were given a

surprise at a beach near Cairns

today, when they noticed a crock

dime inside the netting. The 2.5m

crocodile had to be coaxed out to

sea by lifeguards. It's the second

time a croc has been been trapped

there in as many days.

In the news ahead - the car that

doubles as a giant smartphone.

And fire-breathing dragons come to

life in Sydney.

A firebomb attack on a Granville

fruit shop could be linked to a

recent spate of drive-by shootings

across our western suburbs. Police

are investigating a possible

connection as they hunt for three

men seen running from the blaze.

A family fruit shop firebombed with

a stolen car. The new weapon in

Sydney's gang wars. 10:30 last

night, the red Hyundai was rammed

into the back of the business

before being set alight. Three men

were spotted running from the scene

as the car exploded into flames. He

went quick. Scary for us. Luckily

there was no-one there. They could

have lost their lives there. A few

hours later, this hairdresser in

Fairfield was blown up. We heard a

bomb, like something really loud.

So we ran outside. The entire shop

destroyed. A coincidence? Police

aren't convinced. It is something

we'll be looking at. They are

vetting whether the attacks could

be linked to a spate of drive-by

shootings around the area in recent

months. The violence is thought to

be linked to an ongoing feud

between two bikie gangs. It was

obviously targeted for a particular

reason. Detectives had hoped that

the tension between the rival gangs

had started to ease, but after last

night's fire, it appears that's not

the case. Instead, they are now

changing tactics. It's quite a

disturbing thing for police and the

community to see businesses

attacked like this and targeted.

Another example today of the pain

caused by Britain's tabloid phone

hackers. Singer Charlotte Church

told Britain's media ethics inquiry

how she cut off many friends,

fearing they were leaking stories

of her private life. The more and

more that was leaked, I just

thought, "I don't understand how

this is getting out," the more I

kind of cut people out of my life.

Church claimed she performed free

at Rupert Murdoch's wedding, but

with little benefit. The former

child star has endured years as a

favourite prey of his papers and

the entire tabloid press. Here's an

entertaining concept. They call it

the Fun Vehicle Interactive

Internet, Fun Vee for short. A

battery-powered city runabout.

Right now it's a designer vision,

but it could be part of our motoring future.

Fire-breathing dragons may be the

stuff of fantasy, but a huge,

never-before-seen beast known as

the Gronckle came to life in Moore

Park today. It's part of the stage

version of the animated film 'How

to Train Your Dragon'. It opens in Sydney in March.

Time for sport now. Evening, Ken.

Good evening to you, Peter. I can

tell you Michael Clarke got worked

over today. The new-look pace

attack ripped into the Australian cricket captain.

Plus - the Tigers feud - what Benji

really thinks of Robbie Farah.

And proof time doesn't heal everything.

And a cool change is on the way. I'll have the details a

Rookie quicks James Pattinson,

Mitchell Starc and Ben Cutting have

fired up at training today,

desperate to book their place in

the first test against New Zealand.

There are just two places up for

grabs and the trio put on

impressive display in the nets.

With a baggy green the prize, the

three rookie quicks tore into

practice like it was match day. It

felt very fast. (LAUGHS) They all

looked like they were probably

about 140s, I reckon, which is

definitely good pace. The skipper

was also in the firing line. And as

a selector, Clarke was in the

perfect position to judge which of

these young flame-throwers can

ignite the Aussie attack. I have no

idea what the selection staff are

thinking. I don't know which way

they are gonna go, to be honest.

Have to ask Michael Clarke, I guess.

When David Warner receives his test

cap on Thursday, he will dedicate

it to his late grandfather, Frank,

who died when Warner was just 13.

He always said, before he passed

away, "You would get that baggy

green one day. When you do, I will

be look over you." Every time I go

out to bat I look up to the heavens

and always thank him. Warner's

whole family will be at the Gabba

for the moment. Mum's been on the

phone to me, a nervous wreck. She's

worrying about who's gonna look

after the dogs. If his test debut

is anything like his Twenty20 one a

couple of years ago, they better

find a gotta kennel. They also have

a big hitter in Jessie Ryder, the

Kiwis. He weighs about 100 kilos.

Benji Marshall is fuming at rumours

suggesting he doesn't get along

with Tigers skipper Robbie Farah.

Marshall says the timing is

disgraceful, as Farah's mother has been battling cancer.

Benji Marshall took to the streets

today to sell his new book. He

knows what's being said, that he's

fighting with his teammate and

captain Robbie Farah. The first

thing I done when I got off the

plane was ring him, check on him

after what happened with his family,

with his mum. We have been best of

friends since 18, you know, since

we were coming through the grade.

The alleged view made the pages of

his book. The fresh view is Farah

can't work with Deans. Marshall

says that's wrong and he can't

speak highly enough of Sheens. In

my opinion, he's the best coach in

the world. What he does, how he

stays up with the game and made

innovations to the game, where he's

changed a lot of the style, it's a

full credit to him. Some may say

Wayne Bennett is the game's best

coach. He started at the Knights

today but didn't think the

attention was warranted. I'm not a

rock star, I'm a football coach.

And football coaches get out in the

Oval, spend a lot of time out there,

with their players. All this is a

distraction. But Bennett brings

premierships wherever he goes.

Realistically, a premiership may

not in the future. We want to

provide them with long-term success.

And finally, a grudge between two

former Canadian footballers, daight

back almost 50 years, boiled --

dating back almost 50 years, boiled

over again at a lunch. It started

when Joe Kapp got in the face of

Angelo Mosca, who responded with a

couple of swings of his cane. Kapp

fired back with a good combination

before shocked onlookers could

intervene. Their feud started in

the field in 1963. Clearly, time

hasn't mended any bridges between

these senior citizens. It reminds

me of a dust-up on 'The Midday

Show'. At least we get on very

well...don't we?! (LAUGHS) To

finance news now:

Amber's next with the weather. And

another warm day? It sure was, Pete, but it's s tonight. 6.30.Next on WIN News...

A senior navy officer faces charges

- after allegedly spanking a

subordinate. More budget cuts - subordinate. More budget cuts - wha

are the flow on affects. And:

driver fatigue, Canberrans taking

more risks. Join me for the details next.

It was a mostly sunny start to the

day, but the clouds rolled in this

afternoon, bringing a few showers

and thunderstorms to the west. It

reached 26 in the city, 33 degrees

in Penrith, with moderate north-

easterly winds. Tomorrow, warm

winds for eastern Queensland and

NSW, before a trough brings showers

through the the south-east and

Tasmania. We are on track to record

our wettest spring in seven years.

In the next 24 hours, Sydney will

see around 15mm of rain, while

there is a severe thunderstorm

warning for many parts of the state.

Areas near Dubbo could see up to

40mm of rain. Taking a look around

the country tomorrow:

It will be a mostly cloudy day,

with showers developing and possible storms from midday.

Pete. Amber, thank you very much.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have

a good evening. From us all, goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - AIS. More in the late edition. Tonight ... A senior navy officer

faces a court-martial hearing -

after allegedly spanking a

subordinate. Unions forecast

thousands of job cuts as the thousands of job cuts as the Federa Treasurer tries to stick to his

surplus promise. And: ACT police to

come down hard on drunks - inciting

violence. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, A senior navy Danielle Post, A senior navy office

has fronted a court-martial has fronted a court-martial hearin

in Canberra, defending charges

relating to spanking a subordinate.

The string of offences are alleged

to have occurred over nine months,

aboard a vessel that docked in

several Australian ports. Navy

Lieutenant Commander John Alan Lieutenant Commander John Alan Jone

is accused of assaulting a female