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Tonight - a loss and despair.

Dramatic pictures and stories of

Hill nursing home. courage from the fire at a Quakers

I don't know what to do. I am

helpless. Desperate families endure

an agonising wait for survivors.

Or so - 5 dead on the state's roads.

enough. And Demi Moore says enough is

Good evening. Three people are dead,

more than 30 injured, and dozens

are tonight homeless after fire

ripped through a nursing home at

Quakers Hill. Here is the latest

information. 32 people remain in

hospital, 14 are in intensive care.

Dozens of residents who were not

injured have been moved to other

accommodation. A strike force has

been established to investigate the

cause of the fire, and arson has

not been ruled out at this stage.

Tonight we have comprehensive

coverage from our reporters at the

West. scene, and at hospitals in Sydney's

An early-morning mist and Quakers

Hill. It cleared to reveal a

dreadful scene. A black hole in the

heart of a nursing home. Out of

that, dozens of Boulder the

residents, their faces blackened by

smoke. -- dozens of elderly

residents. So many saved in one of

the most extraordinary of rescues.

Nurses started the evacuation, fire

officers with breathing gear then

went in, working with police. All

of them risked their lives. It was

extremely difficult. They could not

see their hand in front of their

face. They had to crawl on their

hands and knees. The roof was on

fire above them. You can imagine

what it would be like for elderly

people in their night clothes, some

of them confused, suffering from

dementia. It was a horrific scene.

Her 88 residents, they were carried

and wheeled to mattresses that

covered the grounds outside.

Neighbours pitched in, lending a

hand and soothing words. We have

been helping them with blankets and

staying with them when they are

scared. As ambulances lined the

streets, and beds filled the foot

parts. How is your breathing? The

fortunate looked on at President --

fellow residents who had not been

so lucky. Trapped in Rome's as they

filled with smoke. -- trapped in

rooms. This mode is just

overwhelming. -- the smoke is

overwhelming. We got a lot of

people out. That is the main thing.

The kerbside care was faultless.

These people will look after you.

Bangor they are here! Loved ones

rushed to the scene. The nurses,

from the nursing home colour they

are all here, from home, still

doing their jobs. Unbelievable.

This woman was one of the first

relatives to get to the home. It

was just horrendous, people

everywhere, bringing them outside,

taking them out the front. Making

sure they were OK. She helped save

her grandfather. He was soon found

a new home. We will buy you all new

stuff, we don't care. There was

despair, though, for loved ones who

did not make it. Our thoughts and

our hearts go out to the families

and the residents today on what is

just a dreadful, dreadfully sad

time. In the days and weeks ahead,

a cause will be pinpointed. What we

know now, though, this was a fire

that could have been catastrophic

if not for some very brave souls.

Two very young police, one of them

a probationary constable, shirts

covered in soot and dirt from the

fire, who were instrumental in my

view in saving lives. They are

heroes in anybody's language.

Few are more memorable than the

elderly residents of a nursing home,

and in Quakers Hill this morning,

many were too frail to make their

own escape. They simply had to wait

to be rescued, while family and

friends had to endure an agonising

wait for word that they were safe.

They huddled on a street corner a

few hundred metres from the nursing

home. There was nowhere else to

turn in their desperate search for

news. I don't know what happened

and where he is. The fire started

in our mother's wing, from what

they have seen on the news. This

woman's mother is 83. Can she walk?

No, she is completely bedridden.

They were asked to bring a hot line,

but it was flooded with calls. For

one man looking for his mother, the

stress and strain was too much. I

don't know what to do. I am

helpless. After nearly three hours

of uncertainty, a young police

officer suddenly appears with a

list, and they hold their breath.

The only information I have on that

person is they have gone to

hospital. People found the relief

overwhelming. Who is it? My father.

He is 82. And still gigging. Good

boy! She is good. She is at best

made. Then the officer has one more

name. His message short and sweet -

she is in hospital, somewhere. She

is alive. Now I need to know where

she is so I can give her a hug!

They later found her at Hawkesbury

hospital, suffering minor burns to

her face and hands. I love her!

LAUGHS. She is my darling, my hero.

Back on the street corner, the

policeman had further updates, and

it was not all positive. There are

a couple who are in this category,

that are not accounted for. Then, a

nurse delivers some years. Yes, she

says, he is safe and well. Some

people knew their loved ones were

OK after seeing them on the morning

television news. Simone Kelly got a

phone call from her dad. He rang me

this morning as I was on my way to

work and he said that he was

coughing, and I said, what is

wrong? And he says, I am alright,

there is a fire. The eventually,

all of the checks were completed,

everyone accounted for on this

saddest of days.

We go now to Quakers Hill. What is

happening there now?

Firstly, people had to ensure that

the building was stable. They have

done that. Now frenzied and

scientific experts from both the police and fire brigade are

literally on their hands and knees,

digging and scratching, looking for

clues. His painstaking work. They

will be here for several days.

Trained dogs which stood out

accelerant have also poured over

the area this afternoon. They came

up empty. Nothing suspicious was

found. For the police and fire

brigade, a few more days here, but

nothing suspicious at this point.

Thank you.

This morning's operation was a

textbook example of all three

branches of the emergency services

working together. Hundreds of

police, firemen and paramedics

swung into action. They have now

been replaced at the scene by

forensic detectives trying to work

out how the fire started.

It was the call every firefighter

dreads - a nursing home ablaze,

scores of frail and elderly people

trapped. That is every

firefighter's worst nightmare. The

fire station is just down the road

from the Quakers Hill nursing home.

They were there within six minutes.

They went into the rooms, dragged

people closest to the fire out. In

a fug of smoke and terror, and with

burning debris raining down, they are frantically searched for

survivors. Read up on to the beds,

searching cupboards, anywhere where

someone may have crawled away. 95

fighters from all over Sydney's

west were activated. As they

dragged people out, police officers

carried them to paramedics, who had

set up a makeshift triage post.

That freed up firefighters so they

could go back in again. Had those

police not been there, we would

have had an even worse outcome.

About 70 police were mobilised, 100

paramedics. They have come from

local stations and stations as far

afield as right across the metropolitan area. Strike force

West will -- Strike Force Westall

will lead the investigation into

the blaze. We treat everything as

suspicious until we prove otherwise.

It is really important that we

leave no stone unturned. We have to

look at all avenues, and we will

continue to do that. Historically,

there can be competition between

the emergency services, but when it

comes to the crunch and lies are at

stake, that goes out the window. It

was a real team effort, police,

ambulance and fire officers. We

have saved lives today. Joining me

here at the seeing is the fire

commissioner, Fred Mullins. -- Greg

Mullins. Are you looking at the

possibility of Arsene? Nothing can

be ruled out. Police will prepare a

report for the coroner. We have our

own investigators working closely

with them. Nothing can be ruled out

at the moment. A have heard that

there are two specific sports wear

these fires started. What is the

significance of that? It is up to

the investigators to decide whether

that is significant, but it was a

key piece of information that we

provided to the police forensics

investigators and arson squad. They

will look at it. It could be some

days before we get real answers as

to how it started? It is a

painstaking job. It is excavating,

a bit like can argue, going through

the debris, taking it away and

analysing it. It could take days.

That is the latest from the scene.

It could take days before we get

some answers. We will be waiting

with bated breath.

Thank you. 10 hospitals across

Sydney's west and south-west were

involved into a's emergency

response. The most seriously ill

patients are being treated at

Concord and will North Shore. Our

correspondent is at Concord

Hospital. What is the latest on the condition of patients?

The two patients here at Concord

Hospital have severe burns. They

are being closely monitored by

specialist doctors. Another three

patients were airlifted to Royal

North Shore Hospital, admitted to

the burns unit there. It is not an

easy task to treat the elderly with

severe burns, even for specialists.

These patients need to be treated

for breathing problems first, so

repairing damage to their lungs

from Salt and smoke particles

before they can be taken to the

operating theatre. Even then, any

pre-existing medical condition has

to be taken into account. Doctors

then have to wait three -5 days

before they can fully assess any

burns. For the families of these

patients, it is a nervous wait.

Thank you.

Our correspondent at Blacktown, how

our hospitals coping with all of the patients?

They are coping well by all

accounts. 10 hospitals across Sydney, including Blacktown,

quickly made room for the influx of

patients as soon as they got word

of the scale of the tragedy. As you

mentioned earlier, 32 patients had

been hospitalised. Of those 32, 14

are in intensive care, and it has

not all been smooth sailing. We

have witnessed a bit of confusion

today. One poor family spent nine

hours going from hospital to

hospital before they finally

tracked down their 86-year-old

loved one. The real issue now is

relocation, and what happens to

these 32 patients once they have

been discharged. Thank you.

There is an emergency number to

call if you are still worried about

a loved one who might have been

caught in the fire. It is on screen.

Some of the five survivors now face

an uncertain future. Many of them

have lost everything, including

somewhere to live.

Frightened, and confused. One by

one, the elderly men and women who

escaped physical harm in the fire

were helped to the sanctuary of the

church next door. They are confused.

They are just traumatised. They

have not had breakfast. They are in

the dark. They don't know what is

going on. Reverend Geoff Bates and

his parish volunteers threw open

the doors of Quakers Hill Anglican

Church. From very early morning,

they brought food and drink and

reassurance to people who weren't

too sure just what had happened.

They weren't talking about the

incident. They were worried about

their next meal! That was easy to

fix. Other problems, much harder.

Someone took -- some wanted to go

home, but didn't know where home

was. That highlighted the critical

shortage of hospital beds and

nursing home accommodation. Where

would these people go? Officially,

that is a federal issue. Generally

it will be other aged care

facilities that have available beds.

In some circumstances, family may

wish to take their family member

back home. Today, relatives had a

much more troubling problem - they

two were inside the little church.

Just waiting. There are a number of

people who haven't been named, and

they are fearing the worst. It is

hard. By late today, nursing home

beds, at least for the immediate

future, have been found for 50

people, and paramedics were helping

the patience with their little

sanctuary. You have got to look

after people, was what they said.

Which they did, today, the

ambulance officer, the cops and the

firefighters, they did it superbly.

Coming up - the rest of the day's

news, including a turnaround in

Sydney's petrol prices - what every

driver needs to know.

Plus, a car plunges from the M7 motorway.

And why Demi and Ashton have called it quits.

It has been a tragic 24 hours on

the state's roads. Five people have

been killed and another five

injured in three separate accidents.

At Coonamble in the state's north-

west, three people died in a fiery

collision just after midnight. This

morning at Glenwood, a man died

after his car plunged off the M7

down an embankment. And a 21-year-

old woman was killed in a head-on

crash at Sofala in the state's Central West.

You might want to fill up with

petrol sometime tomorrow. According

to the NRA may, from Sunday, the

price of fuel in Sydney will begin to rise.

The cheapest unleaded is $1.33 at

the Budget servo in Bexley.

Liberal senator Mary Jo Fisher has

been found guilty of assaulting a

security guard at a shopping centre.

But she has been cleared on a

separate charge of shoplifting. No

conviction was recorded after the

magistrate accepted that the

senator was having a panic attack

when she clashed with a security

guard about not paying for groceries.

Acting on new information, US

detectives have reopened their

investigation into the 1981

drowning of actress Natalie Wood.

She died after a night of partying

on board a yacht with her husband,

Robert Wagner, and fellow actor

Christopher Walker.

One of Hollywood's most high-

profile marriages has officially

come to an end. Demi Moore has

announced that she is divorcing

Ashton Kutcher after his fling with

a 22-year-old. The couple had been

together for six years.

Time for the sport.

Terrific action at the Gulf today.

It was a long, hot day at the President's Cup.

President's Cup.

Plus, the wonder boy from Westmead

stars on his Test debut.

Soaring temperatures and a strong

breeze made it hot and hard work

for golfers at the President's Cup.

On the second day's play, the

United States and international

teams each won three matches. The

US leads 7-5 overall.

The northerly wasn't ill wind at

Royal Melbourne, the last of the

moisture sucked out of the greens,

like putting on concrete. Even the

short ones were treacherous.

Sometimes it is easier to leave the

party in the bag, as Geoff Ogilvy

discovered. -- leave the putter in

the bag. It was the ultimate test

of a player's imagination. And at

his best, nobody has more of a player's imagination. And at his best, nobody has more of that

than Tiger Woods. That is

beautifully played. For the second

day in a row, Jason Day and Aaron

Baddeley's match went the distance.

Their opponents, Tiger Woods and

Dustin Johnson. This time, the

Aussie pair held their nerve,

picking up a vital point for the

internationals. Teamed with KJ Choi,

Geoff Ogilvy calmly rolled in this

putt for a win. Retief Goosen

injury in the internationals lost

no further ground heading into the injury in the internationals lost no further ground heading into the weekend.

Pat Cummins has starred for

Australia on his Test debut, taking

a wicket and a spectacular catch.

South Africa was bowled out for 266

on day one. Australia begins their first innings shortly.

The youngest debutant in over 50

years, and the youngest bowler to

it ever play for Australia, 18-

year-old Patrick Cummins was

chuffed with his Baggy Green. South

Africa took control early in the

first session, and it only got

worse for the Aussies when Shane

Watson left the pitch after hurting

his hamstring. But they chipped

away until Peter Siddle got the

crucial wicket of Jack -- Jacques

Kallis. Commons followed suit to

claim his first international scalp.

COMMENTATOR: That is a moment he

will remember for a long time. The

Proteas crumbled after that. The

Australians took six for 25 in 11

overs. Pat Cummins was just getting

started. COMMENTATOR: I didn't back

him initially, but what a catch!

Siddle was a stand out, with three

wickets. Australia will look to be

equally impressive with the bat

when play starts again tonight.

A new twist to pre-season training

for the West Tigers today - a

strongman contest between the backs

and forwards. They rolled pies,

carried a logs and shouldered kegs.

Not surprisingly, it was the

forwards that came out on top.

We will have the last game of rugby

league for the year on Sunday morning, 9am. Thank you. Thank you.

To finance, and the market dropped

sharply today. The All Ords closed

77 points lower. The eurozone

crisis sent the dollar back below

parity with the greenback.

After the break, the latest on the

Quakers Hill fire, and Amber is

here with the weather.

A burst of summer is on the way for Sydney tonight - 6.30 Next on WIN News...

The CM says it' s game on: Five ALP

candidates announced for the seat

candidates announced for the seat o

Ginninderra. And, The EPA

investigates vine damage at seven

Canberra region wineries. Join me

for the details next.

Let's return now to Quakers Hill.

What is the latest there?

The toll is certainly tragic. We

can tell you that three people have

perished in this fire. 32 are in

hospital. 14 are currently in

intensive care. One of those

patients is 102 years old. A strike

force has been established to try

to find the cause. As we speak,

frenzied and scientific experts

from the police and fire brigade

are currently inside the building

searching for clues. A short time

ago we saw sniffer dogs entered the

building. They could not find

anything. They were looking for

accelerant or anything else

suspicious. As for the other 50

patients who were rescued, tonight

they have been moved to other aged

care facilities. We can safely say

they are in good hands. Thank you.

Now for the weather.

We did seek a mostly cloudy morning

with increasing sunny breaks

throughout the afternoon. It

reached a throughout the afternoon. It

reached a top of 24 in the city and

27 in the West. Hot northerly winds

ahead of a trough will affect NSW

and western Queensland tomorrow. It

will also trigger widespread

showers and storms over Victoria

and Tasmania, and see a drop in

temperatures. Around the country, tomorrow.

A very hot weekend is on the way.

Thank you. That is the news this More in tonight' s late edition.

Tonight ... Game on: the ALP Tonight ... Game on: the ALP reveal

who' s contesting the seat of

Ginninderra. The Opposition leader

defends his speech during the US

Presidents visit.And: industrial

weed killer, threatens the region'

multi-million dollar wine

multi-million dollar wine industry

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post.

The fight for government in the ACT

has officially begun, with Labor

announcing its candidates in the

electorate of Ginninderra. The

election is still eleven months

away, but Katy Gallagher' s team is

wasting no time in trying to retain

office. The Chief Minister says

it' s game on - Very much so. The