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(generated from captions) In this bulletin - as US forces head for Australia. China's cool response borrows some local language The visiting President to praise our deep friendship. Spot on, crackerjack, in top nick.

Also this morning, to halt their industrial action. Victoria's nurses ordered And, Aussie 'Twilight' fans the latest instalment. sink their teeth into with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. use a speech to Federal Parliament US President Barack Obama will today for 60 years of friendship to thank Australia renewed focus on our region, and spell out America's with a cool response however, China has been quick more US troops on our soil. to the announcement about Alex Hart joins me now Seven News political reporter on the phone, from Parliament House. What's China had to say? Good morning, Alex. Morning, Nat, well the response from the Chinese government did come quickly and through foreign ministry spokesman Lu Wie Min and he said it may not be appropriate to expand military alliances, it is something China wouldn't do and not in the interests of the region. It doesn't sound too bad on the face of it but Beijing is saying it is not happy. Indonesian has also weighed in saying the expansion could create a vicious miscircle of trust unless it is explained properly. It will involve 250 Murines spending six months a year, training at three sites across Australia's top end, increasing to 2500 Marines in 25 years. They will conduct their own training exercises on our soil without our involvement. President Obama denied it was in response to China's growing military said it must obey the rules of the China's growing military muscle but road. by those rules, Where China is playing recognising its new role, I think this is a win-win situation. where they're not There are going to be times they need to be on track. and we'll send a clear message to sell this as beneficial Julia Gillard has tried for the entire Asia-Pacific region? She did, she said that rather than being regional bullies, the Prime Minister tried to paint this as being good neighbours. Saying it would allow both Australia and the US to respond more quickly to emergencies in the region, in particular, natural desbrasters like the one we saw in Japan earlier this year. Let's hear from Julia Gillard now. It will be good for our Defence Force to increase their It will be good for our Australian capability by joint training, combined training with the US Marines and personnel. It will mean we are better postureed to respond together along with other in the Asia-Pacific. together along with other partners OK, Julia Gillard, thank you, Alex, we will check with you later. correspondent Edwina Bartholomew. Now to Sunrise the President enjoyed himself Eddy, it sure looked like at last night's banquet? It did, it looked like he has been enjoying himself since he bounded off a Air Force One yesterday afternoon. He genuinely looks like he is leer and glad has been here. He managed three official engagements by the time the state dinner came around. The bilateral talks, and a press conference. The dinner started at 7. dinner started at 7.30 with a trumpet fan fare in the Great Hall, the Australian Girls Chire sang the national anthems and Janette Phillips, the Aboriginal leader said we live in the greatest country in the world, bar none and it was met with great applause. There were former state premeiers, and John Howard, the former Prime Minister, Howard, the former Prime who had a close relation with George Howard, the former Prime Minister Bush. The Australian ambassador to the US, Kim Beazley, the and Kevin Rudd. It was a chance to let their hair down and reiterate the strong relationship between the Australia and US. Let's hear what Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott had to say. We share a long history but we it is a history defined by more than We share a long history but we know anything, by our shared forward, questing, defined always, then and now, by the things we do together to honour our national pledges, to be young, and free, to be home to the brave. As the leader of the US, sir, you are the world's President, because no other country has such a place in the life and such a hold over the imaginations of people across the So, a busy start. What's he got on globe.

the schedule for today? Well, this will be his first stop, Nat, he will come at 9 o'clock to the War Memorial and lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and return to parliament for his official address, the White House is calling it his anchor speech of the trip, hearing more about the America. He will continue to a local relationship between Australia and

school. It is a visit that Julia Gillard did in Arlington, verge ginia, a reciprocal visit. Then he will go to the US embassy and plant a tree and then off to Darwin to hear more about the joint deployment of troops to the Northern Territory. Thank you. big headlines back home in America. President Obama's trip is making is travelling with Mr Obama, NBC's Kristen Welker on the new military deal. here's how she reported on Wednesday President Obama arrived in Canberra and made a major announcement Prime Minister Julia Gillard. along with Australia's According to the leaders, Marine air-ground task force there will be a new American Northern Territory. set up in the country's be about 250 Marines Now, this task force will initially and eventually swell to 2,500. These forces will train and operate Australian counterparts. alongside their is significant This rotational deployment because what it allows us to do and cooperation is to not only build capacity between our two countries, to meet the demands but it also allows us of a lot of partners in the region. Now, some analysts have said a signal to China, this move is meant to send as a major power in this region. which is, of course, emerging Administration officials That is something Obama have downplayed. an emerging China They say they support adhere to the rules of the road but they want that country to trade and maritime security. when it comes to things like Now, this stop here in Canberra 9-day trip is part of President Obama's in the Asia-Pacific region aimed at deepening ties and security alliances. through new trade of this entire trip He will deliver the keynote speech before the Australian Parliament later on today. He'll make a stop in Darwin and then he wraps up his trip in Bali, Indonesia. Back to you. Thanks, Kristen. And, 'Sunrise' has extended coverage of Barack Obama's visit this morning as we prepare for the President to address a full sitting of Federal Parliament. We'll bring you that speech commercial-free. Sunrise will stay on air right through to 11:30am Eastern Daylight Time. To this morning's other news, and Victorian nurses have been ordered to halt their industrial action, which has closed almost 1,000 hospital beds since Saturday. Last night, Fair Work Australia suspended the protected industrial action for 90 days, ruling it's affecting the health and safety of patients. Parties from both sides of the wages dispute now have three months to reach a settlement but if they don't, nurses can resume their campaign. They want an 18.5% pay rise over the next 3 years. Two teenagers have faced an Adelaide court charged with concealing the death of their baby daughter. The 4-month-old's body was discovered on Tuesday but it's believed the baby girl may have been dead for more than a week. Police say they haven't ruled out more serious charges once an autopsy is completed. We have some injuries that we are looking at the moment but it's too early to speculate on what they might be. The 17-year-old mother and 19-year-old father remain in custody. Train services are back running on Sydney's North Shore line The wait is over for Aussie 'Twilight' fans with the latest instalment of the movie series hitting our screens during the night. Dozens of people stayed up for the midnight release in Sydney, eager to be among the first to see 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1'. I'm very much into 'Twilight' and I am really looking forward to this movie, The latest film has plenty more love-triangle tension between heroine Bella Swan vampire Edward Cullen and Bella's werewolf friend. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather. Coming up this morning - a special extended edition of Sunrise, covering every vantage point of Barack Obama's historic visit. But ahead on Seven Early News, housing blues as Aussies become less and less likely to own their homes outright. And, the bus crash that's left several dead including almost 20 children. At YOUi, we believe the more time we take to listen to you your insurance will be. And the more personalised your insurance is, the more you could save. For car and home insurance, call YOUi on: as US President Barack Obama boosts relations here in Australia, his Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, is increasing military ties with the Philippines. There's already growing tension between Manila and Beijing over a group of oil-rich islands in the South China Sea. Classic foreign-affairs lingo there. Mrs Clinton next flies to Thailand before joining Barack Obama at the ASEAN Summit in Indonesia. At least 18 kindergarten children have been killed in a bus crash in western China. Two adults also died, when their packed minibus collided head-on with a truck. It's believed both the bus and truck were speeding and on the wrong side of the road. 44 others are injured. Mario Monti has been sworn in as Italy's new Prime Minister and has left politicians out of his new Cabinet. Instead, he's surrounded himself with bankers, diplomats and business executives. He's promised to make the tough decisions needed to save his country from financial disaster. And, this teen will think twice before trying another Santa-style robbery. The 17-year-old got stuck in a chimney in the US state of Georgia while trying to break into a home. He was rescued and arrested. A new housing survey has found fewer Australians than ever own their home outright. Outright ownership has slipped to 33% over the past 15 years. It's believed the change may be due to the increasing use of re-draw facilities which allow people to top up their mortgage rather than pay it off. Bureau of Statistics figures also show renters pay the highest proportion of their income on housing costs. Getting a first look at finance this morning:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - Melissa Doyle is live from Canberra for a special, extended edition to cover the US President's historic visit. But next on Seven Early News, some tough decisions for Aussie cricket captain Michael Clarke. And a mouth-watering match-up on day one of golf's Presidents Cup. China's had a cool response to news more US troops will soon be on Aussie soil. US President Barack Obama is preparing to address Federal Parliament when he'll thank Australia for 60 years of friendship. And, Victorian nurses have been ordered to halt their industrial action which has closed hundreds of hospital beds. Now let's get all the latest sport with Mark Beretta. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Ricky Ponting's cricketing future is in the hands of his successor Michael Clarke leading into tonight's second Test against the Proteas in South Africa. The Australian captain now has selection powers so Clarke will have a major say in whether Ponting plays at the Wanderers tonight. Phil Hughes, Brad Haddin and Mitchell Johnson are also under mounting pressure. My goal is to get what we feel, the selectors feel, Is the best 11 players, to help us win the Test match. 18-year-old paceman Patrick Cummins is set to make his Test debut. Tiger Woods and Adam Scott will go head-to-head today as the President's Cup gets underway at Royal Melbourne. The pair will face-off in a foursomes match where Woods will have to stare down his former caddy, Steve Williams, for the first time since the Kiwi's racially charged comments. The ninth Presidents Cup looks set to be one of the most dramatic yet. Since his racial slur earlier this month caddie Steve Williams will today come face to face on the course with Tiger Woods in the foursome match. It played out the way it played out, there wasn't any premeditation by it. I think it worked out awesome for everyone involved to have Adam and Tiger play. As we've said all along, they're still very good friends. Jason Day and Aaron Baddeley will be the all-Australian pairing They're part of a strong Aussie contingent who're expected to do well in front of a patriotic home crowd. Even though we're both young and it's our first one, we're still quite experienced just in playing golf in Australia. Greg Norman's Internationals are out to end their poor Presidents Cup run. We definitely come in here as underdogs even though we feel we have a bit of an advantage with the golf course. We want to win and that's all that we want to do whether that's in Korean or Japanese or Australian or New Zealand or South African, we all want to do one thing and that's win. Norman's last-minute advice to his players' wives and partners raised a few eyebrows at the very conservative Royal Melbourne. Behind closed doors just look after them, whatever it takes, look after them. A good little, ah. The Kangaroos admit they're feeling the pressure to win for retiring skipper Darren Lockyer in this weekend's Four Nations final against England. The Aussies have been installed hot favourites but homesickness and a host of injuries haven't helped their cause. He hates England's weather and misses his family so Fijian-born flyer Aku Uate is desperate We come here for a reason - to do a job, get job done properly and head back home. And while the ice baths are no fun, Kangaroos centre Chris Lawrence is OK with the battle scars he's picked up on tour. Oh, I didn't have a modelling career to start with so I don't think it's gonna hurt. Of more concern is the shoulder injury he'll carry into the final. But Lawrence isn't the only one, at least three more kangaroos at least three more Kangaroos could be facing surgery when they get home from this campaign. Greg Inglis, Jharal Yow Yeh and Willie Tonga are carrying injuries but those who'll play will defy the pain. This is the pinnacle - Four Nations final. It's gonna be a big game. You know, doesn't matter what sort of niggling injury you got, you do your recovery, you do your rehab to make sure your body's right to go out there and perform. Sally Pearson is back in Australia There you go, interesting advice from Greg Norman. Still reeling from that, thank you, next, the weather.

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