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(generated from captions) being injured but we can't deny it Thank you, we appreciate your time. Thank you, is dangerous.

We watch the whales go down the eastern coast and it is on the news, and the Japanese go down there and it is illegmalch let's ask why they are not supporting the campaign. Environment Minister Tony Burke and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Why? We send out South American fisherman who illegalally fish and fisherman who illegalally fish and do

do nothing against the Japanese. Woo have taken the toughest stand of any country. I was at an international whaling commission this year. They are giving the finger and going down anyway. But p once we took the approach that we would take them to the international court of justice weave have to hold our nerve. Once you launch a legal case you are in the system. Yes they take longer than you wan them to but we are the only country to have done that and you have got to hold your nerve and say that is the approach we are following and we intend to make every decision guided by how do you win it How long do they take? Five years years. How many whales die in the meantime. Whether it is illegal you challenge Illegally.

it. You boot the South American fisherman out, why not boot out the Japanese whalers. This is the search-and-rescue zone, we are talking about the Antarctic sea rights, which are quite different. This is the legality of it. We don't accept for a minute they are engaging in something that is scientific. They claim they are inside the treat, inside the system because it is scion because it is scientific whale, it is not. I thought the government was going to send a ship down? Wasn't that the clear intention? Is that still going to happen? We did that a number of years ago to That is the only reason we have sent collect evidence for the legal case.

a ship down. Would you send a ship down? Sure, why not? Send a ship down to send a clear message to the Japanese, this is behaviour we are closely monitoring and it is unacceptable. It does send a clear message. Beauty. But I was of the understanding the government was going to send a ship again. No, they piked out. Would you? We obviously support the court action. It seems as though the government has take an long route to the court action. This is after Kevin in 2007 promised to take the court action. Two or three years before the action actually started. I think there is a bit of dragging of feet here. I think it doesn't hurt to have a OK.

ship down there that is, obviously, monitoring the situation and send agmessage to the Japanese this is unacceptable. Good, OK. Let's talk share markets, hit by the ongoing eurozone debt crisis. Let's talk share markets, hit hard Yesterday the market loss more than Yesterday the market loss more than 2%

2 phers. Is ingovernment doing enough? It is going to impact on us. Julia Gillard warning about the issues last night at the Business The fact we are the envy of the Council dinner.

world, true, the fact we are insulated, not true. You have got to use the times when you have got a strength, compared to the rest of the world, which our economy does have, and not rest on your laurels and how do we make changes now and keep the strength into the future. How? Increase savings through superannuation, looking at areas of the economy that are just going gang busters in the mining boom and say they can pay more tax and a tax for the rest of the economy. Putting they can pay more tax and a tax cut down the broadband. Now is the time to make the changes. How bad could Europe get? Well, it could deteriorate very significantly. You and I have talked about this. Look, you know, I have been thinking carefully. This gets down to a single question: how much are German taxpayers prepared to spend to bailout the jureo sbron. eurozone. That is what it is getting spend to bailout the jureo sbron. -- down to. They can print mun down to. They can print mun -- print money and have a whole range of things but how much is it worth to German taxpaizers. Euro could dismantle if Germans are not prepared to do it? No-one knows where it goes. The French and Germans have raised the issue of the uro splitting into northern zone and southern swroer but obviously, the eurozone is the biggest economy in the world, nearly twice the size of the US. So this, as a zone, has huge impacts on the markets. As for domestically, let me just say this, you do not reassure Australians by having an announcement like the Prime Minister made yesterday of $ made yesterday of $2 billion of new expenditure without saying where the money is coming from. There is simple lesson here, don't spend money is coming from. There is a money we haven't got. money we

Paying equity for carers with There are 1,000, in principle rr, disabilities.

right but at this junctionture Prime Minister should not make right but at this junctionture the announcements that are not funded in how are you funding the governmentm

superannuation announcement you made last week. We are not in government, you are. We have said we will cut the public service budget in Canberra, which has grown by more than 20,000 employees while you are elect lected and cut it by at least 2,000. Can I get a yes or no. Can you confirm President Obama with a marine base in Darwin next week. Can't confirm it. Or deny it? I don't know the answer to your question. question. Maybe Barack

Maybe Barack has a nuclear bomb in his pocket so you can't deny whether