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(generated from captions) Lock it in? I'm gonna lock in B, Russia, Eddie. Lock it in. Lock it in. you've worked it out, haven't you... Haven't got much of an idea, but ..through process of elimination? Yeah. They're in it. Well, France. Might win it. They're in it. Philippines, Mexico or Russia? Frenchies are pretty good. You went for Russia. Amalfi Coast. You've won $10,000! Jack and Faye, you're off to the Thank you very much, Eddie. Well done, Jack. Jack Meredith just won $10,000. Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Millionaire

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How Europe's economic meltdown

could force a cut in interest rates.

Orica plant shut down after a third

chemical leak. Anger over the

potential release of a notorious

Sydney killer. The truckie who

survived this crash on the Hume

Highway. And we're behind the

scenes as Miranda makes a

triumphant return.

Good evening. Europe's economic

troubles have been spreading across

the world. Today, they reached

Australia. Our stock market lost

more than $30 billion. The Aussie

dollar slumps to its lowest point

in almost a month. But it could

mean a cut in interest rates sooner

rather than later.

Share markets around the world

where were used. The fall-out from

Italy's debt crisis had stocks here

in a freefall. I am worried. It is

unsettled in Europe. It is

unsettling for you read Terry's. In

the US, another GF see is feared.

We are looking at a repeat of 2008

if somebody does not blink. The

promised resignation of Silvio

Berlusconi was not enough to

supermarkets. Italy's borrowing

costs soared above 7%. It is vital

that Europe get its house in order.

Italy, Europe's third biggest

economy, owes a massive 2.6

trillion dollars. That is more than

the debt of Portugal, Spain, Greece

and Ireland combined. If Europe

cannot mount a bail-out, the impact

will hit Australia. A rescue plan

was on the might of Treasurer Wayne

Swan. No economy is immune from the

fall-out of what is occurring in

Europe. There are fears the

eurozone may crumble if Italy

cannot somehow be propped up. If

Italy, and I doubt this will happen,

were to pull-out, the whole thing

is gone. The one upside for

Australia... Europe goes down the

disaster route and we will have no

alternative but to slash interest

rates. Realistically, what are the

chances of a cut in interest rates

in December?

There is still so much to play out

between now and December. The bad

news is that rates were cut because

of the euro crisis. Many banks may

be likely to pass on the full rate

rise because the costs of their

borrowing overseas will have risen.

More immediately, $37 billion were

wiped off the share market today,

for investors. with a lot of nervous days ahead

The State Government has taken the

dramatic step of shutting down the

Orok a chemical plant in Newcastle

after a series of toxic breaches --

Orica. The latest incident has put

renewed pressure on environment

minister Robyn Parker.

From the sky, the Orica plant is

impressive. Certainly, its safety

record is not whispery serious

incidents in a few months. Tim

Seckold and Craig Sanford were

working at this rail yard more than

1.5 kilometres away. They smelled

ammonia and were overcome by the

fumes. It came from Orica. Three

occasions yesterday. A vomiting and

having difficulty breathing, they

were rushed to hospital. Local

residents are sick and tired. I am

shocked there we are in this

situation again and that the people

of Newcastle have got to deal with

another Orica incident. The company

has been under close scrutiny and

is still making mistakes like this.

It horrifies me. The Environment

Minister gave a rare media

conference today. I am calling on

the top person in Orica, whoever

that might be, to explain to the

community. A who is the top person?

She has not even spoken to the

company yet. It was a serious

incident. We should not have got to

the safety valve having to be

released which is why this

afternoon I intend to shut the

plant down. Why did you have so

little confidence in your minister

that you had to prompt with the

name of the boss? I have full

confidence in my minister for seven

what is the long-term political

fall-out for Robyn Parker? Her

ministerial career is on the danger

list. She is a poor communicator

and lacks knowledge of the detail.

I spoke to the Premier this

afternoon and he will not be having

a reshuffle any time soon. But

there are plenty of people in

government he would rather Robyn

folded away. Parker Adebole follow were quietly

Care is and councillors have long

been some of Australia's most

underpaid workers but today, they

were celebrating with news that

they have a high-profile supporter

in their push for significant pay

increases. The Prime Minister is

putting up $2 billion, joining the

fight with unions to correct what

injustice. she says has been a long-term

For the second day, a heroine's

welcome. This time from some of the

hardest working and lowest paid.

You deserve equal pay. A fraction

of the 150,000, two-thirds women

who are car for the homeless and

physically and sexually abused and

disabled. Work is in your sector do

not get equal pay with people who

do comparable work. The Federal

Government is joining the fight to

close the gap, providing 2 billion

to ensure some get as much as an

extra 18,000 per year. Fair and

equal pay. Take the case of Amanda

Carr who cares For Nepal Disabled

24 hours a day and earns $37,700.

That is less than you get paid to

pack DVDs. If they win, she will

earn $45,000. You get a wage but

it=A Career. It is an incredibly

emotional day. If there is any

doubt what it means how hard the

fight has been, the faces of relief

told the story. That we love you,

Julia. Welfare groups applauded it

Andy Opposition welcomes it. But

the question is where the money is

coming from. But no-one here really

cares will start a man has died

water-skiing on the Hawkesbury

River at Pitt Town.

He is in his late 30s and suffered

a heart attack and fell into the

water. Friends tried to revive him

before paramedics and a rescue

be saved. chopper arrived, but he could not

Are a card-carrying four young

people has gone into the river in

Campsie. All escaped with minor

injuries. Paramedics treated them

with the driver. at the scene. Police are speaking

In the Tories killer is making a

bid to be let out of jail on

unsupervised weekend leave. De

Serious Offenders Review Council it

says it will probably recommend the

move but the family of the victim

behind bars. is furious and wants him kept

I get flashbacks. She is always

there. It is a huge loss for

everybody. Loui Soravia is still

hurting over the murder of his wife

17 years ago. The mother of three

was shot dead while taking the

family's service station takings to

a bank. She handed over the crash

when David Zammit pulled a trigger.

First 17-year-old son saw the whole thing.

Recently, Loui Soravia had to

explain her death to his grandson.

Youngster found out on Google that

she had been murdered. How do you

tell a 10-year-old something like

that? You start crying. It is a

difficult thing for a young 10-

year-old. Loui Soravia is being

forced to relive the nightmare. His

wife's killer wants weekend leave

and work release. How can that be

possible that someone who has

committed such a crime can be

allowed to be moved back into

society unsupervised for a weekend

holiday? He was one of three men

charged over the murder. He is in

Silverwater jail and due for parole

in two years. It is not the first

time David Zammit has been on

parole. When he murdered Toula

Soravia, he had only just been

released from jail after committing

another armed robbery. In 30 days,

he had committed this crime and I

lost my wife. Loui Soravia will

appeal personally to the Justice

Minister to keep David Zammit

locked up. He might reoffend and

commit another murder.

A man is in custody tonight after

being arrested at Lidcombe train

station with what police say was a home-made pipe-bomb.

Police say he was heading into

Sydney Harbour to detonate the

device in the water. The 33-year-

old was arrested here at Lidcombe

station last night during a routine

drug operation. He reportedly

became agitated at the side of

sniffer dogs. He was searched and

they uncovered a pipe-bomb hidden

inside a glasses case, Andy Nye. He

told police he had no targets in

mind. And he was simply having a

bad day. Police raided his unit,

allegedly uncovering more weapons

and methylamphetamine so. Bail was

refused. He is due back in court Wednesday next week.

A truck driver has somehow survived

an horrific crash on the Hume

Highway. He smashed through a

barrier and plummeted into bushland below.

There is no doubt about what

happened, but how? But on dawn

today, this B-double truck field

off the Hume Highway. It crash

through a safety barrier and

cannonballed down a steep

embankment. It disintegrated as it

went. Part of it ended up in a

creek. The rest were scattered in

bushland between two freeway

bridges. The driver was injured and

trapped in his cap until the first

rescuers arrived. They cut their

way through shattered wreckage to

get to him. He was taken to

hospital by a rescue helicopter. He

is now recovering from shock and

non- life-threatening injuries.

Salvage crews will workout just out

recover his truck.

Less than a year after becoming a

mum, Miranda Kerr was back in her

underwear today at the Victoria's

Secret show in New York. But it was

not just any old underwear. The 28-

year-old looked dazzling in a

diamond bra worth $2.5 million.

Cutting through the lights and the

glitter, a 28-year-old mum from NSW.

Our very own angel, but Miranda

Kerr, landing on the Victoria's

Secret runaway wrapped in a silver

shell and weighed down by a $2.5

million diamond bra. A few diners

could be missing? No. The bodyguard

has always got his eye on me. He is

watching me. She brought her

husband and the audience to their

feet. Not a bad first day back less

than a year after giving birth. I

heard that you have a special

weight-loss regime. Yes.

Breastfeeding. It definitely helps.

It is the best thing for him as

well. This year, the wing got an

upgrade, strapped to the 8th

supermodels classed as angels. All

that magnificence does not happen

by itself. Welcome to backstage

Victoria's Secret. It is all about

promoting the brand. It is a brand

that brings in $5 billion a year.

It is a $10 million show with an

Australian gem as the centrepiece.

In the news ahead - a fiery tanker

crash leaves two people dead. Plus

the superstar family of Australia's

latest golden girl. And meet

Sydney's newest millionaire.

The Qantas dispute is set to flare

up again with the long-haul pilots

union lodging a legal challenge to

Fair Work Australia. They want a

review of the decision to terminate

their industrial action. There has

been a frightening crash on an

American freeway after a milk

tanker ran up the back of a fuel

tanker. The milk truck driver was

killed. It took two hours to extinguish the fire.

If you have not heard of Mpumalanga,

you soon will. She is our newest

golden girl of the swimming pool,

getting medals the recent World Cup

events -- Emma McKeon.

She is a teenager from Mount Kembla

dominating Asia. This is 17-year-

old Emma McKeon bagging another

gold medal. At the World Cup meet

in Beijing, she knocked off big

names like Libya Trickett. When I

was younger, those names were my

idols. They probably still are. The

hat-trick began on the weekend in

Singapore. She claimed it by a

fingernail. That she stands there -

- I stand there call and collected

as a coach but internally, I went

berserk. The Gold Rush did not stop

there. Her 19-year-old brother was

also successful in Singapore. Not

surprising when your parents have

represented Australia. Ron was the

Commonwealth gold-medallist and

Olympian. This is mother Susie with

her brother Rob Woodhouse added

Commonwealth Games in 1982. The

talent comes from the mother. This

is where it all began at the family

saloon Paul. She went on to train

at the University of Wollongong and

now she is taking on the world. She

returns home this weekend and looks

destined to follow the families Olympic tradition.

A high-school teacher from Ryde has

become an instant millionaire after

winning a radio competition.

Isabella was given just five

minutes to dig up as many hidden

cash bags as possible. Open it up.

What does it say? Are you joking?

$1 million! The 29-year-old says

she'll use the money to pay off her

mortgage and fly overseas for the

new year.

That is a good story. Ken is next with sport.

Tiger Woods is the star attraction

at the Australian Open. But what

caused John Daly's major dummy spit

at the Lakes? Michael Clarke shines

on a painful day at the office.

That will bring a

Outrageous golfer John Daly has

been banned from competing at the

Australian PGA in a fortnight after

storming off the course at the

Australian Open today. Aussie

Jarryd Lyle leads the field after

the opening round, but some of the

world's best aren't far behind,

including Tiger Woods. Or the

negative publicity, Tiger Woods can

draw a crowd. Fans have flown in

from around the country, and some

were still arriving. For his part,

he showed glimpses of the talent

which has won 14 major titles. That

is a beautiful start. At times,

following him as a health hazard.

But he ensured a bruise was not the

only memento this fan to comb. In

the same group, Jason Day, who has

rocketed up the world rankings this

year, now sits 51 places higher

than his legendary playing partner,

and this is why. Adam Scott was

fighting a familiar battle with the

putter. But he found a way to get

by without it. This was his second

shot on the par-five eighth. John

Daly's annual meltdown to 11 holes

to arrive after hitting a six in

the water. He stormed off.

Tournament officials say he may

never Australian cricket captain

Michael Clarke shone on a rain-

affected day against South Africa

in the first test in Cape Town.

Clarke made an unbeaten 107 in a

disappointing innings of 8/214.

Steyn took 4/31 before bad light stopped play.

South Africa won the toss and it

was a no-brainer to elect to bowl.

Watson and then Hughes were

delivered to cherries they had no

chance of accepting. Marsh was

dealt a painful blow. On appeal,

Ponting went lbw for eight. Then

some special treatment. Shaken but

not stirred, the Australian captain

responded with a positive unbeaten

innings. A 103 run partnership

followed. Hussey faced 18 balls for

just one run. Australia were six-

163. The Sentry making shot told

the story of a fine innings, and

quick of just 108 balls. There was

no hiding how much Clark enjoyed the moment.

Manly legends are lining up to have

a crack at Bulldogs bound Des

Hasler former CEO Graham Lowe says

the Eagles can't have him in charge

next season. He has made his move

and the club should so no mercy. He

thinks about himself. And this is

one of those things you have to see

to believe. It's being called the

biggest wave ever ridden. Surfer

Garrett McNamara took on this

massive 90 foot beast - the

equivalent of a 9-storey building -

off the coast off Portugal. And

overnight, a major gong for Wide

World of Sports at the Association

for International Broadcasting

Awards, the team beat all comers

from around the globe, for the best

live sports coverage. The winner is

the Nine Network. The ward was full

game one. -- award.


It was a scorcher last night!

It was. It was service. Coming up next on WIN

News... An exclusive announcement from the A-C-T Government

surrounding Princess Mary' s visit

to the Capital. Join me for the

exciting details next - along with the rest of the days news.

We sweltered through our hottest

November knife since 1967 last

night. At midnight, it was still 28

degrees in the city. The lightning

certainly put on a show. This

vision was billed at 8:30pm over

the southern suburbs. Lights were

blacked out for over 6,000 in the

Sutherland Shire. But storms have

now passed. Today it was a little

cooler pre is still reach 30

degrees in the city and in the West.

-- but it's still reached. Rain and

thunderstorms from the north-west

tropics to Nor for NSW. -- northern


A mostly sunny day.

Here in Parramatta, the wind has

picked up. He suddenly changes

moving through, hopefully making it

a bit cool tonight. -- the

southerly change. Thank you. for four consecutive wins. Tonight

... Convicted murderer David ... Convicted murderer David Eastma

given more time to push for given more time to push for anothe

inquiry.Lyneham High School' s

health scare. And, Tickets up for

grabs to see the Danish Royal grabs to see the Danish Royal coupl

in Canberra Good evening, I' m in Canberra Good evening, I' m Gre

Thomson. Convicted cop killer Thomson. Convicted cop killer Davi

Eastman has been given more time Eastman has been given more time t

prepare his case - for a judicial

inquiry into his 1995 conviction. inquiry into his 1995 conviction. H

told the court he wants to told the court he wants to conside

new evidence in the hope of

securing a retrial. Win News

reporter Gemma Coombe has the

details. It' s probably the details. It' s probably the A-C-T

s most high profile criminal case.