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(generated from captions) I don't care. Aah! I'm a winner. I'm a winner - it doesn't matter, I'm a winner! You are, yeah. Not 'Mister Roberts'. Not 'The Longest Day'. you're lucky there, aren't you? So there you go - Tom Joad in 'The Grapes of Wrath'! Henry Fonda played ex-convict

on the 1939 novel by John Steinbeck. The 1940 classic by John Ford based the same name by Bruce Springsteen. Inspired the song and album of going for you. There was a lot there as you said, one question, $1,000! Hey, Trace, don't worry - Thank you! You're a winner, you're happy. Tracey Muscat just won $1,000. Well played. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time on Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Heading for jailed - tonight, the

doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson.

Lightning, rain and strong winds.

Sydney battered by a powerful snap storm.

Get it out of here! Fighting back -

the man whose stock is accused of a

vicious attack. It's official, the

tax Julia Gillard said we would

never have.

And Tiger Woods in Sydney and on

the road to redemption.

Good evening. Conrad Murray lost

one title and gained another today.

He's no longer a Doctor, he's the

man who killed the King of Pop. His medical certificate was cancelled

as jurors announced, unanimously,

that Murray's neglect brought the

death of the legendary entertainer

two years ago in Los Angeles.

One of nervous doctor alone in a

packed and silent courtroom. The

verdict broken only by a scream

from the Tuija Jackson. We, the

jury, find Conrad Murray guilty of

the crime of involuntary

manslaughter. Within seconds, the

man who once earned $150,000 a

month was in handcuffs, stripped of

his medical licence and led to jail.

Outside, reaction was instant. Fans

who held the door at the court

house for six weeks wept. I cannot

get over it. I love Michael Jackson.

I want him back. This is the best

day of my life! Michael Jackson,

you are not alone. You will never

be alone. The Jacksons agree.

Wonderful. Absolutely, wonderful!

And his brother suggesting a civil

lawsuit was next. 49 witnesses,

more than 400 exhibits. But it took

the jury less than nine hours to

find Conrad Murray... Guilty. This

is the result everyone has been

screaming for. Is it over? Not by a

long shot. Many people say he

should have been charged for

something more than involuntary

manslaughter. He may have his

sentence reduced by half. What

sentence would you like to have

seen? I would like to have seen the

death penalty. And for the first

time, a documentary to air on

Channel 9 this Thursday shows the

crime scene. The drug that Michael

Jackson called milk and the doctor.

He begged and pleaded and asked me,

please, please, Dr Conrad, I need

some milk so that I can sleep. In

the end, he gave him so much

propofol it was fatal. He said, of

all my life, I have found one

friend. That is you. A broken

defence team is hopeful. But today,

it was for the family and the fans.

They keep is not my son! All the

radio stations, put on a Michael

Jackson song. We going out -- we go

now to Denham Hitchcock. He has

gone from having a luxury car and

house to a five by five cell. It

was a big blow to his defence. He

was taken to -- taken out of the

courtroom in handcuffs. He could

face home detention. We will hear

about this for weeks. Thank you.

The messy circumstances of his

death have overshadowed his musical

legacy. His work continues to sell

as well as ever while his memory

lives on through the lives of his children.

So much pain and so much money. --

fame. But as he moved into his 50th

year, his main focus was always his

children. After his death, the

prosecutor used to their loss,

their suffering, as the main reason

to jail their doctor. Conrad Murray

left Prince, Paris and Blanket

without a father. Their father's

death has meant for a more normal

life. No longer hidden behind masks.

Recently, they were on stage and

now living with Jackson's mother

and giving interviews. Paris wants

to be an actress. I am beating

about auditioning for a play next

week. When he died, he was almost

bankrupt, despite having sold more

than 200 million albums. But

without his infamous shopping

sprees, his estate would back into

profit in the past two years. It

raked in $445 million. Even dead,

he by still the second highest

Popat last year behind U2. -- pop

act. His own fantasy world was sold

to pay the bills. By the time he

died, he was living in luxury is

but a rented premises. The home he

died in has become a more big

tourist attraction, leaving the

owner who rented it to him for

$100,000 a month with a real

problem. Everybody wants to see it

but nobody wants to rent it. The

Jackson Estate continues to prosper

from Michael's music and from that

wise investment made in 1984,

buying at the right to much of the

Beatles'' music.

And more of the exclusive interview

with Conrad Murray coming up on A

Current Affair following the news.

Dark clouds rolled in again this

afternoon with two fierce storm

cells moving across Sydney.

What is the latest?

The show is over for now but what a

spectacular performance of Mother

Nature put on about half an hour

ago. The City turned a dusty red

colour and then went black. There

were hundreds of bolts of lightning,

loud claps of thunder and all that

rain. Out west, it brought down

trees. At the airport, it was shut

temporarily. There was a bumpy ride

for the planes that had to come in

before the airport was closed. The

bureau says the show is over for

now. But we are expecting more rain

over the next couple of hours.

There is a band of moving around

past the Blue Mountains. Four now,

the show is over. Thank you.

Three men have been charged after a

vicious dog attack sparked a

neighbourhood brawl in Mount Druitt.

Today, the seeds grew uglier when

the dog's owner turned on the media. -- the scene.

He claims his dog do not hurt

anyone but when we tried to talk to

Frank Drake, he attacked us. Go!

Get out of here! The 62-year-old

went ballistic. But after coming

down, he told us he was the victim.

I am 63 years old. They started

attacking me. It started yesterday

afternoon when Gursel sent was

savaged by two dogs were escaped

from Frank Drake's Mount Druitt

home. You cannot imagine. They

knocked her down and latched on to

her leg. That is when she phoned

her 25-year-old son for help. He

came running and wound up in a

brawl with Frank Drake to grab an

axe. A 17-year-old neighbour also

joined the scene. I have done

nothing wrong. Neighbours say they

are terrified of the dogs and even

cross the road to avoid them. Even

if the sign says the dogs are

dangerous. The gate is often of

open. This woman says she was

chased by the same dogs just before

Gursel was beaten. The dogs started

coming to me and I screamed and

went this way. Later this morning,

three dogs were seized from Frank

Drake's property. Blackdown council

will decide if they will be destroyed.

Julia Gillard says the passage of

her carbon tax through the Senate

is an historic milestone and a win

for Australia's children. But as

the Coalition vowed to repeal the

measure, it was hailed by Al Gore

as a turning point for the world.

Julia Gillard flew back into

Canberra after a visit to Aussie

troops in Afghanistan just in time

for the passage of the legislation.

Order. They have been 36 ayes and

32 no's. The matter is resolved in

the affirmative. Today, Australia

has a price on carbon as the law

about land.

It was the final repudiation of her

promise from last year. There will

be no carbon tax under the

government I lead. Right on cue. A

sign from a bar -- signed from

above. Even the heavens are

clapping. The Greens claimed credit.

We have delivered. The Coalition is

happy to endorse that. The Labor

Party has sold its policy to the

Greens. The government cries foul.

This is a labour reform. Today's

vote is a win for Australia's

children. We have made history.

Former US vice-president, Al Gore,

used his website to the crane the

legislation a pivotal point in the

world's efforts to solve the

climate crisis. After all of the

tough guy talk, what a spineless

retreat. But he issued a press

statement, saying he will seek a

mandate at the next election to

repeal the measures. The victory,

it -- coincides with a news poll

showing Labor's is up 2%.

Disapproval of Tony Abbott is

hitting a new record. The improving

trend should keep the Prime

Minister are safe from leadership

challenges for the rest of the year.

There has been a record number of

complaints against phone companies.

Figures show almost due hundred

thousand customers went to the

ombudsman last year. Telstra

accounted for the most gripes,

70,000. The biggest complaints came

from Vodafone customers. The

problems, so this -- service faults.

Tiger Woods admits he was hurt by a

racial slur from his former caddie.

Steve Williams has apologised.

Woods has been catching up with old friends.

Warne and Tiger, two men who bear a

lot of life's self-inflicted scars.

Now on the mend, they hope. Tiger

Woods was in Melbourne last night,

helping Shane Warne openly new club.

Today, he was in Sydney. Only one

thing on most minds. That racial

slur made by his former caddie,

Steve Williams. We talked this

morning and met face to face.

Obviously, it was the wrong thing

to say. Did he apologise? He did

apologise. It was hurtful,

certainly, but life goes forward.

Steve is not a racist. Tiger met

another sporting star, Lote Tuqiri.

He was pretty it -- presented a

Tigers jersey. I know more about

Union than League. I could not help

resist this hard hitter. This is

really embarrassing. What do you

think of Sydney? I love it. I have

not been back in a while. He

believes how things play out on the

golf course will be a real measure

of his redemption. If things go

well, he believes everything else

should follow.

In the news ahead - the

investigation forces Sydney Water

to admit it got thousands of water

bills were wrong.

And the rugby league player

sentenced for urinating on a war

Tonight, Nine News has proof that

Sydney residents are being over-

charged on their water bills. Our

investigation has found thousands

of meter readings have been bungled

and Sydney Water admits it got it wrong.

The Williams are at breaking point.

Like most, this Oakhurst family

can't get on top of their bills.

Water is what's drowning the family

of four. I feel like we're just

constantly handing out money and

never getting anywhere. Chantal and

Nathan have done everything to

conserve it, buying water efficient

goods, changing shower heads and

taps, even taking advice for their

garden. They claim their water

meter has never been read. We've

done things to proactively lower

the amount of water we're using but

the bill just keeps increasing. The

family is going to dispute their

bill, like so many have done in the

last year. A Nine News

investigations has found:

Sydney Water was forced to refund

almost $1.5 million. The areas with

the most mistakes:

Sydney Water is committed to

working with customers and fixing

any problems as soon as they arise.

In some cases, bills have been sent

to the wrong homes and a small

number of properties have been

charged when water wasn't even

connected. Sydney Water has

apologised for all the errors but

it says it gets it right most of

the time. Our accuracy rate is

99.95%. If customers want to take

their dispute further, they can

file a complaint to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

Former Wests Tigers player Todd

Payten has been placed on a good

behaviour bond for urinating on a

war memorial. The incident happened

at Hyde Park in September just

hours after they were eliminated

from the finals. The magistrate was

told he was so embarrassed by his

behaviour, he did not bring any

character references.

The woman who says that Justin

Bieber fathered her baby boy says

she can prove her claim. I have

provided evidence to my attorneys.

It will show in court. It will

prove my allegations are true. The

20-year-old says she had sex with

Justin Bieber in a backstage

stadium toilet but the pop star

says he has never met the woman.

Ken is next with the sport. Tiger

Woods anoints a young Aussie to be

number one in the world. He also

tells us how he survived his two

years of hell Plus - Ian Thorpe's

comeback stalls in his pet event.

And an ice-hockey coach loses his cool.

What if economy and power were playmates? Happily, Honda's i-VTEC engine has a clever cam widget to help you save the juice and really cut loose. The Honda Accord Euro.

Tiger Woods says Jason Day will

rule the golfing world, saying he

has the game to be number one. But

he warns he is injury-free and

ready to recapture his on again.

Between them, these sporting

animals have dominated golf for the

best part of 20 years. While they

know the waters here, Tiger was

having his first look. Once

untouchable, Tiger Woods has been

more of a pussycat at times. But he

says he is finally injury-free. I

was limited for so long. Because of

the injury. Now that has been taken

away and I can practise all day.

The problem with the ladies. What

is the biggest thing you have

learned about yourself? The people

who... That I trust and care about

have been huge in my life. That is

what has been great. To have closer

bonds than I ever thought I could.

As he stumbled, the next generation

caught up. Leading the charge was

Jason Day. Tiger Woods will be

paired with him. He thinks Jason

Day can be number one. He has the

talent, absolutely. He hits the

ball very long. A wonderful putter.

He has the right attitude. But

Jason Day says that attitude is

only a recent edition. In my early

years I thought it would come easy.

It did not. I learned a valuable

lesson early on in my career.

We cannot keep Shane Warne out of

the news. The 42-year-old confirmed

he is making a cricketing comeback.

He will play for the Melbourne

Stars in the Big bash Twenty20 tournament.

Ian Thorpe still has plenty of work

to do it his comeback is to taking

all the way to the Olympics. He

made the surprise decision to swing

the 100 metre freestyle in Beijing

this morning but was off the pace.

His first ever swim at the famous

water cube suddenly became a day of

reckoning. He decided at the last

minute to put his comeback to the

ultimate test and swim a freestyle

race. Just felt like it. It was

pretty simple. I looked and felt it

would be good to do a 100 here. The

for a tiny crowd, he showed the

swimming world what he could do.

Four laps in front of the halfway

mark before fading at the finish.

He was six and missed the final. It

was OK. Singapore, he said, was a

reality check. I realised what I

have to work on. It is not things

in training, it is around racing.

The guessing game is over. Ian

Thorpe has played his hand in

Beijing. In 2003, he's won the same

race three seconds faster so the

plan is to keep racing and

improving. A new strategy may be

but the goal is the same. Are you

still aiming for the Olympics? Yes.

Thank you.

Former heavyweight champion of the

world Joe Frazier has passed away.

He defeated Muhammad Ali in one of

their three legendary fights,

including the epic thriller in the

low -- thriller in Manila. He died of liver cancer.

And finally, here's a twist on an

ice hockey fight with a Russian

coach taking on fans. If not for

the barrier, Andrei Nazarov could

have caused some serious damage.

After breaking one stick, he

rearmed with another. Losing the

game in the final minute of play

didn't help the coach's mood.

He was just having a bad day. Anger

management issues. Thank you.

To finance and the management issues. Thank you. To finance and the stock market

closed higher today. The All Ords up 21

up 21 points. Our dollar is buying closed higher today. The All Ords up 21 points. Our dollar is buying

1.3 US cents. Amber is next with

the weather. And another muggy day?

Yes, Pete. More humid weather Flats - revealed. Details next.

Coming up next on WIN News... A

giant Leopard Tank arrives in

Manuka, the controversial carbon Manuka, the controversial carbon ta

passes through the Senate,and the

winning design for the Northbourne

Flats. Join me for all the details

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Severe storms have just Severe storms have just moved

through Sydney. These pictures from

the south coast. A twister has

damaged homes. A severe weather

warning in place. The heavy rain

over the next few hours. Two storm

cell smirched. One from Liverpool,

the other from the south. Wind

gusts of up to 80 km/h. Earlier in

the day, it was hot and humid.

Tomorrow, more heavy rain and

thunderstorms through much of

Victoria and in mind knees-up Wales.

Brisbane will be sunny tomorrow. --

and inland knees-up Wales.

Another hot and humid day tomorrow.

Possible thunderstorms in late

morning and afternoon.

Looking ahead:

That's Nine News for tonight. Good night.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Tonight ... the Senate passes laws

to put a price on carbon a special

delivery for The Canberra Services

Club. And the search is on for Club. And the search is on for thre

missing folk festival posters. missing folk festival posters. Goo

Evening and welcome to Win News, Evening and welcome to Win News, I

m Greg Thomson. First tonight...

It' s official. Australia will have

a Carbon Tax. The Clean Energy a Carbon Tax. The Clean Energy Bill

passed through the Senate today.

Just over a year since Julia Just over a year since Julia Gillar promised her Government, would not

put a price on Carbon. It was a

day of mixed emotions at Parliament