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(generated from captions) It was his 50th! You've won! Thank you, Eddie. Well done, pal. How about that? One question, $50,000.

I don't know.

Sensational stuff. Gary Purvis just won 50,000 bucks. changed your life, hasn't it, Gaz? One question - that's You're pretty pumped up about it. Certainly has, mate, certainly has. See ya, mate. Enjoy the cruise ship. I am, yeah. Good on you. Thank you very much, Eddie.

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Tonight - are the true cost of the bungled solar bonus scheme.

Households are paying for it.

Two bustards in Sydney in 24 hours.

The Prime Minister shares a beer

and a barbecue with our troops in Afghanistan.

painkillers and stroke. A new link between everyday

Tiger Woods has a hit as his former caddie does a runner.

Good evening. We begin with

breaking news. Wild storms has

swept across Sydney, bringing hail

delays. and causing big peak-hour traffic

it. The weather turned quickly, didn't


It did. It swept through at 330

this evening. It developed quite

rapidly. The west bore the brunt of

it. Four millimetres of rain for in 10 minutes.

There have been reports of damage

across the city. Large hailstones.

Residents have quite an escape. A

tree fell just outside a home. In

Penrith, there was minor flooding

at a bowling club. Traffic has also

been disrupted on the M4. There can

be multiple accidents. In the

Sydney area, the severe weather

warning has been cancelled, but for

the greater Sydney area, such as

the Blue Mountains, the weather

warning is still in place.

Residents are preparing for flash

flooding. Households are Households are being warned they

will pay for the bungled solar

bonus scheme for years to come. It

was after a huge blow-out in cost.

Today, a report tore apart Labor's

handling of the policy, claiming it

was so poorly planned, the bill

could exceed $1.4 billion.

On a bright sunny day, solar power

seems a great idea. But in the

promise hands of the wrong people, the

promise of free energy from the Sun

ends up costing taxpayers billions.

I found it difficult to find

someone who wanted to claim credit

for the scheme. Initially, it was

an estimated $362 million. But the

ordered a general found that if it

had continued, it would have blown

out to almost $4 billion. The

billion. actual cost will be up to $1.44

billion. The scheme was a bit like

a runaway train. It runs through

every red light and stop light,

burning up cash. Even some who

signed up think it was too high. 60

was a little generous. Everybody's

electricity bill is $15 high as a

result of the bungle. An extra $12

will be added next year as well.

The government has lashed

incentives for future customers of

solar energy, and they took delight

in the findings. It indicates a

failure to do proper cost-benefit

analysis. Int indicate a failure to

do pop up monitoring. In the New

Labour leader is most to blame. He

was the Energy Minister. The

government has no credibility on

this. They supported the scheme and

enough, and they said it was not generous

enough, and they said they thought

we had stolen their policy. So they

cannot have it both ways.

Just how damaging is this for the

Labor Party?

It has been very damaging for its

leader, John Robinson. He was in

charge of the program. It may have

been well-meaning, but it was not

managed well at all. John Robertson was already marked

was already marked -- mocked in

Parliament as captain Sola. He is

going to have a very tough day.

A man in his 20s has suffered wins

to his arm after a stabbing the

King's Cross. It is believed he was

attacked outside a backpackers

before he made his way across the

road to the Sugar Mill nightclub.

He was treated on the scene and

taken to St Vincent's Hospital.

A 23-year-old man who bashed an

elderly stranger to death has been

found not guilty of murder. Instead,

James Dean-Willcocks was convicted

of the manslaughter of the of Magno

Alvarado. Residents heard him tell

racist abuse during a drunken

sentenced next year. attack in 2009. He will be

Julia Gillard has made a flying

morale at visit to Afghanistan to boost

morale at a time when our troops

needed the most. The Prime Minister

praised our fallen diggers and

offered support to those carrying

on the dangerous work.

In the middle of the Afghan desert,

a very Aussie hand of friendship. A

good will be said about the Prime

Minister was dressed for war. -- a

good will visit. It was long-

planned but timely. I thought it

was important to come and touch

base. Bringing messages of support

as our three latest casualties

arrived home. On days like that,

they particularly think about your

courage and your sacrifice. There

was the obligatory barbecue. A beer,

non alcoholic, and for one needing

reassurance, a prime ministerial

hand and words of comfort. The

Australian people are thinking of

you every day. From there, the

iron-clad lady flew to the capital

Kabul, hold informal talks with

President Hamid Karzai, reaffirming

Australia's commitment to stay the

course until 2014, and opening our

new embassy.

new embassy.

From Afghanistan, she returns to

the political battlefield of

Canberra tomorrow morning to see

the Senate passed the carbon tax. A

war of attrition the Prime Minister will finally win.

Police are investigating whether

alcohol was a factor after a man

was hit and killed by a bus in

Sydney's west. We are going live to

the accident? our reporter. What do we know about

When you look at the imprints on

this side of the bus window, you

get a sense of how hard the impact

was. He was struck late last night

in Granville. He suffered critical

head injuries. Unfortunately this morning, he died in hospital. As

for what happened, that remains

unclear at this stage. There had

been suggestions that he had been

drinking and listening to an iPod.

It looks to be an iPod on the

ground. It does appear to be on.

If it turns out that alcohol was a

factor yet again, this is more

evidence that we need to get the

message through. Spare a thought

for the driver of the bus. A

distressing time for him as well.

At this stage, no suggestion that

he was at fault.

It is believed an elderly driver

who died after colliding with a bus

in Bondi this afternoon may have

suffered a heart attack just before

the crash. Paramedics tried to

revive the man that he died at the

scene. No-one on the bus was

injured but the driver is being

treated for shock.

One of the Federal Government's

biggest election promises is

tonight under a cloud. Treasure tonight under a cloud. Treasure

Wayne Swan is adamant he would

return the Budget to surplus in two

years, but a leading forecaster says that's all but impossible.

We have been told. We will bring

the budget to surplus in 2013. And

hold. Tonight's budget will bounce

back in the back. And hold. Those

promises are now in serious doubt. promises are now in serious doubt.

One of the nation's most respected

economists says talk of a surplus

is like the old Frankie Valli song.

The overall picture is not bad, but

is no longer one of surplus. It is

one of deficit. The treasurer is

sticking to his songbook. This is a

difficult task but we are

determined to come back to surplus in

in 2012-13. If they were a weight

watching crowd, they would have

started by throwing these gals out

of the window. Every day, they are

throwing $100 million of way. The

budget deficit will widen this year.

Next year, when the government says

we will be back in the black,

Access forecast a $1.9 billion

deficit. It is a fact the Labor

Party has not delivered a surplus

since 1989. But put another way by

Chris Richardson, it is less than

200 Kim Kardashian weddings. Debts

and deficits in Australia are very,

very small. But all bets are off if

Greece collapses. A new coalition

is being formed and the Prime

Minister is set to resign. But if

the bail out package does the bail out package does not go

through, it could plunge the world

into another recession.

This report about the budget

deficit gives us a strong clue

about interest rates. It does. It

indicates that inflation will be

under control the sea and

potentially even next, despite the

introduction of the carbon tax. As

a result, the Reserve Bank will

only cut interest rates this year, but potentially

but potentially keep them on hold

for a very long period of time,

unless inflation breaks out.

Doctors are calling for tougher

restrictions on everyday

painkillers after an alarming

Australian study. It has revealed

some of the most popular drugs

almost double your chance of stroke.

They are easy to get, easy to use

and they do the job. But many

common painkillers also come with

risk. And 80 a study involving more

than 126,000 veterans has found

that some well-known brand increase

the risk of stroke in the elderly.

It is important that these drugs

are used with caution. They should

be used in consultation with your

GP. The drugs with the greatest

risk of increasing stroke are risk of increasing stroke are the

prescription medications, Celebrex

and Mobic, as well as a range of

over-the-counter medicines, such as

Voltaren. The actual risk is quite

small. But this is a very common

situation. The risk is not confined

to senior citizens. Adrian O'Malley

has suffered a stroke aged 34, and took anti-inflammatories took anti-inflammatories for 18

months. I stop using it immediately

once I found out that it increased

the risk of stroke. There is no

doing it -- no point in doing

things that add to the risk. These

two oppose the lowest risk of

causing stroke. The researchers

want consideration of prescriptions

for all these medicines, but for

now, they are saying to use now, they are saying to use caution, and consult your doctor.

Golf legend Greg Norman has weighed

into the latest Tiger Woods scandal,

defending caddie Steve Williams,

despite his racist comments.

Williams did his best to keep a low

profile ahead of the Australian

Open, but our reported Danny

Weidler tracked him down.

The two major players in the drama

were not keen on the cameras. were not keen on the cameras. Tiger

Woods holding a golfing masterclass

in Melbourne and could only been

seen from the air. We caught up

with Steve Williams at ground level,

but he was not happy to see us.

Questions about the races were

greeted with silence. -- the racist slur.

He was trying to get to know the

layout of the Lakes Golf Club where

he will caddie for Adam Scott at

this week's Australian Open, an

event that he has well and truly upstaged.

Do you mind talking to us?

2005 US Open champion Michael

Campbell is a close friend of

Williams, but admits that he should

have known better.

He says things that he should not

say. Given the environment, he said

the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Greg Norman is usually the biggest

fish in town, but his

fish in town, but his return has

been overshadowed by that spat. He

is not a racist. We have all made

stupid comments. He stupid comment

became global news. Does God had a

problem with racism? Not at all.

Norman says the days of Tiger Woods

dominating world golf is over for

good. His enthusiasm and his

commitment is never diminished, it

is just his physical ability that is starting.

In the news ahead - we expose the

secret drug labs operating in our suburbs.


VOICEOVER: In a serious crash, wearing a seatbelt nearly doubles your chances of surviving. So, however short the journey, however long you've been driving... (WHISTLES) ..however well you know the road, don't forget to clip, every trip.

Quiet streets in the middle of the

suburbs have become the unlikely

engine room of Sydney's hardcore

drug trade. Nine News can reveal

millions of dollars worth of drugs

are being cooked up in homes and

backyards, putting the community in

serious danger. They are

They are kitchens of death. They

are clan Destine laboratories. The

drug squad are busting them all

over Sydney, on average two each

week. Organised crime syndicates,

mainly outlaw motorcycle gangs, are

setting up the labs to Cook Cup

match amphetamine or ice. match amphetamine or ice.

They are fully prevail and in the

community. Last week, the strike

force court what is called a cook.

He was arrested on a property on

the Central Coast. He has been on

the run for two years. He skipped

bail when he was charged with

running a drug to take seats are worried about how many worried about how many laps are

being found across Sydney. --

detectives are worried. This was

found in the middle of suburbia. A

quiet street in Blacktown. They can

be apartments or homes such as this.

We firefighters on standby, the

team dismantles a laboratory, it

had the potential to produce drugs

worth millions of dollars. Make no

mistake, this is dangerous work. mistake, this is dangerous work.

Officers involved in today's rate

had to be taken to hospital suffering breathing difficulties.

Last year, one that it blew up.

Police say that people should keep

an eye out. If they see something

unusual, or smell something unusual,

give us a call.

Two thieves on the Gold Coast could take out the title of take out the title of Australia's

dumbest criminals, after this

effort at robbing a supermarket.

After several attempts to get the

door open, they backed up their

stolen ute, ready to steal the ATM.

But the rope they tied to the ATM

was not strong enough and snapped.

They scurried away empty handed.

Their time on the run could be

short lived.

Royal baby-talk has gone into Royal baby-talk has gone into

Harbour Drive with women Kate given

a wing of London's Kensington

Palace. It was once Princess

Margaret's home, but the Duke and

Duchess will not get the keys until

renovations are complete.

It is big, it is opulent, it is

royally perfect, a four-storey

apartment, 20 rooms, staff quarters,

and a serene private walled garden.

It also has a nursery. It is a

ready-made family home. Prince

William once called Kensington

Palace home, it was where he was

raised. The couple had settled on

apartment 1A, with its Caribbean-

inspired blue walls and coral

ceilings. It has not been lived in since Princess Margaret died in

2002. The Kerri-Anne Show recently

had a tour. This is the entrance hall.

hall. It is a very theatrical

scheme. All it needs is a slight

$1.5 million refurbishment. There

is not hot water, asbestos is in

the wars, and the old electric need

to go. It has to need a new

plumbing system. But they have a

bit of a wait before they can move

in. Will and Kate cannot possibly

leave Paris with this dad at

Clarence House, so the young prince

is moving in as well. He will have

his own cottage within these grounds.

It is time for the sport.

Can the Kangaroos cover the loss of Billy Billy Slater? His fractured

collarbone is being operated on today.

How is this for a photo finish? MAN: Right now, your Holden dealer's holding nothing back

Now's a great time to buy, with genuine savings across a huge range of new cars at every Holden dealer. With all the extras and bonuses we're offering, it's never been easier to drive away in a new Holden. But stocks are limited and when they're gone, they're gone. So don't hold off - hurry in to your Holden dealer, because Holden's holding nothing back. Go better.

Kangaroos star Billy Slater is

booked in for surgery today, with doctors in London confident they

can repay his shattered collarbone.

The Australian full-back was ruled

out of the rest of the Four Nations

tournament after this shoulder

charge in the win against England.

His wife is now by his side, and

Billy Slater says it is not all

doom and gloom. I have a plate put,

collar bone and it is good -- it is

good in. It is going to heal 100%.

Todd Carney is settling with the

Sharks. Pre-season training is

starting to pick up and so our

expectations that Todd Carney will

have a positive 2012.

In a thrilling finish to the MotoGP,

Casey Stoner elected to the last

moment to win in Valencia. The

world Cham can now put up his feet

after dominating another season

that included 10 victories. -- the

world champion. The last race of

the year was full of moments. There

was a final farewell to Marco

Simoncelli who died in an accident

in Malaysia. On the opening lap,

everyone prayed, not again. It

could have easily been another

tragedy, this time, luck went for

the right. Ben Spies and Casey

Stoner settled in to sort it out.

Ben Spies had the finish line in

sight before Casey Stoner picked

him in an incredible finish. No

wonder up Benn's -- the Ben Spies

group choked on it. As for Casey

Stoner, his season at is now being

set in gold.

Kelly Slater could see the funny

side of one of surfing's great

mistakes, winning his 11th what

title today. He was awarded the

ground last week, before officials

were told the were told the calculation was wrong.

The American in fact needed today's

effort to officially walkaway with

another crown. We are sure now? At

a World Cup cycling meet in

Kazakhstan, the French team was

wiped out in the men's madison, the

Aussies won, with all points

counting towards Olympic qualification.

The famous Wrigley Field in Chicago

is usually reserved for baseball.

But tonight, snowmobiles dominated

the famous arena. There were no

soft snow landings as the machines

soared more than nine metres in the

air, doing things that they were

never ever designed for.

When you see one of them coming to

rescue you in the snow, catch a cab.

The weather is next. We had some


training. Coming up next on WIN

News... A twenty-two million dollar

upgrade of the Barton Highway now

complete. And - Mal Meninga returns

to the Raiders Join me for all the

details next.

Hi. I'm Lucy. (PHONE RINGS) This is the Cheerios campaign headquarters. BOY: Hello? It's simple. Kids love Cheerios. So we want mums everywhere to know they're surprisingly nutritious, too. Made with corn, wheat, oats and rice, they're over 50% wholegrain. Oh, look at that! We've got to say yes to this. Happy kids, happy mum. Genius.

VOICEOVER: Uncle Tobys Cheerios. It's good to say yes. Mmm. I love this job.

We enjoyed a very warm and sunny

start to the day. The clouds rolled

in this afternoon, bringing severe

summer storms. Earlier in the day,

it did reach 33 summer storms. Earlier in the day, it did reach 33 in Penrith.

The immediate threat of storms did

pass for the Sydney area. But there

could be more severe thunderstorms

tomorrow. The entire south-east

will see substantial rainfall. Up to

to 25-50 millimetres of rain.

That is Nine News for this Monday. Have Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

Tonight ... The ACT Government

reaching out to low income earners.

Work complete on a dangerous Work complete on a dangerous sectio of the Barton Highway. And - of the Barton Highway. And - Leagu

Legend Mal Meninga bak in Raiders Colours.

Colours. Good evening, I' m Greg

Thomson, filling in for Danielle

Post. First tonight, Welcome relief

for Canberrans struggling to pay

their bills. The ACT Government their bills. The ACT Government has

released a plan to help low income

earners, who don' t already get

financial assistance. The financial assistance. The Oppositio

has attacked the plan because it