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this is Sky News,

Australia's news channel.

Leading this bulletin,

after two months on the run

Libyan dictator Colonel

Gaddafi has been killed by revolutionary revolutionary soldiers.

Police deploy to Melbourne's

CBD to forcibly evict 'Occupy

Melbourne' protest issers.

Reports the Australian boy

arrested for drug possession

in Bali may be charged with

offences that could see him

gaoled. It is 4 o'clock in

Sydney, 6 o'clock in

Auckland. Hello, welcome to

October. News Day on Friday 21

October. Has this hour the

queen has met with Julia

Gillard and Tony Abbott on

the second day of her royal

tour. And in sport,

preparations continue for

tomorrow's 3 million Cox

Plate. The weather rain and

storms through the south and

the west, warm in the east.