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This is Sky News, Australia's news channel.

Today the Prime Minister reportedly furious after significant leaks from cap

net over the Government's border protection policy.

Leaders given one week to

find the solution to the

Eurozone crisis as global

protests against corporate

CEO Alan Joyce admits there greed spread to Rome. Qantas

is a long way to go before

industrial disputes with the

unions can be solved. 4

o'clock in Melbourne, 6

o'clock in Wellington. This

is News Day. Also ahead

this hour calls for an

stricken Rena with the independent inquiry into the

clean-up bill topping 3.5

million dollars already. In

sport all the hype with the

Wallabies hours away from

kicking off in the World Cup

semiagainst the All Blacks.

The forecasts, showers and

isolated storms in the east,

southeast. mostly sunny over the