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Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair. Coming up

tonight - women doing time for

white collar crimes, the fraudsters,

the cheats and the con artist who

is are running off with your money.

How Kevin lost 55 kilos in a school

project. When six is not enough t

lesbian mum who is say they want

even more children. What's

McDonalds cooking up -- cooking up

next, our looking side the burger

college. Being paid shop t easy way

to make money while you're out

spending it. We begin with the

women behind bars for white collar

crime like Church sent to jail for

nearly three years today for

conning an entire community. She's got plenty of company.

having cancer? How cow -- how could you fake

She is the bottom of the barrel.

She is the scrum of the earth.

There's a female fraudster's --

these are female fraudsters risking

all for money. Nofrpblgts apologies,

no regrets. Can it get any lower

than faking cancer? -- cancer.?

Ordinary women committing

extraordinary crime, some for a

handful of dollars, other for more

money than you could imagine.

There seem to be more casings that

Stkpwr involve women as opposed to men.

From her Facebook photos Jackie Dimitrovski was living the high

life, travelling around the world

on a dream holiday frrbgs Hamilton

Island to Hollywood, all at her

employer's expense. Global law firm

Jones Day had no idea their light

fingered employee was costing them

so much cash. It was in July 2010

she began working for Day as a

finance assistant. Six months later

she stole her first tranche of

money, $127,000 plus. In the weeks

that followed she did it five more

time thes, between $23,000 and

$132,000. In all she got away with

more than half a million dollars.

Jackie resigned from Jones Day in

July this year and nobody suspected

a thing. But she wasn't banking on

her eagle eyed replacement who

spotted discepian sis in the

paperwork and so an investigation

began. It all seemed so simple.

Jackie had been doctoring company

cheques so she could siphon the

money into her own personal account.

Oh, hi, I'm from a current affair.

We were wondering if if she could

have a work with Jackie.

She's not home at the moment. She's

facing three years jail after

pleading guilty to six charges of

dishonestly obtaining money by

deception. What made a successful

money of two commit a half a

million dollar fraud.

They do it once, nothing happens.

Six months later they think, that

worked. I'll do it again. And it

happens over a period ofr years.

You might end up doing it five, six,

seven, eight times before it comes

to the surface and everyone knows.

Defence lawyer says he's seen more

and more of this kind of white and more of this kind of white

collar crime.

Others do it out of need, some do

it out of greed, and some

unfortunately just have some

psychological or meant illness that

doesn't help them.

She doesn't have a soul so

therefore she can't understand the

magnitude of what it is that she

does to other people.

Then you have Leanne Church, the

female fraudster who lied about

having cancer and then gladly

accepts donations from people in

her town who felt sorry for her.

Just get this straight. You don't

want to apologise to anyone for

lying act cancer. Stooping that low.

She initially lied about the

illness to get a reduced sentence

for bashing, going to extreme

lengths like shaving her head and

pretending to undergo chemotherapy.

I have lost both of my parents to

extraordinary journey with cancer cancer. My mother had an

and it was for the familys and the

friends of these people, it's

traumatic, so anybody who puts a

blight on that experience for

anybody really deserves the utmost

them. punishment that can be handed to

That's exactly what Leanne got

today, a court in Sydney

sentenceing is her to two years and

eight months behind bars. But what

she took was a drop in the ocean

Subramaniam. compared to this woman, Rajina

This woman had amazing dais.

She defrauded I flfplt G of $45

million while working as a senior

accounts manager and went on a

spending spree that included $16

million worth of jewellery as well

as designer handbags, perfume, make

up and clothing all of which was

sold off at auction.

Tickets to the Australian orpbgs

limousines to the footy.

Kate Jamieson also developed a

taste for the high life, a

supervisor at the Bendigo Bank she

siphoned off $7.3 million over

4,000 separate transactions. She

asked for leniency because she was

a compulsive gambler, but instead got seven years in jail.

You take money that doesn't belong

it's stealing. to you, no matter how you do it,

Jackie Dimitrovski will be

sentenced early next month. Rosie

and Mel are no ordinary mums.

They're proud parents of

quintuplets who together with big

sister Lilly make for one very busy

family. But apparently six is not

enough for this gay couple. They're

talking about having more.

There's Evie. Erin, Charlie, neo,

Abby and not forgetting two-year-

old Lilly. Oh, and mum Mel and mum

Rosie. This ain't your average

family. We're popping out to get a

carton of milk.

Here's another one, number four.

Number four. Is no easy task.

Get them back.

Oh! And there's just never enough

hands at feeding time.

Four babies is doible. You can do

four babies on your own quite

easily but that fifth baby.

Fifth is very independent.

The quintuplets and their lesbian

some more. mums who are thinking about having

Who knows. We'll see. Obviously - See what the future brings.

Queenslander Mel Keavers met Rosie

teenager was backpacking around Nolan six years ago when the Irish


We talk -- talked about it from day

dot pretty, you know, what do you

want, you know, out of life in

general, and I knew that I've

always wanted a child.

As they told 60 minutes, Mel had

the eggs and both went shop forget

a sperm donor. The result was Lilly.

But second time round was history making.

I never -- never went IVF as soon

as we held them. And it wasn't. It

was really all Mel's body really,

freak of nature,ee.

A 60 million to one chance.

There we go. There we go. Here's

number two riding a wave out. Guess

what we've got this time? Quintuplets.

Number three is out. And -

Has to be a girl. Come on.

It is.

Born way too early, facing enormous

health challenges ahead.

She needs a bit of help.

They're 10 months old now. Evie

still needs a bit of oxygen but for

well. now all of them are doing pretty

I think once they get older we may

discover more concerns, whether

it's a learning disability or

something minor. We always have to

-- prepared. keep that in mind and be preparing

Five times prepared.

Christmas comes and then birthday is January 3. It's like, wow.

That's a bad week, isn't it? (LAUGHTER)


So nearly a year on.

It was a huge eye opener. The stark

reality is setting in. How are you

coping financially? I mean, it must

be an awful burden on both of you.

The money comes in and it's gone

within the same day. You know, like

- we do scrape $99 a week in

nappies. A tin of formula a day,

they're on internal form larks so

$25 a tin. A day. Washing detergent. Yeah.

Maybe four to five loads of washing

a day.

Both earn modest wages in retail,

but have carers and family support

to get them through. For most

people one or twins is enough. How

are you coping with five? And Lilly.

We come and go. Yeah.

We pass each other, say hello, say good-bye.

Rosie's hours are so long. The kids

are down. I'm usually just about

hoping into bed when Rosie comes

home. Saturday day -- Saturdays are

a day we spend together. That's day that is usually -

We're on our own.

"Can you plead hand me that nappy?

Are the bottles ready yet?"

It's constant like the comments.

You know, there are lots of same

sex families out there. It's a pity

people don't consider the children

more often, I think. We haven't

look frd a handout. We are out and

working two jobs, Melissa's at work,

juggling family and work like

everyone else do, but maybe it is the different family circumstances. Yeah.

They've got an answer for that constant question. Who's the father? Yeah.

Where's the father?

My easiest answer is daddy ran away.

When it comes time to tell the kids

who's the father, where's the father?

Be honest with them la say -- with

them and say we had to have - there

isn't a father and we had to have help to have them.

Rosie, mum is sick in Ireland so

she's not able to come out here.

She hasn't seen or cuddle ttd kids, has she?

Yeah. So it's hard. Yeah.

For now, though, they battle on

themselves, and with those two trip

lit prams - it took 15 minutes to

get out of the the car ra on their way.

Ve haven't forgotten anyone? No.

And the constant knowledge there's

something else to buy. Despite it

all, 22-year-old Rosie and 27-year-

old Mel believe they have time and

energy to do it again.

If we could do it some day maybe.

Still got a bit left in the tank.

I would love to have Rosie have a

little baby.

Stew -- stay tuned because they

believe higher powers are at play


God chose us for this role and we

have - you know, I have obviously

being Irish a religious background

so I believe that we were chosen

for this and we're strong enough to get through it.

They want more. Good luck to them.

Not surprisingly, McDonalds takes the Hamburger business very

seriously so, much they have a

burger university. We sent Gipps to

a few classs and he came back with

a degree in Hamburgerology. Can you

imagine living in America without McDonalds? No.

McDonalds to -- to me is more or

less progression.

It's the most unusual Maccas in the

world a throw back to the 1950s and

the first ever McDonalds, and it's

now a Chicago -- Chicago tourist


Don't flow if you've seen a day

like happy days. Yeah.

It's kind of like that. Go to any

other country in the world and find

out they're living in the stone age.

Everything looks authentic. The

machines the Yank tanks in the

carpark, the arch and the items on

the menu. The burgers.

All Goodall enough to eat, doesn't it.

Yeah, very good. Sin uk your teeth

into these and you'll get a

mouthful of rubber. Everything -

the burgers, buns, potatoes and

frys, even the staff - are latex

models -- models recreating at vast

expense an era McDonalds wants its

customers around the world to know

about and to celebrate.

They're all set to go. The crew

member would lift up the tree,

burger's ready, wrap please and the

crew would wrap the burgers and

provide it to the customers.

McDonalds has an official historian

to spread the word.

We have an expression at McDonalds.

Once you've been at McDonalds for a

little while you get ketchup in your veins.

It's awesome to see how it was.

15 cents a Hamburger, 20 cents,

milk shake, frys a dime.

Fun. Worked at McDonalds when I was 16.

Brings back the memories. It does.

A few kilometres away, this

McDonalds lab is working on the

future. Volunteers.

Booth 1 today. Thank you.

Welcome to the McDonalds Sensory

Evaluation Centre, where everything

that's going to be on the men you

comes up before human taste testing.

I have got no idea what this is,

but whoever says there's no such

thing as a free lunch, they were wrong.

It's the taste, it's the texture,

it's the aroma, it's the feel of it,

so it's how all of those intersect

to deliver that great tasting

product. And when that taste hits

and we're in your -- where in your

mouth. That's important.

Director Deborah McDaniels is

always on the look out for the next

big thing which then usually goes

global. With over 33,000 stores

around the world, including 830 in

Australia, there's at -- there's a

lot of stais buds to please.

Today you are tasting the wild

berry smoothie. It's currently live

in the US and it is just is in the

process of rolling in Australia.

Some products take 4.5 years for

development. Others take 12 to 18 moss.

Here at McDonalds world

headquarters, staff guinea big

testers like Lisa McCombe say it's

a great challenge and privilege.

Once you've done several tests and

you don't get it right, you're

kicked off, taste buds aren't good

enough to stay on the panel.

Australia has done its bit, the

McCafe concept was invented by a Queensland McDonalds.

Then they had a lot of outdoor

style al fresco seating and it went

brilliantly, it just took off from there.

According to McDonalds Australia

CEO Noble, plk cafe is a vital come

moment of it around the world.

We were training our ba ris Tahs.

Earlier this year McDonalds has TV

adds it would improve its brew. Now

the coffee is rated as the best of

all the chains in the country. By

the way, Katrina, like most

McDonaldss bosses, started off as a

burger flipper but to get to the

top she had to take part in one

special corporate process on the

the -- on the other side of the

world. Welcome to Hamburger. 80

acres of green ry and golden arches

dedicated to the McDonalds way of

doing things, and in 350 years

they've turned out a staggering

275,000 graduates. They all know

that arplted with one of these

bachelors of Hamburgerology they've

been fast tracked for success.

All 'The Learning' from yesterday

you executed just right.

Students here are a taught a

bewildering range of skills they'll

need as plaque kas managers of the

future. For inspiration they can

sit in the office of the the

founder Sav Rocca, -- Ray Croc,

recreated in the foyer. Ray was a

travelling milk shake machine sales

man who came upon the McDonalds

burger shop and bought the concept

from them. The rest, as they say,

is history. It's it's now a $150

billion global business, a small

part of which employs 85,000

Australians and the world's most

recognisable clown. Ronald can be very proud.

That report from Howard Gipps who

earned a degree with his tries. --

frys. Now to the school project

that's changed one boy's life. At

the start of the year Kevin set

himself a special class assignment,

to lose nearly half his body weight.

So far the results are looking very promising

I weighed 130 kilograms.

He's an inspiration.

A different person. Lost 55 kilos.

My plumb can't lose two kilos.

It's an an incredible journey.

I cried a lot during the process.

These are the pants Kevin used to

wear before he almost halved his

body weight as part of a year long

personal development project at

school. Until this year he'd been

living a life no teenager, let

alone anyone, should be living.

I ate junk food, take away food,

sometimes after school, buy it from

the school canteen packets, two

packets of chips, coke every day.

At the beginning of this school

year he swapped the canteen for

salads and sand shoes and started

his journey on the tennis court.

When he took it up he could hardly

hit a ball, couldn't move his feet.

It was -- people still - like, they

did this shot where I have to run

to it, but I couldn't run to it. So

they were taking advantage of me.

In less than a year his game's

transform ad so has his life. He

was stkpwieded through the drills

and skills marveling at every

milestone he acleefred along the

way. Now his heroes are stars like

Roger fed very. He's Kevin ice new idol.

I want to meet him. Biggest fan.

Says wonders about Kevin, his

determination. He had a plan and

stuck to it. Amazing things can

happen when you do that sort of thing.

Those amazing things didn't happen

on the the court alone. He spent a

lot of time indoors on the exercise

bike. He spent hours burning

calories while ambition burned

brightly. In the same Jim he lifted

weights to shift his weights. It's

hard to comprehend just hoch he -- how much he lost.

Can't believe I was carrying this

much weight two years ago. Can't

believe I was carrying this much weight.

It was 55 extra kilos and it was on

the the way to killing him.

He said, "Your liver, your kidney,

were really badly like covered,

surrounded by fatd and oil." And

your joints are really weak.

He's sometimes got negative

comments about his weight, and now

he's just happy and really active.

His sister Anita and mum are amazed

at what he's lost. He's become a

local newspaper star and he's lost

exact lay Anita's body weight.

The other day he tried piggy

backing me around the house. He

found it difficult. When he did it

for 10 minutes.

It's a long, hard journey for him,

and I know it's - I'm really proud

of him. I'm just really proud of of

him. That journey saw him wear a

triple XL. These trousers and

school uniforms were specially made

aim ported to order.

Now we buy the norblal size one

from the uniform shop. It's good.

I I think it's amazing and inspirational.

His friends en courageed him. They

never gave up on him and hi never

gave up on himself.

I think it changed him. He's more

confident. For now he's just happy being himself.

I just want to be a happy guy that

looks normal in the street walking around the street.

That's some school project, isn't

it? Coming up, the novel new way to make money while you're out shopping. There's my cash.

Plus, the most popular film animals

of all time. Tomorrow on weekend today.

Welcome back. It must rate as the

ultimate retail dream, being paid

to shop. It's one of the new ways

businesses are finding out what you

think of them.

Electrical goods, hardware stores,

your pharmacy, even your local bottle shop.

You're getting paid to shop.

Like the idea of leaving a shop

with more money than what you went in with?

Earned about $100. Easy cash any

time. Go for it.

Whether it's online surveys, in

store evaluations, focusing group,

retailers have never been so

Willing to shell out for our

opinion and thousands are cashing

in every day. The latest is

literally as easy as the push of a button and.

There's no cash.

Kate Gorman's company created field

Neil which shops paid the shoppers

to tell them they how their --

they're performing.

It might be to take a photograph of

the the score window to make sure

the right and a half is on display.

Or do all the team people have

their names on.

It's the technology is there. Why

not use it. This mum is a field

agent and checking out her local 7/11.

Application, very easy to down load.

job. Go in, within two hours to do the

Think this is better than the

traditional mystery shop service

are. because you can do it whenever you

This man is getting paid to visit

his local boost juice stop. He's

been an agent for five months.

Taken photos of Telstra, Coles, see

up if they have promotional materials

These days of all Australians

connected to the internet at home,

about half are on line using their Smartphones that's a multi-million

strong work force retail rrs happy

to pay particularly in it means

doors. more shoppers are through their

In store is experience and this is

away to do that.

Dee Madigan from the gruen planet

says stores under siege from

internet sales are fighting fire

with fire.

Good to see they're using technology because technology

hadn't helped retailers in the past.

Online shoppers had a huge impact.

This is way to harness -- har

necessary technology to work in

their favour.

As long as they can count and tick

a few boxes on their -- boxes on

their ap.

The latest is $25. That's not bad.

That's the latest way of earning a

fee for telling shops what they're

doing right and wrong. Online

surveys have exploded in popularity

where slopers answer a series of

questions about product or specific

stores. You can pocket a few

dollars for 10 minutes work or up

to $20 for an hour of your time.

Mystery shop rrs paid to buy products.

kebab? Do you have pea fluts in your satay

And in some cases get to keep them

free. That will earn $350 for a few

minutes you'd probably spend at the

shops any way. Focus groups are

another way to get paid, about $ 70

for an hour and a half's work. If

you're happy to try a product at

home you can make up to $100

depending how long it takes to test the product.

Excellent money. That's why I love doing it.

The latest application doesn't need

much more than a few minutes spent

wandering around a shopping centre.

Husbands watch out, we've given

your wives another reason to go

shopping.? If you'd like more

information our website can help

you out. Next on A Current Affair,

skincare on a budget. We test the

cheap ones against the grand -- bran names.

I don't

Next week on A Current Affair,

budget moisturers, how do they

measure up against the brand names? I don't believe it. Fantastic. $20. Absolutely fantastic.

I would certainly use it, most definitely.

That story next week on a current.

Until then, have a great weekend.

Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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