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Sophie. How about that? I'm messing up all my make-up. Don't worry, you got $100,000. You've messed up your make up? and you've just won $100,000. You're 18 years of age Millionaire Hot Seat. Good night. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight, the carbon tax Bettis one

but protesters were not be silenced.

A woman attacked in her bed. A

stranded ship begins to break up. A

Sydney boy dies in his sleep. His

mother cannot find out why. All

smiles, but can they win when it

really matters? The Prime Minister

had a major victory today. Her

carbon tax legislation passing the

lower house of Parliament. She

celebrated with their front bench

and even shared a kiss with Kevin

Rudd. It was the most crucial vote

so far in the hung Parliament.

Julia Gillard's carbon tax

legislation was through the lower

house at last and an ecstatic pm

Harbhajan keys to ministers. In the

midst of these, what the opposition

branded the Judas Kiss. The Prime

Minister and the man whose job she

took last year. An historic day for

our nation and the creation of our

Kleen Energy future. The

legislation will sail through the

Senate with support from the Greens.

Groups celebrated in front of

Parliament house. But there should

the Prime Minister moved to drive

them her victory in Question Time

protesters who had taken over the

galleries drowned her out. Their

cries of, democracy is debt,

brought proceedings to a halt three

times. The attendance will remove

people from the galleries. They

kept up their cries as they were

escorted from the building. Back

inside, Tony Abbott tried to

censure the Prime Minister for

breaking there, no carbon tax,

election promise. They celebrated

their betrayal with a kiss.

National Party leader Warren Truss

really went overboard. Tyranny has

come to Australia. Even comparing

this company with Libya under

Gaddafi. Mr Abbott has made what he

calls a pledge in blood to repeal

the tax if he wins the next

election. The carbon tax is coming,

like it or not. We explain how it

will work and what it means for

your castled budget. It comes into

force on 1st July next year. 500 of

the top polluters will pay $23 per

tonne. We will be hit when

businesses like power companies and

manufacturers pass on the cost.

More than half the money raised

will compensate 90% of households.

How much will we get? A single

person and in less than $80,000 per

year will be fully compensated.

People may work will benefit from a

higher tax-free threshold. It will

be trebled. There is also do more

family tax benefit for people with

children. Pensioners and self-

funded retire risk will be paid

$510 per couples. Check out the

website if you want to know exactly

how much compensation you will get.

There is a man-hunt across Sydney's

west after a woman was slashed with

a knife while she slept in her

Guildford home. The 49-year-old

suffered cuts to her face, hands

and back before the intruder fled. Bleeding from shocking injuries,

Dina Krastins was found in the

front yard of her Guildford home.

Police say the librarian woke up at

about 2:00am this morning as she

was being stabbed. She received

severe lacerations to her face,

head back hands and legs. She

screamed, struggled and her

attacker fled. The terrified woman

managed to ring 000 before

stumbling out her front door.

Neighbours woke to her screams. The

screaming. I just couldn't get it

out of my head. Just couldn't find

where it was coming from or which

house it was coming from. Forensic

police spent much of the day

searching the house for clues. A

number of items were taken for

scientific investigation. Teams of

police searched the street. They

found a pair of gloves. There were

unconfirmed reports that Ms

Krastins had a knife tied around

her neck. There is no apparent

motive so we're unable to comment

at this stage. As I understand

there were no words at all spoken.

Neighbours say the single woman

kept pretty much to herself. Dina

is just such a lovely lady. It's so

sad. It brings tears to my eyes,

because she doesn't deserve it. As

she was undergoing surgery for a

deep cut to her leg this afternoon,

Ms Krastins' family turned up at

her Byron Road home to collect her

cat. Tonight, Ms Krastins is in a

stable condition in Westmead

Hospital. New Zealand is teetering

on the edge of an environmental

catastrophe. The hull of the

stranded container ship, The Rena,

being slowly twisted and torn apart.

A huge crack has emerged in the

side of the ship, while leaking oil

is contaminating beaches. The sight

from the air was worse than anyone

feared. Emergency crews shocked to

see the ship leaning further and

further. The east increased to

around 18 degrees Containers on the

upper deck toppling over, others

wallowing in the sea. At least 70

have fallen overboard. Most

frightening is this split in the

hull. In the heavy seas this

morning the crack was opening and

shutting. Those containers are will

move in. Overnight the Rena,

hammered by big swell, was pushed

and pulled. That's what did the

damage. This disaster is unfolding

in the Bay of Plenty at the far

north of the country. And it sits

right in the path of a new storm

front heading for New Zealand, due

to hit at the weekend. That could

be the ship's death knell and could

set free in the sea, a dozen

containers filled with toxic

chemicals. Hundred of tonnes of oil

have already leaked from the ship,

fouling beaches, clogging the

feathers of seabirds. The captain

of the ship was in court today,

charged over this desecration of a

treasured strip of coastline. One

of the final battles of the Libyan

revolution has become the most

brutal of the 10 month civil war.

Government soldiers still hold the

centre of Sirte and they're being

pounded with every weapon the

rebels can mobilise. The city is

Gaddafi's birthplace and his most

loyal fighters refuse to surrender.

Nathan Bracken is suing Cricket

Australia for injuries he picked up

while playing for his country. The

former fast bowler claims the

governing body has been

professionally negligent and he is

believed to be asking for at

$750,000. Emerging from their

Central Coast home this morning,

Nathan Bracken and wife Hayley. I'm

fine. I've got nothing to worry

about. The pair steered clear of

the Supreme Court, where the former

fast bowler is suing Cricket

Australia. That is close. Brilliant

bowling from Bracken. He argues the

sport's governing body failed in

its duty of care to protect him

from serious injury on the cricket

field. The 34-year-old retired from

cricket in January, blaming his

knee. But a point of contention for

lawyers from both sides will no

doubt be his ability to perform on

'Dancing with the Stars' just

months later. Part of Nathan

Bracken's claim is that each time

he travelled overseas with the

Australian team cricket Australia

never sent a doctor with them. That

meant there was nobody to prescribe

pain killers or let the players

know they were doing serious damage

to their bodies. Fellow fast bowler

Glenn McGrath says injuries come

with the territory. We all push our

bodies, in all sports, to achieve

what we want to achieve. Sometimes

later in life we do pay the price

for that. Bracken has already had

several operations on his knee and

claims he'll need more treatment

for years to come just to be able

to walk. These are the worst weeks

in the life of Colo Heights mother

Sonja Howard. Not just mourning her

10-year-old son, but cruelly left

to puzzle over how he died. It has

been a month today and her pleas

for answers have left her no closer

to knowing the truth. A week after

this magic show Ezekiel Howard died.

He kissed Me Goodnight and said, I

love your mum. I love you, mate. It

was an ordinary school morning and

time for Ezekiel to wake up. But he

was still, and he was gone. He was

white and he was not there. One

month on nobody knows why this

healthy 10-year-old boy suddenly

died. Forensic police have searched

his Colo Heights home. A post-

mortem has been carried out on

Ezekiel's body. The cold as they

had taken out his brain. And I knew

that we were not going to get him

back. This heartbroken mother has

still not heard a thing from the

Coroner, the authority whose job is

to determine the cause of

unexplained deaths. Alyth me with a

brochure and a contact number.

Initially we were told two weeks

and then the next phone call it was

three months. The next phone call

it was 12 months to 18 months.

Desperate and in disbelief, Sonja

turned to her local paediatrician

for help. We're used to helping

parents out when they cannot get

answers. As one health professional

to another if we make a phone call

we generally get information. The

trauma of Ezekiel's death has left

Sonja petrified for her 5-year-old

daughter. For no other reason than

her fear little Pip now sleeps at

the foot of her parents bed with a

baby monitor next to her. I carry

this baby. Are raised him for 10

years. If they have any information,

why aren't I privy to that? It has

been trauma on top of torture. At

the 'Glee' Coroners Court. Have you

been able to get any answers? Since

we made inquiries to the state

Coroners Office, they have informed

us that the initial postmortem

examination failed to determine the

cause of death and now further

tests are being carried out. They

say it is a lengthy and complex

process and eventually a full

report will go before the Coroners

Court. I have part of this

information on the family budget

can imagine how frustrated they are

that they were not hold any of this.

It is vital information to put them

understand why they its design. We

can absolutely understand that and

we will stick with this story.

Sarah Murdoch and Westpac boss Gail

Kelly have joined forces to help

find a cure for breast cancer. They

are urging people to take part in

an online research project called

Register Four. To celebrate the

first anniversary of the project,

they unveiled a sculpture made out

of 8,000 paper birds. It's based on

the Japanese belief that folding

1,000 origami cranes can make a

wish come true. In the news ahead -

a mother's Barley Hill. The latest,

light. Plus Sydney house prices to rise by 20%.

Hundreds of people have gathered in

Coogee to remember the victims of

the Bali bombings on the ninth

anniversary of the attack. Six

players from the Coogee Dolphins

rugby league club were among the 88

Australians who died when bombs

ripped apart two night clubs.

Memorial services have also been

held in Indonesia. 9 Hizon it does

not get any easier for the

survivors of family members of the

88 Australians. Many of those

family and friends travelled to

Badie today for a special ceremony

at the Australian consulate. They

held a moment's silence in memory

of the victims. We had seen many

people putting up tributes that the

official memorial site behind me

all day long. Just across the road

from the club wants to it. What is

the latest on a 14-year-old boy

facing drugs charges they? That

teenager is still behind bars at

the Denpasar police station. His

mother is waiting with him. Waiting

and hoping for some progress. The

Indonesian authorities should have

all the information they need to

make their next move by the end of the week.

If you own a home, the message is -

hang on to it. It's tough right now

but brighter times are expected and

Sydney house prices will grow

faster than anywhere in the country.

On the face of it Sydney's housing

market is crook. It would be

difficult to say we had a lot of

life in the housing market at the

moment. Finance for new and

existing homes in September was

just over $5 billion - 10% below

the peak two years ago. It was busy

on new developments at Auburn, Oran

Park and Rouse Hill today. But in

the past year just 30,000 new homes

were started in NSW, 29,000 less

than Victoria. You need to build

about 45,000 new homes in NSW every

year to put a roof over everybody's

head. Thornton-based McDonald Jones

Homes took the title as the biggest

builder in the state. But it's

tough. We're struggling through

till hopefully in the new year

there'll be something come good.

But from the housing shortage comes

good news. A new forecast predicts

Sydney house prices will jump 20%

in the next three years. The

current average Sydney house price

will rise a whopping $127,000 to

$770,000. We think in a long term

sense prices are getting to the

point where they are a little bit

under value. But will it make

people buy? Definitely yes. I would

be taking out a mortgage pretty

quickly. With house price rises

comes confidence in other areas,

for retailers, for home renovations.

But what's really needed is more

houses. Otherwise rents and prices

keep going up, making Sydney an

even more expensive place to live.

There is good luck and then there

is the sort of sudden fortune which

is almost beyond belief. A British

couple have won $160 million in the

lot of it. Pop news the champagne

and art/some winning smiles. Britain's newest multi-millionaires,

now with a bank account so large

they can live their dreams. We're

going to get married next June. And

Dave's already bought me an

engagement ring but now he's going

to buy me a better one. So I've

been informed anyway. 47-year-old

David Dawes was a shift supervisor.

His 43-year-old partner Angela a

heart foundation volunteer. They

watched the lottery live on TV and

were stunned when their numbers

came up. We've actually drawn up a

bit of a list and we've got 15 to

20 people that we are going to sort

of make millionaires. And they've

already told family and friends who

will receive million dollar bonuses,

so any who've not been called yet -

tough luck. Sport is next. The

Wallabies and the All Blacks are

ready to spill blood. The game has

begun already day, and it was not a

good omen because we lost the

scissors, Paper, rock concerts.

Darren Lockyer back in business for

his last game in Australia.

Caulfield Cup contenders.

VOICEOVER: When Kmart invited a thousand mums to guess their prices, this is what happened. I don't think you can get a microwave for under 80. Yeah, that's cute, yeah. 20? How much do you reckon? 15. No. (WOMEN GASP) Five?! Maybe $9? No way! When you realise just how dramatically low they've dropped their prices, gee, it feels good. (SCREAMING) So would you like irresistibly low prices on everything every day? ALL: OK!

Wallabies star James O'Connor is a

contender to slot in at fullback

against New Zealand, with Kurtley

Beale looking more and more likely

to lose his battle with a hamstring

injury. The pressure is building

for both teams, but the Aussie

players aren't showing any signs of

concern. This is big, really big.

The media converging on the world

cup semi finalists Australia and

the New Zealand All Blacks. But

nobody is being asked more

questions than the Wallabies

enigmatic Quade Cooper, especially

about his horror game against South

Africa. You are going to have games

we do not play your best. But ID

100% former team and my country.

Every time Cooper touched the ball

against the Springbokshe was booed.

But if it's wearing thin on the

team, nobody's saying. It is part

and parcel of the sport. For all

that, New Zealand-born Cooper has a

ready smile. Never prickly and not

without love, even in New Zealand

where his family still lives. The

Milly and friends in the city where

mind and is from. She sends me a

lot of text messages saying that

all her friends from the local

bowls club are behind me. Cooper

also has another friend in high

places, All Black Sonny Bill

Williams. When people are picking

on him that much, it just shows how

good he is. But for James O'Connor,

the whole world cup experience is

there to be enjoyed and that

includes taking pressure winning

kicks. Injuries continue to cause

concerns for the Kangaroos in their

build-up to that right nations.

Concerns are continuing for Greg

Inglis. As the Darren Lockyer the

fractured cheekbone that kept him

art of the Bronco's finals has

mended and he is set to take on the

Kiwis on Sunday. No doubts about it.

And the game in Newcastle on Sunday

will be his last on Australian soil.

Mark Kavanagh's 'December Draw' has

retained favouritism for the

Caulfield Cup after drawing gate 11

for Saturday's $2.5 million race.

Sydney's Queen of the track, Gai

Waterhouse, is going for back-to-

back Cups. Her runner this year,

'Tullamore', will jump from barrier

15. I can he keep it is chilly and

windy. To finance and the stock 15. I can he keep it is chilly and windy. To finance and the stock

market closed 22 points lower today. windy. To finance and the stock market closed 22 points lower today.

And at least he with the weather. A

on WIN News... The carbon tax on WIN News... The carbon tax bill

pass through the lower house.

Canberrans paying more for their

first home. And, Lauren Jackson -

signs with the Capitals. Those stories and more, tonight,

Introducing McCain Ultra Thin - crispy, authentic, ultra-thin-crust pizzas topped with fresh, SONG: # I only have eyes for you... # Ah, McCain, you've done it again.

Plenty of sunshine for the City

today with light is to the Beams. -

- easterly winds. Eight developing

trough will deliver showers through

north these NSW tomorrow. The

heaviest falls will be over Central

Queensland and the NT.

Queensland and the NT. A mainly fine morning.

Tonight ... The government' s Tonight ... The government' s carbo

tax bills passed in the lower

house. Canberrans - paying more for

their first home. And: a snapshot their first home. And: a snapshot o the past year: the National the past year: the National Museum

s visitor numbers soar. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post. The

controversial carbon tax is on its

way to becoming law after passing

its first hurdle. It cleared the

lower house with the support of

regional independents. But the

Opposition is still vowing to Opposition is still vowing to repea

it if it wins Government in the

next election. For the Gillard