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Also tonight - an Australian

adventurer tips the bucket on Bear

Grylls. With some home truths that

Mr Grylls probably would prefer you

didn't know. Later, Harry Kewell, a

personal disclaimer. This soccer

traffic is a Harry fan. Whatever

everyone says, the week before,

matter. week after, it doesn't really

But first tonight - here at

'6.30pm', we have evidence that

dogs are being slaughtered in

astonishing numbers, and used in

the multi-billion dollar global

fashion trade. Dog pelts are being

disguised in garments and sold here

in Australia. As Natasha Exelby

tells it, the whole sorry tale

pretty starts in China. Her report is

pretty distressing.

It is winter in China. This German

shepherd is facing an horrific

death. With no anaesthetic, what

happens next we simply cannot show

you. (Yelping in distress).

These pictures are not new. The cat

business. and dog fur trade in Asia is big

(Distressed dog noises).

In 2003, we ran an investigation in

China. It was a six-month

undercover investigation where we

brought back information and

footage and evidence of an horrific

trade. The killing of between 12

and 20 million dogs a year.? 200-,

the 2 Australian Government banned

cat and dog imports, the Humane

Society has seen no sign of anyone

breaching those laws until now.

They claim designers are importing

fur pieces such as rabbit or fox

which is perfectly legal but

sections of the garment also

includes dog fur. The clothes are

Australia. being made in China and imported to

So you will get something that is

rabbit at the back. That is rabbit?

Yes, it is tested for rabbit. But

the longer - you can actually - if

you foal the texture, it is much

different. It also the length which

gives it away. Some of the animals

were pets. Feral breeds are used,

and canines such as raccoon dogs.

This is dog fur? Yes. This is all

along. Do you know what kind?

These? No. But it has come back as


I've spoken to several retailers,

they deny their product contains

dog fur. But they could not say if

any other animal other than rabbit

or fox were being used. I've had

the two world's leading mammalian

hair experts, the people who wrote

the book and the people that

trained kuz Toms and they have

confirmed it is dog. I've gone out

to yet another lab that has come

back and said that it is dog. The

argument is getting little bit thin.

The minister responsible for

Customs Brendan O'Connor refused to

comment on camera. His office

released a statement saying customs

and broader protection have advised

him that they immediately

investigated the allegations and

requested detailed import documents

and advised independent scientific

analysis that the garments did not

confirm the presents of dog fur.

The Government is saying that there

are conflicting reports in the lab

testing. The point that my testers

say is that if it is not dog, the

only other thing it could possibly

be is something like Ethiopian

wonderful, a highly endangered

species. It looks like an

Australian ugg boot but it is a mug

boot, sold in Australia, made in

China. The trimming has tested

positive for canine fur. We don't

know if the company importing the

product is aware of that, I

attempted to contact them, they

didn't return any of my phone calls.

It is absolutely outrageous. We are

constantly seeing people using the

fine reputation that Australians

have - a reputation for honesty,

for high quality goods, innovation.

And using that reputation to sell

products from who knows where, made

to whatever standards. Many

Australian-owned brands are made in

Asia and none of the retailers I

spoke to could tell me a detailed

process of what goes into making

their products. Is Even if the

remains of these animals are not

being exported to Australia, there

is no denying it is going on.

This is a cat. That team was headed

up by the ex-head of the Maryland

Police Force in the US. A pretty

tough cookie. Rick Wayne Swan was a

tough cookie. He took the team in.

They were in counselling when they

came back. He retired after it.

That is not the end of that story.

Well, she rich, famous. And if you

believe one Australian critic more

than a little misleading. Bear

Grylls, in part at least, literally

climbed to fame scaling Mount

Everest. But there is a catch.

I'm Bear Grylls.

No fear. I'm going to show you what

it takes to get out alive in some

of the most dangerous places on

earth. Yes, that is elephant poo.

Service... And according to our rural Fire

If conditions get worse, the flames

will be moving quicker than I can

run. No idea about bushfire safety.

Barely grils is a superstar who has

been koudz of building his career

on a slippery slope.

In 1998 he claimed to be the

youption British person, at 23, to

climb Mount Everest. On the one

hand there is his Guinness book of

record certificate. On the other,

there is James Allen. There is no

doubt, there is one date, one of

the easiest things to prove. The

man who bate Bear to it, aged 22,

in in 1995.

The guy that took the photo just

after this, he collapsed with a

condition. You are reminded how

difficult it was every day. You

lost your fingers. I lost my

fingers. You didn't lose them,

because they are there. I got

frostbite. I had - as I said, there

were difficulties on the day. Why

have you kept it? I think they

ended up in a drawer somewhere. I

have never got round to throwing

them out. He climbed Everest,

younger and earlier than Bear Grils

and he is just as British. There

are a number of ways of proving it.

British? More Australian than Do you feel more Australian than

British. But the fact is that you

are both? I am both. And, yes...

You are proud of both? Very proud

of both. James says he personally

told Bear Grylls he was wrong in

2000 and was shocked to open his

latest book and see the claim

printed again. I thought, "I can't

believe he is still doing this,

after everything else he has done.

Why is this the hook that he needed

to keep telling people when he

knows it is not true?" He has done

a lot of great things. For this to

continually be the first line on

every national geographic blurb

about him or any book he has, when

he knows it is not right, it really

- I guess it does hurt because I

don't understand it.

This terrain is difficult and

unpredictable. We asked Mr Grylls

to help us understand it. And the

publicist replied -

James Allen is a businessman, and

father of four, soon to be five.

His kids have been teased and

called liars for saying it was

their dad who broke the record, not

Bear Grylls. The one where you run

around on the tennis court. Around

the world. I run that one. You have

a fantastic corporate career, a

lovely family. This happened a long

time ago. What do you want to see

happen so that you can put it

behind you? I want to put it to bed.

It has gone on way too along. He

needs to apologise and poll for the

history. book. The book will be there in

And the moral of the story is...

Just may be you cannot believe

everything you read.

Now to the other overlooked story

from the diggers returning from the

world's war zones. They are just as

messed up as any damaged by a gun

or bomb. Some experienced heads in

the outback are working on their healing.

If Sorry is bandied around really easily.

If I could take away the pain she

has had in the last three years I would.

If sons son

I promise I will

SONG: # And I promise I will change

# Stephen Cates has returned from

Afghanistan, three months from

retirement, he is now fighting a personal personal battle.

If no amount of adulation from the

department of Defence can give me

back my family. The special

services soldier was placed in a

military psychiatric ward diagnosed

with post traumatic stress disorder.

I took up drinking, heavily. That

happened in a relapse.

Unfortunately, it pushed my wife

around. His wife and three children

left. Catesy's last resort was to

join cam rads fighting similar

demon, some retired, some serving,

for a week-long therapy session in

SA's remote Flinders Ranges.

Trojan's Trek began three years ago,

when Colonel "Moose" Dunlop and Bob

Kearney saw an opportunity to pass

on their experience in overcoming

domestic violence and alcoholism.

We are not psychiatrics or doctors.

We have no qualifications at all.

All we are are veterans helping

other veterans. We are the elders.

A generation apart. We are like if

I can put it this way, like the

alcoholics helping the alcoholics.

The gamblers helping the gamblers.

Six days a 7km trek, 12 servicemen,

from conflicts in Vietnam, Rwanda,

East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan -

all having trouble integrating back into into society.

It is the same stuff. Different war,

different conflict, same problems.

It doesn't take long for these

troubled soldiers to drop their

guard. I need to stop kidding

myself and lying to myself and

others and find out what matters.

Sorry mate. That is what it is all

about, right? That is the sort of

honesty that we need.

It is hard to take it. They could

have something like this, reaching

out to their lives. Unfortunately, one of them didn't.

Apart from the obvious natural

beauty of the Flinders Ranges it

also offers the group complete

isolation. There's no radio or

mobile phone reception, most

importantly, there's no alcohol on base.

The unorthodox methods are meant to

complement traditional treatment.

If you went over there and got them

altogether, all at the same time,

and said to them, "OK, everyone,

take out your pills", it would be a

pile of pills this big. They fund

raise to ensure that the patients

don't have to pay. The department

of veteran affairs pulled its

funding after supporting the

initial trek in 2009. Over several

years of making people realise the

benefits of this has been

frustrating. Five days of Trojan's

Trek will have a longer lasting

effect than five years of traditional traditional counselling.

# If I could start # Today again #

Next up - defending the

indefensible. When, if ever, is torture torture OK.

Intrigue and mystery. The trial of

Amanda Knox - sex, lies, betrayal,

murder, all in an idyllic Italian hill WOMAN: I was born 100 years ago. (SHIP HORN BLOWS) I helped bring the world closer to home. (THUNDER RUMBLES) I saw men search for dreams at Broken Hill... (LOUD EXPLOSION) ..and watched my best mates leave. It was like the world caught fire. And then Victoria did. (DOG BARKS) But come what may, Australians always stood strong,

like Don Bradman, carrying an entire country on his shoulders, or Lance Hill's great leap forward. And me, I taught children to save... ..and helped build homes - millions of them. I can't believe how often I saw the impossible become possible

or hope become history. COMMENTATOR: This is a famous victory! I am Australian and I am your bank.

Last night at the Sydney Opera

House, one of the speakers was

roundly booed. He was trying to

argue that torturing terrorist

suspects is OK. Marc Thiessen used

to work at the us who for George W Bush.

-- White House for George W Bush.

Thanks very much for talking to

6.30pm. Why do you believe that

water boarding is a reasonable

technique to use on detainees? Well,

Water boarding first of all, keep

in mind, we captured - the United

States has detained around 100,000

people since 2001 in the war on

terror. Two thirds had no enhanced interrogation techniques. Three

people were water boarded. It

including shake Mohamed. Without

those techniques he would have

given us nothing. You believe it

works? Absolutely. To most people,

it is just torture. Are you

comfortable saying that that is OK?

Well, first of all, people who say

it is torture are speaking from a

pinnacle of near perfect ignorance.

The techniques used were not

torture. There are more journalists

like you who water boarded to prove

that there are more people water

boarded than terrorists water

boarded. There is a legal

definition of torture, which I

discuss in my book. There is a

common once - if you are willing to

try what it feels like, it is not

torture. The journalists who had v

had themselves water boarded, if I

offer to put their leg screws and offer to put their leg screws and

break their bones or drill their

teeth, would they try it to see

what it feels like? Of course not.

You think it is not that bad? Well,

no. It is unpleasant. But it is

incredibly effective. Why is is it

not torture. Because it doesn't

cause the severe mental and

physical pain that torture does. It

is not comparable to those things.

Christopher hitchens, a speaker

here at the festival of daipbgsz

ideas a few years ago, underwent

water boarding to prove it was

torture. He was unhappy with how torture. He was unhappy with how

poorly he did, he asked to try it

again. Have you met a torture

victim who asked for it to be done

a second time? There is a big

difference between someone saying

that they can stop at any moment.

They don't think they are going to

do. They are told that they are not

going to die. There is no point at

which they thought they were going

to die. If you pull someone's

finger nails out, it is still

unpleasant. Would you try pulling

out some of your finger nails out?

No. But I would not try water

boarding. My point is that people

try it to see what it feels what it

feels like. There is a qualitative

difference between the two. You

seem convinced that the techniques

are are right that they should be

used. Should the scheme be brought

back? Absolutely. It is not that we

are not using enhanced

interrogation any more. We are not

capturing, detaineeing and interrogating high-value terrorists

any more. We are dining out on the

if intelligence obtained. The interrogation program stopped two

and a half years a go. The most

important operation under the Obama

administration was a direct result

of the intelligence provided by the

detainee, the killing of Bin Laden.

In the next few hours, a gripping

and complex murder case is expected

to reach its conclusion in Italy.

The central character is Amanda

Knox who looks like the proverbial

butter would not melt in her mouth.

It is a city known for its historic

buildings. Art. Culture. And chocolate.

But for the past week, Perugia has

been overrun by the world's media.

Cameras, reporters, satellite

strucks, all here for one person.

Amanda Knox. The young pretty

American student dubbed a she devil,

appealing her conviction for a

grizzly crime. She seemed like the

girl next door, how could she

possibly have been involved in a

sex murder? People latched on to

that. Knox is serve 2f years' jail

for slithing the throat of her

British roommate Meredith Kercher

in 2007. Italian prosecutors say it

happened during a violent drug-

fuelled sex party. Her then

boyfriend was also convicted.

People's perception of who she

really is is not the real Amanda

that her mother and I have been

talking about. For four years, the

Knox family has maintained Amanda

is nent, suggesting an Ivory Coast

drifter also convicted of Kercher's drifter also convicted of Kercher's

murder acted alone. Crucial DNA

evidence was thrown out and the

prosecution case began to unravel.

There is no evidence here. We are

comfortable that it will be

accepted and recognised by the

court. Knox is hopeful, even

giggling in court last week, her

sister gave a thumbs-up. I never

imagined seeing my own sister in a

prison. It is hard for me. She is

innocent. She is not the type of

person to do this. But it is clear the strain is showing.

This was a family's final jail

visit before Amanda's personal plea

to the two Italian judges and jury,

a plea she will make in the next few few hours.

All of the defence, all of the

arguments, all of the testimony

that's been paraded, all of the

forensic experts - that is one

thing. But to have your daughter

have to plead for her life is tough.

American TV networks are now

clamouring for the first interview

if Knox is released, spurred on by

a story of sex, lies and conspiracy.

This is very much concerning the

elements of reality TV, I suppose.

We live in a reality TV culture. I

think in many ways, it seems to be

a giant reality TV trial. But this

is no game. Prosecutors are using

the appeal to push for a life

sentence. Mand daes a father says

she already has a list of 10 things

she wants to do if she is allowed

to walk free. She has not stepped on grass for years.

You know, just laying in the grass.

That is what she wants to do. Pretty Pretty simple.

When we come back, I will try to

outplay Harry Kewell. Look, there's a lot of great companies based right here. We need local businesses.

They drive growth. In fact, Chevron's doing more than $10 billion worth of business ..right here. They create jobs. We've help create over 4,000 jobs, like sparkies, welders, pipe-fitters... The economy depends on local businesses. Our business depends on them. VOICEOVER: When kids do things for the first time, little accidents can happen. Vanish removes stains that detergents alone leave behind. It has 100% more active oxygen for amazing results first time. No wonder Vanish is Australia's most trusted laundry brand. Here are some questions for Canberra. From families. From communities. From tourism operators. And from small businesses everywhere.

Why threaten our jobs? Why, when the global economy is so weak? No other country's paying this much. Why are we paying the world's biggest carbon tax? If it makes no difference to climate change. (DISTANT CHEERING) Come on! Well done, Term Deposit! Order for Savings Account Number 489500. VOICEOVER: Is this how your bank sees you? Come on, 489500. With Suncorp Bank, you're more than a number. That's why we have real people on the phone and switching specialists in every branch. Isn't it time you switched? outplay Harry Kewell.

The start of soccer season is just

days away. Earlier, I had a chat with returned superstar Harry Kewell.

Harry, as a football tragic, I

haven't had the chance to welcome

you home. It is good to have you

back. Thanks for having me, mate.

Can we talk about the much awaited,

much looked forward to match on the

weekend between Sydney FC and

Melbourne Victory and Emerton and

yourself and work backwards and

forwards from there. How does it

compare to be playing in a game

like that compared to some of the

games you have played? World Cups,

FA Cups? Qualifying matches with

Italy, European Championships?

There is little bit heat going into

this game. Obviously I am a Sydney-

born person and obviously choosing

member over Sydney has not gone

down well with the Sydney fans. But,

again, that's football. I chose

that decision. And

that decision. And I'm looking

forward to playing the game. I know

- I hear it is a fiery game, a big

derby. Again, to play in a derby

game, it is mafs. You know, I and

my team are up for it. Why did you

choose Melbourne, Harry? Any

particular reason? Look, I think I

looked at all the aspects of Sydney

and Melbourne, and I found that my

football would further more coming

down to Melbourne. What in

particular? The way they play? The

way they are coached or what? Yes,

the way they play and coached but

also the facilities, the way of

life down here in Melbourne. I

figure, you know, what I've seen,

my own eyes, Melbourne is a city

that love their sports. We're not

the only one working out every day,

everyone else is doing the same

thing. It is a good team and city.

How good are we, Australia, at the

moment in football terms? Locally,

internationally? How good are you?

Are you surprised or disappointed

by what you have seen on the A-

League so far and how xarably well

we are doing intaicially? We are doing very well at international

level. We didn't have a great World

Cup in 2010. That put us down a few

places in the ranking system. Every

time we seem to play again, we give

the opposition a tough game, if not

win it. But sometimes maybe draw. I

haven't obviously had too much to

look at the A-League. I've seen

highlights. They show highlights -

they showed highlights in Turkey.

But obviously they show in it

England you do get to see a glimpse

of it. It is getting going. As long

as we get a good foundation going,

we can build from there. Harry, of

course, all the spiteful out there

are having a crack at you - Harry

is not fit enough, not worth the

money, cannot hack the big time any

more. So he has come back home. How

do you feel with the spitefulness?

Water on a duck's back. I've got it

my whole life and it is not going

to stop now. I take that fuel and

put it into my system. It comes out

the other end with energy. That is

the best way to handle those things.

All the best to you and your family,

enjoy being back home in Australia,

if not Sydney, certainly Melbourne.

Thank you for having me. The

Project is next, see you tomorrow.

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In the news today, Monday 3rd

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fighting for his life after being

hit by a train near Ballarat in

central Victoria. It is believed

the boy and a 4-year-old girl were

playing on the train tracks when

they were struck. The girl's in a

serious but stable condition. It

appears that the train had slowed

down. And the children were off to

the side of the track and have been

hit by the train. Rugby league

selectors have named five players