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(generated from captions) This morning - NRL Grand Final glory their win against the Warriors as Manly Sea Eagles fans celebrate long into the night. in a serious condition Two people killed and two others north of Sydney. after a horror car accident hope for better weather conditions And Queensland firefighters as bushfires rage across the state. with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. long into the night Sea Eagles fans have partied against the Warriors after Manly's convincing win in the NRL Grand Final. eighth premiership It's the Sydney club's the city forget about the win and fans are not going to let anytime soon. the Manly Leagues Club. 1,000 fans packed into in their maroon and white Proud as punch from across the ditch. and flying high on rivalry (ALL SING 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR') it was time for battle. National anthem over, ALL CHANT: Manly! and eyes fixed on the big screen. Faces were tense on the edge of their seats The first half had these Eagles feeling every near miss... (ALL CHEERING) ..and every try scored. the premiership was theirs. In the dying minutes they knew Then came the whistle. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) the celebrations began. Outside Manly Stadium on the early train home. I think I've seen a few Warriors stick it in. Stick it in, stick it in, Yeah, Manly! That's how you play football. there was more madness. Along Manly Esplanade High fives and hugs for strangers. to carry on for days. This party looks set # Doing the Eagle Rock # across the Tasman The mood was a little more sombre despite the crushing result. but Warriors fans remained loyal the wet at Mount Smart Stadium Thousands of New Zealanders braved Rohan Welsh was there. on the big screen. to watch their team

was a general feeling Well, heartbreak who left Mount Smart Stadium. for many of the thousand of fans their boys all afternoon yesterday The fan zone here, after cheering on through the rain and the wind. had come here to watch. All three grains It was a big one though, and praying for. that they were all hoping to stealing the game away It came so close a miracle comeback. from the enemy to make after the first week of the finals had been written off Still, this side

are still extremely proud. and their fans, whilst heartbroken, you know, came off in the playoffs It just didn't come off this time, I couldn't make it so hard luck. but this time 'round, yeah, Warriors went there and they did it You know, at the end of the day, and we're proud of them. you know, they represent us, to build on for this Warriors side So, clearly, there's plenty for next year, cheer them on when they come home. there'll be plenty of fans to Two people have been killed with serious injuries and two others are in hospital at Campvale, north of Sydney. following a 2-vehicle crash along Richardson Road Police were called to the scene to find both cars on fire. just after 9:00 last night of the cars died at the scene. The two back-seat passengers in one to John Hunter Hospital. Two other people were taken for several hours. The roads were closed off are under way. Investigations into the crash were given some relief overnight, Queensland firefighters across the state. scaling back bushfire operations over the weekend Around 50 fires were burning on the area south of Gladstone. with crews mainly focusing Winds dropped last night, moving as quickly. meaning the fires were no longer we will have many more fires The risk is there, the resources and the people and I'm confident that we've got to manage that risk. to monitor risky areas today. Firefighters will continue to remain alert. Residents are being urged into whether a massive factory fire Investigations are under way yesterday in Perth's southern suburbs was deliberately lit. a pipeline construction warehouse The fire broke out at in Spearwood yesterday morning, of thick, black smoke into the sky. sending massive plumes to bring the blaze under control. It took around 50 firefighters in one of the warehouses The fire had taken hold in one of the warehouses The fire had taken hold and the story of tyres by the side. of damage was caused by the fire. It's believed around $400,000 worth A search will resume this morning in a fatal boating accident for a man feared drowned on the New South Wales south coast. their granddaughter Gianna, Con and Tina Sgroi, were all killed Batemans Bay on Saturday afternoon. when their boat overturned near 11-year-old Georgia Sgroi survived. until it happens. You really don't believe it it's somebody else You just think that really makes it hard. but when it's someone close was called off yesterday morning A search for the girl's uncle, Sam, too dangerous to continue. with the weather making it The government is preparing of new television ads to launch a string on the Migration Act. attacking Tony Abbot's stance to pressure the Opposition Leader The commercials are designed into supporting Labor's changes. from the Coalition The government needs approval to resurrect its Malaysian solution of asylum seekers. for offshore processing But Mr Abbott says of the legislation means the High Court rejection the plan has already failed. asylum seekers be sent to Nauru The Opposition is insisting for offshore processing. Independent MP Andrew Wilkie to the broadcast watchdog today will make a complaint condemned his pokie reform plan. after NRL commentators during a match last month, The callers criticised the move that rely on pokie revenue. claiming it will hurt clubs Mr Wilkie says of political advertising laws the remarks are in breach and is standing by his reforms. carved in stone One thing that remains pre-commitment is we will have mandatory on those high-intensity machines. He wants the legislation passed by May. Children who get to bed early and wake up early are less likely to battle with obesity than those who sleep in. A new Australian study has found kids aged between 9 and 16 were 1.5 times more likely to put on weight if they went to bed late. Researchers also found the children had a higher body mass index. Those who went to bed early and got up early were also more likely to do more exercise. There's no denying the Gold Coast is home to the bikini but now it has a Guinness World Record to prove it. 357 women have strutted their stuff, claiming the title of the world's largest bikini parade. A bright, bold bronzed bevy of bikini clad beauties. More than 300 of them paraded down Cavill Mall and onto the beach. It's amazing, I feel so famous, everyone is looking at us. They came to claim the title for the world's largest bikini parade. (GIRLS CHEER) It stretched more than 200m and proved to be more than a little distracting. We've been trying to watch the water but we're having difficulty patrolling the beach. But there weren't too many complaints as one by one they were counted and checked. After a few tense moments, the result. They needed more than 331 bikini babes to break the record set in the Cayman Island last year. They have had their record smashed by the Gold Coast. A Guinness World Record witnessed by royalty - Paula Stafford, who introduced the tiny two-piece to Australia 65 years ago. I think it's wonderful, it's so exciting. While the bikini parade is a bit of fun, there is a serious side. It's hoped the record attempt will help boost the tourism industry. This footage will go worldwide and show off what a spectacular beach we have here at Surfers Paradise. And now a new title too - bikini capital of the world. Now for your first look at Monday's weather. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - singing superstar Kelly Clarkson performs live on the Plaza. But next on Seven's Early News, we tell you the latest milk brand to be pulled from supermarket shelves. And one of the world's favourite theme parks celebrates 40 years. to check the label on their milk this morning after Woolworths recalled a batch over fears of contamination. The supermarket giant recalled thousands of 3 litre home-brand full-cream milk bottles with a use-by date of October 12. It's due to concerns the milk may have come into contact with cleaning solution. Woolworths has acted in connection with dairy company Parmalat's previous recall of two of its milk products. Typhoon Nesat has continued to wreak havoc across Asia, killing three people in south-eastern China. Over 2 million people have been affected as torrential rainfall caused 5 rivers to surpass danger levels, flooding roads and ruining farmland. 132,000 people have been forced to take shelter in evacuation centres after their homes were ruined. Parts of the Philippines including evacuation buildings also remain underwater after the Typhoon struck earlier in the week, killing 59 people and leaving 30 more missing. The Occupy Wall Street protests have erupted into chaos in New York, with over 700 people arrested during a march along on the Brooklyn Bridge. Hundreds of anti-Wall-Street demonstrators have been camped out near the financial district for more than two weeks over issues of global warming and corporate greed. We're each doing our own thing but we're doing it together. We're coming together and we're saying things need to change. Most of those arrested have now been released. Some were charged with disorderly conduct. Newlywed England rugby star Mike Tindall has admitted he lied about a drunken night out with a mystery blonde in New Zealand. Tindall, who's only recently married to royal Zara Phillips, initially insisted he went back to his hotel alone. But new CCTV footage has forced the rugby captain to admit he continued to party with the woman at a second Queenstown bar. Zara was expected to fly in to watch the remainder of his World Cup matches. The biggest amusement park in the world and home to Mickey Mouse has celebrated 40 years of magic in the US. Disney World marked its birthday milestone with balloons and a grand parade featuring all the favourite characters. It's tough to imagine Central Florida without all of this. 40 years ago, what is now Main Street USA, was just marshy land in south-west Orlando until a dream by a man named Walt Disney. Many remember those days very well. We were here... We were here... ..opening day... ..and we were very, very young. Well.. Very young. October 21, 1971, Walt Disney World opened its gates and since then millions have visited again and again, like sisters Terrece Connor and Rosmary Wilder. We went through the whole display of everything that was going to be and, of course, all of the things which were not even started yet. And we were just kinda hooked from day one. Disney's economic impact on Central Florida has been monumental. It's the area's largest employer and basically put Orlando on the map. (BRASS BAND PLAYS) For Disney faithful like Gina Conrad, who is visiting now for the 34th time, seeing the magic kingdom grow and evolve has been, well, magical. I always envision Walt so I want to know what he would think of all of this and looking back. I think that his life span would be interesting to see what he thought. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the parent outrage over Playboy jewellery marketed to schoolgirls. But next on Seven Early News, a thrilling clash between Arsenal and Tottenham in the Premier League. And, the NRL premiership trophy back in Brookvale. The stories we're following on the Early News - Manly fans have partied the night away after the Sea Eagles easy win over the Warriors in the NRL Grand Final. A car crash north of Sydney leaves two people dead and two others with serious injuries. And calmer conditions allow Queensland firefighters to gain the upper hand over dozens of bushfires across the state. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Thanks, Sam. Good morning. What an amazing weekend. Des Hasler has confirmed he's staying at the Sea Eagles for the foreseeable future after the club notched its eighth NRL title last night. Manly ran in four tries to New Zealand's two, sending the NRL premiership trophy back to Brookvale and the Warriors back across the ditch. A packed house, full of raw emotion. (ALL CHANT HAKA) The Warriors gave a physical Manly side a taste of their own medicine. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he ran into a good shoulder there from Maloney. But they'd need more than big hits to stop the Sea Eagles as they relentlessly peppered the line. Big Georgie Rose did some damage with his forearm and was put on report. Oh, yeah, that's a cheap shot, that one. The Warriors took the two points. Cherry Evans delivered an inside pass putting Brett Stewart over then came back for more. Cherry Evans has scored. Ivan Cleary's half-time talk fired up the Warriors and they took it to Manly head-on. Goes into hit - bang, bang. The Eagles were flying when Will Hopoate flicked one off to Stewart. Glenn Stewart has scored! But the Warriors weren't finished as Shaun Johnson got 'The Beast' over. Vatuvei scores for the Warriors. Des Hasler lost it when Johnson did it again. It's 18 plays 10. But there was no denying Manly as Glenn Stewart put the final touches on a brilliant night out. The captain has scored, Jamie Lyons, scores for the Eagles. It was more relieving than anything and just blokes like Jason King and Dave Williams and all the young fellas, that have, you know, done us such a good job this year and got us to where we are, it was just nice to be able to repay them. After last night's win the Sea Eagles are expected to feature heavily in the Kangaroos squad announced this morning. Australian selectors will meet today to pick the 24-man squad for the Four Nations Tournament which starts against New Zealand in two weeks time. Premiership-winning Cats Captain Cameron Ling will decide this week whether he'll retire on a high note or make a charge for back-to-back titles. If he stays on though, it might not be in the capacity of captain. with the role likely to be handed to Corey Enright or Joel Selwood. And former Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade is expected to take on the director of coaching position at Collingwood after Mick Malthouse declared his professional association with the club is officially over. Wallabies replacements Lachie Turner and Matt Hodgson will touch down in New Zealand this afternoon after receiving an SOS call-up from coach Robbie Deans. Test specialist Berrick Barnes says being beaten by Ireland was the best thing that could have happened to the Wallabies. There'll be no complacency in our preparation, put it this way - this time around I think that's the biggest thing, this time around. And All Blacks coach Graham Henry says it's a tragedy that the World Cup has lost its greatest player, with Dan Carter ruled out for the rest of the tournament yesterday after tearing his groin during a simple kicking drill. Australia will face the Springboks in the quarterfinals of the Rugby World Cup after Ireland topped pool C, crushing Italy 36-6 in Dunedin. The Irish held a 3-point lead going into half-time

before blowing out the score line with a 3-try blitz in 15 minutes. Captain Brian O'Driscoll says the electric atmosphere in New Zealand helped them over the line. I've played in Dublin in the past when the support hasn't been that good, so that just says it all. It's the first time Ireland have got through the pool stage unbeaten. They'll play Wales in a quarterfinal on Saturday. Tottenham have secured a late win over Arsenal with young Kyle Walker the unlikely hero. Locked at one apiece, Walker unleashed a sensational 30-yard screamer to claim the North London Derby. COMMENTATOR: He scores. Fabulous hit for the full-back. The result sees Arsenal slump to 15th on the Premier League table. That's all for now. It's been a huge weekend, plenty more sport in Sunrise. Next on Seven Early News, a closer look at how the weather's shaping up in your part of the country. Don't worry, now you don't have to miss a moment of Sunrise. Hey! Hey! Watch it! With our brand new app, you can easily catch up on your favourite Sunrise segments. Just scroll back to the date and time you are looking for and, hey, presto! It's that simple. While you are there you can meet the team and drop us a line on the Soapbox. The Sunrise app is available right now for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android handsets. Never miss a moment of Sunrise again. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country. A low-pressure system will continue to move from the coastline today, And that's Seven Early News for this Monday. I'm Samantha Armytage. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -