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(generated from captions) This morning - answers critics the chief of the Defence Force in combat roles. who say women shouldn't serve of a 2-year-old girl A man charged with the murder last month. on the New South Wales Central Coast personal doctor goes on trial And Michael Jackson's for the superstar's manslaughter. with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. of the Australian Defence Force says The head tough physical standards women able to pass taking on all combat roles. will be capable of It comes after made the historic decision the Federal Government to drop restrictions on the frontline. for female soldiers wanting to serve MAN: Here comes the enemy! (GUNFIRE) on the front line Opening the door for women to fight in the Australian Defence Force. gender will no longer be a barrier your position Your career, your role, of ability, not your sex. will be determined in terms in 93% of positions Women can already serve from some combat roles. but have been exempt over the next five years. That gap will be closed we're taking This is a gender-free approach then you can go into it. that if you're suitable to the job It follows the lead Canada and Israel. from countries such as New Zealand, strict physical and mental tests, Female soldiers will have to meet the same as their male counterparts. who will say There'll simply be some that they cannot physically do it. To those people we say setting physical standards, this is all about you can do the job. that if you achieve them Move on with it. comes strong opposition. But with the change going into those units This is all about women particularly in the army, for close-quarter killing. which are optimised in front line jobs By putting females in larger numbers we risk killing them and is that fair? not everyone will get onboard. General Hurley admits We'll never get 100% that we'll put in place but I'm sure the programs will drive us there of daily work in the Defence Force. to have this just be part and parcel The move comes made its first public comments as the Defence Force Academy Skype sex scandal earlier this year. about the so-called will be vindicated It says students and staff into its treatment of women. following a review over the death of a 2-year-old girl A man has been charged with murder last month. on the New South Wales Central Coast by a relative at her Watanobbi home Tanilla Warrick-Deaves was found suffering serious injuries but died a short time later. and was rushed to hospital and charged a 28-year-old man Overnight, police arrested with her murder. the de facto of Tanilla's mother. Seven News understands he's He's expected to face court today. will finally be laid to rest today Sydney girl Kiesha Weippeart 15 months after her alleged murder. for the 6-year-old The private funeral in the city's west. will be held at a cemetery and step-father Robert Smith Kiesha's mother, Kristi Abrahams, who are charged with the murder but won't be allowed to attend. have been told of the funeral will be held next Tuesday A public memorial for Kiesha it will be open to the public. and her family says child asylum seekers will be moved More unaccompanied

in Western Australia today. to the Leonora detention centre to the goldfields town yesterday 36 children were flown from Christmas Island, all of them boys aged 14 to 17. that many will attend local schools It's expected and some residents are worried. Well, they're all boys and all that there and they'll be going to the school and I got a young teenage girl. I don't think it's right. seekers will be housed at Leonora. It's thought up to 70 child asylum has taken a swipe at Tony Abbott Former treasurer Peter Costello on industrial relations. over his stance to individual workplace agreements Mr Abbott has ruled out a return goes against Liberal principles. which Mr Costello suggests Mr Costello says: Writing in the Fairfax Press of Work Choices, says Mr Abbott, who was a strong opponent modify Labor's existing agreements. a Coalition government will only for the GST to be put on the table Business groups are pushing at next week's tax summit. the rate of the GST to be increased The Australian Industry Group wants to more goods and services and applied any changes to the GST. The government has already ruled out the mining tax at the summit. And the Greens will target the gold mining industry, They're calling for it to include $1.8 billion over 10 years. claiming it would raise an extra A teacher has been released unharmed for six hours after being held at knife point at Port Lincoln in South Australia. the Marine Science Education Centre, As the siege dragged on at from Adelaide. heavily armed police were flown in The stand-off allegedly began armed with two carving knives when a 20-year-old woman stormed into an office and bailed up a male lecturer. talked her into surrendering. Police negotiators eventually with unlawful detention She's expected to be charged and aggravated assault. with fraud warnings Dating websites could soon come Consumer Commission gets its way. if The Australian Competition and The consumer watchdog says in the numbers it's noticed a big jump by online dating scams. of people being caught out about $16 million a year in total It's found the scams are reaping more than $100,000 each. while about 1-in-5 victims lose of Michael Jackson, Two years after the death Conrad Murray has begun the trial of his personal doctor in Los Angeles. Mike Amor is outside the court Seven's US bureau chief and joins me now. Good morning, Mike. open the case against Doctor Murray? How did the prosecution Well, Nat, prosecutors began by laying out the evidence they will present in the man slaughter trial which is expected to take at least five weeks. They five weeks. They said Michael Jackson literally put his life in the hands of Conrad Murray and that trust cost him his life. He Conrad Murray initially demanded $ Conrad Murray initially demanded $5 5 million to take care of Michael trust cost him his life. He said

Jackson. They also played a tape recording, recorded by Murray of Jackson, where he could be barely understood. They said it demonstrated Murray knew Michael Jackson had a serious drug problem. Despite that he still ordered 16 litres of the anaesthetic Propofol on the drug that killed him on the day of his death, Conrad Murray Jackson a shot of Propofol and came back and found he was dead. day of his death, Conrad Murray gave

listen to what the jury was told. It was Dr Murray's repeated back and found he was dead. Let's

incompetent and unskilled acts that led to Mr Jackson's death on June 2009. Like All things surrounding Michael Jackson, Suupd pouz it is a -- suppose it is a media circsns -- circus. Yes, this city is no stranger to media trials and circuses. A lot crews were around the world here for the media trials and circuses. A lot of

here for the court sequel. Perhaps a coupling of hundred Michael Jackson crews were around the world were

supporters, and his parents and brothers and at least one sister. It started dramatically, one supporter rushed Conrad Murray in the hallway of the courtroom and had to be restrained by police. Right now we are on a lunch break but Murray's lawyers that lawyers have been laying out their side of the story and they Michael Jackson admin sistered the -- administered the lethal dose to side of the story and they say

himself why Conrad Murray was out of the room. Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather. Brisbane, fine. A little rain developing in Sydney. Canberra, rain at times. Melbourne, showers and an afternoon storm. Rain in Hobart. Adelaide, showers developing with the chance of a thunderstorm. Partly cloudy in Perth. Darwin, sunny. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the Australian scientist who's cancer breakthrough is making chemo 40 times more effective. But next on Seven Early News, President Barack Obama heckled at his own fundraiser. And, pop superstar Rihanna too sexy for an Irish farmer. The Supercoat your dog knows and loves now comes in two new delicious flavours. Casserole with kangaroo and for puppies, Casserole with chicken. Life's better with pets. Pets are better with Supercoat.

with confirmation its star attractions have failed to produce a baby. The giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi have been given every encouragement to mate but Funi's fertility window is now closed, dashing hopes of a baby panda to boost visitor numbers. With that in mind, businessman and zoo benefactor Rob Gerard says the state government should take on the zoo's $24 million debt. We don't get a huge amount of money from our state government. A lot of it's done by private means. The Rann government says it will not bail out the zoo. At least 16 people have been killed after a powerful typhoon slammed into the Philippines. Typhoon Nesat hit, packing winds of up to 140km/h. It brought the capital, Manila, to a standstill, uprooting trees and blocking highways with debris. Several thousand families are now in evacuation centres and many households remain without power. Almost 50 domestic flights were cancelled and schools were suspended. US President Barack Obama has kept his cool after being heckled at his own fundraiser in Los Angeles. A man in the front row yelled at the President as he delivered a speech, calling him the Antichrist. The heckler was quickly escorted out. MAN: Barrak Obama is an antichrist! I think the young man may have left his jacket. So, ah, make sure that he gets his jacket. Oh, that's yours? Hold on, hold on, it's hers. Then, all jokes aside, Obama finished his address. US pop star Rhianna has come under fire for allegedly being too hot on the set of her latest film clip in Northern Ireland for revealing too much skin on his property. The singer was shooting her latest music video when she was told to cover up or get out. In the middle of a remote field in a far corner of County Down, a long way off, for sure, but if you look hard and had a really long lens the images were shocking. Sultry pop star Rhianna defying conventional wisdom by striding through an Irish hayfield in late September with her underwear showing as she shot her latest music video. A sight so distasteful to the farmer he turfed her off. # In this California king bed # You don't really need to be a fan of Rhianna's to know what she looks like and you don't need to know anything about music to be a fan of hers. In fact, she's among just a handful of women in the world who is actually more recognisable when wearing just her underwear. Land owner Alan Graham clearly isn't a fan and thinks this kind of thing inappropriate. He asked her to leave. The singer with her small showing

didn't seem bothered by the cold wind except when it made it hard to keep her cigarette alight. Those close enough to get an eyeful were excited to see someone of her calibre, if a bit surprised. Yeah, very surprised. Especially in Bangor, wouldn't expect it. Yeah, well we live here so, yeah, it's kind of random, yeah, yeah, it is. It's good though. This king of thing is clearly not to everyone's taste though. Rhianna might like to remember next time she comes to County Down to bring some sensible clothes and wrap up warm. Your first finance this Early News: Just before the close on Wall Street: The market here posted the strongest gains in three years. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the show will cross live to Los Angeles for the latest on the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. But next on Seven Early News, Steve Johnson to be given until the last minute to prove his fitness for the AFL Grand Final. And, the Redbacks keep their Champions League hopes alive. (GENTLE PIANO MUSIC) Brighten up your world with Air Wick FreshMatic. (UPBEAT DANCE MUSIC) With our best-ever fragrance control, turn it up... ..or down to the level you want. Created by Air Wick, controlled by you. Something in the Air Wick. (PANTS) My throat's started hurting. Why wait? Act now. VOICEOVER: Reach for Strepsils. Strepsils soothes fast, and it's two antibacterial agents help kill bacteria that could cause a sore throat, unlike non-medicated lozenges. Get on top of your sore throat early with Strepsils.

And now, Strepsils in handy tubes for effective relief anytime, anywhere. Defence Force Chief General David Hurley says not everyone in the military agrees with the government's decision to allow women to serve in combat roles. However, he says any woman good enough to meet the physical standards will be good enough to fight. Women could be serving on the front lines within five years. Police have charged a 28-year-old man with the murder last month of Central Coast toddler Tanilla Warrick-Deaves. A relative found the 2-year-old at the family home at Watanobbi suffering serious injuries. She was rushed to hospital but couldn't be saved. And the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician is under way in Los Angeles. Dr Conrad Murray has pleaded not guilty, saying nothing he did could have killed the singer. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Injured Geelong forward Steve Johnson will be given until Grand Final morning to prove he's fit enough to play in the decider against Collingwood. Cats coach Chris Scott says he won't take the field unless he's 99% right and can perform near his best. Johnson has missed the past two training sessions, after injuring his knee in last week's preliminary final win against West Coast. He's either right or he's not and medical staff will make that decision Shannon Byrnes, Cam Mooney and Darren Milburn are in line to come in if Johnson doesn't come up. Collingwood have injury concerns of their own with Darren Jolly in serious doubt with a groin strain. The New Zealand Warriors arrive in Sydney today ahead of Sunday's NRL Grand Final against Manly. While there's been plenty of focus on which club to support, one of the most exciting prospects of the decider will be the match-ups between the Sea Eagles' and Warriors' halves pairings. All four are tipped as future stars of the game. All four of those boys haven't played a grand final before so there's no advantage there. I guess it'll just come down to who plays their role best like any other week. Warriors winger Manu 'The Beast' Vatuvei has told Manly to bring on the bombing raids as he looks to make his mark on the big stage. Robbie Deans is set to move big veteran back rower Radike Samo to the wing for the Wallabies final pool clash after Australia's injury crisis hit a new low. The 35-year-old ran on the wing during training yesterday after the Wallabies lost another number eight for the rest of the tournament,

with Wycliff Palu flying home today with a hamstring injury. Deans won't gamble on calling over a back reserve with Kurtley Beale, Digby Ioane, Pat McCabe and Anthony Faingaa expected back in time for their quarterfinal next week. Italy has secured a bonus-point win over the USA, winning 27-10 to set up a winner-takes-all match with Ireland on Saturday. The Italians scored 4-0, awarding them the five points they needed to keep their quarterfinal hopes alive. It's also good news for Australia who are likely to move to the top of pool C with a big win over Russia. The South Australian Redbacks have produced a stellar performance to beat the Kolkata Knight Riders by 19 runs in the Champions League overnight. The Redbacks got off to a perfect start thanks to a quick-fire 70 from Callum Ferguson who smashed five boundaries and four sixes. Set a victory target of 189, the Knight Riders fell well short, restricted to just 169 with standout bowling from Nathan Lyon and Gary Putland. US Open winner Sam Stosur has come crashing back to earth, bundled out of the Pan Pacific Open during the second round. Up against Maria Kirilenko, Stosur lost the first set and found herself a break down in the second but rallied to force the match to a deciding set. But the pair traded breaks before Kirilenko broke for a 5-4 lead then served out the match. UMPIRE: 6-2, 4-6, 6-4. And Jelena Dokic's tumultuous relationship with her dad has reportedly taken another turn. She says she's forgiven father Damir after being estranged for eight years. Interesting when the Australian Open comes round Nat, more on that in Sunrise. Yes, I hear stories on that one, thanks, next, a closer look at the weather. Her premium with one of our competitors. And with us. Why? Because at Youi, we get that she drives less. Isn't it time that other insurance companies got this too? For car insurance that could save you lots, call 13 YOUI, or go to Don't worry, now you don't have to miss a moment of Sunrise. Hey! Hey! Watch it! With our brand new app, you can easily catch up on your favourite Sunrise segments. Just scroll back to the date and time you are looking for and, hey, presto! It's that simple. While you are there you can meet the team and drop us a line on the Soapbox. The Sunrise app is available right now for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android handsets. Never miss a moment of Sunrise again. To the weather across Australia now. A strong cold front in The Bight will push into the eastern states, A high in the west will bring fine weather to WA. Around the capitals - And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -