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Tonight - beauty and the Brownlow.

We're live in Melbourne on AFL's

biggest night. I declared the

winner of the 2011 the Brownlow

Medal! Dane Swan from the Collingwood football club!

All bets are off. Football codes

divided over poker machine reforms.

50 tourists escape a burning bus.

While a pilot and passenger walk

away from a light plane crash.

Hello. I'm Sandra Sully. This is

Ten's Late News. Hi, I'm Brad

McEwan and this is Sports Tonight.

Who's fit and who's struggling

ahead of Saturdays AFL Grand Final.

We will see how it is going well.

And the Warriors and Sea Eagles

prepare to go head to head in the

NRL decider. A bit of payback.

But we begin tonight with the

Brownlow winner. Collingwood's Dane

Swan has been named AFL's fairest

and best player for 2011. Our

reporter is at Melbourne's Crown

Complex and joins us live. An

midfielder? historic night for the Magpies'

It was. Dane Swan pulled a record

the 34 votes to win the 2011 medal.

He finished four of those in front

because of the run up. He was illegible

because of suspension. Tonight it

was all about Dane Swan. He was favoured

favoured to win last year but came up

up short. No such worries tonight.

He upstaged Chris died to take on

the award. But there will be not a

lot of partying tonight for him. --

Chris Judd. He will play Geelong Chris Judd. He will play Geelong

this weekend. I do not come with

any intentions of winning of but I

managed to pull it off. It does not

take the focus of Saturday. So he

is the big winner. But the early

part of the night belongs to the part of the night belongs to the

partners. The WAGs Grand Final.

It was a frenzy of flashing lights as

as the footballers arrived. But it

was the women who were the centre

of attention. It is the girl's

nights. It is great to see the

effort they go to. The effort be

the lot of this moment could span

months. And the pressure to be months. And the pressure to be

dressed by the best designers. I

had many meetings and fittings. But

I love the dress. It is amazing.

Quite conservative but a bit sexy.

For the ladies, this is the biggest For the ladies, this is the biggest

night of the AFL season. The amount

of media attention can propel them

from anonymity. Long hemlines were

the flavour of the night. I picked

this about to mac hours ago. I was

sick of a plain wrong dress. -- two

hours ago. We must be up to about

15 of these. Votes were cast before

the night had begun. My girlfriend

is the best dressed.

Nathan Templeton will be back

shortly with more from the Brownlow

Medal in sports tonight.

The AFL has angrily denied it is

planning on TV and up with the NRL

to address gaining problems. They

fear clubs could be stripped of revenue.

The AFL says Grand Final week is no

time for political point-scoring.

Andrew Demetriou sub the boot in to

a lobby group. I do not know their

name. Please do not talk on our

behalf. The AFL does not support

the proposal to put banditry Prix

commitment devices on pokie

machines. -- mandatory Prix can

beat that. Instead of listening to

the some hillbilly. He is referring to

the man who suggested it would destroy the government's destroy

legislation. The telling comment by

him is that the AFL does not

support mandatory commitment. Nick

Xenophon says the campaign against

poky reform this represents the facts

facts about problem gambling. He calls

calls Eddie require a hypocrite.

Last year, he wrote:

Now, he is calling it a footy tax.

He should have phoned a friend to

get some facts. The AFL is

concerned it will slash up to 40%

in club gaining revenue. No club,

no pub, no footy team wants to

profit off the back of problem gamblers.

gamblers. Backing away from the

reform is something the government

cannot afford. Andrew Wilkie has

put his support for the government

on the issue and will walk away if

the legislation is not passed by government.

A toddler has been killed and a man

injured when a car drove into a

porch. Police believe able than who

leaves at the Sorrento home accidentally hit the accelerator

instead of the break, ploughing

into the verandah. The 2-year-old

boy died and a ban in the 60s was

pinned against a wall. He was flown

to hospital with a broken arm and

suspected pelvic injuries. Passengers

Passengers were forced to flee for

their lives when a tourist bus

exploded in flames on a see the

motorway. They watched on and

filmed the horror as the flames destroyed

destroyed their coach. I was on the

bus and all the side of the flames

burst from the back side. People

started panicking and we came out

of the bus. After 20 minutes, the

injured. past was gone. Luckily, nobody was

If and two men survived when the

plane they were in crashed in

Sydney's south-west this morning.

The engine failed as it took off

from Bankstown Airport. The Cessna

153 crashed on its roof on they

could land beside the airport. The

men were pulled from the wreckage.

They were unharmed. The

investigation will now take over.

It was being operated by Bass Air,

a flight school run for the airport.

The man accused of the murder of

Daniel Morecombe has expressed frustration

frustration in that he was brought

in from the prison but did not

appear in court. Brett Peter Cowan

was arrived under tight security but

was held in the cells while his

case was mentioned. He is

frustrated by the fact that he was

transported here at 5am, or was

woken up then, to be brought in.

The father of three was arrested

Chemists last month.

putting Chemists are under fire, accused of

putting money ahead of patients'

best interests. Pharmacies have

struck a controversial deal to

promote one of the company's

supplements whence -- when

prescribing medicine. According

According to Blackmores, it is a

plan to give the public advice

about offsetting side-effects from

prescription drugs. So when they

pick up certain scripts, a

pharmacist could recommend certain Blackmores products. The Australian

Medical Association says it is

outrageous. It is outrageous that

this is promoted as a way of

increasing sales. They are critical

of Commons in Pharmacy News by

Blackmores that the products

provide the coke and fries with

prescription medicine. A new

revenue stream for pharmacies. The

fact that Blackmores had assess --

has said coke and fries devalues has said coke and fries devalues

their product. For that supplements

have been prepared to accompany

blood pressure, antibiotic, static

problems. This range has been

specially formulated by a wealth of

clinical evidence to restore those clinical evidence to restore those

nutrients that are depleted. They

will not be on general shelves.

They say they have been designated

as pharmacy only products so they

can discuss the merits of taking

such supplements with a trained

pharmacist. They have been prompted

to offer something for which there

is very poor evidence on its merits.

They will see it is appropriate to recommend.

recommend. There is no obligation.

Two bear clubs have brought traffic

to a standstill and sent tourists

are leaping for their cameras. Visitors

Visitors to Yosemite National Park Visitors to Yosemite National Park

captured these pictures of the

bears battling it out in the middle

of the road. They wrestled each

other to the ground while their

mother hunted for food. They called

a truce after several minutes,

scampering off and possibly

preparing for another round.

Very cute. Now, Dane Swan is the

toast of Melbourne tonight? Yes. As

we heard just then, he is the

Brownlow Medal winner this year after

after he missed outlast year. But he

he wants a bigger prize at the MCG

on Saturday. Up next is the finals

news and the NRL news.

And a new world record holder. A

new champion. Cavendish is the

world champion! And a former world

champion crashers.

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Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. Collingwood

midfielder Dane Swan will this week

attempt what coach in waiting

Nathan Buckley couldn't do - win

the Brownlow Premiership double in

the same year. Nathan Templeton

joins us from Crown Casino. A

fitting reward for Swan after

another outstanding season? Yes. He

started as the favourite last year

and fell short. These here he upstaged

upstaged the favourite, Chris Dodd, to

to be a runaway winner by 34 votes.

-- Chris Dodd. But he has bigger fish

fish to fry this weekend.

I declared the winner of the 2011

Brownlow Medal, Dane Swan!

Dane Swan collected 34 votes. The

highest number in the history of

the system. He thanked his parents. They

They have been great to support me

ever since I was a child. They

watch me play. They did everything possible

possible for me. Earlier, it was

his team-mate Scott Pendlebury who

jumped out to an early lead by 10

points. And Chris jarred was well

behind. He battled to keep his

composure. -- Chris Judd. Sam

Mitchell soon skid to a Mitchell soon skid to a head.

Collingwood! Dane Swan, three

boats! Polling in three consecutive

rounds, a knot -- another player

came to the front. But Dane Swan

kept emerging. Three boats ensured

the magpie it would take home a

medal. A couple of my team-mates

were close but I managed to pinch a few

few votes from them.

He won with 34 votes. They avoided

a potential awkward situation with

Sam Mitchell finishing second. The

big winner tonight was of course

Dane Swan. This is just the start

of what will be a big week for him.

Thank you. Collingwood ruckman

Darren Jolly says he'll have a

better idea of whether he can play

in the Grand Final when he attempts

to run at training on Wednesday.

Team mate Ben Reid is considered a

better chance to line up. While

Geelong's Steve Johnson is working

around the clock get his knee right

for Saturday. It's the most talked

about groin in football, but Darren

Jolly remains optimistic he can

beat the odds and take to footy's

biggest stage on Saturday.

We'll have to have a chat with the

doc but we should be right to train

by Wednesday. Ben Reid arrived at

Pies head quarters with scans under

his arm, his injury not believed to

be as serious as Jolly's. In the

end it will come down to a decision

by the players. After Friday, that

is. But they have said they are

okay. We will monitor them later in

the week. No sign of Stevie Johnson

down at Geelong today, but the

enigmatic cat is doing everything

in his power to be ready for the

big dance. He has been in Melbourne.

He will try to get up for the game.

If Stevie Johnson doesn't play,

there may yet be a fairy tale

finish for Darren Milburn or even

Cam Mooney.

He's preparing himself to play in a

Grand Final this week. Don't expect

that to change until the end of the

week either. As far as fairy tales

go, the J Pod's incredible story

continues. I sat in the stands

previously. When my career's over I

might pinch myself. I am loving it

at the moment. I've worked hard. I

feel like I've earnt my spot.

Podsiadly cleared of any wrong

doing over this bump on Adam

Selwood, team mate James Kelly also

with no case to answer after an

errant knee on Eagle Daniel Kerr.

Preparing pull his that Grand Final,

Anthony Watmough has declared his

life is back on track. Liam Cox joins us

joins us live. He has refused to

talk to the media all season after

hitting the headlines for repeated

off-field indiscretions. Des has

Lyle was fed up. And Watmough was

in danger of having his contract

taken away. I did not do that much

wrong. I had too much fun and put

myself in places I should not have

been. He is declaring he is not

putting himself in those places any

more, and is keeping a low profile.

Even when you are right, you are

still in the wrong when you go out

because you are in the spotlight.

People know your whereabouts. It

used Depp on somebody's toes,

people will hear about it. -- EU

people will hear about it. -- EU --

if you step. I did not been there

was much in it. Potentially there

may be a confrontation between

Williams, neat named T Rex and the

beast, Manu Vatuvi. The winner will

be tested. He has been putting them

in the post. The Kiwi invasion has

begun with Sir Peter Leitch

rallying support in Sydney.

Australian Kiwis, rally around! We

need you! We want to make it New

Zealand's stadium! The Kasmar

Family are fanatics. Their house is

a shrine but plenty of Australians

are keen to support the Warriors.

We have many of tracks that have

said negative things. We are a good

club. We would love to see people

get behind us. So on things never

change. Manly are still the most

hated team in the competition.

Thank you.

Sebastian Vettel has taken another

huge step towards defending his

Formula One title by winning the

Singapore Grand Prix. Mark Webber

was bird, Jenson Button second. He needs

needs only one point to take the

championship. -- was third. I am

very pleased. It looks like we have

another chance at the next race.

Michael Schumacher was reprimanded

for his part in a collision with

Sergio Perez.

Matt Goss has just been beaten by

Mark Cavendish in the 266 kilometre

road race at the World Titles.

Heinrich Haussler was leading in

the home straight but Cavendish

found a gap to pass with 200 metres

left. The guy's worked so hard. He left. The guy's worked so hard. He

saw the road, he is incredible.

Matt Goss's second place is his

third podium finish in as many years. Kenya's

Kenya's Patrick Makau has set a new

world record, smashing the current record

record by 21 seconds in Berlin. He

finished the race in two hours,

three minutes and 38 seconds. It

was a second successive victory. I

came knowing I could break it. The

defending record holder was forced

to retire at the 35 kilometre mark

with chest pains.

The United and it -- United Arab

Emirates soccer player who became

an internet sensation this year

after scoring a penalty has been killed

killed in a car crash. He died

driving home from a training camp

where he had been preparing for a

World Cup qualifiers. The 21-year-

old midfielder hit the headlines

for scoring an audacious penalty in

the win over Lebanon in July. The

bill Haas is nearly $12 million

richer tonight after winning in at Lander.

Aaron Baddely did well. But Haas

had this at the second hole. He won

at the third extra par.

Play of the Day and it's a dog eat

dog world when you pitch one pooch

against another. More than 80 dogs

of all shapes and sizes hit the

waves for America's largest dog

surfing contest. Competition was

tough, some participants showed off

extra tricks to impress the judges,

while others took the slow and

steady approach. And then there

were the wipeouts! The event was

for a good cause - raising money

for a local animal shelter. Play of the Day!

A couple of days to go. See what you

you can come up with tomorrow. Were

you disappointed about your team you disappointed about your team

losing? Any way... Well done to Dane Swan.

Now for a look at finance.

It was another bad day for

Investment Market but it was mining stocks leading?

It has been a commodity prices that

have shown relative calm against

the turmoil of European and US

markets. But unfortunately in the

last week we had seen a sharp

reversal of commodity prices with

some nervousness in regards to the

ongoing strength of the Chinese

economy. In the last week silver

felt bloated %. Nickel and copper

were up 15%. Gold fell more than

10%. Beyond the shining light has 10%. Beyond the shining light has

been call and iron ore. The two

largest commodities exported out of

Australia, but they have fell as

well. So as you can imagine, our

economy and mark it is focused on

commodities, the market has

suffered further falls today. We

lost 50 points mac on the index. And

And only the banks provided some

resilience with Westpac doing OK

with 2.5% upwards debate. -- upwards today. The

The All Ordinaries closed at a 2-

year low. The miners year low. The miners were the big

losers. The Bank's bucked the trend.

Gold fell another 100 US dollars.

Now to the forecast. Tomorrow will Now to the forecast. Tomorrow will

be mostly fine across the east be mostly fine across the east

coast. Mostly fine in Adelaide.

Possible thunderstorms for Perth. A possible shower in Possible thunderstorms for Perth. A possible shower in Darwin. And

that's the latest from Ten News for

this Monday, September 26. All our

news highlights will be on our

website shortly. The early news

tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra

Sully. From the late news team, goodnight.

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