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(generated from captions) Julia Gillard her job. The gamble that could cost Cops gun down a man of a break-in in Sydney's west. while responding to reports for the former AFL manager. More trouble on his Dreamworld handler again. The tiger who turned Where they are now? this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Mel and Matt. Now, live from Brekky Central, Good morning. of online life these days YouTube is just such a part it's just six years old. it's amazing to think Think of how many stars have come through YouTube. We are going to do a bit of a recap and talk about the impact. paying workers to sober up. Also this morning, the bosses with a police shooting in Sydney. But we're going to begin A teenager's been taken to hospital to the stomach suffering a gunshot wound in Sydney's west overnight. after a police shooting in Colyton Officers were called to a house around 1:00 this morning following reports of a break-in. who approached police, A 19-year-old armed man, was shot in the stomach. the gunshot wound The person who has received is a person from the home. approaching police, It's a case of the person who was armed at the time, and police have fired one shot. has been set up A critical incident team to investigate the shooting. to begin planning a campaign AFL club presidents will meet today poker machine reforms. against the federal government's its own advertising, The NRL has already launched will jeopardise the future warning the government's measures of its clubs and the sport. Now the AFL has joined the fight. to obtain pokie machines There was a ballot in place so no doubt it's a serious issue. the reforms are essential The government insists of problem gamblers. to reduce the number Dr Philip Nitschke Right-to-die campaigner to import a drug has been given the green light used in voluntary euthanasia. He plans to give the drug Nembutal in South Australia. to a terminally ill woman Given in small doses, to sleep better. it's hoped it will allow her to sign a legal document She will be required that come declaring she is aware of the risks the recommended dose. with taking more than can be taken if the drug is misused. Dr Nitschke has been warned action He'll talk to us live soon. can expect major delays this week Overseas travellers to walk off the job. as thousands of airport workers plan customs and quarantine Staff from border protection, one and two hours will stop work for between with the federal government. over a pay dispute most international airports The industrial action will disrupt across Australia, starting tomorrow. will process passengers Only a small number of staff during the strike. and Public Sector Union The Community a 4% annual pay increase. is demanding of over 1,200 prisoners A mass grave with the remains has been unearthed in Libya. notorious Abu Salim jail The inmates from Tripoli's by Moamar Gaddafi's regime. were slain during a crackdown The grave was located National Transitional Council by the country's committed by the ousted dictator. which says it's proof of war crimes being given the right to vote Women in Saudi Arabia are finally and to stand for election but only in municipal elections. television to make the announcement. King Abdullah went on national won't come into force until 2015. The voting rights But in another concession, a special council women will also be appointed which advises the king. In finance news: Nervous investors will be waiting to reopen this morning. for the Australian share market the ASX last week. More than $60 billion was wiped off CommSec's Craig James joins us. for this week? Craig, what are the predictions Is it going to be a repeat? Well, hopefully this morning it will be a little bit quieter, the futures market is only point to go a fall ever 9 points, so, very modest start to today's trade but gold shares, they could come in fur a hammering. The gold price fell by $ The gold price fell by $102 an ounce, that's around about 6% ounce, that's around about 6%. Certainly investors are taking profit in the gold market and trying to recoup some of their losses we have had a bit of optimism in to recoup some of their losses but terms of the currency, it did as half as 98. as half as 98.5, there is a little terms of the currency, it did spike bit of optimism that some proposals are being floated around Europe, recap tallise the banks, trying make sure Greece's problems don't recap tallise the banks, trying and affect other countries. That could be good news for investors. an interest rate cut next month. Some economists are now predicting What's your tip? We still think the Reserve Bank will stay on interest rate sidelines. It will have to be dragged into cutting interest rates because it's still concerned about the strong growth coming from China. That will be supporting our economy. It will need a major crisis in Europe and United States to cause the Reserve a major crisis in Europe and the Bank to cut interest rates but the bod only line is rates aren't going up any time soon, that's for sure. Thank you, Craig. Time for sport. Here's Beretts. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. or Carlton captain Chris Judd Either Swans captain Adam Goodes a very exclusive club tonight. look set to join to take out the Brownlow Medal. They're both among the favourites three Brownlows, A win would give either man have achieved. a feat just four other players here on Seven and 7Mate. You can see all the Brownlow action Check local guides for details. has defended his decision NRL judiciary chairman Greg McCallum not to charge Manly's Steve Matai in Friday's win over the Broncos. over this incident McCallum says he was confident drop his knees Matai didn't intentionally try. while trying to stop the John Key has announced And New Zealand Prime Minister from the Rugby World Cup he'll take time out in Sunday's Grand Final. to cheer on the Warriors Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel will have to wait until next week in Japan to wrap-up back-to-back Formula 1 world championships. The German led the Singapore Grand Prix from pole to the chequered flag for his ninth win of the season. He would have wrapped the title but for McLaren's Jenson Button who finished second. Aussie Mark Webber finished third. Matt Goss has won the silver medal. In the road racing championship. We had a tremendous world. Good signs for London, bring it on. Good signs for London, bring it on.. Now to Grant and today's weather. It wasn't such great news if you were in Sydney, just horrendous rain and weather It wasn't such great news yesterday

conditions right around the state N fact, 50 to 100 mm falling in parts of Sydney. Not only that, places like Bathurst and Ballina were blanketed with hail. A lot of trees were brought down. A lot of that upper trough activity is start to go drift off out to sea now. We will see a continuation of that seesawing hot day. A couple of hot day. A couple of showers, hot day, couple of showers, that we have seen over the last few weeks, the fancy footwork for the Sydney children's's festival. That's many, many events that are happening over the next week or so that will happen in many locations. 50 events, 40 for free. It will be a lot of fun this morning as we attempt the more wild and whacky ones this morning. Let's look at the forecast right around. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Fine in Cairns. Sunny in Mackay. Blue skies in Toowoomba. Fine in Brisbane. A possible shower or two on the Gold Coast. Fine in Bourke. A shower or two in Coffs Harbour. Partly cloudy in Tamworth. Mostly sunny in Orange. Cloudy for Sydney. A little grey in Canberra. Mostly sunny in Wagga Wagga. A late shower or two in Ballarat. A few showers in Bendigo. Partly cloudy in Melbourne. Cloudy in Bairnsdale. A possible shower in Launceston after some morning fog. Cloudy in Hobart. The chance of a late shower in Mt Gambier. Cloudy, a possible shower in Adelaide. Cloudy in Alice Springs. A possible shower for Darwin. And over to Western Australia - A few showers and the chance of a storm in Albany. Showers easing in Perth. Sunny in Karratha. Soinds dangerous. Looks dangerous. It could go wrong this morning. That's what we love about the unpredictability of the weather of the it will be fun. Everyone to have a good time. Yes. the it will be fun. Everyone ready

That's what I'm talking about. See you in half an hour. School holidays just beginning in some states. We need all we can find to amuse the kids. Coming up - putting it all on the line. The pokie reforms that could send Julia Gillard politically bankrupt. And Dr Philip Nitschke set to import a euthanasia drug. So will it lead to many Australians ending their own life? You can enter the 'Spirit of Tasmania' Ticket To Adventure Competition by booking your trip before September 30 and travelling by December 16. You could win a fantastic Jeep Patriot Sport CVT, great fishing gear, or a huge family camping kit. And there are loads of other prizes like barbecues, bikes, GPS units - even $200 'Spirit of Tasmania' gift vouchers. To enter the 'Spirit of Tasmania' Ticket To Adventure Competition, book now, and register online by December 31, 2011. It'll be a trip to remember. has been cleared for the first time to import a drug used in voluntary euthanasia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has given Dr Nitschke the green light to bring in Nembutal for a woman in South Australia. The patient wants to die. But Dr Nitschke says the drugs are only to help her sleep and she'll be warned against taking more than one pill at a time. Dr Nitschke joins us now from Adelaide. Good morning. How surprised were you when the government agency didn't oppose your plan to import Nembutal? Yes, I was a bit surprised. I must campaigner, say they draw attention to the wording of wording of the act, this is a category A patient that's is patient who is expected to die, in the near future, provisions are made so that one can go ahead and bring in substances or drugs which have not been cleared in that special condition or that special occasion knowing that you will have to knowing that you will have to be argue the case that this was argue the case that this was done for good medical reasons. That will come up at some point. Why do you think there was a change of heart, up until now, people had to go overseas and it was a difficult thing to get. Yes, that's true. I don't know if it was a change of heart. This is the first time it has been attempted. What the customs and border protection did back in in March was to put out a briefing sheet, warning people not to try and smuggle this drug in. Elderly people were travelling overseas. They pointed out, if you think you've got good reasons for having access to the drug, get your doctor to apply. That is what has happened in the case of the two termly ill patients have come up now. They have both approached me, two doctors are involved, a doctor in Sydney and myself, we have made application to try and legally access that drug, not to help them die I stress but to make sure that they can sleep well because they are having trouble sleeping and they sleeping and they will certainly be warned to take that drug in a way it's not intended will bring about a peaceful death. Do you think that the TGA is in essence trying to set you up. Is that a concern for you? Well, it's a concern, yes. we have had our lawyers look Well, it's a concern, yes. Certainly at the documentation and they make it quite clear that there are risks we have had our lawyers look closely

involved. If it could be shown that this was happening or I was behaving in a way that was not justifiable or that this was some cynical exercise to get around a piece of legislation, there are penalties, criminal penalties and the risk of deregistration. We will be very careful. So the drug will be provided with clear instructions to your patient I understand. You are going to say on the side of the bottle, they are to help her sleep, if she help her sleep, if she breaches those instructions, she will be aware there are significant daing aware there are significant dangers. Of course. I've talked at length about this with the patient. She is well aware of continually watch your words or work our words around this issue? Well, yes, I - yes, I am very clear about this. This is one of the best sleeping tablets known. We will make quite sure she has access to it. We have tried many sleeping medicationness this instance. She should have access to the better ones and this is the best one. That's what we are going to do. We are going to import the drug so that she has access to it. Taking one of these tablets at night will make sure she sleeps well. Do you expect to have more patients come to you? Yes, I think - we have already seen evidence of that in the past month, there have been a number of people make contact over this issue. A number of those people are seriously ill. These are people who are dying. A lot of people are watching very closely to see what happens here. A quick question for you, so, say nanna has the tablets from you and she has got them in she has got them in the she has got them in the cupboard with the intention of helping her to make Sher sleep. How do you make sure they stay there and they are used only by her, she doesn't have a depressed grandchild come and stay with her for a few days and know that they are there. I think that same question can I think that same question can be put to anyone who has prescribed medication in the bedside cabinet. We all have to look out for those things. There are risks with all medication, as a responsible patient, we expect that she will take full care of those drugs. Thank you for your time this morning, Dr Fitzgerald. Thank you. Still ahead - the future for a Dreamworld tiger that's got form. It's now attacked three handlers. But next, the workers sleeping off a big night on the company time. And, Brownlow bombshells. But have the WAGS hijacked tonight's ceremony?

Save up to 50% off absolutely everything in store and online. Sale on now. Dr Philip Nitschke is front-page news this morning after getting the green light to import a drug used in voluntary euthanasia. He's just explained his case for bringing in Nembutal

to help a South Australian woman get to sleep at night. Where do you stand on Dr Nitschke? Should he allowed to import and prescribe Nembutal? And is his warning on the correct dosage enough? He is saying to her, take one at night to help you sleep, anything more will have serious consequences. It's such a device I It's such a device I have issue, isn't it? I mean, it doesn't - it doesn't really matter what type of drug you are talking about in the end, because the issue is such a hard one. I thought your question was really pertinent to him about having if that drug which is obviously clearly dangerous, if it is there in the house, then how do you know that you're - that the of the household will be safe? But then I thought his come you know that you're - that the rest

then I thought his come back was fine because there are plenty of other dangerous drugs that are in the medicine cabinet. Does this need to be addressed in a wider issue? Because it's not being addressed, we have left with Philip Nitschke left running the show. A lot of people watch, termly ill patients die, say something like this sometimes happens. Is it hard to get your head Is it hard to get your head around it unless you have been there. Do you have like a lot of issues, one view, suddenly you are faced with it and your view changes. Alright, we would love to hear from you this morning. Also making news, the workers getting paid to sober up if they fail a breath test when they clock on. Melbourne's 'Herald Sun' says workers at Victoria's troubled Wonthaggi desalination plant, who have a blood alcohol level of 0.02, can sleep off the grog on full pay for two hours

before starting their shift. One un-named worker is accusing colleagues of milking the generous working conditions on the project. So, should employees be paid to sober up if they arrive at work over the limit? You That's a That's a private company. If they want If they want to pay somebody their deal, it's not like the government. It was a deal brokered between the unions and the company itself. But I mean, there is a whole stack of other ones in there. A good perk. It's a beauty. Why don't they just put in a siesta break. A few couches in the office. Those little pods, they have them in Japan. It's revolutionary thinking. I am thinking I am thinking about ourselves. We knew. Between Sunrise and'Today Tonight', Absolutely. A little pod. But if you can't sleep it off for two hours, how do you currently hide it if you've had a big night, not looking around the studio anywhere at all. It's the Brownlow Medal tonight isn't it? A The Brownlow Medal tonight, tomorrow, we are all tomorrow, we are all bound to be talking about more than just the medals. We are going to talk about the fashions displayed on the blue carpet. That's the problem for of the AFL purists, Beretts, for the first time, coverage of the arrivals carpet. That's the problem for some

will be extended, cutting had into the award ceremony by 15 minutes. Has the true meaning of the night been lost? Have the wags hijacked it. Are frocks more fascinating it. Are frocks more fascinating than the awards themselves? This is a serious problem. Fashion has taken over the Brownlow Medal. What's going on. Hang on. It has just added to the attraction of such a great night There you are. The red dress that Rebecca Twigley wore. Who won that year. I couldn't be sure. That's the biggest problem but awards nights by design are boring, if it wasn't for the fashion. That's the biggest problem but

It is great. They do, they do compliment each other compliment each other it's have the girls involved and A bit like tonight. Try and focus on compliment each other it's great to

the medals. Beautifully sat on the fence. Well done.. Ahead, just how many Australians would intervene if they saw a mother hitting her young child? But next, news, sport and weather together. You're watching Sunrise on the Seven Network. Who makes all the little things? The bracelets and the lights?

Who makes rain disappear and budgie smugglers? The cups that make lattes? Who makes decisions, puts sparkles on dresses and turns us orange? Who makes play things, spray things and snow? Who makes snow? And who really cares who makes all of this? We do.

Because we see Australian business.

It's a great place for young children. WOMAN: It's having coffee with your friends. It's affordability. It's riding your bikes to the local parks with the kids. WOMAN: It's friendly, it's safe, it's community-orientated.

WOMAN 2: It's our home. WOMAN 3: It's the quietness of the place. It's amazingly friendly. WOMAN: It's about family.

It's just lovely here. VOICEOVER: It's a fact - it's the life at a Lend Lease community.

Display village now open at Springbank Rise, Canberra.

An armed teenager has been shot and wounded after approaching police in Sydney's west overnight. Officers were responding to reports of a break-in at Colyton when the incident occurred. Sunrise correspondent Edwina Bartholomew is there. Nat, details of what happened here at Holm Street in Colyton are still emerging. Around 1 am, police responded to reports of an armed robbery. By the time they got here, the three armed men had already fled the scene. At that point they the scene. At that point they were confronted by a 19-year-old man, a resident of the home that was robbed. We understand he was carrying a knife and he refused to put that weapon down. A shot was fired. He was counselleded in the stomach and taken to Westmead Hospital. Police have been removing bags of evidence for the past few

hours. A critical investigation unit has been established to look at this incident. Another resident of incident. Another resident of the home, a woman has been taken to Nepean hospital in shock. The other occupants are helping police with their inquiries. Nat. their inquiries. Nat.. . Right-to-die campaigner Dr Phillip Nitschke is being allowed to import a drug sometimes used in voluntary euthanasia. The drug Nembutal is intended for a terminally ill woman She'll have to sign a legal document saying she's aware of the risks involved

with taking more than the recommended dose to help her sleep. This is one of the best sleeping tablets known and we'll make quite sure she has access to it. Dr Nitschke's been warned action could be taken against him if the drug is misused. A suicide bomber in Indonesia has attacked a Christian church in Central Java, killing at least one person. The bomber, believed to be an Islamic militant, blew himself up outside the Protestant church as worshippers were leaving after Sunday services. The explosion injured about 20 people. The attack occurred in Solo, the hometown of jailed radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. Indonesia's president has ordered an investigation. A small plane carrying tourists to Mount Everest has crashed in Nepal, killing all 19 people onboard.

Two Americans were among the victims who died when the turboprop plane went down while trying to land in foggy conditions. One man was rescued but died later in hospital. Witnesses say the aircraft split into pieces after hitting the roof of a house in a small village. In finance news:

Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse.

Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Manly centre Steve Matai says he's relieved and excited after being cleared to play in Sunday's NRL Grand Final. Matai was placed on report after he appeared to slide into Brisbane's Jharal Yow Yeh with his knees on Friday night. But the charge was dropped. Team-mate Tony Williams will also be able to play

if he pleads guilty to a grade-2 careless high tackle. Collingwood fans are contemplating a future without Mick Malthouse. He's confirmed that after 600 games and 3 flags He's hinted at it before but this time his mind is made up. and somewhere down here says, "Perhaps" but I'm saying right now there's no perhaps. This is no. It's extra incentive for the Magpies heading into Saturday's AFL Grand Final against Geelong. The marathon world record has been shattered by a Kenyan runner. Patrick Makau finished the Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, 3 minutes and 38 seconds. That's 21 seconds better than the old mark set by Ethiopian superstar Haile Gebrselassie. Sadly, Gebrselassie failed to finish the race, breaking down at the 35km mark. Despite the disappointment he says he's still aiming to qualify for the London Olympics. Let's see how the footy tips went. Wins to Collingwood and Geelong in the AFL saw the boys correctly tip both games. The girls got one from two after West Coast was beaten. The girls also correctly tipped Manly over Brisbane in the NRL.

But neither of us tipped New Zealand's win. So with just the grand finals to go, the boys have retained a 10-point lead. We're on 249 while the girls are on 239. They are far from done. We will put ten points, why don't you you double up. Ten points a I'm the independent p judge. Ten points a game Ten points. Righto. Each game. Good. Sorry, Kochie. Now to Grant and today's weather. I reckon there is that moment in every parent's life where you want them to pick up an art. When a child brings home an instrument, it's a proud day, unless of proud day, unless of course that instrument is something as something as loud as this drum. Can you imagine what it it's like when your son or daughter goes guess what? I've joined a new group. And they are all coming over to practise this afternoon. are all coming over to practise this afternoon at our house? Mum, do you have any Panadol because it will be quite an experience. This is big drums for small people. A very have any Panadol because it will be

unique energetic experience for a bunch of judge kids between the ages of 10 and 25. Are being pulled together for special workshops to get the experience of the high energy of tyke owe drumming. It will culminate in a huge experience next Friday Friday and Saturday at the Jones Sutherland centre in Western Sydney. This Sutherland centre in Western Sydney. This is just part of many events that are happening right across Sydney. This is hard to fit in for the school After our latest look at the weather, a big, big, announcement. Stick around for this, it will be huge. You will love it. Let's look now.

Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. The upper system that's responsible for the wet weekend weather over eastern New South Wales is clearing out to sea, meaning more settled conditions to come. Fine and warm conditions continuing through much of Queensland. A trough over South Australia And a cold front over southern WA is bringing a few showers and cooler conditions. Fine in Brisbane. Staying warm and clear until Thursday when some late thundery rain develops. Partly cloudy for Sydney. Similar conditions tomorrow, with rain developing on Wednesday. Partly cloudy in Canberra. Rain developing during the middle of the week before coming colder by Friday with isolate showers. Partly cloudy in Melbourne. A morning shower or two is possible tomorrow, with rain hanging around for the rest of the week.

Cloudy in Hobart. A late shower or two developing tomorrow It should ease by Friday. Cloudy, with a possible shower in Adelaide. A fine and sunny day tomorrow before some wet and chilly conditions move in towards the end of the week. A few showers in Perth. Showers again tomorrow before becoming fine on Wednesday. Rain returning by the end of the week. A possible shower for Darwin. Isolated showers continuing throughout the week. More details on our website for what you might be able to do with the kids with 50 events right throughout Sydney. Now for that announcement. Get ready for this. Get ready for this.... Get ready for this..... (drums drown out Grant's voice) out Grant's voice). Oh my gosh. Thank you, Grant. That's an exclusive. Details on the website. Details on the website.. . That's exactly what they need down at that desalination plant for the workers who turn up drunk. That would get them to work very quickly. Sunrise and Vaalia have joined together to bring you the Campaign for Happiness. This week's happiness tip is to start a new book. Try to make some time to pick up novel, find a quiet space and escape. Aim to get through a chapter a day I've just finished the Bear Grylls book and now I've started a book about television, I have learned survival techniques to get through the week. I love T that's a I love T that's a really nice thing to do, find a bit of time to escape. Each week we're giving you the chance to share in a $2,000 cash prize thanks to Vaalia. To enter, just head to the Sunrise website and tell us the one thing in the world that makes you happy. We'll announce our weekly winner on Friday. After the break - will Judd get the goods at tonight's Brownlow Medal ceremony? And, the race of his life.

It was written. You shouldn't have confessed up. Surf Life Saving killed Saxon and I'll never forgiven them for it, ever. Shattered parents hit out over their son's death.

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as we take a look through the Jetstar skycam. Sunny and 25 today. Right now it's 16 degrees. The parents of teenage ironman, Saxon Bird have blamed the stupidity of Surf Life Saving officials for their son's death. Speaking for the first time since a coronial inquest, Phil and Dana Bird revealed to Seven's 'Sunday Night' that they wish they could have stopped their son from competing in the national titles last year. It's a tough sport, yes, and that's what the challenge is all about There's a difference between tough and stupidity. Saxon was killed after being struck in the head by a surf ski in cyclonic seas off the Gold Coast. He was knocked unconscious just as officials were about to call off his event.

As I said to the detective that night, Surf Life Saving killed Saxon And I'll never forgive them for it, ever. At the inquest into his death, Coroner Michael Barnes recommended that Surf Life Saving Australia review the safety section in their surf sports manual to ensure event organisers were "directed to focus on safety". We invited Surf Life Saving Australia

to come on the show this morning but they declined. But here with us is the reporter of the 'Sunday Night' story, Robert Ovida. Good morning, Rob. Surf Life Saving Australia has issued a statement about the story. What did it have to say? They have issued a statement. They have denied any wrong doing. They have said that they would like to let the findings of the coroner speak for them. Interestingly enough, they had issued a press release I guess, respond to go that story which has been their mode US Open RAR difficulty right from the beginning. These will not front a camera. We asked them three times during the course of an interview Surf Life Saving for comment. Three times they refused. Once again, in during the course of an interview on

response to the program last night, they issued a statementment this sentence caught my eye. sentence caught my eye surf lifesaving Australia shares the family's grieve but doesn't feel it's right to discuss it through the media. it's right to discuss it through the media." it's right to discuss it through the media.". The family says they have not been nearly hands on enough with them in dealing with this tragedy, beyond that's the fact that surf lifesaving says it's inappropriate to discuss the matter through the media, we thought that was the ultimate arbiters of that would be the parents and they are more than happy to discuss it through the media they would like surf lifesaving to be interviewed. We haven't heard from Phil and Danna until now. Why have they decided to talk about it? They have remained a digified silence. I caught their attention when I write an article. Just not even allow the friends to speak to the media that was what I the time. I got a torrent of information from people in the clubs the media that was what I wrote at

right around the one right around the country after that. It caught Phil and Danna's eyes as well. They got in contact with me. They said they would not say a thing until the coroner had made his finding but when they did after the inquest, they really let finding but when they did speak fly. You also provided quite an incite into how Saxo, into how Saxon was feeling on the day he died. Did you - did he or anyone else decide they want to go into the water? This is the culture, that if a race is on, you are going to race. We spoke to a number of competitors, Patrick, one of his good mates. They don't question it for a second. They believe there is a duty of care through organisers. If organisers say it's alright to race, you race. If they feel under threat, they still race. It's a macho sport. These guys for train for months and months, for hours on end. This is The culmination of a lot of work they will press ahead. The culmination of a lot of work and Such a tragic story it was so terribly sad. Well done and good to talk to you. Here is Matt. As Collingwood and Geelong prepare for Saturday's AFL Grand Final, attention is on tonight's Brownlow Medal. Chris Judd and Adam Goodes are vying to become only the fifth player to win the Medal three times. Joining us now are Sunrise sport's Jim Wilson and, from Melbourne, Seven AFL commentator Tom Harley. Good morning. Judd is currently favourite with the bookies, with Goodes second favourite. Scott Pendlebury is the only player at odds under $10. Tom, who's your tip for the Brownlow? Look, I think those odds are pretty much right there. Adam Goodes had a fantastic last month or so to the season, playing forth swans and much right there. Adam Goodes has

could come home with a flurry but I guess often with seasons when they pan out, you forget how good the form was of Chris Judd. I reckon from rounds through from 6 to 18, he will get a stack of votes. I wouldn't mind seeing a tie between goods and Judd. But if I have to pick one, I'ming with Juddy. I would be too but I wouldn't Bee grudge Adam Goodes, hi think that triple Brownlow Medallist sits very nicely with their names. Marc Murphy, I thought in Murphy, I thought in the first of the year, I thought he would be Murphy, I thought in the first half winning it. That will be interesting to see how many votes he takes off goods. Murphy as an outsider. I think they will pole very well. Collingwood, I mean, they have got about 4 of them, Pendlebury, Swan, they will all poll well but it's like gel, that whole culture where they takes votes off each other. It might be interesting to cigary Ablett with the Suns, he won't get the three, they only one 3 games. Another one to watch. Is a night like tonight for the players a disruption heading into the Grand Final on Saturday? It's probably more a disrupg for the Geelong players to be honest because obviously Geelong is an hour the highway, drive in, drive out. It's a big night regardless. I don't obviously Geelong is an hour down

think it's going to play a huge part in who withins the Grand Final on the Saturday. If you Did a straw pole of the players playing in Grand Final, they would prefer not to go. By the same token, it's part pole of the players playing in the

of Grand Final, it's one of the great weeks on the sporting calendar, just to be a part of it, drinking water

drinking water means you are in the Grand Final. I think it's a great way to drinking water means you are playing

Grand Final week. It's only an hour's drive. They can put out on a I think it's a great way to start

Monday night, tonight on Seven, it's a amazing in Melbourne, I've been to about 6 of them, you think, but it is gripping. It does get you. It gets you in, certainly tonight when we start in Round 1. C Judd 3 votes, we have only got 23 rounds to go but it's good theatre. You are talking about Geelong just an hour down the road. On the NRL we have now got the Warriors in Grand Final against Manly. New Zealand are going home, they are have now got the Warriors in the

going to have have to

going to have have to back or stay here? It's extraordinary the amount of travelling they are doing. I think they will stay here once they lob here for the Grand Final Breakfast. Look at this. This is the reception at Auckland airport. I think it was a really smart move. It's a good morale booster. Thee guys are bolted, I have discounted them against the West Tigers. Shaun Johnson is a superstar in the making. You know what, Manly will start favourites but they will - this mob will have a devent contract Can you not discount them against the Sea Eagles. No, I know you love them but I won't do that. Who will the public get behind in this Grand Final do you reckon seeing that everyone hates. It's like Manly and Collingwood, you will be cheers like crazy, even though Manly is the only Sydney side in t ever Parramatta Dragons supporters will be jumping on the Warriors. Monday's tips. I'm going with Collingwood and Manly. Tommy. I'll go with Geelong obviously, I think they are going to get the chocolates on Saturday and I saw the Warriors play on Saturday night, I am tipping an upset. Does Stevie J play, That's the big question, it wouldn't be a Grand Final week without a question like that. I don't think so. He would need to be as close to 100% right, to get up. I know that he won't leave any stone unturned. Stevie J and Darren Jolly both in doubt. Have a good night at the Brownlow Medal and the Grand Final. Sprucing up. News is next. Then, Coke versus Pepsi. Their billion-dollar battle for your tastebuds. And, white girls can rap. Actress Betty White "gets down" when Sunrise continues.

Nelson Aspen joins us. And 90-year old actress Betty White continues to break the mould? How can she top herself? She keeps raising the bar. Now she together with European pop star, raising the bar. Now she got luciana and a Bee a con South Africa tore and recorded a rap song. Here is your first look at and sounds at I'm still hot. I'm still hot..

# I'm still a Golden Girl # I may be a senior girl # I'm still hot. # #

Well f that doesn't get your pulse racing, they will Wenn you'll just have to wait another ten years for her Sven ten yal. You hate to see what she will do when she hits the century. Nelson, you've also got our first

first look at Anne Hathaway in a very tight Catwoman suit. This is a bit after controversy about casting Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, such a iconic role but some pictures from the set have emerged of her in the cat suit. These are candid shots from the set. There will be of course art direction and lighting and all those sweet things, do

sweet things, do you love her or hate her? It's hard to compare Halle Berry or Michelle Pfeiffer. How do you think she rates at hate her? It's hard to compare to

Catwoman. Fine? She looks amazing. We will wait and see you know. Reserve never know. see you know. Reserve judgment. You never know.. Getting her claws out. That bike is pretty fantastic. I am a purist. I go back to Julie

I am a purist. I go back to Julie Numar. Talk about saving money too onward robe. I am Halle Berry, Way back. Nelson is showing his age. He is just a Hollywood purchasist. Now, still ahead on Sunrise this morning. The gamble that could cost Julia Gillard her job. Cops gun down a man

while responding to reports of a break-in in Sydney's west. More trouble for the former AFL manager. The tiger who turned on his Dreamworld handler again. # I can't be the only one # . Where they are now? Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Matt and Mel. Good morning, also coming up, the bosses paying workers to sober up. But right now it's time for more details on a police shooting in Sydney overnight. A critical incident team has been set up to investigate a police shooting in Sydney's west overnight. Officers were responding to a break-in at a house in Colyton

when they were confronted by an armed man. The 19-year-old, who was an occupant of the home, was shot once in the stomach. He's been taken to Westmead Hospital where he's undergoing surgery for a non-life-threatening wound. Police are searching for three armed men who'd earlier broken into the home. We'll go live to the scene in 10 minutes.

Police have charged a man over a deadly daylight shooting in Sydney's west yesterday. Authorities found the man's body in a gutter at the bottom of a driveway in Bonnyrigg. Neighbours say they heard fighting before loud gunshots rang out. A loud, loud bang, a very loud bang and then I came out and saw the blue, the blue ribbon. The 20-year-old man has been refused bail

and is due to face Central Local Court today. With more, we're joined by Roxanne Kelley from customs. Good morning. What sort of disruptions can passengers expect? We expect that there will be delays at

at international airports from tomorrow. Travellers who are using Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Cairns airports should give us some more time in give us some more time in terms of being able to process them. We are encouraging people who are booked on international flights tomorrow to to the airport early so that they can be processed as quickly as international flights tomorrow to go


Will domestic passengers also be affected? No, this is only affecting international airports. OK, Sydney can expect more strikes later in the week. When will that happen? Sydney will also be having some stoppages on Thursday and Saturday. That's international as well? International airport only, yes. OK so the word is give yourself time. Thank you Roxanne from customs.

AFL club presidents will meet today to begin planning a campaign against the federal government's poker machine reforms. The NRL has already begun running ads, warning the government's measures will cost clubs and the game dearly. It may be grand final week but the NRL has its sights set on another showdown. The federal government wants to introduce laws that will hurt clubs and will hurt rugby league. It's launched an advertising campaign against the federal government's proposed pokie reforms. Now AFL clubs are ready to join the fight. There was a ballot in place to obtain pokie machines We had to put up a lot of money to be able to buy poker machines. Long term leases are a problem. and also long-term leases are in play so, no doubt it's a serious issue. They're opposing the pre-commitment scheme which would force punters to set a limit on how much they want to gamble before they play. You don't help a problem gambler by giving them a gambling card It'll cost billions of dollars and that's money that won't be available to fund our great game. Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, who's threatened to withdraw support for the government if the reforms don't go ahead, says he's deeply disappointed by the Opposition. The people in those sports bodies are leaders in our community. I had hoped

they would put business interests and profit to the side and come onboard. By the AFL clubs declaring war on poker machines they're, in effect, declaring war on their own problem gamblers. While AFL club presidents will meet today, the AFL itself isn't backing them, tweeting -

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has received a hero's welcome in the West Bank. Thousands gathered to cheer his return following a historic speech to the UN on Friday. Abbas had put in a formal bid to the UN to grant his country full membership. A decision from the UN is expected to take weeks. Three Siberian Tiger cubs have made their public debut at a Russian zoo. They were born on August 5. As one of the world's rarest species, the trio is quickly becoming the zoo's main attraction. With a tradition for giving tigers floral names, the cute cubs are called Cactus, Jasmine and Narcissus. In finance news:

The race is now on for tickets to Saturday's decider. Only 27,000 are available and some hardcore fans have been camping out in Geelong Among them, a very brave Collingwood supporter. It's good fun listening to everyone saying we will win and we will do that, who is we?

that, who is we?. Don says he's been to the last 45 Grand Finals in a row and he isn't about to miss out this time. Before the final, Brownlow Medal night, of course, Beretts. AFL captains Chris Judd and Adam Goodes are the favourites for tonight's Brownlow medal. If either Judd or Goodes wins the coveted prize they'll join an elite group of just four players to win it three times.

The Carlton captain is favourite with the bookies to make it back to back Brownlows. I would like to see Juddie win his third, obviously, being a close friend. But my tips would be Goodes, Murphy and the roughie - Pridda. You can see all the Brownlow action here on Seven and 7Mate. Check local guides for details. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

will take time out from the Rugby World Cup to cheer on the Warriors in Sunday's NRL Grand Final. He hopes recent adversity in New Zealand will spur on the Warriors to an upset win against Manly. If the Warriors win it'll be the first time the NRL trophy has ever left Australia. Meantime, NRL judiciary chairman Greg McCallum has defended his decision not to charge Manly's Steve Matai over this incident in Friday's win over the Broncos..

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel will have to wait until next week in Japan from pole to the chequered flag for his ninth win of the season. He would have wrapped the title but for McLaren's Jenson Button who finished second. I'm very pleased and for the championship, yes, looks like we have another chance at the next race. Aussie Mark Webber finished third and it was another disappointing race for Michael Schumacher who crashed out on lap 30 after clipping the back of Sergio Perez's car. Australia Matt Goss getting silver medal. Mark Cavendish getting the gold. But a great result. Australia Matt Goss getting the

A lot of sport going on. A lot going on. The big question this time of year. Well, the children's festival, 50,000 kids, 50 events, 40 of them free. They are partnered with five venues it brings out the kid in all of us, including

of us, including our own weather team. Lee is doing well. He is doing well. The bloke who turned up for late, that's his dedication there Let me know when we're on air, mate, I'll come over to the camera. You can see the camera doesn't follow. No, nothing. At all. Just, - doesn't matter where we are, doesn't matter

matter what we are doing, he is over there. Let's look at the national forecast. At least he's having fun. I'm getting really good at it, mate, really good. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Fine in Cairns. Sunny in Mackay. Blue skies in Toowoomba. Fine in Brisbane. A possible shower or two on the Gold Coast. Fine in Bourke. A shower or two in Coffs Harbour.

Partly cloudy in Tamworth. Mostly sunny in Orange. Cloudy for Sydney. A little grey in Canberra. Mostly sunny in Wagga Wagga. in Ballarat. A few showers in Bendigo. Partly cloudy in Melbourne. Cloudy in Bairnsdale. after some morning fog. Cloudy in Hobart.

The chance of a late shower in Mt Gambier. Cloudy, a possible shower in Adelaide. Becoming fine in Ceduna. Cloudy in Alice Springs. A possible shower for Darwin. And over to Western Australia - A few showers and the chance of a storm in Albany. Showers easing in Perth. Sunny in Karratha. Fine in Exmouth.

Unbelievably yes, I meends Grant. I could make tens and tens of dollars doing this. Unfortunately they get paid for this Australia, we will see new half an hour. Just how you can inspire your children in the school holidays. I am thinking I might get uncle Lee and uncle Grant and uncle Reece to mind the kids I just want to put a broom

I just want to put a broom handle in his wheel. You're ville. See you boy, have fun. The Prime Minister has some powerful new enemies as she pushes ahead with pokie reforms. Both the NRL and AFL are using grand final week to claim the reforms will cost them more than just money. Who voted to jeopardise the future of our great game? It's un-Australian. The football codes join Clubs Australia. It's launched a massive campaign against the changes which are being driven by Independent Andrew Wilkie. They're opposing the pre-commitment scheme, which would force punters to declare how much they're prepared to lose before they start playing. We are better off spending $3 million on better counselling than we are spending $3 billion on this experimental technology.

AFL clubs will meet today to discuss their strategy. Independent Andrew Wilkie joins me now from Hobart. Good morning to you. This has become a powerful lobby group against Julia Gillard. How confident are you that you'll get the reforms you want? Mel, I remain very confident. Not only are these well thought out reforms but at every turn, the Federal government has done the right thing by me. For Julia

Gillard, for Jenny Macklin, this right thing by me. For Julia isn't just about honouring an agreement with me, it's about introducing harm ministerisation measures. It's not just about requiring gamblers to set a limit. The other part of the reform, which has been written out of the industry's narrative is that machines on which you bet $ machines on which you bet $1 or less won't be part of mandatory pre commitment. The 88% of Australians who currently gamble $ who currently gamble $1 or less per spin, they won't require a card. You won't hear that from an industry that has been so dishonest, to scare members and staff. Who do we believe in this? I've got to admit, as a non-gam letter, as a voter. We hear from you one side,

hear from clubs Australia another side. We hear that 15% of people are regular gamblers? Look, I think it's worthwhile to go back to the original productivity mission report which came out mid last year. The productivity commission is hardly a bleeding hearts commission. Two of its recommendations were that people

recommendations were that people who want to play high intensity poker machines should be required to identify how much they are prepared to lose before they start gambling and that the system should lock them out when they reach that system. No one goes to the pub or the club or casino, they go there with the intention ever acting sensibly. They start to chase their losses, they get into that zone and they end up losing everything. That's where pre commitment,

commitment, that's why we see it as such a important tool. So too special provision for recreational gamblers, it's a recommendation. They are not Andrew gamblers, it's a productivity Wilkie's ideas, they are not the government's ideas. You've just to be very careful about listening to a industry for whom this is all government's ideas. You've just have

about profit and the bottom line and not about the welfare

not about the welfare of Australia 95,000 problem gamblers. You referred there to the Salvation Army not being onboard with this, that's another area in which the industry is misleading people. The fact is, the Salvation Army is in two zones in Australia. One zone is fully behind mandatory pre commitment, the other zone has not rejected it, it has simply said it would like to see more trials before it endorses it. Weigh all up that against

Weigh all up that against the it will have on the sporting Weigh all up that against the impact industry. Eddy Maguire is calling it attack Os footy. Eddy I am sure is a good man. He knows that is misleading. It's out of order for him to be using such inflammatory language. It's also out of order for Jeff Kennett, for a man who has done so much good work for people with mental illness, he should know that problem gam

knowledge is a major source of should know that problem gam mental illness. I think the prubl interest if these representatives of a multi billion industry started focussing more on the people who are affected. We are talking, mums, dads, brothers and sisters, work colleagues, friends, 95,000 people out there who are problem letters on poker machines and the industry should work with out there who are problem gam

industry should work with me to bring in some harm ministerisation measures. Reports that Tony Abbott has told his MPs to prepare for a snap pole with Kevin Rudd as Labor leader and without a carbon tax without a carbon tax. If you walk out on the Gillard government, is that what we will see at the next election? Look, I've said repeatedly that I will be very hard pressed to support a replacement of Julia

a replacement of Julia Gillard. My assessment is the most likely outcome from here is that this Parliament will run three years. It's in the government's interest that it runs three years, it's in my interest that it runs three years. All the four cross benches have made it clear our support is with Julia Gillard. I have made it clear that I would be hard pressed to support a successor. Who knows what will happen. Give me two hypothetically, the pokie

pokie reform doesn't get up, and two credit, is leader before the end of the year. What do you do? Everybody knows the bottom line about the poker machine reform. Government has shown a good amount of goodwill. There are more than 20 people working on this. I think they will get up, I think the numbers are on the cross bench. I think the overwhelming majority of Australians want the reforms to succeed cease. As far as Julia Gillard being toppled or her toppled or her resigning, I can't comment on that. It comment on that. It depends on numerous circumstances Hang on, I want you to because you are kind of holding the power in your hands. We want to know. Yeah, but I can't answer that question, Mel. I understand why you would like an answer, I would to be able to answer it. I need to would like an answer, I would like know the circumstances in Julia Gillard might resign or be toppled. I need to know who know the circumstances in which

leader of the opposition is at the time, there toppled. I need to know who the

time, there would presumably be another period of negotiations. It depends on those negotiations but I do think at the moment that media is beating this up. I think the majority - the clear majority in

majority - the clear majority in the ALP is what they need is re bed these down, let us live with them. Andrew, thank you for your time this morning. Thank you, Mel. Thank you, Mel.. A teenager's had surgery after being shot by police in Sydney's west.

Officers were responding to a reported break-in at Colyton overnight when the shooting happened. Sunrise correspondent Edwina Bartholomew is there. Good morning. What more do we know about the incident? What we know is that at 1 am this morning, two uniformed officers responded to reports of an armed break in here at a home on Holm Street in Colyton Street in Colyton in Sydney's west. By the time they got here, the three armed men had already fled the scene but at that but at that point, they were con r confronted bay 19-year-old wielding a weapon, what we understand was a knife. He was actually a resident of the home that was targeted. Here is what police had to say this morning. The person Ho received the gun shot wound is a person from the home. It's a case of the person approaching police who was the time. And police have fired one It's a case of the person

approaching police who was armed at shot. That one shot that was fired hit in the stomach, Matt and he was taken immediately to Westmead That one shot that was fired hit him

Hospital. So we understand he has had surgery. Do So we understand he has had surgery. Do we know what condition the teenager is? The hospital says he is in a stable condition. A woman was taken to Nepean hospital suffering from shock and the rest of and the rest of the residents have also been taken to the local police station where they are assisting police. Police won't say if they knew the family, if they knew the people who have lived here. They have been very cagey about the details they release about this. Thank you for the update. Disgraced AFL player manager Ricky Nixon is in the headlines again this morning. Nixon was questioned by police over an incident at the weekend. It's believed he was interviewed over an alleged assault.

It comes after a horror year for Nixon, which saw him stripped of his player agent licence. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner is outside police headquarters in Melbourne. Nuala, do we have any details on what's alleged to have happened? Morning, Mel, police say this matter is still under investigation so they can't give out too many details. However, they did release a statement confirming that they were investigating an investigating an alleged assault that took place in Port Melbourne on Saturday night involving a 48-year-old man, Nixon said on the incident are just that, reports. It seems according to 48-year-old man, Nixon said reports

today's paper, his girlfriend has been more forthcoming. She said all reports have been blown out of proportion. Basically, she Nixon and some friends, went some friends, went back to her apartment. Nixon hasn't liked it. He has asked one of the guest toss leave. That guests hasn't liked that and an altercation has broken out. No punches were thrown but the police were called in to investigate. No charges have been laid. It's unfortunate that Nixon is making the headlines again. Just last month, he made the news for allegedly driving while unregistered. Then back in unregistered. Then back in March of this year he was stripped hifs player manager accreditation for at least two years after the Players Association found he had inappropriate dealings with a 17-year-old girl. He it seems he is on a good wicket with this new relationship. She is a dental surgery manager I should say. She said while she was skeptical at first about the relationship, now it's turned into something serious. All the best All the best to them. That is a very good way to leave it Nuala, thank you for your time. to you soon. Nuala, thank you for your time. Talk to you soon.. A Dreamworld tiger handler is recovering in hospital on the Gold Coast this morning, after being bitten by one of the big cats. The handler received two puncture wounds to the calf. It's the second time in four months that Kato, the 160-kilo Bengal, has bitten a handler. In May, Daniel Jans received five deep puncture wounds

to his thigh and calf. Kato also nipped a staff member on the back of the leg in 2003. Joining me now is the life sciences manager at Dreamworld, Al Mucci. Good morning, Al. First of all, is there any update on the handler's condition? Good morning, yeah, I do. I spoke to the handler last night and the medical doctor at the Gold Coast hospital as advised that today, he should be fit to go home. So they have basically cleaned out the wound, the wound stays open while they wash it out and last night the doctor advised we will see how it heals overnight. Should be fit to home. All good forth handle letter. heals overnight. Should be fit to go Any time a tiger is going to bite somebody, no matter what, it's reported as an attack. How did you see it? Is see it? Is it a nip or playful? It's definitely not that. When you are dealing with nearly 200 kilo see it? Is it a nip or playful?

animal, any bumps and knocks that you get, you are going to - it's going to hurt. So when a tiger bumps or knocks you it hurts. You know, when they do feel a bit frustrated and turn, it hurts on the and turn, it hurts on the ham letters but the handlers, letters but the handlers, expect this. It's part of the John. They understand that when you are dealing with large animals like this. It's all part of the job. This tiger has had a couple of nips before at a couple of handlers, is there a point where you say, this animal may be too dangerous? Well, whatever is frustrating this tiger, it's a behaviour issue but it's not at the handle letters it's not at the handle letters themselves. There is something frustrating the tiger but it's frustrating the tiger but it's not frustrating the tiger but it's not at the handler's experience so we will have a good review of the procedures and the circumstances surrounding the incident and you know, try and ascertain what is making the tiger behave in this manner. Good news the hanl handler is OK. We wish you all the best with the tiger, trying to get through on it's issues. Thank you, Al. Here is Mel. A billion dollar cola war between two of the world's biggest brands is headed to the Federal Court. Coca-Cola claims Pepsi has ripped off the design of its famous contour bottle. It's had the curvy shape trademarked since 1934. The cola industry is worth a staggering $950 million in Australia. Coke currently has 70% of the market. Advertising expert Jane Caro is here. Jane, does Coca-Cola have a strong case? It's interesting, isn't it? I mean, I can't imagine that have come up with that bottle I can't imagine that Pepsi would without realising that it was trademarked and they were sailing close to the wind. So they must have checked it out very carefully. That's why it's gone to the courts. I don't know if they have got a case. Companies with brands are like with brands as precious as coke, they are like rot we willers on the other side of the fence. They defend their territory like you wouldn't believe. This brand coke is worth so much money, not just the $ much money, not just the $950 million you mentioned but billions and billions of dollars on its own, just the brand, the logo, the look of it, all the things they have established for so long, they will fight fiercely to maintain that territory because it's so valuable to them. It's almost priceless. There are other brands that do similar things, veef has trademarked a particular shade of orange, you can not use it because they own that brand. Harley have trademarked the sound of their ex house. sound of their ex house house. So if any bike sounds the same, they can do something about it. This is protecting long expensively built up brands that really resonate in the public Then on the flipside, Mortein is being accused of tricking its audience after saying it's going to kill off Louie the Fly. Does that in turn damage the brand? I think it does. I think this stunned, if it is a stunt because Mortein are denying that it's a stunt. They are saying they are reacting to public out cry. Who knows what is right and what is wrong. I am usually of the opinion that if it's a choice between a conspiracy and something clever, it's a stuff up rather, it's usually the stuff up. But in this particular case, I'm a little bit wary of the timing. It's just happening case, I'm a little bit wary because just before what happens, fly season. It does worry me ever so slightly. I hope it's not a trick because I think it debases the currency and it makes us all feel, it leaves us with a nasty taste in our mouth. Our emotions have been manipulated. I think advertisers should stop doing T it's part of should stop doing T it's part of the desperation of trying to get our attention. Be clever, not deceitful. That is the thought of the day, thank you, Jane. thank you, Jane.. I like it. Nice to have you join us. have you join us.. I will leave you with that one, Matt. Later - should Facebook be banned for children? Plus, 65 and she's still got it. Dolly Parton is soon on Sunrise. In Prime7 news.. As debate heats up over Labor's controversial carbon tax and Malaysia asylum seeker swap deal.. environmental politics and refugees will be hot topics at a conference which kicks off at Old

Parliament House today. Several ANU professors and students will also debate other hot topics.. like gender politics.. and our atheist Prime Minister. After more than a decade of planning. . work'll finally get started on the Yass Dam wall today. The project.. which

missed out on much-needed government cash.. is expected to take about a year and a half to finish. It's

needed.. to ensure water security for the growing Yass Valley.

And Capital Football reps will meet with Canberra FC management tonight.. for talks on how to avoid ugly crowd behaviour.. after fans hurled abuse during a recent match. The team's copped about 17 grand in fines and a good behaviour bond. They've also been Who has it for $219? SONG: # Dick does! # And they lived happily ever after. If you love travel you'll love this card. For more details and to apply visit Good morning, Melbourne, through our Jetstar Skycam, clouding over for the first day of Good morning, Melbourne, looking

working week. Heading for a top of over for the first day of the 22 degrees. Right now it's 11. Chilly start to Brownlow Medal night in Melbourne. Late - unknown and sometimes untalented. The everyday people who've become stars on YouTube. But first it's over to Nat for the news. AFL boss Andrew Demetriou and club presidents will meet in Melbourne today to map out a campaign

against the government's planned poki