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(generated from captions) Hello. I am Leila McKinnon. Welcome

to A Current Affair. Coming up

tonight - it is D-day for Dick

Smith. Fed up with his food

business, the Aussie icon is set to

end his empire. Inside Scientology's front row, the

record-breaking footy star who gave

it all up for God.

The A to Z of aches to pains - our

guide to finding the best-value

pain relievers. It is the perfect

park - the hands-free family car

that gets you into the tightest

spots. And buckle up because Brynne

is frocking up for football's night

of nights. When Dick Smith says he

has just about had enough, you know

he means it. Fed up with cheaper

overseas imports, he's told A

Current Affair he is giving the

home-grown food business one last


Australian-made, Australian proud,

mitt Smith is rallying the troops.

By the way, this is our new product.

It is called Dick Smith's

(CHEERING) beetroot. magnificent Australian-grown

It may not look like it, but this

is Dick's D-day. Is this the last

hoorah for Dick Smith Foods? This

is the last hoorah for Dick Smith

Foods. If we can't succeed this

time, it is closing down and going

forever. When he launched it 12

years ago, we all promised to be

loyal to those true-blue Aussie-

made, Aussie-owned products, but we

and the supermarkets have let Dick

down. People told me I should shut

down Dick Smith Foods. It's gone

from $80 million turnover to

million. We all like to say we try

and buy Australian, but farmer Ed

Fagen will tell you otherwise. If

no-one buys it, we can't just leave

it here. We will have to plough it

in. All of the hard work is wasted?

We have 00 tonnes here without a

home. Yet, the stuff from overseas

can get in here and we are going to

plough in Australian products?

That's correct. How does that make

you feel? Gutted. In talking to the

big supermarket buyers, they say,

"Dick, we would like to support

Australian food, but the customers

but on price. The cheapest they

buy." I can't work that out. People

don't buy the cheapest pet food or

cars, why would they buy the

cheapest food for their kids? Walk

into Aldi, there it is. Beetroot

for 75 cents a can. Coal and

Woolies matched it straight away.

All good news for our consumers,

hey? Dick says don't be fooled. How

does a 75 cent can of beetroot help

Australia? It hurts Australia

because basically it is being sold

below cost. So this mad supermarket

war we have got on, we all think it

will save us money. It won't. It

willdary Australia as we know it

today. All of the wonderful Australian production - the

producers will go out of business

and everything will come from

overseas. That is what you find in

Aldi and more and more in coal and

Woolies as our retailers and foreign-food manufacturers source

the cheapest food from around the

world. Who benefits from that? The

multi-national companies that are

based overseas. I just saw products

from Woolworths which come from

Swaziland? 0% of the people get

less than $1.50 a day. How can

Australian farmers compete with

that? So Dick is on a mission to

save his food company - a field of

bate root to boot. Dick Smith. Hi.

What are you about to do in Plough

in a crop of beetroot. Unbelievable.

You just wait here and I am going

to try and do something about that.

Dick got wind of id's polite and he

for one just shouldn't see that

happening. I am going to hand you a

cheque, I am going to because the

crop. Yep. Then we are going to try

and sell it. $80,000 and we have

going to make sure that you can

stay in business. If the low prices

and the low below cost pricing

continues, Australian food

manufacturers will go out of business. Jim McKenzie is an

endangered species. He runs the

very last Australian-owned can are,

Windsor Farm. He says if foreigners

keep selling overseas product here

below cost, short -term gain will

be long-term pain. There will be no

outlet for Australian farmers. Long

term there will be no Australian food businesses running and

eventually when there is no

competition, the prices will go

back up again. Guess where our food

will come from then? In China, they

use chemicals that have been banned

here for over 25 years. Heavy, hard

chemicals that have been banned for

a long time. This crop has

independent had one spray on it,

not one. Ed has seen the evidence

first-hand. This is pickles that

are in a Britain ready to come down

to Australia. That was being --

Australians ate that? We were taken

through this plant as guests to see

the standards they were sending us

and what this photo doesn't

describe is the smell. It was

horrendous. Just the filth left

behind. No food safety standards at

all. The factories open so there

are birds flying in and out of the

factory. No water in stainless

steel tanks like in Australia, but

a bunker. They chucked in wood with

concrete on top of the Britain. I

am going to ask Australians to pay

20 cents more to keep you in a job

and keep the country towns groiing.

I will try to sell at coal and

Woolies but at a proper price. If

Coles and Woolies won't take it,

Dymocks Books and flight flight are

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) it! going to take our beetroot and sell

Beetroot on our hamburgers. I am

going to give it one last fight. I

am going to fight for 12 months and

see if Australians will pay that

little tiny bit extra. It is hoping

you will. Beautiful beetroot.

Because if we don't, Ed, Dick's

Foods and all of those workers will

be just another industry gone. We

as a nation will be all the poorer

for it. We have to succeed this

time. We really have to succeed.

Get some Aussie beetroot on your

Aussie burgers. Now, Chris Guider

could have been one of Australia's

greatest footballers. Instead, he

quit the game for Scientology and

ended up in America working for the

head honcho. He new has turned his

back on Scientology and has a

chilling story to tell about life inside the church.

Little Chris at 5ft 4 does haven't

the issue instructions. It is about

control and it is about getting

money. He was a tough little player.

Scientology was a solution for me.

This is the story of a rugby league

hero whose career was cut short in

it very prime. Tens of thousands of

people watched him play in grand

finals at the SCG, but a choice to

join the Church of Scientology

means that we will never know

whether this rising star could have

great legends. gone on to become one of the game's

COMMENTATOR: League's tiniest man,

Chris Guider won the scrum 10-5 and

almost scored a try in his first-

grade debut. Chris Guider was one

of St George's best prospects in

the early '80s. What is before he

got mixed up with the Church of

Scientology. Oofrpblgts I was told

by the leader of the Church of

Scientology that I had to give away

the rugby league. A team-mate who

convinced him to join, we will get

to in a moment. By rejoining to the

headquarters in the USA, the man of

league had no idea of the

disturbing scenes he was soon to

witness. They won't admit they have

done something wrong or it is not

that way. What he claims happened

will shock you. The act of quitting

in his prime was at the time a

shock to all league fans. Nine's

Voss Ross Voss. He is the only

player to have ever played in three

grand finals on the one day, had

never happened before and will

never happen again. Incredible.

That's right, under-23s, reserve

and first grade. What is more

incredible, allegations. He was

working with the church's leader

David Miscavige in what has been

described as the honour guard. He's

told ABC's 'Lateline' program about

Mr Miscavige himself. I have seen

him physically bate one staff

member, Mark Fisher. Guider alleges

that he was told to attack another

church member by the leader. He

told me to beat the guy with the

stick. I looked at him and I

refewed to do that. He took that

very, very severely on me because I

didn't just do what he wanted me to

do. It is a charge that the church

denys. They are definitely without

fact well basis. Virginia Stuart

from the Church of Scientology.

People who were there at the time

have written details, declarations

what he saying now definitely did

not happen. Guider says that not

attacking his fellow church member

got him into trouble. He was sent

to this Scientology retreat in

Sydney as a punish: he said that

his credit card and passport were

taken off him. He lived here like a

prisoner, no television, no music,

he wasn't even allowed to read a

book. Gidley quit and has rebit his

life with a family of his own. How

was he possibly convinced to join

Scientology in the first place? A

Current Affair can reveal a new tryst.

COMMENTATOR: A real workhorse, big

and mobile Pat Jarvis. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Pat Jarvis is the league legend,

Scientologist and former team-mate

who introduced Guider to the church

at the time when a kidney injury

threatened to end guide guide's

career. He did a purification

program and some o their

counselling steps and went back to

the doctors and got full medical

approval to play. COMMENTATOR: Chris Guider was told

by the doctors to give the game

away. Apparently, he had a kidney

problem. Jarvis played Origin and

credits Scientology with helping

his own footy injuries. I had a

miraculous recovery, too, from some

counselling steps that I did and it

was pretty simple stuff. It had a

major affect. Jarvis remains a

member of the church and says that

his former team-mate is not

handling the situation well. I

spoke to Chris yesterday and he

told me a few things. I don't think

if you have a problem with certain

arrests, going to the media is a

solution for that. Senator Nick

Xenophon has monitored the church's

activitys, though, and disagrees.

Guide Guider hasn't been the first

and he won't be the last. If people

have had similar experiences, they

need to come forward and tell their

story. It is about control and

getting money. I disagree with that.

That is not what got me to quit my

footballer. And Scientology is

still facing a potential class-

action claim over a pay dispute.

Picking the right pain reliever is

enough the give you a headache.

There are pills for just about

everything, but do the budget

brands do the same job as the

expensive ones? Sail medication,

different brands, different price.

These four exactly the same?

Exactly the same. Just different

packageing? Correct. The same

medication and in the same doses

just as effective. A difference of

over $8 in price? Absolutely. So

many different brands, prices and

promises - but if they are all

offering the same thing, that is

temporary pain relief, can they

really be that different? Is it

worth forking out big bucks if the

cheaper brands could be just as

good? Often the less expensive

product is just as effective.

Stuart Nankivel, a pharmacist with

Terry White Chemist believes you

don't have the buy the most

expensive products to get good pain

relief. The truth is that these

products are fairly inexpensive to

manufacture. You know, we can

obtain and retail these products

for quite low costs. Market leaders

Panadol and Nurofen spend a lot of

money on advertising. This makes

people familiar with their brands

and sometimes comfortable paying

the higher prices. There may be

differences in some of them, but

Stuart says if you are on a butt,

you can often buy medication with

the same active ingredients for a

fraction of the prison. For example,

I can give you Panadol 100 tablets.

It is $9.99 for 1 lun. You can but

Terry White paracetamol, it is the

same medication, it is $1.99. Just

as effective. Another cheap option

Stuart says equivalent to standard

Panadol is Panamax. It costs $1.99

for 100 tablets. All chemists and

stores like priceline sell generic

brands. We went shopping and got

Stuart to divide our paracetamol

into two groups - standard and

rapid relief. These are all

paracetamol products. They will

give effective pain relief for many

types of pain.S that products are

the same strength. They will

provide the same amount of pain

relief so perhaps they will work

quicker. A small advantage in those.

Stuart says it is a similar thing

with Ibrahim. You can get the Terry

White Chemist Ibrahim ibuprofen

$10.99. The same saving for the

same strength. Stuart divides our

purchases into two groups again.

These are all Ibrahim preparations

and they will provide the same

amount of pain relief. This group

of products is slightly Mr Rapidly absorbed and can have some

advantage in some situations. If

you choose the brand most familiar

with, that is fine. If you want a

less expensive brand it should be

equally as effective. Pharmacist

John Bell is happy to let us in on

another secrete about the idea of

targeted pain relief. I have four

facts of Nurofen. What is the

difference 2010 these? They are all

the same. No difference in those.

John explains specific words on

packaging can help consumers easily

identify what they need, but could

lead to customers doubling up

unnecessarily. So it is truly just

a marketing exercise. It is

understood in some cases Panadol

also has the same medication in

different packages. University of

Sydney's Professor Andrew

McLachlan's advice - always check

the ingredients. If you had a back

pain or neck pain and you had this

at home, you don't need the go and

get this, do you? No, this medicine

would provide the same level of

pain relief. As the safety, he

again believes there is often no

difference 2010 generic and branded

products. The less expensive

medicines don't tell you anything

about the quality because all of

the products in Australia need to

meet the high standards set by the

TGA. Now, Martin King reckons he is

a pretty smart driver, but he's met

his match with a new family car

that takes all of the fun, and a

bit of the pain, out of reverse parking.

Don't touch the wheel. You don't

need to touch it. Hands up, hands

up. Who will love this technology?

Will, I think the real person who

will love it is anyone who really

hates parking the car. Ohhhh. If

you are just a lousy Parker, the

Ford Focus hits the spot -

literally. Press a button and it

parks itself. It has been a long

type since I had a driving lesson.

The question is, can you teach an

old dog a new trick?

SONG: # Can't touch this

# Can't touch this # Look at that.

Centimetre perfect. That is surgical.

SONG: # Can't touch this #

ANNOUNCER: This car uses ultra-

sonic sensors. Soon cars will be

telling us what to do. That is

right. The only thing this car

doesn't do is remind you that your

wife has a Perth day coming up.

David Katic from Ford. He reckons

that is just the beginning. It has

blue tooth and thin to make your

lift easier. Volkswagen is already

skiting, park your car with your

Smartphone with you on the outside.

This is the type of technology that

we used to see in your high-level

cars, your Mercedes, your beamers.

How much is the car with this

technology? About $35,000. Amazing.

Are you a good reverse Parker? I

think I am. That is the question.

Are you better than a computer? We

will have to see. Watch out.

Careful. (Laughs). She should be

good, Samantha Stevens, she is a

moatoring expert. Could you do

better than me? That much. Oh, no,

beat by a computer. That is

embarrassing. Let's get others in

here to do this. What a jolly good

idea. Meet Lorraine. Tell me you

are not a driver that drives

forward into a spot? Certainly I am.

This is Carole. I am Martin. Yeah,

I know. Fernando. Can you park a

car? Yes, I can. And Sarah. Are you

left-foot braking? Yeah. Do you

normally do that? What do you mean?

Slow, stop, Carol. That will do you.

I will call a taxi for you so you

can get a taxi from your car to the

kerb. You could put another car in

there. It doesn't work on taking

over the entire car. You don't

press a butt on and the thing parks

itself for you. You are still

driving. The driver still controls

the accelerator, but the technology

controls the hard part. The car's

eyes scope the spot. You have

parallel parking and you have it

backing into a 90-degree flit. The

Toyota Prius has a similar park. It

has done what the Ford does. Oh,

there it goes. I saw it on TV. I

said to my husband, "Is that for

real?" Oh, my God. I know. A cup of

tea, a Bex and a good lie down. Oo

I think so. Coming up drsh bring it

on, Brynne. She is front and centre

in footy's night of nights. I have already ripped off

Welcome back. With the grand final

pots decided, this weekend we are

going to have to wait until Monday

for the answer to football's other

big question - what will Brynne

Edelsten wear to the Brownlows? Guest reporter Lauren Phillips has been trying to find out.

It is that time of year again.

It is all about the Brownlows. If

there is one person that is

synonymous with the Brownlows, it

is Brynne Edelsten. Brynne, how are

you? I am very good. How are you?

Good. How are you feeling about

Monday night? Are you organised?

Not at all. I am stressed because

it is kind of so fast this year. I

don't know exactly what I am

wearing. I don't have jewels

organised or shoes yet. You have

still got a few days yet, but you

are always a stand-out on the red

carpet. Can you give us a bit of

inside into what you are thinking

this year? That is the biggest

problem I have had. I have already

ripped offmy dress and worn a

crystal bra. One of the new

favourites is I should wear a

catsuit and rip off the pants into

hotpants, but that is not going to

happen. (Laughs). What sort of

trends will you see on the red

carpet this year? The nude colours,

the safe colours that people kaind

of wear because you can't go wrong

with that. Yeah, I look forward to

the blue carpet for Brownlows

because some people look really

different and stand out and that is

what I love the most.

That looks gorgeous on you, Nadja.

I love that shape. This is Nadia

Coppolino who will be going with

gee gee star Jimmy Bartel. Can you

see yourself wearing this to the

Brownlows? Definitely. The metalic

is fantastic. It has that snake

skin look it which is in fashion at

the moment. Designer Julie

Simonelli has been working with

Nadja and also max mack max, the

wife of Collingwood captain, Nic.

That looks gorgeous on you, Erin.

That is gorgeous. Do you like that?

Yep. Brownlows is a huge night and

a lot of preparation goes into it.

Do you get nervous when you hit the

red carpet? The flashing lights can

be daunting, but no, it is fin. I

have teamed up with Nicola Finetti,

my favourite designer in the world.

You look amazing. It is the perfect

fit this one. Yeah, this is perfect.

Do you think I need a necklace? I

think maybe diamonds. Diamonds? You

can't go wrong with diamonds. You

certainly can't. I am off to

Bvlgari. Linding me a hand is

'Herald Sun' fashion editor Kim

Wilson. We are surrounded by

beautiful jewels here at Bvlgari.

What have we got here? Fantastic pieces, absolutely spectacular.

Tell me about this piece. I can't

stop looking at it. It is pretty special. stop looking at it. It is pretty

special. It is a beautiful piece. A

cool $200,000. That is beautiful.

Across town Helen Manuell has been

working on a little something for

Taylor Wilson, the girlfriend of

Dane Swan. That looks beautiful,

Taylor. That locks gorgeous. I have

the right shoes for it too. Has

Dane had any input into your

outfit? No, he never does. If you

are a relaxed person, the night is

fine. I love dressing up. Yes,

Nadja, it certainly is U Next on A

Current Affair, the 90-year-old

driver charged with being almost

five times the legal limit. Friday and Saturday

On Monday, the great-grandmother,

who could be Australia's oldest

drink driver. Here is a preview. Is

90-year-old Beryl Australia's

oldest drink driver? On A Current

Affair, the great-grandmother

charged with being almost five

times the legal limit. They got it

wrong. She says she only had two

drinks. Should she lose her licence

forever? That report on Monday,

only on A Current Affair. I am

Leila McKinnon. Great being with you. Have a great weekend. Goodnight.

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COMMENTATOR: And there he guess. I

think he might have taken one of

his own out. Lockyer. He is holding

his jaw, Lockyer. Lock, he never

stays down. He never ever stays down.

A champion falls in friendly fire

and the circus moos on from one

extreme to the other. Breaking news

in league first. It appears that he

is out. Making the call today. They

can get on with their preparation.

So the Broncos move on, too.

COMMENTATOR: Te'o, Te'o scores.

Knowing that for every dose of

frustration of disappointment and

pain, triumph draws nearerer. He's

got it. I think he's got it. He has

got it, he's got it. He has. A

Brisbane win sees Captain

Courageous left out for the final.

It ain't all bad tonight with

slammin' Sam back from football

purge industry. Thaiday is back for

the Broncos. Sydney's last shot at

Brynne glory rests with this battle-hardened lot.

The Sea Eagles against the world!

And they love it! Rebeling...

Buoyed by memories of 2008. The

first grand final qualifier, the

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles versus

the Brisbane Broncos, right here on

the home of the best, nine's Wide

World of Sports.

What a week it has been in rugby

league and suddenly this awesome

weekend arrives and it is time to

dance. The grand final qualifiers,

four teams remain. Just three games

left in Season 2011, including next

Sunday's big show where there will

be just one winner. Hello and

welcome to Nine's live coverage

from the Sydney Football Stadium,

the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles up

against the Brisbane Broncos. Both

are chasing a grand final berth.

Right now it is time the inour

panel of experts. It is a very good evening to you, Peter Sterling.

Hell lette's hope we have another

drama-filled evening. Thank you,

Ken. No doubt about that. The

emphasis is on the end of National

Rugby League. When looking at our

qualifiers, we have a team from

Queensland, NSW, Victoria and New

Zealand, still all in contention,

but tonight we kick it off with

second and third of the competition

round, the Manly Sea Eagles and the

Brisbane Broncos. A mild night here

at the Sydney Football Stadium, but