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(generated from captions) This morning - free at last. Two American hikers finally released held on spying charges in Iran. after more than two years prepares for talks The world's best treasurer global downturn. to stave off another arrives home And the Australian cricket team with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. finally won their freedom Two American hikers have in Iran on suspicion of spying. two years after they were jailed believed to be on their way to Oman Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are to the United States. before flying home and Josh Fattal Freedom for Shane Bauer in an Iranian prison. came after more than two years were convicted of espionage In August the two Americans and illegal entry to eight years behind bars. and were sentenced of their imprisonment The US had been critical were seized on 31 July, 2009 since they, along with Sarah Shourd, where they'd been hiking. near the border with northern Iraq for medical reasons Shourd was freed last year for the release of the others. and US officials pressed We continue to express our hope exercise the humanitarian option that the Iranian authorities will of releasing these two young men. The families of the prisoners claim as diplomatic pawns. their loved ones were being held We feel terrible. of enormous anguish, This has been a time enormous desperation. In the days preceding their release it may be imminent Iran's president hinted on NBC's 'Today' show. in an interview these two persons will be freed TRANSLATOR: I think in a couple of days. that seemed to contradict that. then issued a statement But the country's judiciary

the drama that played out Analysts believe President Ahmadinejad politically. was meant to prop up some good will. He wants to try to garner Particularly now, given that he's been so emasculated political context. in the domestic Iranian that he's not a lame duck, He wants to try to show the world has delivered a strong warning Treasurer Wayne Swan to international finance ministers this week. ahead of meetings in Washington to stabilise global markets He says action must be taken of another crippling recession. as fears grow the world's best treasurer He's been hailed of finance ministers and before taking off for a meeting in Washington today, to his overseas counterparts. Wayne Swan gave some strong advice need to get their act together The Europeans in particular because what's happening in Europe, in the United States, what's happening it's rattling markets. is having a confidence effect, from the IMF It follows a grim warning of an impending global recession. growth forecasts Despite cuts in Australia's Mr Swan says he's still focused back to surplus. on bringing the country's budget for the government It's a very important priority and we're determined to do it. by 'Euromoney' magazine, Awarded best treasurer plenty of praise from the media. Mr Swan received Congratulations. But not the Opposition. treasurer Australia has ever had? Should I praise the most incompetent No! Steven Bradbury A treasurer who is more like than he is Peter Costello. amused Tony Abbott, While Mr Hockey's comments Labor MPs weren't impressed. in the history of this Parliament. The least graceful performance And it didn't stop there. the magazine's publisher's name. Mr Hockey made this comment about address is Christopher Hunt, and his email about female genitalia. The sort of Year 7 joke were designed to cause offence. Mr Hockey denied his comments told to cut his travel expenses Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has been reportedly came to $77,000. after the estimated cost of one trip under freedom of information laws, In an email exchange obtained told Mr Rudd's Chief of Staff the Prime Minister's office accommodation costs to a minimum. to rein in spending and keep to a planned trip in May It was in response was set to visit in which the Foreign Minister Norway and Thailand. China, Sweden, Finland, in Stockholm One night's accommodation more than $1,700. was estimated to cost are hunting a gang of firebugs New South Wales Police that threatened homes believed to have started a fire west of Sydney. in the Blue mountains, throwing Molotov cocktails Locals have reported seeing people out of a car window. Police fear at least six of the seven fires the group of arsonists may have lit over recent days. that were burning have been deliberately lit We believe some of the fires using some incendiary devices. better weather conditions this week Crews are hoping hazard-reduction burns. will allow them to continue to defend themselves The rights of a homeowner whether a man will be charged will be crucial in deciding of an intruder earlier this week. over the fatal stabbing with a stun gun The burglar was armed when he broke into a home of Yagoona on Tuesday. in the western Sydney suburb surprised the intruder, The 54-year-old homeowner stabbing him in the arm and chest. found several suburbs away. The injured man fled and was later He died in hospital. to protect themselves A person can take action is reasonable in the circumstances. as long as the force used interview the traumatised homeowner. Police are waiting to formally in New Zealand Zara Phillips has arrived two weeks ahead of schedule English rugby captain Mike Tindall. to reunite with husband, the release of security vision Her early arrival follows in a bar. showing Tindall hugging a woman without a care in the world. Smiling and seemingly and it's headline news. Zara Phillips filmed in New Zealand Zara Phillips is in the country scandal surrounding her husband and Zara Phillips is in the country amid a woman in a Queenstown bar. The Queen's granddaughter attended a charity event in Auckland. She is on her way to be reunited with her husband. Mike Tindall has made headlines of his own On a night out that included a midget-throwing competition Tindall was caught on CCTV in a night club, he's seen embracing a woman. At one point she's kisses his head. Palace sources confirm the woman in question is an 'old friend' of Tindall and his royal bride. The couple only married in July. The Rugby World Cup has forced them to be apart for three weeks. Mike Tindall was training with the England team today and has yet to comment on his late night antics. Tindall was left out of the team last weekend. But will be back to face Romania on Saturday. Her husband is putting on a brave face before meeting up with his wife. Some little Tassie devils are raising hopes that their species can be saved. The joeys have been released into the Devils Ark Sanctuary in New South Wales, a breeding ground for devils free of the deadly facial tumour disease that's spreading across Tasmania. A devil's playground. The breeding ground for a species on the edge of extinction through fatal facial tumours. Since 1996, 90% of the devils have gone. There's 10% left. This mother, called Hen, is doing her bit, raising three joeys. (GROWLS) Hen was let loose at the Devil Ark high in the Barrington Tops in January. Today, young Galahad was conscripted to help save his kind too. He's a young healthy boy, he's ready to go and hopefully we'll get a lot of joeys. Saving the Tasmanian devil is a very long term project. This little girl won't see Tasmania herself but her great-great-great-great grand-joeys just might. It's a 20-30 year project, run on land donated by James Packer's Ellerston farm. There's room to expand every year for the next 10-15 years and breed more devils. In 10 years, Devil Ark hopes to have a population of 1,000. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather. A fine day in Brisbane. Sunny in Sydney. Sunny also in Canberra. Windy in Melbourne. A little evening rain in Hobart. Sunny in Adelaide. Showers and a cool day in Perth. Darwin, afternoon showers. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - reaction to the controversial sex scene in the 'At Home with Julia' satire. But next on Seven Early News, a crucial speech by Barack Obama at the United Nations. And new nuclear fears as a deadly typhoon hits Japan.

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to urge Palestine and Israel to resolve their conflict by returning to peace talks. It comes ahead of an expected push by Palestinian leaders for full membership of the United Nations. On the world stage and with much at stake, President Obama urged world leaders to continue the push for lasting peace in the Middle East. The measure of our actions must always be whether they advance the right of Israeli and Palestinian children to live lives of peace and security and dignity and opportunity. His address centred around the showdown at the UN where this week Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is planning to submit an application seeking full statehood membership into the UN. President Obama laid out reasons

why peace between Israel and Palestinian leaders can only be achieved through negotiations. I am convinced that there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. Peace is hard work. The latest tensions follow a year of change throughout the region including uprisings in Egypt, Syria and Libya. A decade of fighting the war against terror and the capture and death of Osama bin Laden. Al-Qaeda is under more pressure than ever before. Its leadership has been degraded and Osama bin Laden, the man who murdered thousands of people from dozens of countries, will never endanger the peace of the world again. Behind the scenes, the president is expected to press Abbas to give up plans to apply for full statehood. The two will meet privately this afternoon,

talks that follow the president's 1-on-1 with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning. The president walking a fine line at a time when support for both his foreign and domestic policies is facing it's toughest challenge yet. A powerful typhoon has slammed into Japan's east coast, killing at least five people. Winds of more than 150km/h cutting power to 500,000 homes. lashed Tokyo, cutting power to 500,000 homes. Torrential rain brought widespread flash flooding, triggering landslides in some regions. Authorities are racing to secure Fukushima's damaged nuclear power plant, with the storm predicted to hit the area later today. 11 people had to be plucked from a swollen river after a boat capsized in China's south-west. Rising floodwaters cut the boat from it's moorings, pulling it downstream. Rescuers had just managed to reach the stricken vessel when it struck another boat and began to sink. It quickly overturned, throwing everyone onboard into the raging waters. Amazingly, everyone was saved. And four baby squirrels have found a new home after becoming homeless in a storm. The orphans were blown from their treetop nest when gale-force winds hit England's north-east last week. A passer-by saved the little siblings from certain death, delivering them to a vet clinic. They are now being cared for around the clock by keepers at a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - on a lawn mover. the man charged with drink driving But next on Seven Early News, with Mark Beretta all the latest sport of the Australian cricket team. including the return against the United Arab Emirates. competitors. And with us. Why? Her premium with one of our we get that her car is at home. Because at Youi, companies got this too? Isn't it time that other insurance that could save you lots, For car insurance call 13 YOUI, or go to from custody in Iran two American hikers have been freed two years on spying charges. after being held for more than flies to Washington today Treasurer Wayne Swan of world finance ministers for a crucial meeting warns of the risk of recession. as the International Monetary Fund will be central And the issue of reasonable force is charged to whether a Sydney homeowner of an intruder. over the fatal stabbing with all the day's sport. Now it's over to Mark Beretta Thanks, Nat. Good morning. night's preliminary NRL final The Broncos will go into tomorrow against Manly as rank underdogs Darren Lockyer ruled himself out after inspirational skipper major facial surgery. just days after undergoing without their captain, Brisbane holds a shocking record only winning 16 of 48 games. his team can do it without him But the Broncos veteran believes and keep his fairytale alive. they do it for each other They do it for themselves, it's never been about me, you know, that's what we've done all year, it's my last year on the highest note possible and I'd like to finish but the boys will go out there and there's a good vibe in the team. to take his place at five-eighth. Matt Gillett is set he wants to have some input Michael Clarke says into who'll be appointed of the Australian cricket team as the head coach after Tim Nielsen suddenly quit. back in Sydney last night The squad arrived over Sri Lanka. after their 1-0 Test win who he wants to take over as coach While Clarke wouldn't discuss of worthy contenders. he says there are a number as the review has made very clear, I think the priority, the best person for the job. is they're gonna try and get an amazing job for Australia. I think Tim Nielsen has done He's certainly going to be missed. Clarke is expected to push his former state coach Steve Rixon. for the appointment of will take on a whole new meaning Sibling rivalry at the MCG this Saturday Joel Selwood faces off as dual-premiership Geelong star both Eagles players. with his two brothers, for an historic AFL showdown It's set the stage in opposing teams with three brothers playing during the finals. for the first time proud of all their achievements, while his parents are exceptionally Joel says

even they're on the opposing side. side this week They'll be on the younger brother's in a grand final yet, he hasn't played on the West Coast fence this week. I think they'll be probably sitting must pass a fitness test today And 2-time All Australian Joel Corey if he's to have any chance the Cat's line-up of slotting back into for the first time since round 21. Injury and illness in the Wallabies camp, is bordering on crisis Scott Higginbotham with dynamic back rower on the sidelines joining David Pocock with a back complaint. It's forced a number of changes with the United States. for tomorrow's clash They're always a concern. You can do without them, but they are a constant as well. Will Genia takes over the captaincy. With James Horwill rested not to lose faith. He's calling on Aussie supporters to get out there and do the job More important thing is just and get it done. That's pretty much the focus of the whole group. with last week We're obviously disappointed and make things right. and we want to go out there Genia becomes the 13th player in a Rugby World Cup. to lead Australia The Olyroos face an uphill battle to the London Olympics. in their lead-up campaign Overnight they were lucky to escape the United Arab Emirates with a draw against at goal. who squandered multiple chances to steal the critical win The Aussies too had opportunities past the keeper. but just couldn't get from us tonight, you know. Probably wasn't good enough and couldn't get out rhythm going, We had the home advantage really. so pretty disappointing from us, qualification stage in Iraq Australia now faces a 6-game in November. A tough road from here. a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. I'll be back with more sport Next on Seven Early News - the weather's shaping up a closer look at how in your part of the country. around the country. from the south-west A cold front will push into Central Australia. eastern Australia, A high continues to dominate bringing generally fine conditions. Around the capitals - in Brisbane. A fine day Sunny also in Sydney. in Canberra. Melbourne. Windy in evening rain A little in Hobart. in Adelaide. Sunny a cool day Showers and in Perth. afternoon showers. Darwin, for this Thursday. And that's Seven Early News Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. I'm Natalie Barr. by Red Bee Media - Supertext captions