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(generated from captions) Today's newspoll suggests a compromise on asylum seekers Julia Gillard's attempts to seek has helped her. with her performance, up 4%. 27% of voters are now satisfied to the Migration Act The PM's proposed changes go before Parliament tomorrow by the Opposition. despite already being rejected with his own set of amendments. Instead, Tony Abbott has come up little support from the government. Predictably, the plan's received Mr Abbott is doing this for one reason and one reason alone - because he wants to stop the Malaysia agreement being implemented. The Australian people are entitled to conclude that the Opposition has one objective here - to stop the Malaysia agreement being implemented because they are it will work. implemented because they are scared and froing on asylum seeker policy Both sides have been toing to the arguments. with no end in sight joins me now from Melbourne. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Mr Abbott, good morning to you. Yesterday's meeting with the Prime Minister went nowhere. You met with your own party last night. did you tell them? your own party last night. So what I told them the Coalition has been very consistent for the last decade, Matt. We have supported Nauru, temporary protection visas and turning boats around where it's safe to do so. By contrast, the Prime Minister has flipped and flopped and chopped and changed. She couldn't even keep a position from Friday night until Monday morning. If the Governments wants offshore processing, it can have offshore processing, it should have offshore processing and it should be at Nauru and it could have had Nauru offshore processing any time over the last 12 months. accept your amendments Why should the government when you won't accept theirs? Where will this stalemate The Prime Minister has a Where will this stalemate end? responsibility to get her policy through the Parliament. The Prime Minister can't turn around and to the Opposition Leader " to the Opposition Leader "It's your Minister can't turn around and say responsibility to get my policy through the Parliament". My responsibility, Matt, is to good policy, to consistent policy and we have had good policy, consistent policy for a decade now and our policy has stopped the boats. Her policy started the policy started the boats up again. Her policy has given us 240 boats and 12,000 illegal arrivals. Let's have policy that's worked, not policy that's proven to fail. You talk about turning the boats back around, which they back around, which they consent back to Indonesia, which is not a signatory to this agreement either. Our obligations under the refugee convention aren't triggered until people have come to Australia. But I again make the point, Matt, that turning boats around, along with Nauru and temporary protection visas, was the policy that worked under the Howard Government. This Government says they support offshore procession. They closed offshore processing down and they have not processed a singing person offshore since the Prime offshore since the Prime Minister first started talking about her East Timor so-called solution. Isn't this meant to be about compromise. You are saying it's your policy, your terms. There is no compromise. There is no compromise from Prime Minister. I put forward to her There is no compromise from the a very reasonable counter position yesterday, having sought very legal advice from the former yesterday, having sought very good Solicitor-General ral, David Ben It QC. David Bennett's advice was our propose a al was much less likely to be legally challenged and retained the important protections that the necessary. You see, we have the Howard Government thought was

patent in the Coalition, we have the patent on offshore processing and we also have the patent on offshore processing. I can't understand why the Labor Party, which for years attabled the Howard Government, as heartless and brutal on this issue, is now providing no protection boat people whatsoever. is now providing no protection to Surely you know the electorate is getting sick of this, they want a solution. You are saying effectively there is no solution. The Prime Minister is saying there is no solution. What can you say the aunl people... Wrong, wrong, wrong, Matt. Our solution, the solution that has been proven to, would, the solution we have been consistently advocating is Nauru, temporary protection visas and turning boats around where it's safe to do so. Now if the Prime Minister wants to go ahead with Nauru, that's offshore processing. If we wants to go ahead with man us, If we

which until a week ago was part of her policy, that is offshore processing. We believe in offshore processing, but it can't be offshore dumping and that is what the Prime Minister is proposing with Malaysia. Until there is compromise, won't be. Today's news poll has Until there is compromise, there Labor Party down to 21% Labor Party down to 21%. You shed 5% 5%, the Prime Minister has gone up. Labor Party down to 21%. You shed won't be. Today's news poll has the

Do you think her efforts to seek compromise, the dreaded word, is being rewarded? Matt, I'm not going to run a commentary on the polls. But just on this question of compromise, it's important to have policy that works and the Malaysia deal, the Malaysia people swap is a proven failure. Since it was announced we have had 1,000 boat people. Since it was signed we have had 400 boat people. We know the opposition's consistent policy of Nauru, temporary protection visas and turning boats around does work. We had fewer than three boats a year under the Coalition's policy. Since Julia Gillard dismantled the policy, we have had almost two boats a week. Let's have the right policy, let's not have a weak compromise with a bad Government. The stalemate continues. Tony Abbott, thanks for your time. It's no stalemate. They could have offshore processing tomorrow at