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(generated from captions) away from a fight. Julia Gillard sure isn't backing carbon tax bills, She's introduced her announced reforms to her own party for good measure. and threw in a media inquiry who says It's fodder galore for Tony Abbott suicide note in Australian history". the PM is writing "the longest It's been in the air for months ..hold on... ..any longer. (DRUM SOLO) it coming in the air tonight PHIL COLLINS: (SINGS) # I can feel # Hold on...# for Australia's carbon price... This is the plan A plan to tax the top 500 polluters, compensate families, increase the pension pay no income tax at all. and ensure half a million workers you on the right side of history? The final test is this - are MEMBERS: Hear! Hear! it would be final alright. The Slugger said the longest political suicide note It's going to turn out to be in Australian history. Hear! Hear! he'd heard once before A killer line... he tried to sell about the fightback package as press secretary to John Hewson. the same fate. He hopes the Red Queen meets This is a bad tax based on a lie. Today we move from words to deeds. this is nonsense on stilts. This isn't just nonsense, Our climate is changing... It's disastrous for our democracy. should support us. And the Parliament Hear! Hear! collection without an election. There should be no new tax Hear! Hear! of speaking sooner than we expect. The judgement of history has a way as far as the Slugger's concerned. The sooner the better, and win an election on it. Take it to the people Hear! Hear! amount of orchestration, And it's a debate with a fair for the Red Queen... some orchestrated applause (APPLAUSE) by activist group GetUp! ..from a group of mums organised And then, quite the opposite. ALL: (CHANT) No carbon tax! No carbon tax! as they were thrown out... Still chanting No carbon tax! No carbon tax! ..and lined up at the cloak room... No carbon tax! No carbon tax! ..and walked down the corridor... No carbon tax! No carbon tax! ..down the stairs... No carbon tax! No carbon tax! ..and out the front of Parliament. No carbon tax! No carbon tax! in Parliament too. And there was plenty of shouting It's got off to such a ridiculous. I'm disgusted. While it's interesting whining of the PM... listening to the whinging and from the Opposition. Bleat, bleat, bleat of abuse... ..leading to a large bouquet has a problem with statements by me, If the Leader of the Opposition well, poor petal. a precious petal... But when she was called of the Opposition to withdraw. I ask the Deputy Leader ..which led to this... I withdraw, precious petal. Order! a withdrawal is made. That is not the way that I withdraw, precious petal. Mr Speaker it was a comma, the precious petal becomes me. Comma or not, As in another part of the Parliament Conroy announced his media inquiry Communications Minister Stephen to restrict, and denied he was trying 'circum-scribe' the media, or in the questioner's words, leading to this... feeling circumscribed, I haven't found Mark Riley I pronounce that correctly... I've gotta make sure (LAUGHTER) feeling circumscribed. I haven't found Mark Riley (SONG) # I want you back # Don't care what I have to do # I want you back, back. # got some early birthday wishes... In a week in which the Red Queen # Happy birthday, dear Julia # Happy birthday to you ..she turns 50 later this month. The polls told us to the Kevinator dumping her and switching back would put Labor back on top. you shuffle Labor's deck, No matter how many times you pull out a joker. aren't they? Polls are the modern day seances, running the shop They could have Mickey Mouse and it wouldn't make any difference. Lib Senator Simon Birmingham... But this python that visited Hello, mate. closest to doing really like to do to the lot of 'em. what the polls say voters would Is there a tip for this bit? There is, but you mightn't like it. Let him do whatever is the theory! Oh, boy! Politics, what a nest of vipers. Mark Riley, good morning. A big week ahead on asylum seekers - Minister's media conference especially if the Immigration yesterday is anything to go by? Yeah, I think this was'em lem of the situation facing the Yeah, I think this was'em lem matic government. Chris Bowen Mead government. Chris Bowen media conference was gate crashed by protestors who were chanting " protestors who were chanting "Shame Bowen shame" as he was trying to put the position. They are trying to override the High Court decision a few weeks ago. This is the protestors here, this is the disaster that causes media advisors in government and opposition, lendless sleepless nights but it's also a - I think an indication of the feeling in particularly in the left side of politics about the government's approach. This is the interesting thing about this policy, Sam. That the government is trying to override the High Court with an amountment to make offshore processing lawful again. It is being attacked internally by the Labor left, also by the Greens and Tony Abbott from the left. You know left, also by the Greens and now you are in trouble when the opposition, the Coalition comes at you from the left. So a very interesting week ahead when these amendments go to the party rooms, respectively and into the It's quite quan extraordinary Parliament.

situation. The government spend a lot of time talking about the opposition. Any chance we will get moment, Riles? beyond this ugly politics at the

Absolutely not in the short term, Sam by the look of things. I moan, mean, you would hope so. Not on this Sam by the look of things. I moan

issue. I think Tony Abbott has marked out some ground which is high risk for him really, as much Julia Gillard has trouble with the risk for him really, as much as left of her party who see this as abandoning the humanitarian basis of Labor's asylum seeker policy, Tony Abbott has to argue it through the right of his party which actually agrees with offshore processing generally. Now, what Tony Abbott is saying is that he agrees with offshore processing as long as it's not Malaysian. He says it can occur in any country that is a signatory to the union convention. On asylum seekers, Malaysia isn't a signatory and Nauru is. It is just politics and the immigration department if you go to Nauru, really the and the immigration department says asylum seekers remain under Australian care anyway and then you - they will end up onshore, you end up with an onshore processing system and the immigration detention system becomes overwhelmed and where are we then. What is plan B. This doesn't look like it will get through. Tony Abbott won't back it. The Greens won't back it. Where do they then? They are stuck with either won't back it. Where do they go Nauru, man is island and Christmas Island and onshore processing. It's another case of policy being overwhelmed by the rather peaked and aggressive and often angry politics of our day, Sam. And on it rolls. OK, Mark, great too chat to you, have a great we