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Today, Julia Gillard

insists history is on the

Government's side when it

comes to putting a price on

carbon. And coming up shortly

on PM Agenda we'll be talking

to climate change Minister

Greg Combet about the carbon tax bills now before parliament. And the Government flags a

wide-ranging inquiry into

Australia's media. It's 4

o'clock in Sydney and 6

o'clock in Auckland. Good

afternoon you're with News

Day on Tuesday, 13 Svpt. I'm

Vanessa Trezise. Also this hour, Kenya's Prime Minister

describes an explosion at a

gas pipe laoirch as one of

the worst disasters to hit

the country. And in sport,

Rocky makes the move from the

Brumbies to the Waratahs. The

weather shshowers over the

south-east tomorrow, mostly