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(generated from captions) in Afghanistan, Australia loses its 29th soldier tour of duty there. killed on his first as rebels take control. Celebrations in Libya's capital but his rule is over. Gaddafi holds on for now Caribbean hideaway destroyed. Sir Richard's private who fled the flames. This morning, the Hollywood star the new industries to find work. The new places, Daniel Radcliffe moves on. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello, and welcome. Happy Tuesday. Also this morning, wear this T-shirt would you make your 10-year-old son that told the world he was a thief? Tough love, why not? Also Grant has the weather from the Land of the Rising Sun but a busy news morning and here is Nat. killed in Afghanistan The latest Australian soldier as a man who excelled at his work. has been described by his colleagues by a roadside bomb The sniper was killed an early morning patrol, while he was on with the latest. Adrian Brown is in Tarin Kowt in Tarin Kowt, Natalie. A very sombre mood here This is the main Australian base in Afghanistan. And a dead soldier was mates with many of those who are based here, who have been mourning his loss. That loss cause finally confirm said by Canberra last night. at any task he was assigned as a man who excelled to serve his country. and a soldier who was proud As I've said before, the Australian people I can't promise day like this. that there won't be another The dead soldier was from the Townsville-based second butallier RAR. His first tour of duty here and he had been in the country two months. He was killed while on an IED. He becomes the eight months. He was killed while stepping Australian to die here and the 29th since Australia's involvement in Afghanistan began almost ten years ago, following the 9/11 bombings. 42-year reign of Moamar Gaddafi over Libyan rebels have declared the of most of Tripoli overnight. after taking control to the capital Rebels have streamed in presidential compound to join battles near the dictator's a desperate last stand. where loyal forces are making who's gone into hiding. The hunt is now on for Gaddafi nears its end. Their long road to freedom for the heart of Tripoli, For the rebels heading they've long dreamed of. this was the day as Colonel Gaddafi's rule collapses. Thousands stream into the capital (HORNS BEEP) under, for so long, is no more. The regime they feared and suffered arrived in Green Square. Overnight, the first rebel convoys of Gaddafi's Libya, The symbolic heart now under their control. But amid the jubilation, to Gaddafi some of those still loyal in the only way they knew how. chose to respond (GUNFIRE) may be under rebel control, While most of Tripoli the fighting is still far from over. to capture Gaddafi's sons. The rebels moved quickly

One, Mohammed, the al-Jazeera television channel was giving an interview to when they arrived. (GUNFIRE) right now. TRANSLATOR: I'm being attacked they're inside my house. This is gunfire, inside my house, who just 24 hours earlier Another son, Saif al-Islam, boasting there would be no surrender appeared on state television was also seized by the rebels. The rebels have wasted little time some form of control, in their efforts to establish setting up checkpoints had fought for the regime. and flushing out those they believe this country for 41 years? But what of the man who ruled whereabouts of Moamar Gaddafi. There is still no word on the evening in parts of Tripoli, As clashes continue this is around Gaddafi's compound. one of the fiercest battles emerging from the base earlier Tanks were seen and witness say there throughout the day. they there been sustained gunfire the rebels say Nearly 24 hours since their arrival, of the Libyan capital. they are now in control of 80% These remain dangerous hours but the joy of a liberated people this city and nation has spread across for everything has changed here. have both taken a hit Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott in the latest Newspoll. performance fell from 33% to 29% Satisfaction with the PM's voters rose 3 points to 61%. while the number of dissatisfied hasn't fared any better Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also up three points. with voter dissatisfaction Ms Gillard has equalled preferred Prime Minister, of 38% her lowest rating as by just one point. with Mr Abbott ahead the Coalition edged up one point, On a 2-party preferred basis leading Labor 57% to 43%.

Malaysia solution The fate of the government's Coming up - the size of South Australia. the Pacific garbage dump that's now But first it's over to Kochie.

week on Wall Street. Up 37 points. Thank you, Nat. A nice start to the European markets were mixed. A sort of buoyant mood on investors focusing on what is happening in Libya and the fall of Moamar Gaddafi helped things along. To our region yesterday, and we are down 21 and 19 points. Really, a spill-over from how the Dow performed on the weekend. Now, gold is really all over the place today. But generally upwards. Spot gold, I have at the moment on my Bloomberg, $ moment on my Bloomberg, $1895 US an ounce, that is another record. Oil is at $ is at $84 US a barrel. is at $84 US a barrel. . is at $84 US a barrel. ounce, that is another record. Oil

ounce, that is another record. Oil Many people want to know have remained stagnant why petrol prices despite the global oil price slide. in the coming fortnight. CommSec estimates prices to rise

Because oil has rebounded a bit. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Look, global oil prices the last two or three weeks. Have I Look, global oil prices dropped in missed it falling at the pump? Yes, you basically have. The prices are bottom now. Who we got to blame? The Aussie dollar. It was as high The Aussie dollar. It was as high as $ The Aussie dollar. It was as high as $. The Aussie dollar. It was as high as $.10, it is now $ $.10, it is now $1. $.10, it is now $1.04. But the has weakened. If you get petrol price below $

below $1. below $1.33 a litre you are doing well because it is the whole sale price. We should report Caltex reported a drop of profits and is putting their two refineries under review. They are not making as much money as we we thought they Time for sport. we thought they were. over the Knights in Newcastle last night. Hodges scored the second of Brisbane's four tries before limping from the field shortly after half-time. Obviously, he's, you know, disappointed. He's a bit down, but the initial diagnosis is not too bad. The Knights were also ravaged by injuries with Junior Sau spraining his ankle. and Matt Hilder suffering a head gash so severe that he had to be taken to hospital for treatment. Australia wrapped up its one-day series against Sri Lanka on a sour note this morning, going down by four wickets in game five. The visitors could only post 211 after Sri Lankan paceman Lasith Malinga claimed his third international hat-trick. Early wickets from Mitchell Johnson and James Pattinson gave the Aussies a sniff but the home side steadied and was able sneak home with three overs to spare, giving Michael Clarke's outfit a 3-2 series victory. Suspended Wallaby James O'Connor may not be out of the woods yet with the ARU investigating claims he was involved in an altercation in Paris last year.

O'Connor has been stood down from this weekend's Tri Nations decider against New Zealand for missing the World Cup squad announcement. And the 21-year-old faces the prospect of further disciplinary action over allegations he had a physical confrontation with Kurtley Beale and Quade Cooper during the 2010 Spring Tour. Tough time for James oment Connor. A bit of sorting out to do there. I am sure his team-mates will hopefully pull him into line. I reckon so. On this Tuesday morning, it is a very big konnichiwa to Grant Denyer. Hello! Hello! You take photo. Hello, guys, welcome to Japan. This is going to be one amazing week. Obviously, there has been, look, a couple of things that have happened in Japan recently that have been traumatic for the country. Their local tourism body said wouldia mind coming -- would you mind coming over and show the country. course we can. We have done it for and show the country. We thought of similar parts of Queensland getting back on their feet for tourism and so here we are in Tokyo. It is extraordinary, it is the scale. We are outside the Sukichi fish markets, the kind of like, the kitchen, if you like of Tokyo. It is a suburb. It's 23 hectares of fish. Where they go through 700,000 tonne of fish a year. That is 5. of fish a year. That is 5.5 billion dollars of fish that is processed in this suburb, right here. And in about half an hour's time, it's about to go nuts. Let's look at the forecast for the first time this morning. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Showers and dangerous surf on the Sunshine Coast. I promise you this, you are going to love this week. A lot of crazy, wild stuff. But the scale and the prettiness and the cleanliness of this city. All amazing. What time is it there? What is the time difference? It isn't hour less. So it is 5am. It isn't hour less. So it is 5am.. OK. The sun is up. You look a bit light. Can't wait. See you in half an hour. Later - should people who assault footballers face a harsher penalty? as the country loses its 29th digger in Afghanistan. Women want more... ..more satisfaction, more to enjoy, more flavour. Introducing new Special K Fruit & Nut Medley, a high-protein, low-GI cereal with plump, sweetened cranberries, delicious Flame raisins, dry-roasted almonds and crunchy, oaty clusters. New Special K Fruit & Nut Medley, because women everywhere want to wake up to more.

the 29th since the war began. He was on his first deployment to the region and was serving with Mentoring Task Force 3.

The soldier's colleagues describe him as a man who excelled at any task he was assigned and a soldier who was proud to serve his country. He was killed by a roadside bomb while on night patrol. Foreign affairs editor Dr Keith Suter joins us now. What more do we know about the soldier's death? Yes, the soldier was there as part of the preparation for the Afghanis to take over their sewn security, which we assume will be 2014. He was the eighth soldier to be killed this year, which makes it the most deadly period in our involvement in Afghanistan. This is this is what we call fighting season every year? Yes. Does it mean there is inevitably more to come? I think it is inevitable. Even Prime Minister in her remarks yesterday admitted there could be I think it is inevitable. Even the

further such announcements. It is called the fighting season because the snow has melted and the land is clear and you can begin to move around. It is the northern summer as we would call it. The forces move around and so can the other side. They are laying we would call it. The forces can

explosive devices, basically homemade bombs and they can move side. They are laying the improvised

them. They are not like the world war 2 war 2 landmines. It is made at home, very difficult to defuse, even if you identify it and get a bit of warning, it is still very risky because you never know how the manufacturer wend around it. When does the fighting season end? When the northern autumn arrives. Not far away. Only a few more weeks of this, we are now the end of August so another two or three months. It is only when we have a death we have the conversation to say where are we at? How are we going as far as achieve as achieve what the forces have set out. It is not going that well. We are talking about being able to hand over forces to the new government. The problem is who is going to be left in the new government? InPresident has just lost his own younger brother, shot by his own head of security. One of the lessons from Vietnam is you needed to have a good, secure government that was respected by the people which would help you to win the hearts and mind of people. We have clearly got a corrupt administration, fighting within itself so it myth must be bad for the mor for the moryish -- morale of the soldiers, who is going to take over in three years' time? Thank you, good to see you. Still ahead - Australia's jobs of the future. The opportunities for every worker. Plus a spectacular fire rips through Richard Branson's private Caribbean getaway. And, shame file. The boy made to tell the world he's a thief. Here's something different - a nasal decongestant designed to stay where it sprays. So it unblocks your nose quickly, it helps prevent that nasty-tasting drip down your throat. Drixine No Drip Formula. Save up to 50% off absolutely everything in store and online. Sale on now. Making news - the mother who made her child sit in public with a sign pinned to his shirt that said - "Do not trust me. "I will steal from you as I am a thief." The boy was thought to be about 10. As well as the T-shirt, he was wearing Shrek ears and writing lines in what appeared to be a form of public punishment outside a water park. One onlooker was so horrified she contacted Child Safety Services to intervene. Now the reports don't say what the boy stole but would you do this to your child? Love to know (A) what he did; and (B) what happens from here, whether it changed him or not. The story is focused on the T-shirt which is fine but you can't possibly talk about it unless we know what he did. We have got ten-year-old rioters in London burning down homes and attacking people, how Dean he took something from home and deserved a talking down? Or the 5th time and doing it for years and mum is at her wit's end. People are the first to quickly criticise parents, this generation is out of control. Here is someone doing something about it. A bit of tough lover. Let us know the most out-there punishment parents meted out to you in the past. I agree with you. We Complain the most out-there punishment your

about parents not being about parents not being strict enough with their kids. Some do-gooder gos and dobs her in to the child safety whatever. Who would have been the first do-gooder to dob them in if the kid was caught doing something wrong. Mind you, Mind you,tia reck ears are pretty extreme. Also making news, BHP Billiton's new rules on office etiquette. 'The Australian' has got hold of them. Post-it notes are to be removed from monitors or keyboards at the end of each day. I'd be stuffed, I have them everywhere. Take them all off when you leave. Other than workstation ID, and first aid or fire warden signs nothing is to be placed on workstation dividers, walls or doors at any time. You can have one framed photo. Cleaners will inspect desks each day and throw out anything against the rules. They have cleaners? That's an idea. Food must not be eaten at your workstation and it shouldn't smell. Lincoln? In the control room? Keep your fish at home for breakfast. Mobile phone ring tones should be kept at a low volume. Workers are also ordered to watch the tone and volume of their voices and the language they use in the office. And iPods are not to be brought in to work. That's not a news room, is it? For sure? That's not a news room, is it? For sure?. All march in a straight line and... What All march in a straight line and... What do you think Get lots of work done. Maybe they do, maybe some employees need to secretly e-mail us or Tweet. We will not reveal your name at all, good idea. Aussie photographer Darren Lyons is used to snapping the stars but the man called 'Mr Paparazzi' has become a star himself for his fake 6-pack. He's appearing on the new series of 'Big Brother' in the UK. And instead of working out at the gym, the 46-year-old had surgery to get a washboard stomach. But what do you make of it? How did high do that? Apparently they suck out little tubes of fat. Putting in tucks and inbuilt lines. What happens when your tummy changes Does it move up? Larry had his spray painted on. How come we haven't done a segment on this. He is like the male boob job. How much would a boob job cost. 2 thousand pounds. Is it a 6 pack if it is just fat bits? Isn't it meant to be hard? Later - the baby forced to live in a bubble while doctors try to save her life. But next, news and sport. Plus Grant's weather from Japan, on Sunrise. Inside the reality TV wedding of the year. A guest spills the beans. But now it's over to Nat for the news. World leaders are demanding Moamar Gaddafi's loyal forces surrender as they make a desperate last stand in the capital, Tripoli. The dictator's loyalists are battling rebels near the presidential compound. Opposition forces now control 80% of Tripoli. We have no confirmation of Gaddafi's whereabouts but at least two of Gaddafi's sons have been detained. His regime is falling apart and is in full retreat. The hunt is now on for Gaddafi who's gone into hiding. An Australian soldier who only arrived in Afghanistan two months ago has been killed by a roadside bomb. He's Australia's 29th combat fatality in Afghanistan and the eighth killed this year. The soldier's name and rank are being withheld until relatives are notified but he was from the Townsville-based 2nd Battalion RAR. He was on a night patrol north of the Australian base, near Tarin Kowt, when he was wounded. The Federal Government has accused the Opposition of double standards in their treatment of embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson. The Coalition is calling for Mr Thomson to resign as chair of a parliamentary committee over allegations he misused funds. But Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher, who has been charged with shoplifting, is still a committee chair. If we're going to get on to matters of criminality then there is a Coalition senator that Mr Abbott has not said should even stand aside from a parliamentary committee of which she chairs let alone leave the Parliament. Mr Emerson lashed out at the Opposition for trying to get police to investigate the matter. It's hoped DNA evidence will be on the shoes discovered during the search for Daniel Morcombe's remains. Forensic scientists say it's possible traces of DNA could still be attached to the sneakers, helping police piece together the Queensland teenager's final movements. Two shoes of the same brand Daniel was wearing when he vanished were found separately in bushland south of the Sunshine Coast last week. Human bones discovered on Sunday will likely be sent overseas for specialised testing. The Premier's Literary Prize in Queensland has come under fire after short-listing David Hicks' controversial novel. The tell-all book details Hicks' 6-year detention over accusations he fought for the al-Qaeda network. The Queensland Opposition says the government might have some explaining to do if Mr Hicks walks away with the $1,500 prize. In finance news:

points, which is terrific after a The Dow has started the week up 37 4-week route on the markets that dropped global share price values $ $8 trillion. Speculation that maybe dropped global share price values by the Federal Reserve may bring back some stimulus to the economy. Also, Brent sea oil dropped on the Libya crisis. The commodities, the gold price. Spot gold $ price. Spot gold $894 US an ounce, record. It did get to $ record. It did get to $1899. record. It did get to $1899.40, almost cracked $2,000 and has now settled below that. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. A hat-trick from Lasith Malinga helped condemn Australia to a 4-wicket defeat in the final match of the one-day series against Sri Lanka overnight. The Aussies could only manage a modest 211 after Malinga tore through the lower order. COMMENTATOR: And he's got it! That's three international hat-tricks. Sri Lanka snuck home with three overs to spare but Australia still won the series 3-2. Meantime, Sachin Tendulkar has fallen agonisingly short of his hundredth international century in the fourth Test against England at The Oval. Tendulkar was dismissed for 91 as England romped to a 4-0 series whitewash. The future of Demons captain Brad Green is clouded after he became the first skipper to be used as a substitute in Sunday's loss to Richmond. The 30-year-old is out of contract at season's end and is yet to be offered a new deal. Star forward Colin Syliva is also uncontracted for next season with the club to decide today whether to fight his 2-match striking suspension. The Broncos have locked in a home NRL final after winning a brutal battle against the Knights in Newcastle last night. The win was soured by another hamstring injury to Justin Hodges which has placed the gun centre's finals campaign in jeopardy. Newcastle also paid a heavy price with Junior Sau suffering an ankle injury. and Matt Hilder rushed to hospital to treat a sickening head gash. Well, guess where Grant Denyer is this morning? He is in Japan. Domo Aregato, Mr Denyer. How is the weather looking? Hao Gazamus. I arrived last night, I don't know what it means but I think it is around the hello territory. Good morning, we are in the heart of true Tokyo, outside the fish markets, the world's largest where every time, this day, it starts to go nuts. Proves within an absolute instant just how amazingly organised, yet explosively enormous this place is. Tokyo with the population of 13 million, that is Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne combined, they need to eat. So they have 23 hectares of fish out this way. Yesterday, a tuna went to auction, it weighed 300 kilograms. I went in the wrong shop! But good morning. Konnichiwa. Hello. I want to go into this one. The tuna weighed 300 grams, um, 300 kilograms, it sold for 400 grand. Port Lincoln they put them on the

kilograms, it sold for 400 grand. In plane and hand deliver them. People like Yuki, slicing it up, fresh every day, 2,000 tonnes. That's sea bream, this is one amazing every day, 2,000 tonnes. That's a country, take a look. (cold PLAYER: s) (cold PLAYER: s). # How long. Konnichiwa.

Konnichiwa. # Before it starts # Before I begin # Konnichiwa! Konnichiwa. # Before I know what it feels like. # Where to. Hello Sunrise. Konnichiwa. Konnichiwa.

# How long # Do I have to climb # Up on the side of this mountain of mine # Welcome, Sunrise. It's a happy place. It is amazingly clean place. I tell you what, it might be 2,000 tonnes a day but I tell you, they are very good at it. Because there are are only 44 cases of food poisoning and three deaths. Yuki, well done, thumbs up, Australia. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. A trough and low are sending strong winds, showers and dangerous surf onto the Queensland and north-east New South Wales coasts. A front and trough are generating rain through WA. Warm northerlies strengthen across southern Australia ahead of the front. If you would like to experience the energy and traditional culture like we are going to see this week, you have got a chance to visit Tokyo as well. Look at this this deal. Fly Jetstar business class to Tokyo for two people and stay three nights at the Mercure Tokyo Ginza, including breakfast. Go to and enter your details for your chance to win. Jetstar also have sale fares from just $229 from Cairns to Osaka. Sale ends midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday 26 August. Visit to book. See you in half an hour from Tokyo. Brilliant! Thanks. Terrific. See you in half an hour. Joke of the Day on Sunrise. Remember, four or five points gets you a $500 voucher from Spreets, the website with daily deals on restaurants, travel and experiences. Nat, your deal of the day? Oh, yes! So much, there is holidays. Today, Oh, yes! So much, there is holidays. Today, eight intense collagen hydrating treatments, $ hydrating treatments, $600, hydrating treatments, $600, normally hydrating treatments, $600, normally $600. Holidays to Thailand and Go Karting and all Karting and all sorts of stuff. Collagen implants? Joke of the day comes from Bob Dawson from Balgownie in New South Wales. Two little old ladies having lunch on the town bench where they are having the flower show. One says, " says, "Life is so boring, I bet says, "Life is so boring, I bet you $ says, "Life is so boring, I bet you $10 you can't run through the flower show naked." The other little old lady goes, " lady goes, "You're on." So she fumbles her clothes off and goes as fast as a old lady can go. And then she hears the commotion, wolf whistles and everything. After streaking through she said, " streaking through she said, "What happened in there." And she said, " happened in there." And she said, "I won first prize in the dried arrangement." Bob, a $ arrangement." Bob, a $500 spreet voucher is coming your way. After the break - the iPad revolution. The best tablet computers for your money. And, the world's dumping ground. The growing environmental disaster right on our door step, next. What if this or that was neither either but both? Happily, Honda really thought about this when creating their i-VTEC engine. It has a clever cam widget that changes the way the engine breathes, making it both economical and powerful, so you can save the juice and really cut loose. The new-release Honda Accord Euro. What's next? You know, I feel like our credit cards are getting away from us. So I was thinking, "If only someone could help get them under control." ANZ have options, like transferring our other balances onto one of their credit cards and giving us 12 months at just 2.9% to help get on top of it

and they'll sort out the transfers. It's good to feel in control. In you go. And one bank is thinking the same way.

(CLIPPER BUZZES) VOICEOVER: There's another way to save on electricity. Now that Country Energy customers are part of Origin, we have the power to cut your electricity bill. So give us a call. (THEATRICAL MUSIC PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Sign up for free to get daily deals in your town. # Hey # Now # You're looking at Sydney through the Jetstar Skycam. A possible light shower this morning, and 19. It's called the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch". And now new pictures have been released of the growing environmental disaster. The floating island of rubbish is the size of South Australia and quickly increasing in size. Research teams who've just returned from the dumping ground describe it as enormous and heartbreaking. They found plastic in every water sample they took. For more, we're joined by environmentalist Tim Silverwood who took part in the expedition. Good morning. Put into perspective what you saw. Just how shocking was it?

This must be really sad. Yes, I mean, for me, I got really interest said in this issue from being in Australia where we have relatively pristine beaches and we are lucky. This project looked at me going to the North Pacific region, the infamous home of Patch. The tropical ji is a network the infamous home of the Garbage of oceananic currents swirling round the ocean. It is twice the size of Australia. But what they are looking at is the central accumulation zone. You could say it is as big as South Australia or France or Texas but it no floating island of no floating island of trash. is a big misconception that it is a no floating island of trash. There floating island. It is not the case. The truly horrific nature is that it contains small plastic fragments. To give you an example, I first started in Hawaii, we think of that as a land of pristine o beaches as Australia. But this is what is happening on the beaches of Hawaii. These small plastic fragments are the result of a plastic item breaking down due to the sun. They don't retain the shape very long. This is the stuff on the beach? We call it plastic sand. You can go into places in Hawaii and scoop down in the crevices in rocks and this is what you get, all plastic fragments. It is in every singling oceanic sample we have taken. Here you see a sample of it. It is what we took when we put a scientific trawl through the surface of the ocean and we get a huge concentration of tiny plastic fragments mixed in amongst the organic matter like plankton. Marine life would be ingesting it and it would be harming a lot of creatures. What can we do to help? Apart from the obvious of not littering? When I first got involved, I thought what I could do. So I, and a Take Three, a clean beach initiative, we thought how about we empower every Australian down at the beach or the coastal area, take three pieces of rubbish with you. How simple is It doesn't take time or money or effort. We have developed an rubbish with you. How simple is it?

organisation. We have been volunteers for years but we got a $ volunteers for years but we got a $50,000 grant from a zoo this year. It is a big problem but imagine 1% of the Australian population decide to go and take three, 750,000 pieces of litter in the country. What about if the whole world did it? Or 1% of the population did it once a week. 39 million less pieces of litter out there. The message with Keep Australia Beautiful Week, dropped on land, kills at sea. It is an important campaign I am happy to be an ambassador for because it has a huge impact on the ocean for marine organisms and mammals but we don't want it to happen to us. Thanks so much, take three, a great idea. Thank use. Here is Kochie. Just two years ago the term "tablet computer" was almost unheard of. Today, Apple's iPad has sold nearly 30 million units. And this year it's expected to claim up to 80% of the market. But plenty of companies are developing new models to take on the Silicon Valley giant. Val Quinn from The Gadget Group has the top tablets on the market. Good morning. I'm a Mac nut, I have got my iPad but what are the best alternatives. There are a few around and Apple is leading the charge with iPad two, second generation and a advanced device. But an interesting one, this is the Asus Epad, a second generation and a really

transformer device. So the best of a tabloid, an android-based tablet, Google's operating system and a keyboard and extra battery life and memory. The guys in my office who are tech experts love it because of the extra functioniality and keyboard it offers. BlackBerry is keeping up? Yes, this is the play bad, great if you have a BlackBerry phone, you can receive the same information. It is small and well built, the back is rubberized so it is easy to hold on to. It handles all the e-mails and BlackBerry data. Not as many apps? No, but it is getting there. This is Toshiba's AT 100 and it is an android device. The back is quite colourful, you can change the back for a bunch of colour options but more important you can change the battery. An extra long flight you can update the battery. Normally you can't do that. Also, it is one of the first android devices with USB ports, meaning you can plug in a lot of devices. I like that too. The Motorola Zoom, also an android device. It is kind of looking like the iPad, it has got a very good camera, a 5 megapixel camera, it does all the Google apps and it has good hardware. Samsung? The subject of legals? Yes, this is This is a prerelease version, this is the Samsung Galley Tab M 1 V. It is a predecessor of a new one but Apple is fighting with Samsung about patent disputes so they are saying it is infringing on their ideas so you can't get it. This is selling for $ This is selling for $99? A short product, on the shelves for a few days. You can buy it if you can find it at Harvey Norman for $ can find it at Harvey Norman for $99. What is it? You can use it as a, maybe the kids can watch videos in the back of the car with it or be a photo frame but it will only be supported for a year and no apps so it has got a limited life. The best one? What can I say? Apple, second generation, leading technology, brill generation, leading technology, brilliant device. Thank you, back to Mel. News is next. Then, surf's up. The board riders risking their lives in the wild weather. And inside Kim Kardashian's lavish wedding from someone who was actually there. Black is always flattering - myth. Flakes are the only sign of an unhealthy scalp - also a myth. There are several signs of an unhealthy scalp. And the fact is, Head & Shoulders works on those too. With seven hair and scalp benefits, it relieves dryness, itch, and moisturises your scalp. Because beautiful-looking hair starts with a healthy scalp, and that's a fact. Head & Shoulders for seven hair and scalp benefits. (THEATRICAL MUSIC PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Sign up for free to get daily deals in your town. brought to you by 'New Idea' All the latest news, goss and more, including the new pullout cooking section, on sale now. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us with new details of Kim Kardashian's lavish wedding from a guest. What went on Nelson? Who dobbed? This is Kathy Leagh Gifford from the NBC morning Show, one of the 440 media guests. She will go anywhere they are serving a decent chardonnay, like me. I loved the way she mixed up her looks, I kept thinking, my gosh, when is she going to attend her own wedding. Back stage with a new dress and hair. But it made it like a fashion show. The ceremony was one of the most spirtual I have been to. The pastor is Chris Humphries family pastor. Very devout born-again family. He talked about all the words in the Bible for love. It really made you think about what love really, really is.

She also said the guests went home with goody bags that included lots love really, really is.

of Kardashian inscribing gifts like flip-flop shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and hearthop shaped doughnuts. But if you think she laid out too much money, don't worry, she stands to earn $ earn $18 million or more off the rights mism iest worried. $ iest worried. $18 million you earn from a $18 million you earn from a wedding? Yes. It is all about love though. Yes. Yeah, right. We would like to thank our sponsors. We love them a lot. We love all that money. Thank you, Nelson. The top stories now, on Sunrise. Australia loses its 29th soldier in Afghanistan, killed on his first tour of duty there. Celebrations in Libya's capital as rebels take control. Gaddafi holds on for now but his rule is over. Sir Richard's private Caribbean hideaway destroyed. This morning, the Hollywood star who fled the flames. The new places, the new industries to find work. Daniel Radcliffe moves on. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Sorry? You were going to say? $ Sorry? You were going to say? $18 million! A lot of money. Amazing. You should get married again and renew your vowwise LIib. I will let you ponder that. Also coming up this morning - The provocative teen pictures that ended up on T-shirts. Right now though, it's time for the news of the day with Nat. The country is today mourning the loss of another Australian soldier, killed in Afghanistan. The sniper was killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol north-east of Tarin Kowt. Adrian Brown is in Afghanistan with the latest. A very sombre mood here in Tarin Kowt, Natalie. This is the main Australian base in Afghanistan. And a dead soldier was mates with many of those who are based here, who have been mourning his loss. That loss was finally confirmed by Canberra last night. The soldier's colleagues describe him as a man who excelled at any task he was assigned and a soldier who was proud to serve his country. As I've said before, I can't promise the Australian people that there won't be another day like this. The dead soldier was from the Townsville-based 2nd Battalion RAR. It was his first tour of duty here and he had been in the country two months. He was killed while stepping on a landmine, or IED, while on patrol with Afghan troops some 85km north-east of here. He becomes the eighth Australian to die here this year and the 29th since Australia's involvement in Afghanistan began almost 10 years ago, following the 9/11 bombings. US President Barrack Obama has called on Moamar Gaddafi to relinquish any control he has left over Libya to end the bloodshed. A fully fledged battle is under way with rebels storming the streets of Tripoli, taking over most of the capital. The Gaddafi regime is coming to an end Government forces are still fighting around the presidential compound in a desperate last stand. Homicide detectives are investigating after a man's body was found in the backyard of a Melbourne home last night. The 47-year-old hadn't been seen for several days and police are treating his death as suspicious. The man had significant head injuries. Two of his friends made the discovery. They were unable to gain entry to the house and climbed over the side fence but, sadly, he's been found lying in the backyard, face down. Police are appealing to the public for information. Sydney police are appealing for information following another drive-by shooting overnight. Shots were fired into two cars parked outside a Bossley Park home. The occupants, including a man, woman and their 39-year-old stepson, where home at the time and weren't injured. A crime scene has been established and investigations are continuing. Hollywood actress Kate Winslet Coming up - jobs, jobs, jobs. The industries screaming out for more workers and they're paying well too. But first, here's Kochie.

a Monday. Good tart to the week on the Dow Jones, Monday their time, Investors are getting paid well for

course, after four consecutive weeks of losses. The Dow kicked off this the Dow Jones, Monday their time, of

week on a positive note because of a fall in the euro. Brent Sea oil as well and speculation the federal fall in the euro. Brent Sea oil down economy might start to stimulate the economy again. A bit economy again. A bit of a carry overin our region. All the action in the commodities. The gold price got to $ to $1899. to $1899.40 US an ounce. Investors got a bit nervous of breaking through $ through $1900. It dipped back again to close at a record close of $ to close at a record close of $18. to close at a record close of $18.95. The Aussie dollar is $ $18.95. The Aussie dollar is $1. $18.95. The Aussie dollar is $1.04. Time for sport. Here's Beretts. The Knights are adamant their NRL finals destiny is in their own hands despite going down to the Broncos at Ausgrid Stadium last night. The match was a war of attrition with Junior Sau suffering an ankle injury and Matt Hilder taken to hospital with a sickening head wound. Our doctor's been working with us for 23 years and he's never not stitched up one of our players. That's it's the first time he's sent someone to hospital to get stitched. Broncos centre Justin Hodges suffered yet another hamstring injury early in the second half. Australia has gone down to Sri Lanka by four wickets in the final game of the one-day series this morning. A hat-trick from paceman Lasith Malinga helped restrict the Aussies to 211 and after a few nervous moments the Sri Lankans closed it out with three overs to spare. Australia won the series 3-2 and can take heart from the news that Malinga won't be taking part on the upcoming Test series. The consistency of the AFL's match review panel has again been questioned after West Coast's Beau Waters escaped suspension for his bump on Jobe Watson. The fact Watson ended up concussed was ignored by the panel because the impact was deemed to be accidental. Essendon will decide today whether to fight the 1-match sling-tackle ban offered to Heath Hocking. Manchester United has maintained its unbeaten start to the Premier League season with a 3-0 victory over Tottenham at Old Trafford this morning. Second-half goals from Danny Welbeck, Anderson and Wayne Rooney secured maximum points for the Red Devils. They're now level with cross-town rivals Manchester City and Wolverhamption at the top of the table. Remember, that was taught's first out after -- Tottenham's first hit out after they couldn't play the first game after the trouble in London. Grant is in Japan. Always wanted to go. Never been. A first for me. I hope you am first for me. I hope you am enjoy the trip and the week. I always had the images of the pulsating traffic and the buttoned-up businessmen, the stereo types or whacky game show clips. That was my extent of knowledge of Japan. But it truly amazing. A beautifully clean city. The people are very, very shy, wonderfully welcoming. Their etiquette is extraordinary. But it is this wonderful culture that has staunch traditions which go back thousands of years and that a ajkt the position of pulsating technology. And you know it is serious because I used the serious because I used

AJuxtaposition. They have million vending machines but they love their food fresh. And there ain't anything bigger than the fish markets. Check it out. When we went in and shot the pictures, we saw this, it is Japan's kitchen. 900 dealers inside. 400 different types of seafood sold each day from tiny sardines to hand flown tuna from Port Lincoln. 2,000 tonnes is sold a day. Do you know how much that is a year? That is $ that is a year? That is $5 billion of fish gets sold in this suburb right behind us here, such is the scale. 13 million people in this city alone, more than Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Brisbane, Melbourne,ade, more than 100 12 million in the country and they have to stay fed. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Showers and dangerous surf on the Sunshine Coast. Nearly got run over 27 times trying to cross that road but it is worth it. I am in Japan and loving it! See you in halfa. Colleagues of the latest Australian digger to die in action in Afghanistan say he was a man who was proud to serve his country. The soldier was killed by a roadside bomb while on an early morning patrol, 85 kilometres from Tarin Kowt. It was his first deployment to Afghanistan and his family have requested his name not be released. He's the 29th Australian serviceman to die in the country and the eighth this year. For more, I'm joined by Military Associate James Brown. This time of year is called "fighting season". When will it end this year the fighting season will end around September as the weather changes and it starts to get much colder. It has been a pretty tough fighting season for Australia this year, eight casualties. Not great news again yesterday. These IEDs seem to be a cause of a lot of the deaths at the moment in Afghanistan. Are they like the old fashioned landmines that we about in previous wars? fashioned landmines that we heard Some of them are, some aren't. Some are old-fashioned landmines with a trigger, so they detonate when you step on them and others are more like pressure cookers. A lot of the landmines that have been in storage are getting dragged out. It is a threat they face every day. The chances of stepping on an IUD are everywhere in Uruzgan. What is the morale of the troops? Is it high or they starting to question their role? I don't think these kinds of deaths make them question their role. They are professional soldiers and know the risks before they go and think through theditionsise before they go. But it will be a tough couple of days for the soldier of the guy who died last night. An amazing breed of Australian who go over. I was fortunate enough to visit and couldn't believe the number who say, " number who say, "This is what we're paid to do. This is job we wanted to. We didn't want to stay home training all our careers. We want to get out and fight."

It is fascinating when you ask the guys why they join the army. For a lot they like to help people and they are over there helping Afghanistans who can't stand up for themselves and the Taliban is trying bully them into submission. It is hard, they work in ostear conditions and work long hours and know they might never get to see their family again. They are professional, they will take it in their stride. They will reflect, talk about it amongst each other and get back each other and get back to the job. Thank you. Pressure continues on Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi to give up power as rebels slowly take control of the country's capital. The opposition forces claim they have 80% of Tripoli and that the 42-year reign of Gaddafi is now over. Celebrations have continued on the streets throughout the night while there's still intense fighting around the presidential compound. The whereabouts of Gaddafi is unknown. For the latest we're joined again now by our foreign affairs editor Dr Keith Suter. Morning, Keith. The fighting continues, is it too early for the rebels to claim victory? They certainly can't claim victory at the moment. Clearly, if-good gad is kil -- if Moamar Gaddafi is still around, we don't know where he is, he might be in the compound, he may have gone back to the tribal village in Suret, and he might be in the presidential

some believe he has gone over the border to Chad. As long as we can't see his body or have him in captivity, supporters will struggle. But we are getting close to the ends, the next few days. What is the likely scenario? He has held power for 42 years. He is hardly likely to put up a white flag. Is there speculation he could take his own life or be shot by a guard? The speculation is he will kill himself or go doubt in the fighting or shot by a supporter. Is it more martyrish to have it happen than if he Part of his problem is there is an international arrest warrant for happen than if he flees?

him. There is limitations for him to go. The obvious place is Venezuela. They offered to take him in. They can't go to the other Arab countries because they don't like him. If he were to flee Venezuela is obvious. Angola? Yes, another possibility. South Africa said they don't have him. But it would make a major difference if the guy were to go. It would be the turning point. Ooze you say, -- as you say, 42 years, the longest serving Arab leader. What will happen to Libya when he gos? As you say, 42 years but it is very long time to be under What is the future for Libya? very long time to be under rule. The good news is they have a lot of oil and the oil companies are anxious to get in there. That is the good news. The bad news stl is no democracy and no transition of power. We have seen struggles in the rebels with leadership and power. But some of the foreign governments, for example, Britain, saying we are going to learn the lessons of Baghdad in 2003. We need to prepare you guys to take overpower. More preparation, we want to avoid a rerun of Iraq. It is going to be a very interesting struggle. The other thing is the ripple effects in the rest of the Arab world. But to have a volatile country, no clear leader, a lot of oil and so therefore a lot of wealth and people around the world wanting to get their hands on it. It could be a recipe for further unrest? Absolutely. You don't have a clear charactermatic leader. There is Nelson Mandela fig yrp waiting -- figure waiting in the wings to charactermatic leader. There is no

over. There will be power struggles. One of the reasons why Gaddafi, a figure waiting in the wings to take

bit of a strange fellow, but he stayed in power for 42 years, very smart operator and canny, he would play one glaoup off against the a-- group against the other, the worry is him out of the picture, there will be reprisals and resrefplg a-- revenge attacks. You know what? This is what our kids will learn about in history. A new chapter of raren history. -- loung Yesterday we told you about plans by BlueScope Steel to axe 1,000 manufacturing jobs. The cost of raw materials and the high Aussie dollar has meant the company can't compete against steel made more cheaply in China. But the Prime Minister has moved to reassure workers that the Australian manufacturing industry is far from dead. We shouldn't conclude from that that we won't be a country in the future that manufacturers things. We will be a country that manufacturers goods. Is she right? Can Is she right? Can manufacturing -- manufacturing survivor? Chris Richardson from Access Economics joins me now from Canberra. Good morning to you. Firstly put this announcement by BlueScope into perspective for us. Does it spell the end of Australia's manufacturing industry? Can we flautd compete -- not complete around the world? It is a big sector and almost a million people. It does It is a big sector and employs have a future. But right now, with the Australian dollar over $ the Australian dollar over $1 US it is extremely tough. You haven't seen the end of the bad news in manufacturing. Still more to come. OK, if the Australian dollar falls, say, back to traditional levels around 80 US cents, whatever, can these jobs come back? Is there the capacity? Or is it once we close it, it is gone forever? History would tell us once they go, they are gone. That is particularly true in manufacturing. You are right, a big fall in the Australian dollar could make a big difference. It is not immediately on the cards, but again big swings in currencies are absolutely classic stuff. But no, once the particular jobs go, very unusual to see them come back again. So where are the scaub -- jobs in there future for Australia? I don't think they are in manufacturing in Newcastle and Wolloongong. Yes, mining but much more. All sorts of services. That is where most job growth has been over time am and where you can expect it to stay. The absolute classic is health and aging. We know in an aging Australia that will be a very good growth sector. So we don't have a future making anything? We only have a future sort of supplying serves or digging holes -- sumrige MRIing services or -- supplying services or digging supplying services or digging holes in the grounds. Manufacturing, those jobs are swinging to the China's of the world. Vietnam and world. Vietnam and Bangladesh after that. We don't have to do everything. We should do what we are best at. It is not clear, outside some nations, that is particularly manufacturing. Give me another Western country in the world, similar standard of living to ours, you know, high wages all that sort of stuff, that is surviving and doing well? Who should we be modelling ourselves on? We should be modelling ourselves on Australia. Lest we forget, we are really doing well. Most of the countries we usually compare ourselves to have been in a lot of trouble in recent years. We are a standout. Doesn't mean we don't have our own issues, we do. But lest we forget and talk ouselves into trouble, we are doing very well here. That makes me feel a lot better, Chris Richardson. He is on your campaign for optimism there. A massive fire caused by a lightning strike has ripped through Sir Richard Branson's luxury Caribbean home. Hollywood star Kate Winslet was one of 20 guests forced to flee the building, which has been destroyed. Emily Morgan has more. This is the scene that Richard Branson at 4am. His home on This is the scene that met Sir Necca up in flames. It took hold, increedably quickly, like Du Maurier films, waking up seeing 100 foot flames in the sky. Despite a tropical storm engulfling the island, his 25-year-old son Sam heard explosions in the main house and raised the alarm. It was terrifying, my nephews, nieces, friends were all staying in the house and I just ran naked towards the house to get people Some of those traps were his towards the house to get people out. 90-year-old mother and film-star friend Kate Winslet. It was her that made a daring rescue. She waw staying there with her children, she carried my mother out of the house. She said it it is like being in a film set waiting for the word " word "cut" but it doesn't come. She swept her into her arms, plus the two kids and got them out of the house. The Bransons have owned the luxury islands in the Caribbean for 30 years. All 20 guests tonight are celebrating no-one was hurt. There you go, shocking! There you go, shocking!, Kochie. The South-East Queensland coastline has been hit by huge surf and cyclonic winds. The weather bureau issued a severe weather warning as wind gusts reached more than 100km/h. Off Moreton Island, a wave was registered at 10.5 metres but on the Gold Coast a group of brave surfers aren't complaining. It feels like I'm getting punched in the face by Muhammad Ali but it was so fun and you're so stoked about getting barrelled, it doesn't really matter. The wild weather is expected to continue over the next few days. I don't know if they are great or mad, surf like that. Still ahead - the thousands of Aussie workers banned from eating at their desks. Plus, shame file. And, Daniel Radcliffe like we've never seen him before. Good morning.. Renee Konig with you.. A mostly sunny day forecast for our region.. after a frosty

start. We can expect a top of 17 in Canberra.. 18 at Jindabyne.. and 16 for Goulburn.

A major milestone for Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. Today's her one hundredth day in the top job since she took over from Jon Stanhope.. who retired earlier this year. To mark the occasion.. she'll launch a blog.. as part of her commitment to an open government. Ways to help our elderly get around the

capital will be a hot topic.. at a forum in Woden.. later this morning.

The NRMA's Alan Evans says we need to explore MORE transport options.. with our ageing population set to increase. And Raiders coach Dave Furner will name his side this afternoon.. for Saturday's home clash against the Panthers. Our boys will have to fight hard.. to avoid the wooden spoon. More news.. during the Morning Show. SONG: # Hey! We can go there over bridges

# Under bridges, over bridges

# Then when we get wet we hang to dry... # Lucas. (PHONE RINGS) # City high, city low... Hi, Jess. How you doing? # Gotta go, city low Gotta, gotta go # If I stand still like a shark I'll die... # VOICEOVER: Life's better connected with the Ford Fiesta Zetec from $21,990 driveaway. # You gotta come with me tonight Hey! # The Federal Government admits electricity prices have recently risen by 40%. And the world's biggest carbon tax means even higher prices year after year. They must get carbon policy right before it's too late. Oh, Jeff... Hey. This is Claire. Hey, Claire. We might leave you two to talk. How are ya? With free, expert advice on hundreds of home loans, your local Mortgage Choice broker will help find a loan that's right for you. Nice to see Jeff's finally settled into his new place. And I finally get my garage...back. Hey, Mum. Mwah! What's for dinner? You might just find you won't want to make a move without them. Claire? I think it's time we talked about that beach house. Call 13 MORTGAGE today. Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar. Experience the beauty of Japan. Sale on now at Surfer Michael Crawley joins us now. How is the surf today? You been out for a wave yet? Noerse still quite early up here, the conditions are still quite good. Will head out after just doing this. It has died off a little bit but still pumping. What is the trick, Michael? To battling the massive swells. You liken it to being hit by a boxer? Well, it is no comparison to waves like Tahiti or Salander in Sydney, when the waves get too big, or too much to paddle we grab the jet and toe into a couple. It takes the much to paddle we grab the jet ski annoying element of paddling the kurbt current and kurbt current and not getting the waves, the key is the jet ski and it is super fun. We see the big waves in Hawaii with the winter storms, is it the same here We We normally get the cyclonic conditions from January to conditions from January to March, the Quiksilver pro, the surfers try to get the points around the Gold Coast but we get the south-west, light offshore winds, we don't get the cyclonic swell pattern we are experiencing now. It is pretty cool. We will let you wax up. Hang 10. Thanks. Do people still say hang 10? Or has it gone out in the' 70s. Definitely not, Beachboys style. Thanks for your support, appreciate it. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Good on you, big kahuna. Looked gnarly. Cut backs. Gnarly. We are dags. We had a few talking this morning about a mum who made her child sit in public with a We are dags. We had a few e-mails,

sign. It happened in Townsville. The boy was thought to be about 10. As well as the T-shirt, he was wearing 'Shrek' ears and writing lines in what appeared to be a form of public punishment outside a water park. One onlooker was so horrified but would you do this to your child? Get a grip. The mum's got a lot of support. Christine says, " it is about time we had a parent who parents. All thieves start small. If she stops it now, no matter what he stole, well done.." Sarah says, " done.." Sarah says, "Congratulations to the mother, for having the courage to do what we usually only think about doing." Garry says when he was 10 he once called his mother a really rude name. I won't replace it. My dad put my belongings in a box and dropped me off at an orphanage in Geelong. He drove down the corner and let me sit there crying for 45 minutes. I never did it again. Good going. Well done to this mum. Also covering BPH rules on office etiquette. They include removing all Post-it notes from monitors or keyboards at the end of each day, only having one framed photo on your desk, not eating food at your workstation and keeping voices and mobile ringtones low. Bring in this, because I share an office with my partner here of course. I have been trying to institute rules for a long time. Oh! That's fake! Look at it. Look at mine. Just beautiful. That wouldn't be allowed at BPH. There is my pink frock. There is a bloke under the desk. Tommy. That's hight right. We had a few BPH whistle blowers, just a kohl miner, do you know they have laminated photos in every room, that is, smoke room, showing you what the room look like, just in case you don't know how a table and chair work or where to place your photo on the desk. Now we are not allowed to have hot food, no microwaves allowed, not allowed to talk more than two minutes at our desk. We have to use the breakout room, anything that is left on the desk at the end of the day, goes in the bin. I have rubbed outside the name. But thanks, Colin, for sending that in. Can't talk for two minutes. There are other desks. It would be hard. You couldn't be silent for two minutes. Coming up, should people who assault footy players cop a stiffer penalty? But first here's Nat with the news. Moamar Gaddafi loyalists have launched an all-out battle outside a hotel in Tripoli where reporters are staying. The journalists are reportedly trapped inside, unable to leave as fighting rages around the building. Rebels have stormed the Libyan capital overnight and now have control of 90% of the city. But government troops aren't going down without a fight with pockets of resistance emerging. The latest Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan has been described by his colleagues as a man who excelled at his work. The sniper was killed by a roadside bomb while he was on an early morning patrol. Seven News reporter Georgina McKerrow has more. With the death of another Australian soldier, it's clear our task in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly harder. As I've said before, I can't promise the Australian people that there wont be another day like this. that there won't be another day The member of the Townsville-based 2nd Battalion was on a mentored night patrol north-east of Tarin Kowt when an improvised explosive device went off. The soldier was seriously wounded and received immediate first aid from his patrol mates. He was unable to be saved. It was the sniper's first tour of the war-torn region but he'd previously served in East Timor. The 29th death has been described as a tragic blow to the soldier's family, to our nation and to those who have also lost loved ones in this bloody battle. As Prime Minister, I offer them the nation's condolences. While the government admits these are hard times, it says our duties in Afghanistan must remain strong. Over the coming days the members of MTF3 will prepare to send the soldier home. And, once again, try to re-group and fight on in memory of their mate. The fate of the government's Malaysia solution could be decided today when a legal challenge returns to the High Court. Yesterday, lawyers acting for asylum seekers on Christmas Island argued the Immigration Minister doesn't have the power to deport them. They're petrified of being sent to Malaysia and they're very relieved that now they're able to have their day in court. Extra Federal Police have been flown to Christmas Island to assist with the deportation should the High Court rule in the government's favour. A pair of shoes that were infamously thrown at former prime minister John Howard are set to go under the hammer. Activist Peter Gray drew worldwide attention after he threw the sneakers during a live television interview last year in protest against the Iraq war. He tragically died from cancer six months later but before his death asked the shoes be used to raise money for aid efforts in Iraq.

Finance news, a

week on Wall Street. Mondays is Finance news, a great start to the usually well down. The Dow is up 37 points on speculation the Federal Reserve may introduce another stimulus program. The Aussie dollar, $

$1. $1.4 US, would you believe champagne imports into Australia up 25% because of the high Australian dollar. We

dollar. We are now in the top five consumers of champagne in the world. (coughs) There you go. (coughs). Imported champagne prices have dropped 20% in the last year. Stock up. Time for sport. Stock up. Time for sport. Stock up. Time for sport. . This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Another hamstring injury to strike centre Justin Hodges has taken some of the gloss off the Broncos' impressive victory over the Knights in Newcastle last night. Hodges scored the second of Brisbane's four tries before limping from the field shortly after half-time. Obviously, he's, you know, disappointed. He's a bit down but the initial diagnosis is not too bad. The Knights were also ravaged by injuries with Junior Sau spraining his ankle and Matt Hilder suffering a head gash so severe that he had to be taken to hospital for treatment. Australia wrapped up its one-day series against Sri Lanka on a sour note this morning, going down by four wickets in game five. The visitors could only post 211 after Sri Lankan paceman Lasith Malinga claimed his third international hat-trick. Early wickets from Mitchell Johnson and James Pattinson gave the Aussies a sniff but the home side steadied and was able sneak home with three overs to spare, giving Michael Clarke's outfit a 3-2 series victory. Suspended Wallaby James O'Connor is facing a fresh ARU investigation over claims he was involved in an altercation in Paris last year. The 21-year-old has been suspended from this weekend's Test against New Zealand for missing the World Cup squad announcement and he could be disciplined further for an alleged physical confrontation with Kurtley Beale and Quade Cooper during the Spring Tour. Time for a check of weather. We nined Grant Denyer in Japan, in Tokyo. Welcome to downtown Tokyo things are coming alive in front of the world's biggest fish market. An Welcome to downtown Tokyo where

explosive part of the city. The foodbowl-thof crazy -- foodbowl of the bustling crazy city. Including taking on sumos this afternoon, 165 verses 60. You do the maths. Sunrise weather to you by Claratyne, be prepared and live Claratyne clear. A trough and low are sending strong winds, showers and dangerous surf onto the Queensland and north-east New South Wales coasts. Warm northerlies strengthen across southern Australia ahead of the front. I am indeed, standing in the middle of a road. So I am going to go, see you in half an Can't wait for the sumo wrestle. Yeah! you in half an hour.

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