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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) Australian politics. Well, it's been a bizarre week in the world of federal politics. We've seen more attacks on the Prime Minister, the coupling of some very strange bedfellows and Tony Abbott avoiding a 'SNAG' in order not to get the 'CHOP'. Political editor Mark Riley has more. ('WE CAN'T BE BEATEN' BY ROSE TATTOO PLAYS) It was a week of singing... # Shoulder to shoulder # We can't be beaten. # ..and dancing... And dancing around the subject on both sides... I've made a speech and I want the speech to speak for itself. I'm not going to reveal personal conversations with the Member for Dobell. A week in which the people got angry... Ditch the witch! Ditch the witch! Hey, hey, are you assaulting me? And Angry got the people... ('I WILL SURVIVE' BY GLORIA GAYNOR PLAYS) But it was also a week of strange bedfellows - the Slugger and The Greens agreeing on coal seam gas. Mining shouldn't be allowed to destroy prime agricultural land. This is not just looking at farmers' interests, but the interests of Australia as a food producing nation. Barnaby and The Greens. One might suggest that Bob Brown's involved in a wedge. Well, I guess so. And Barnaby and Bob Katter - bedfellows against gay marriage. I said, "You can't possibly be serious "we can't even get the hetros to marry... (CHUCKLES) this country. (LAUGHTER) And Barnaby and Bob and Bob's hat?! $2,600, $2,600 on the side here. We're going to have a serious game on our hands here. Good coin for a hat! ('IT'S RAINING MEN BY THE WEATHER GIRLS PLAYS) Yes, these strange bedfellows think fellows shouldn't bed together at all. 'Gay' is one of the most beautiful words in the English language and nobody has the right to take that word off us and that image off us. Old mate Barnaby said he wanted his daughers to marry men... And I dont want any legislator to take that right away from them. Yeah, don't think they'll make gay marriage compulsory. (ALL CHANT) Down here, there was only one man they wanted. Tony! Tony! Tony! Yes, Angry might have thought he was the rock star... Tony! Tony! Tony! ..but the Slugger was bigger than Elvis - and probably a better singer. # We don't want no carbon tax # Julia, is that you I'm singing about? # Yow! ('ALL SHOOK UP' BY ELVIS PLAYS) Gazing out upon the crowd and the signs... Some signs I agree with, some signs I don't necessarily agree with. But they agreed with him that this was a special political ocassion. This is the first anniversary of the big lie. This is Tea Party a la Tony Abbott, come to town. ('SUGAR, SUGAR' BY ARCHIES PLAYS) Yeah, but, what's a tea party without a bit of cake... On the first anniversary of the Prime Minister's no carbon tax pledge... Like a candle in the wind... Blows out the candle. Oh, how we love the subtlety! Unhappy first anniversary. guessed it, a year since this. There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead. Oh, let her eat cake...hey? But something strikes me here - I mean, the Slugger says... The big lie... that there would be no carbon tax... ..under the government I lead. ('BROWN SUGAR' PLAYS) But if this is true... Bob Brown is the real prime minister of this country. Then surely, there's now going to be a carbon tax under the government HE leads?! Politics is so confusing, filled with adrenalin from his rock star moment at the anti-carbon tax rally, Tony Abbott sprinted on to his next media picture opportunity and meat...and greet...which was, literally, butchered. The media gathered outside a suburban Canberra butchery for the latest episode of 'Stuntman' only to be told the visit had been cancelled and was moving to a meat wholesalers nearby. Tony will do a doorstop and will explain unfortunately why the visit couldn't go ahead. Finally getting his picture opportunity, slicing out his line. Now, the trouble with the carbon tax is it's going to cut your margins because it's going to raise your costs. Oh, the subtlety... And what cutting the first exciting stunt? I thought you might be curious about that. Yeah,'re right. He said the first butcher had received... aggressive phone call. Once news got around that he was about to drop in... And I made the decision it was best to change the venue. ('EAT IT' BY WEIRD AL YANKOVIC PLAYS) Well, fair enough but that didn't stop the wags who suggested he'd been given the chop, that the steak out... ..hit an unfortunate snag... ..and he avoided a grilling but had no time to chew the fat. What offal luck... Politics, sometimes it makes mincemeat of us all.