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This is Sky News -

Australia's news channel.

Today - the government's

asylum seeker swap deal put

on ice with a High Court up

holding a legal challenge.

I will step down from the

office of Premier on 20

October. Mike Rann confirms

he is stepping down as

Premier of South Australia.

And coming up shortly on

'PM Agenda' - sweeping

changes recommended to

Australia's aged care sector,

we will be talking to the minister, Mark Butler.

Good afternoon, this is

News Day for Monday, 8

August. I am Gemma Veness.

Also this hour, a

roller-coaster ride for

investors today, as our stock

market absorb the impact of

America's credit rating

downgrade. In sport - the

Sharks set to lose skipper

Paul Gallen on a one week

suspension. And Sky News weather forecast tomorrow: