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Brit Grammy Award.

I note Tony Abbott had a

collywobble about that last

week tending to say different

things to different audiences

depending what he thinks they

want to hear, so sometimes he

says he doesn't agree with

the 5% target, sometimes he

says he does, my

understanding is that today

he does agree with the

bipartisan 5% target. So the

point I have been make ing as

I travelled around the

country is if there is by -- bipartisanship around the

asking twefl two questions in target then the nation is

all of this debate. -- itself

two questions in all of this

debate. When do you start and

how do you get there. I'm for

starting it soon and getting

it the quickest bay

possible. REPORTER: I ask you

the same question I asked you

about two months ago, this is

about the blanket

exemptions. I am trying to