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Leading this bull tin,

Julia Gillard questions Tony

Abbott over why he describe

his party's emissions

reduction target as crazy.

Rupert Murdoch, his son James

and former News international

chief praocks braocks prepare

to be scrutinised tonight

over their role in the

hacking scandal. Coming up

on PM Agenda we'll have more

on the phone hacking scandal.

Also I'm speaking to the

climate change Minister Greg

Combet. It's 4 o'clock in

Sydney and 6 o'clock in

Auckland. This is News Day

for Tuesday, 19 July. Also

this hour, Qantas pilots

refuse to rule out strike

action as pay negotiations

hit a brick wall. As a kid I

barracked for the Bulldogs.

It's funny how things happen. Everything happened for a

reason. And the colourful

career of Barry Hall set to

come to a close. The weather

tomorrow, very windy in the south-east. Showers and

storms in the west.