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Tonight, the Gillard Government

sets a date for announcing the price on carbon.

wear burqas. New police powers of the women who

A 14-year-old boy granted bail over

the fatal stabbing of a Melbourne mum.

In Sports Tonight: The Sydney

Roosters take on the Canberra Raiders. And

And they call him the joker. I think

think I am still slipping and still

think I am still slipping and still

have been my dream. Now they also

call Novak Djokovic be Wimbledon


But first, after five months of

negotiating the most controversial

part of the carbon tax debate, will part of the carbon tax debate, will

be revealed on Sunday. The PM will

finally announce the price and


All the pieces of Julia Gillard's

climate change Basle a fallen into

place. The Greens have taken

control of the Senate, ensuring a

smooth passage. The multi-part smooth passage. The multi-part

Climate Change Committee has made considerable process in recent

weeks. Now, the last piece. The

government will announce the carbon

will price and how much compensation we

will get on Sunday. I am enormously

relieved. It is a big package and required

required compromise on all sides. I

think the Australian community or -

- will be enthusiastic about the

fact a decision has been made. It

is thought to be between 20 and $30

a ton. We know that petrol is not

in at the moment. We have to be

able to put a price on all the

carbon going into the atmosphere

because it is coming directly to

the economy. Tony Abbott honking

his NT carbon tax on. I think this

is a fixed to get her to the next

election. I'm not open to change

about petrol. Petrol is out. It had

threatening better be or the trucking union is

threatening traffic blockade. The

government has more respect for

cows than they do for truck drivers.

Despite the grumblings, the

government claims its plan is

cheaper than Tony Abbott's. Their

letter box dropped pamphlets to try

to prove it. With the government

sinking in the polls, there is no

doubt the PM will hope this announcement

announcement will see a turnaround

in public opinion. Even the PM has

has admitted that her government now

government has a lot of explaining to do. The

government wants to introduce the

year. legislation before the end of the


Businesses are blaming the carbon

tax for a shopping slump with new

figures out today showing that

people are still not spending. It

is not the only reason for the

downturn in retail.

As families scramble to deal with soaring

soaring house sold costs, they are

cutting down on spending elsewhere.

Turnover in the retail sector fell

by one sixth of a % in May. We have

seen a drop across the board in

retail. We have not seen that for

over 12 months. Turnover on clothes

and shoes has fallen by 1.8%.

The data today was surprisingly on

the weak side and clearly highlights that the Australian

economy has lost a lot of momentum. economy has lost a lot of momentum.

Household saving is that a 24-year

high. Retailers say buyers are

spending cautiously because they do

not know how much they will have to

fork out for a carbon tax. For

consumers it is a very confusing

time. NSW would be worst hit by a

tax and saw the biggest drop. Shop

owners say they have been affected

by a boom in online spending. There

are certain things that are easy to

buy online. I think you do miss out

on a great service. While we are

cutting down on big buyers, we are

not giving up on eating out. Cafes, restaurants

restaurants and takeaway food

services saw an increase in

turnover of 0.4 they %. Luxuries

like coffee people still keep

buying. Retail figures are expected

to be fight until Christmas. The

Reserve Bank has no pressing need

to raise interest rates. A decision

on whether the new financial year

tomorrow. heralds a rise will be made heralds a rise will be made

In a controversial move, NSW police

will soon be able to force Muslim

women to remove their face veils

follows during routine traffic stops. It

follows the case of Carnita

Matthews he was sentenced to jail

for falsely accusing an officer of

trying to remove her veil. A judge

later ruled that there was no way

to prove it was her because her

face was covered. The law changes are expected within months.

A 14-year-old boy accused of

stabbing to death a mother of three

is out on bail tonight. The woman's

death was sparked by an egging prank.

A shocking crime that has left a

city reeling. My friend is dead. I

can't believe it. Mother of three

Rosa Mercuri was just 43 years old.

I'm lost for words. It is a tragedy. What

What can you do? Youths pelted eggs

at her house in Melbourne's north

around 8pm last night. Inside, she

and her husband made a fatal

decision. They got into their car

with their 11-year-old daughter and

followed a group of youths to a

nearby street. When they got out of

the car to confront them, Rosa was

stabbed. She is a mother, she has

children. It is a tragic event over something

something as silly as someone drunk

eggs. Pat tried to revive his wife

while their daughter watched in

horror. Paramedics perform CPR for

half an hour but she died at the

scene. Her husband is trying to

help her and he can't hear her

heart beat. A short time later,

police arrested a 15-year-old. Today,

Today, they took four more youths

into custody. The 14-year-old has

been granted bail after appearing

before a children's Court charged

with manslaughter. The others are

afternoon, released without charge. This

afternoon, police began searching a

nearby lake for a knife. Those who knew

knew her say that she would have

done anything for her family. Her

husband spoke briefly of his last.

A tragic accident. That's all I

have to say. Friends and neighbours

are still struggling to understand

it all. I can't believe it. This is terrible. The

The Tiger Airways boss and national

safety officials have spent the day

locked in crisis talks. They are

trying to work out how to get the

company's planes off the ground.

Tiger's terminals are deserted, closed

closed for the rest of the week.

Airline Management says they are

aiming to have planes in the air on

Saturday. That is when the

restriction ends at this stage. We

are hopeful but we can't presuppose

the outcome. See it -- CEO Tony Davis spent the afternoon being

Authority grilled by Civil Aviation Safety

Authority investigators in a

Melbourne offices, responding to

inadequate claims a safety breaches and

inadequate pilot training. The wish

to reassure Australia and our

passengers that safety is and

always has been number one priority.

The company has defended its

reputation in the wake of the

scandal. Tiger checking into

training department is very

competent. The pilots over the

period have a great deal of

confidence. No decision on Tiger's

future has been made but the low- cost

cost carrier is still selling seats

on flights due to take off on Saturday even though the entire

fleet may still be grounded. There

is no law against Tiger promoting

themselves or marketing that they

will be flying. If the CASA investigation under he was not

enough, the airline is also facing

a second inquiry by the Australian

Transport Safety Bureau. While it

continues to say sorry. We

apologise sincerely for any disruption to our travellers's

plans. Industry experts say the

brand may have taken a terminal

blow. I think it has been seriously damaged.

Concerned parents and technology

have delivered a major change for

Australian children. The research

shows that hardly any kids play

outside at all any more.

Remember when playtime meant making

up your own fun in the backyard or

in a park somewhere? It does not

seem to be much a part of the

Australian experience any more. A

study has found that only one in 10 children

children plays outdoors these days. You

You can't watch TV outside or play on

on your BS outside. These kids

prefer to spend their downtime

inside, even if their parents try

to encourage them out. We always

say, but this is a new show. The

lure of technology is a big part of

the equation. She admits using her

phone and computer from the moment

she wakes up. The survey found

parental fear of leaving children on

on their own outdoors also plays a

major part. Researchers warn the

cost of not taking that risk could

be even greater in the long run. There

There is the custom not being very

active and have not learning the

kind of social negotiation you

learn when you are out with your

friends. Parents 0.2 another reason

for the Social Change, a lack of

time. After all, organised after-

school activities are complete.

There will be a swimming activity,

netball, soccer, soccer training, the

the game itself. That is redefining

free time in the 21st century as recovery.

De Sports Tonight. The Raiders are

far too good for the Roosters. They