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This is Sky News,

Australia's news channel. Leading this Leading this bulletin Julia Gillard unfazed by an advertising campaign against

the carbon tax. The charges

relate to alleged bribes paid

to public officials in

Indonesia, Malaysia and

Vietnam between 1999 and 2005. Six men charged

following a federal investigation into alleged

foreign bribery. And a NSW

doctor who removed a woman's

and a half years in jail. genitals sentenced to three

and a half years in jail. It

is 4 o'clock in Sydney A 6

o'clock in Auckland. Hello

welcome to News Day on

Friday, 1 July. I am Vanessa

Trezise also this hour,

defence force chief Angus

Houston gives an upbeat

assessment of the war in

Afghanistan, on his final day

in office. And in sport -

all the latest news in the

AFL as the player pay dispute

weather: hits a new level. Sky