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(generated from captions) How Abu Bakar Bashir's jailing of reprisals. could put Australia at risk that you're paying for. Outrage over a new carbon campaign almost five months on. We're live from North Queensland, The boy no school wants to teach. His mum's desperate battle. The final Potter movie ever. this is Sunrise on Seven. Live across Australia, Queensland, With Kochie at Mission Beach, and Mel at Brekky Central. Good morning. Very early there, obviously, Mission Beach, we can't see much Very early there, obviously, at behind you partner, but I know when the sun comes up we will. Just start agfew rays, a beautiful morning here in morning here in far north Queensland, Mel. Yasi tore through this region. It's been 4.5 months since Cyclone It destroyed homes and livelihoods. Every since then we have been trying to support far north Queensland. We are going to do it again today. This morning we will find out how the locals are recovering and to remind Australians come on up, they are open for business. the world's favourite food. Also this morning, we reveal Nat has the news of the day. But right now, Abu Bakar Bashir Lawyers for radical Muslim cleric the 72-year-old's conviction. are preparing to appeal of terror-related charges yesterday Bashir was found guilty to 15 years jail. and has been sentenced the evidence, They failed to establish there was no shred of evidence in terrorism activity. that Abu Bakar Bashir as involved say Victims of the 2002 Bali bombings the 15-year sentence is not enough. mid-north coast Residents on the New South Wales for floodwaters to recede are waiting clean-up operation. before beginning a mammoth Around 1,600 people in the Kempsey and Taree areas Around 16,000 people by the rising waters. were left isolated More parts of the region natural disaster zones. have now been declared Emergency crews say and other infrastructure as conditions begin to dry out. to normal Flight schedules are returning of mass disruptions after nearly a week caused by volcanic ash. are expected to resume flights Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia to New Zealand today. have been restored, Air services to Perth and Tasmania to clear the backlog. with extra flights put on volcano has cleared over Australia The plume of ash from a Chilean over New Zealand's South Island. but continues to linger killed in Afghanistan The latest Australian soldier by friends and family at Kingscliff will be farewelled in northern New South Wales today. was shot 23-year-old Sapper Rowan Robinson insurgents earlier this month. during a firefight with Taliban a huge cache of enemy weapons His patrol had just located and ammunition. to Afghanistan. He was on his second deployment at Saint Anthony's Catholic Church The funeral service will be held at noon. top business leaders More than 1,000 of Australia's all for a good cause. have braved the winter chill, across the country last night The annual CEO Sleepout took place about homelessness. to help raise money and awareness by St Vincents This is a great initiative to support the homeless has really entered into the spirit. and certainly everybody here tonight than $3.6 million. The event has raised more We are going to meet them shortly. Finance news, and the Dow Jones is down another 64 points. down another 64 points. Finance news, and the Dow Jones is European Finance Ministers met overnight to talk about Greece, more on that shortly. To our yesterday, hooly-dooly, it was a bad on that shortly. To our region

day! Japan closed down. has deepened. The debt drama in Greece I know I got into a lot of trouble from a lot Australians from a Greek background yesterday for being too critical of Greece, let me tell you, things are looking very dodgy indeed, again. Euro zone Finance Ministers met for an emergency session last night to discuss ways of resuscitateing the country's ailing economy. Morning. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. Like every other finance nerd around the world is following Greece. We can't sugar-coat it, can we? Greece is in deep trouble. The fear is if it goes under, the domino effect it could go through the other economies of Europe. How dodgy is it It is the uncertainty at the moment. It is like a standoff, like the west at the moment, France Germany It is like a standoff, like the wild sitting back and saying, " sitting back and saying, "We don't want to give you more money, we want you to commit to belt-tightening measures and when we see the commitment we will pass on funds to help you allev the situation in terms of borrowings costs." And that is the key, the borrowing costs are rising for banks in the euro zone because of Greece. But the jurpen central bank is out there lending as much money as they can to the smaller countries so Spain and Portugal can still borrow at reasonable rates given what is taking place. Is it going to derail the global economy? I don't think so at this stage. I think given Germany want a solution, they are trying to push back the deadline to September to try to find a solution. Overall, it is not going to affect the Australian banks. We may see borrowing costs rise marginally, I think a solution certain certainly borrowing costs rise marginally, but will be on But if the But if if Greeks don't take the will be on hand. tough measures, Germany and France are going to say we won't give you good money after bad. You have got to make the tough decisions or you will go broke. Exactly, if they go broke, there is some view in the market the dollars will go to countries who are putting measures in place. Spain and Portugal are doing whatever they can. You need to see Greece coming to the table. Look, to all those people who have been highly critical of our coverage of Greece, this is how serious it is. Something has gut to be done. Can't sugar-coat it, can't ignore it, those are the facts. Thanks your time, have a great weekend. it, those are the facts. Thanks for Kochie, it is prime-time at Mission Beach look at the sunrise behind you, it is spectacular this morning, blistering red and orange, beautiful a great spot. It is beautiful. Do or die for Rodney Eade tonight to take on the Adelaide Crows. as his Western Bulldogs prepare Eade's boys haven't been able to secure a win for a month and pressure is mounting for him to stand down as coach. And some mid-air drama for the Gold Coast Suns who were forced to make an emergency landing in Hobart with their plane experiencing technical diffulcties. They're in Tassie ahead of their match against Hawthorne. Defending premiers St George Illawarra when they go up against the Brisbane Broncos in round 15 of the NRL. They're missing Ben Creagh and Beau Scott through injury, putting strain on their depth. It's a tough period but that's what we've been dealt so we'll try and do our best. In the other game, the Titans take on the South Sydney Rabbitohs. And Aussie golfer Jason Day is just 3 off the lead midway through the first round at the US Open. We will keep you across that during the morning this morning. Also keeping you across this, the V eights are on 7mate from 12 tomorrow and eastern Sunday at 10, eights are on 7mate from 12 30 check but you will see the V8s live on 7mate. Where they raceing? Darwin, Hidden Valley, terrific, 27 degrees Nat. Sounds good. Grant, the forecast, good morning to you. It might be 27 in Darwin, Mr Beretts, but the coldest nights in 40 years for this 40 years for this time of year for Darwin. They had an unusually cold stretch during the night-time, the last four nights have been 15 degrees. Normally the average is 20 for a minimum, for Darwin. We are talking Darwin, don't forget. So talking Darwin, don't forget. So 15, that is a 40-year record if this morning gets under tkpwraepb. Now for the rest of the country. Rrk Sunrise Weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is on now. It has to be Beacon. Chance of some early fog and drizzle at Toowoomba. Fog and sunshine for Tamworth. Some light frost in Dubbo this morning. Canberra, light early frost. Frost and showers for Albury. Showers with wind easing in Warrnambool. hooly-dooly, a colds night but warm day with 27 for Darwin and sunny

conditions expect. A lot of Tweets from V8 supercar drivers saying how awesome is the weather. It is only the locals going, " going, "It is so cold up here." going, "It is so cold up here." At 15. It is all relative. See you soon. Coming up - home loan fees are down but are the big banks still getting their pound of flesh from Australians? But next, booted from the boardroom. The bosses sleeping rough, when we come back.

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I don't know if it makes the brain work faster but I did a lot of thinking. I will make sure I never end up like this and if I have got mates heading that way we should stop them getting to that stage. You guys have done a great raising awareness, but it is one night, you are waking up to having your coffee made, it is not raining and you don't have to do it tonight, I guess? No, we got it pretty easy. For the stats, there are 100,000 odd people who are out there every night. The

nights are getting longer and colder and wetter. If you know someone in a set of circumstances that could see them this way, reach out, make the phone call, send an SMS, go to their house, do whatever you can to make sure people don't end up here, it is not fun. Good on you and good on Vinnies for doing it. Yeah, good on Vinnies. You have a good day. Thank you, I will. Here is Kochie at Mission Beach. A good thing people can do on the way to work today is buy a copy of Big Issue, sold on the street corners in the city, buy corners in the city, by people who are homeless, half of what you pay for the magazine goes to them. It is a way to put it into practise today. Look, I am live here at Mission Beach this morning, the area worst hit by cyclone Yasi in February. Coming up, the reconstruction effort. The man in charge of the entire operation is ahead on Sunrise. (GENTLE MUSIC PLAYS) MAN: The Subaru End of Financial Year Event is now on. Together with Subaru's renowned DNA of symmetrical all-wheel drive, Boxer engine and 5-star safety rating, the Subaru Liberty 2.5i now comes standard with satellite navigation. And it's all yours from $36,990 drive away. Hurry and claim yours before June 30. His premium with one of our competitors. And with us. Why? Because at Youi, we get that he's using his car less. Isn't it time that other insurance companies got this too? For car insurance that could save you lots, call 13 YOUI, or go to You know, obviously I love being in my kitchen, but also I love getting out, walking from Bronte to Bondi,

followed by a swim... ..and then a good old-fashioned milkshake. That's what makes Sydney so Sydney. The Beacon Lighting stocktake sale is on now. Making news this Sunrise - some extraordinary scenes. These aren't riots in Greece over the collapsing economy. These are ice hockey fans in Vancouver, Canada after their team, the Canucks, lost game seven of the finals. They set things on fire, overturned cars and smashed windows. No word on injuries. But that is out of control! That's amazing. Isn't it.

18 years since they have been in the finals. Vancouver. Ice hockey. 72 get a life, guys, it's a game, just quietly. No, I didn't say it when they were there. Good call though. Yeah. Pictures tell 1,000 words. So, how frosty are relations between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. The pair looked anything but close as they emerged from a meeting yesterday. And front page headlines like "Face Off" won't ease speculation about a possible Rudd leadership challenge. So, will Julia Gillard be dogged by leadership speculation whenever she's seen with her foreign minister? Email us and tell us what you think or whether you even care. Yeah. Definitely. The year anniversary. You know, people just hated what happened. Now she has fallen off the polls. Yeah. It's politically juicy. Kev could make a come back I I think think about bigger issues, I want them to think about bigger Kev could make a come back I reckon.

things than speculate and defend. It is our time, not theirs, it is the media speculating. I reckon it is juicy story. Nat's crossed something off her bucket list. She cooked lunch for diners at an exclusive restaurant. Now, Nat likes to know what she's doing, or at least likes to look like she's knows what she's doing. Hang on, it's plugged in. Ah! On now! Remember this is going to be teamed with... Tastes like peas! Puree! Yep, after all that, it just tastes like peas. More of Nat in the kitchen, later in the show. You certainly looked very professional. Yeah, thanks, I got the outfit. Was it tense? Yes, it was tense. Really? Was there throwing of pots. Get out of my kitchen? E gee, she he gets frustrated. No he doesn't. It was calm and cool and I learned a lot. Interestingly, pees do not make the list of the What's your favourite food? Isn't fish seafood, just quietly? Fish and other seafood. The The broad brush of it.

Pasta is so versatile. You can do anything. And it's good. Fills you up, carb loading. The kids had a Cabronara bacony thing last night. And just going back to an email we read out last week - it was about work which was done by South Burnett Regional Council. The council has since been in touch. It says the work which was done on the Kingaroy Forecourt was approved and carried out appropriately. and that local tradespeople were, in fact, commissioned by the council to do the work. In a moment - another Money for Nothing winner. Also, 5-star credit cards. We've got the best plastic for all kinds of purchases. And, sex scandal. Weiner pulls out. So, today I'm announcing my resignation from Congress. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Goodbye, pervert! as he quits after sending lewd photos of himself to women. Dettol believes a healthy home starts with healthy surfaces and should be free from the harsh chemicals some products may leave behind. To help keep your family healthy, try new Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser.

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and the highest-possible safety rating. Its serious new styling matches the way it drives, and with room for five adults, the only thing that really feels small is the price. The new Series II Holden Cruze - it's not just a small car, it's Australia's small car. Go better. We're calling our first lucky $1,000 winner. Let's ring New South Wales and wake somebody up with some very somebody up with some very happy news this Friday. Good morning, is that ruth? Yes, it is. Hello, ruth, it is Sunrise ringing to say guess what? You have won $ to say guess what? You have won $1,000. Yeah! A great way to start the day, thank you. You have a lovely Friday, congratulations, good to talk to you. Is running out to gate piece of the action so grab today's codeword: Here is Kochie. Look at the Sunrise. Yes, it is fantastic, Mel, just is a beautiful place. I am here Mission Beach, outside Castaways beautiful place. I am here at Resort and Spa, we have got a few locals here at the moment. I am giving talks in Townsville about the local business community about rebuilding and also the local community about their financials and also to check up on the recovery from Cyclone Yasi. Soon we will catch up with the man in charge with the Queensland restruction authority, just to see how things are going. It is. Now it is over to Nat if the news. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has been forced to deny reports he's eyeing off the prime ministership. Mr Rudd and Julia Gillard had little to share with each other as they walked into a cabinet meeting yesterday. Last night, the Prime Minister was trying to laugh off a tough day in politics. Tim Costello, the most audacious comment of many a long day on the way on the way in, he offered to officiate at the wedding. You don't... LAUGHTER . Julia Gillard took a hammering yesterday over a carbon tax ad campaign and the Malaysia asylum seeker deal. Police are appealing for witnesses after a pedestrian was struck by up to two cars outside Victoria's Avalon Airport last night. The man was attempting to cross the Princes Freeway around 8:30 when it's believed he was struck twice by cars travelling down the on-ramp. The driver of the first car that struck the pedestrian has tried to stop other cars coming. One has gone around this person The man was taken to the Alfred Hospital in a critical condition. Embattled US congressman Anthony Weiner been heckled and called a "pervert" during his resignation speech this morning. The 46-year-old has been under pressure to quit politics after admitting to sending lewd photos to a college student and having online sexual relationships with six women. Today, I'm announcing my resignation from Congress. MAN: Yeah! Bye-bye, pervert! Weiner apologised to his constituents and to his wife, Huma, who was noticeably absent from the press conference. Vancouver's Mayor has slammed the behaviour of an angry mob of ice hockey fans who went on a rampage. Vancouver Canucks supporters torched police cars and looted from stores after their team was thrashed by the Boston Bruins, shattering dreams of the Canucks' first premiership in 18 years. It's absolutely disgraceful and shameful and by no means represents the city of Vancouver, which has had an extraordinary run in the playoffs here, great celebrations and what's happened tonight is despicable. Nine police officers were injured, including one who was hit by a brick. 100 arrests have been made. The British Armed Forces is keeping tight-lipped over reports Prince Harry has been cleared to return to Afghanistan. Army top brass say the planning necessary to send a member of the Royal Family into a combat zone early discussions. hasn't gone further than about his love of active service The Prince talked publicly just last week. of soldiering I do have some experience that comes with it and the comradeship most in life. is one of the things I treasure to finish extra military training. Prince Harry still needs Finance news now and the Dow has closed up 64 points. Oil is still pretty low at just under $95 a barrel, remember, a under $

couple of days ago it was about $ couple of days ago it was about $102, $ $102, $103. Time for sport. brought to you by Swisse. This is Sunrise sport report Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. have been given a fright The Gold Coast Suns before they take on Hawthorn with a mid-air emergency overnight. Their plane travelling to Launceston to Hobart instead, was forced to divert technical difficulties. with the airline citing senior players And Carlton has re-signed Heath Scotland and Andrew Carrazzo 1-year and 2-year deals. on respective players Ben Creagh and Beau Scott The Dragons will be without key South Wales's win over Queensland Both received injuries during New in Origin II. take on the Gold Coast, In the other game, South Sydney has moved to the Top End The V8 Supercars title fight ahead of the Sky City Triple Crown with drivers arriving in Darwin which fires up today. is the man to beat. 2-time series champion Jamie Whincup at the Hidden Valley circuit. a huge lead in the title race. Whincup has already amassed for this weekend. Let's check our footy tips kicks off tonight Round 13 of the AFL with the Bulldogs against the Crows. going for a Bulldogs victory The boys and girls are both of other games this weekend. but we're split on a couple to beat Essendon The boys like North Melbourne but the girls are going for the Bombers. And in the Brisbane-Richmond game, the Boys think the Lions will roar while the girls are going for the Tigers. To the NRL, round 15 starts tonight with ladder-leaders St George playing in Brisbane. The girls are going for the Dragons while the boys think the Broncos can win at home. In tonight's other game, we're both going for the Bunnies over the Titans but we're divided on Sunday's match and Melbourne. between the Wests Tigers the girls think the Tigers can win. The boys are tipping the Storm and Alright, let's see what the weather is doing around the country, morning Well, the flood warnings that have Grant?

been in place between the central coast of New South Wales and Coffs Harbour still remain but they are minor flood warnings at this stage. All rivers are coming down and there is no further rain predicted. So that is good news to help the water get away from the areas that have been inundated. Heaviest rain fall for six days, 642 millimeters at Fisherman's Reach near Kempsey. A huge amount of rain! But we are seeing clear conditions returning to the area as we look at the forecast for you this morning. The Beacon Lighting stocktake sale is on now, it has to be Beacon. A low off the northern New South Wales coast is moving east causing wind to ease and rain to clear in eastern New South Wales. Thought was the troublesome spot responsible for the 642 mills. A trough and front are bringing fresh winds but only light showers to Victoria, Tasmania and southern parts of South Australia and WA. Fine, with cool mornings tomorrow and until next week. Canberra, light early frost. Mostly sunny tomorrow. and Monday. Frost and cloud on Sunday It means it is going to be, of course, this time of year a clear V8 supercar round, weather wise. More details from the cliff tops South Wales. See you then. details from the cliff tops of New Thank you, Grant, from far Queensland at Mission Beach, a Thank you, Grant, from far north beautiful dawn here. As we come up, 4 and a half months later Cyclone Yasi to see how things are 4 and a half months later after going. And John and Jack have dropped in for a chat. John's from Tasmania. And good on you, mate, you are doing your bit to help Queensland. Tell us what you have Well, Kochie, we were going to go been doing?

overseas but we thought we'd come and sort of donate our money to Queensland by doing a road trip. So we have left Surfers and in Mission Beach now. That is fantastic. Got here last night, Jack is a bit shy. It is we want more people to do because you, James, own Castaway Resort and night, Jack is a bit shy. It is what

Spa. You copped the biggest battering mism To region has picked up amazingly. As you can see this morning. It is a beautiful region. We have got Great Barrier Reef, the most beautiful rain forests and amazing beautiful region. We have got the

beaches, the rafting up the road and sky diving. It is a wonderful area to come and visit and after the cyclone it was a bit devastating. But as you can see the region has picked up and it is beautiful. The infrastructure is here, you wouldn't know the resort has been touched and most accommodation here so it has picked up quickly. Everyone in typical Australian spirit, you know, got straight into it. Cleaned the place up. It was amazing. All the little houses and the community were in there, straight away, cleaning up their back yard. And all the businesses as well. Of course, there are some businesses that are still struggling to get the trades and stuff going but you wouldn't notice it as a tourist coming up here. But that's the thing. People have got to come back up and support the region. That helps all the small businesses up here. Mate, thank you for having us here. You're welcome. Standing on the beach, a beautiful sunset, we have got Dunk Island, becseddarra, beautiful, good on you. In a moment - the best credit cards for all types of spenders. And, later, spot the cameo. Katy Perry's new clip that's a star sensation. But next, more on Queensland recovering from Yasi. We've got an update from the man in charge of the Reconstruction Authority. One thing has long divided Mexicans more than any other... (SNIFFS) ..crunchy or soft tacos. WOMAN: Ay, ay, ay! They tried many ways to keep the peace.

Sauve! Then one day... Old El Paso Hard 'n Soft tacos. (ALL CHEER) in the one kit. Crunchy tacos and soft tortillas true genius, Mexican style. Old El Paso -

A few showers and 15 degrees. The music is from The Living End, in September. they're touring the country # The ending is just the beginning # Everything goes away but comes revealing

# back

And this is their new clip the Beginning Repeating'. for 'The Ending is Just Kochie's in Queensland.

Thanks, Mel. It's been 4.5 months since Cyclone Yasi tore through Far North Queensland destroying homes and livelihoods. Here at Mission Beach, the wind gusts were close to 300km/h. A storm surge pushed water 300 metres inland. Much of this sand went too. As the category 5 cyclone crossed land on the night of February 2nd, residents huddled in their homes and evacuation centres between Townville and Cairns. Thousand of homes and businesses were damaged, many beyond repair. The storms resulted in local industry and tourism, losses to agriculture, costing in the billions. is now in full swing, The reconstruction but is it making a difference? The bloke who knows better than anyone else is major general Mick Slater, the chair of the reconstruction authority. Good to see you again. You were here just a few days ago, what progress has been made? Good morning, Kochie, you are a lucky man to be in north Queensland at this time of year. As you say, I was there earlier this week and the gres we can see in the last week and weeks has been really fantastic. Recovery was slow in the north because the rains kept coming and coming but since the rains have finished, the progress and recovery has really accelerated. I think inlocals up there needs to be congratulated for the way they got out and put in the effort to make maximum maximum benefit for the millions of dollars that not just the government, but corporate Australia, and charity organisations have poured in to support them get back on their feet. Because, always in the aftermath of something like that, emotions run high. The Queensland Reconstruction Authority has several billion dollars to spend. The local Chamber of Commerce here has questioned some of the distribution, saying people and businesses have often found themselves ineligible for grants. What is your response to that? Is that bureaucracy starting to work its way through and the money flowing? The money has been flowing in large amounts, particularly into two areas of the state: one, into the Lockyer valley, and the other into Cassowary Coast. If you wanted to valley, and the other into the look add individual cases where people people say they may not have received what they say is their share or trouble getting through the received what they say is their fair red tape, they are cases in the Palestine ortd. We are more -- they are cases in the minority. We are happy to sit down and help them. Millions has been flowing in to assist. The mood of the locals, is it starting to pick up? We were talking to John, who has done his road trip through Queensland, the Tasmanian

from Bernie Island, stories like that, are they starting to lift the spirits of everyone? Yes, they are. I was surprised by how upbeat people were in north Queensland this week, compared to how they were a month ago. The locals were telling me the fact the rain has stopped is part of it. have been given all sorts of from right across Australia. They rain has stopped is part of it. They

have been given all sorts of support can now get out and use the support, put it to work and get themselves back on their feet and repair their houses. There are 80 houses in the town of Cardwell, not too far south from where you are. Cardwell was smashed heavily lie smashed heavily by the cyclone, 80 houses being rebuilt this week. As you say, the rain does dampened the enthusiasm and progress of work. When you get beautiful When you get beautiful skies like today, it certainly lift the mood and people can start moving on and rebuildsing. Mick, congratulations on a great job. Thanks for joining us this morning. Kochie, I think Queensland Kochie, I think Queenslanders, across the country, doing a great job. Certainly are. Credit cards are one area where it definitely pays to compare. Canstar Cannex has just released the best cards for different spenders. Spokesman Peter Arnold joins me with the winners. Let's look at the everyday spender first. Among the five stars cards, are ones from ANZ, Citibank and Suncorp. What sort of person do these suit? Mel, an every day spender, you might not spend on your card every single day but every time you go and reach for your wallet, the for your wallet, the first thing you look for is credit card. You paying for school fees, grocery, petrol, anything you can put through your card, you are. But you are paying it off every month so you can justify a rewards program, just make sure you are earning enough dollar val rue of rewards to pay for your annual fee. Okay, next on the list, you have got habitual spender. The five-star cards are: Explain the habitual? These are the people who just cannot pay off their card each month. They are always carrying a debt. Now they have three quarters of Australia's $ have three quarters of Australia's $49 billion of credit card balance in their name. So these people really need to forget about rewards, find a low-rate card. There are 70 low-rate low-rate cards on the market, find one, get your name on one. We are talking 14% talking 14%, maximum, even as low as 10. talking 14%, maximum, even as low as 10.5% talking 14%, maximum, even as low as 10.5%. Okay, so that is the thing to look for. Okay, big spenders? Some winners are BankWest again, plus the Commonwealth and NAB. How big a spender do you need to be to get value? We based it $ We based it $60,000 a year. There

people spending much more than that, aearn big, spend big but pay it off in full every month. So you can justify a $ justify a $300 annual fee because you might get $ you might get $1,000 back in each year or a trip to London on your freak wpt flier points. And finally the occasional spending. I don't know the bottom one? MECu? And credit unions. Yes, MECU, cret unions, the big spender rewards programs do cost a lot of money to set up and run so it is a basic credit cards where the credit unions excel. They have small annual fee or no annual fee credit unions excel. They have a and none of the bells and whistles. But for a lot of people, this is where the great value lies. Great, peat rb, Great, peat rber, -- Peter, thanks for doing the work. There you all the information that you need. for doing the work. There you go, have joined together Sunrise and Vaalia Campaign for Happiness. to bring you the our weekly winner. It's time to announce of Monkland in Queensland. Congratulations to Damien Gorwill He was nominated by Malcolm because when he goes to a takeaway drive through, Damien always pays for the order of the car behind. Malcolm says Damien spreads happiness even though he does not get the benefit of a thank you or anything in return. For more information on the Vaalia Campaign for Happiness That's great. I have heard of people paying the tol for the person behind. It happened to me once. I was excited. A nice surprise. Maybe, like I say, think about what you do or something you know who spreads a bit of happiness. Just ahead - a Bali bombing survivor on the jail sentence for Abu Bakar Bashir. Plus, a load of hot air? to hit our screens. Another carbon campaign it's our money paying for it. This time, Harry's huge expectations. And later, The final Potter movie ever. The clock is ticking! on new and used vehicles The Holden 4 Day Sale is on right now.

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For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us. And stars have walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of upcoming flick, 'Green Lantern'. What did they say? Well you don't want to talk to the local about this because it makes traf acgid lock, -- traffic a grid lock. Ryan Reynolds says it is the best part, his costar blike Lively said she waited for it since she was a kid. Now she is living it dream. I am holding a grudge against Ryan Reynolds because he told me the Flash was his favourite character but he didn't want to wear the red tights for ten years, I guess his favourite colour is green. has upset her neighbours. and Reese Witherspoon Moving on,

What's she done? You thought she was a pain in the butt but her neighbours thing asserize a pain in the butt, she has butt but her neighbours thing her a farm, a goat and a punch of chick sqnz a horse and cats and dogs but she has two miniature donkeys named Honky and Tonky and they are getting the neighbours very up set because of all noise. She thinks it is great for the kids to learn responsibility and clean out the stalls, having grown up on a farm, cleaning out stalls makes you want to move to a city, as far as I am concerned but the neighbours have written to her and hopefully she will get them to quieten down. It is what they do. What has Hugh Hefner done to get back at Cristel for calling off the wedding Living well is sweet revenge but he has decided to go below the belt, literally below the belt. She was to appear on the July issue as Mrs Heffner. What could he do. He has take an giant sticker that says runaway bride over her assets. Maybe Rhys Witherspoon should get a rid sticker for her asses. There is a solution for everything. How Abu Bakar Bashir's jailing of reprisals. could put Australia at risk that you're paying for. Outrage over a new carbon campaign almost five months on. We're live from North Queensland, The boy no school wants to teach. His mum's desperate battle. The final Potter movie ever. Live across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. With Kochie Mission Beach, Queensland, and Mel Sunrise on Seven. With Kochie at at Brekky Central. thanks for joining us for breakfast. If you've just tuned in, We are just absolutely, it is breath-taking, it is so beautiful. beautiful.Ern it is stunning. We breath-taking, it is so

have got Robyn and Margaret from Victoria, enjoying it for the holidays. Barbara, who got a $ Barbara, who got a $20,000 grant this week, which is good, the money coming through from one of the local accommodation groups and also, Gene is here a local as well. Everyone is enjoying a beautiful day up here in far north Queensland, girls, you are saying it is a great holiday too. So get up here and support it. Time for the news now with Nat. The search has begun for Victoria's new top cop following the shock resignation of Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland. He stepped down yesterday after being told of the Baillieu Government. he no longer had the confidence I have always sought to act best interest of the organisation, in what I think is in the in an honourable way the appropriate thing to do and I think this is with the government. following discussions that I've had Sir Ken Jones Mr Overland's former deputy to take over. is among the frontrunners a critical condition in hospital A Melbourne man is in Victoria's Avalon Airport. after being knocked down outside the Princes Freeway He was trying to cross on the entry ramp when he was struck by a car around 8:30 last night. The P-plate driver stopped and attempted to divert traffic but it's believed the pedestrian was hit by a second vehicle, which then fled the scene. We're asking if that vehicle and the driver realises that he's the one we're talking about. Anyone who witnessed the accident is urged to contact police. A South Australian man has been charged with murder over the death of a pedestrian in a country town. A 39-year-old man was killed when he was hit by a car near the Victorian border. early yesterday morning at Lameroo, dangerous driving charge upgraded A 31-year-old man has had his to murder. something a little more sinister At this stage it appears to be than a straight-forward road crash. has been refused bail The accused driver in court this morning. and is expected to appear by two dogs Four people have been bitten a Sydney Shopping centre. that were tied up outside and 2 men were attacked A mother, her 10-year-old daughter by the pit bulls. We were having dinner inside, thought it was kids, we heard the lady screaming, but it wasn't - two dogs were jumping on her. saw a lady on the ground, Police say the dogs became loose a shopping centre. after their owner went inside has spent a night on the streets, Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd sleeping on a mattress made of cardboard. He joined 175 company bosses in Melbourne for the annual CEO Sleepout, which gives executives a taste of what 100,000 Australians go through every night. The Queenslander was feeling Melbourne's cold. I would be reasonably toasty If I was in Brisbane tonight to give a speech here tonight, but I'm in Melbourne because I had for not planning ahead. so that's what you get the night sleeping rough Opposition Leader Tony Abbott spent at Luna Park. Finance news now and the Dow Jones index has closed up 64 points. Better-than-expected housing and job figures have been a tonic there but the tech stocks had a down night, down 7 points. To our region yesterday, we certainly did, took a caning on our local market. Down 88 and 87 points. That was after that weak lead from Wall Street and also, the issues happening in Europe. To the commodities: Time for sport with Mr Beretta. Thank you, Kochie, looks magnificent up there. The pressure is mounting on Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade ahead of tonight's do or die clash against against the Adelaide Crows. The besieged coach has vowed to fight for his job despite constant ramblings about his future, with the Bulldogs failing to secure a win over the past month. If I get a tap on the shoulder, well, I'll do what's best for the club but from my point of view I'm here for the long haul and I want to stick through. the Gold Coast Suns flight And a mid-air scare has forced in Hobart overnight. to make an emergency landing at the Melbourne Rebels, There's been a changing of the guard as head coach. with Rod Macqueen standing aside heavily involved, though He'll still be as director of coaching accepting the role until the end of 2013. steps into the top job His offsider, Damien Hill, for the next two seasons. Former Test Skipper Ricky Ponting has gone into bat for Simon Katich, to attack selectors saying he has the right by Cricket Australia. after being sacked His performances for Australia the last two or three years have been as good as anybody's and almost as good as anybody's in the world so, surprised not to see him around. Katich let fly at a press conference last week after being told he didn't have a national contract for next season. Big day starting Monday, Wimbledon comes to the Seven Network, Wimbledon Mondays on the Seven Network, very excited. V8s, tennis, you need a rest. I know the V8s is exciting but Wimbledon is more exciting! They are on a par. So much to choose from. with Grant for today's forecast. So much to choose from. Let's check A big call, Wimbledon more exciting than V8 supercars, Ow! Yes, stabed to the heart, I know, sorry, Grant. A dagger, each to their own. I suppose they are all individuals and celebrate the differences that makes us unique, whatever! Speaking of Darwin, I know it looked like it might be a record breaker in darben but it is the case, the coldest morning in a row in Darwin. Five consecutive mornings under 15 degrees is a 40-year record. Every day this month has been under the average. So it has been a bit fresh in the mornings and overnight in Darwin. If you are a snow bunny, snow forecast today for the Victorian and New South Wales Alps. Dusting of 5 and 10 centimetres but a great little topup if you are heading down this weekend. Let's look at the 4 cast now. Sunrise Weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is on now. It has to be Beacon. So while Sydney will finey see a beautiful day with 18, we are seeing also no rain in the area that have been flood-affected in the last couple of days plus snow to the Victorian and New South Wales alp, not a bad time all around. Good timeing to snow for the weekend. Correct! Ready for anyone who is ready to hit the slopes. See you in half an hour. Rather See you in half an hour. Indonesia is on security alert this morning after Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir was jailed for inciting terrorism. He'll spend the next 15 years behind bars. Bashir was accused of funding terror campaigns. The 72-year-old is also believed to have been the mastermind of the 2002 Bali bombings. This is the third time he's been convicted. His previous terrorism sentences were reduced or overturned. Seven news senior correspondent Chris Reason is in Jakarta. And here in the studio is Bali bombing survivor Erik de Haart. Good morning. Reaso, what's been the reaction to this in Indonesia? Yes, good morning to you. Largely positive. It was front-page news and lead story in the TV services here, they even streamed it leeub during the day, the wonderfully open justice system in Indonesia, the cameras were packing the courtroom. Cleric of hate Cleric of hate sent to die behind bars. Local politicians welcoming the decision saying it send a message to the young and the decision saying it send a strong impressionable who might be considering a life of jihad. So a good impression. Supporters up set, saying outside the court, they would continue the work of Abu Bakar Bashir, which has ominous over tones. If some of those are saying it is send agstrong message, what are the chances he will spend all 15 years in jail or will the verdict be over turned like thers? That is the question, and Bashir, his legal team signaled they would have an appeal lodged within days. The challenge is on. I have got to say legal observers in the court yesterday were saying the charges and the evidence against bushire through the trial -- Bashir is weak. They are surprised the judge has backed it strongly, he will die in jail, it is a death sentence. There are holes in the case, it is up to Bashir to exploit it. He has done it before and succeeded. He is 72 but he is old and frail, 15 years are you satisfy snd No, if you hark back do when the Bali bombers were in jail, they weren't at l it seemed like a holiday camp, they were free to see and influence whoever they wanted and it will be the same here. I recall one instance where the general of the camp took Amrozi to the Subway store for lunch and called it interrogation. Bashir is a bigger fish. I guess most of us don't know how you managed for the last nine years, every time there is a verdict anniversary, does it make it harder and set you back? every time there is a verdict or

The last ten years have been very, very difficult because it has been impossible to escape Bali. We have had tsunamis, second bombings, court cases,tia well Corby, the Bali Nine and every time, the Bali bombing gets brought up and it brings the memories up fresh and it is hard to get away. On top of that, the Bali anniversary, and inCoogee Dolphins have their own general meeting. Have you been back? I went back for the first anniversary but not if a holiday. I will go for a anniversary or someone getting married or a special occasion but not for a holiday. Thank you for coming in. Rhys Thank you for coming in. Kochie is at Mission Beach. Let's get more reaction to his sentence from our big guns sentence from our big guns of politics. Environment Minister Tony Burke and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey joins us. Tony, Bashir accused Australia of playing a major role in his prosecution. Is the government concerned about terrorist reprisals? I think on this, it is just full credit to the Indonesian authorities. People have been watching this closely and obviously, I think no-one could have said it better than Eric about the mixed feelings people have on looking back on this but it is full credit to the indnes neegz authorities. There -- Indonesian authorities. There is a conviction in place that is effectively a life sentence. And that is how it should be. Your response I totally agree with what Tony just said. I understand the concern Eric and others, that is totally said. I understand the concern of undertandable for those that have been related or friends of the victims. But obviously, by our standards, he would have received more. But by Indonesian standards, this is a life sentence. And may he rot in jail. Yep, hear, hear. Look, a bit closer to home. Almost a year after Julia Gillard toppled Kevin Gillard toppled Kevin Rudd, renewed leadership speculation just will not go away. Relations between the pair, looked, let's say, frosty, after a closed-door meeting yesterday. Newspaper pages like this which says, " says, "Face off." Are fueling reports Kevin reports says, "Face off." Are fueling reports Kevin Rudd want to get back into the Lodge. Tony, yesterday Graham Richardson said you guys are no hope of winning the next election. Would bringing Kevin Rudd back help boost Labor's support? Julia is the Prime Minister, Julia stays the Prime Minister. A few weeks ago we had Joe referring to the coalition as being one big happy family. I guess it is my turn to give the similar line. But the leadership speculation that is referred to there, nothing in it. Kevin says there is nothing in it too. Joe, what do you guys reckon? Are you stirring the pot on this? Do you think there think there is a move to recycle the former Labor leader? We don't need to stir the pot on this one. How can it be when Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have a one-on-one meeting it is this one. How can it be when the

front-page news? It is because the relationship between two of the most important people in the country is so bad and flawed that it is a significant moment when they talk to each other. This is not the way to run a country. It is not the way to

run a government. And quite, frankly, I feel as though the government is just melting in front of us. Even, apparently, Wayne Swan. A very wishful feeling there, Joe. Apparently even the Treasurer had an altercation with one of his senators at the press gallery ball the other night. Now, I didn't see it but when these events occur you say, " these events occur you say, "What's going on? going on?." We might move on, you had big enough go, that is retribution for you stiring the pot on Liberal leadership a few weeks ago. We have squared it up. The carbon tax, the government said it will spend $ government said it will spend $12 million on an ad campaign. That did not go well with the Independent Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor. It almost puts us in a position where we are endorsing the spending of public funds on propaganda. This is not the way we should be doing business, this is a dumb call at the wrong time. Joe, you agree How can you not agree? How can can you advertise a tax the government hasn't announced in detail. They announced $ announced $12 million in advertising but they won't tell people how much they have to pay in the tax. Tony, Joe and everyone else has got a point. We haven't covered the carbon tax on Sunrise as yot and we won't until we find out won't until we find out what it is. Everyone is talking about something but no-one has any idea what the details are about and what is going to happen. Why don't you just put it in black and white, so we all know and talk about it and then advertise it? That is exactly what is happening. The adver tgz campaign. Hang on, what is the detail? Once the detail, there is two you can do this. You either put all Once the detail, there is two ways your detail out without consultation or you engage business on the way through a you develop it. We have gone for the consultation model. What it means is once the information is ready to go out, it will go out and not until there will there be an advertising campaign. You got to be careful with advertising campaigns all the time but there has never been an issue when people are saig when when people are saig when people are when people are saying when you have got the information I want it. We are never going back to 2007 when the government was the biggest advertiser in the country. Bigger than the fast-food outlets. Tony, when will we get the detail? Give us a deadline? When will you tell us what is involved? I don't think it is that many week uzway. We with working in consultation with the business. It seems to be going on a long time. A shocker of a day on the stock Crikey. market yesterday. $ market yesterday. $28 billion wiped from its value. It is going to hurt a lot of mum-and-dad superannuation funds who are already doing it a bit tough. Tony, is this a concerning thing for the government at the moment? That all of these issues from Europe and offshore are going to start flowing through here? I think one of the things to remember with what is happening in Greece, I think the feedback you referred to earlier in the show about what you had from a whole lot of Australians from Greek from the commentary on this says it of Australians from Greek background all. With this one, so many if he all. With this one, so many people have family there, it is not a case of like with Lehmann brothers waiting for it to ricochet around the world, a lot of Australians are feeling the impact in Greece right now and we can't lose sight of that. Joe, I will ask for your comment, but more particularly, your wife, for who for me is the investment guru of the family. Come on! What is Melissa saying? I am not going to tell you what she is saying. Give me credit. I don't just change nappies and put on a

smiling face. She's the guru. Yes, she is, that's right... Yes, she is. she Is. Okay, she might be watching this program, I better concede that. Look, I am just digging a hole here, any rate... Get on to define it? I am most concerned about the US to be honest. I think two things, the US, we have got to watch that very carefully. It seems unemployment is increasing in the US and increasing in the US and China. Inflation increases in China, particularly food inflation, will have a big impact on our terms of trade. And so, you know, the glory days of the mining boom, all of a sudden, you can see, potentially, an end to that into the future with what is happening in the rest of the world. Yes, it is a really fragile position. But, thankfully, because of both sides of politics, because of Costello and Howard and now, I reckon by Swan, we seem to have weatherered it over the past and we are in pretty good shape for the future. So that is a reassuring thing. If you want to be in any country in the world, this country in the world, this is the place to be. That's true. See you. Great to talk to you, see you. Goodbye. Victoria is on the lookout for a new police chief. That's after its top cop Simon Overland announced his resignation. Overland refused to pinpoint exactly what it was that made him quit saying instead it was a number of distractions that brought his leadership under scrutiny. Regrettably, I now find myself in the position where it is in best interests of Victoria and Victoria Police for me to no longer to continue in that role. Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay will now step in

until a new chief is appointed. Our Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner is outside police headquarters. Good morning, Nuala. For people outside Victoria this has been an ongoing saga hasn't it? Yes, you could say that, Mel, I guess you probably get a mini series out of the Overland controversys, perhaps an under belly rer perhaps an under belly perhaps an under perhaps an under under belly. Or over belly. His name was in the headlines a disproportionate amount. The Labor government appointed Simon Overland and lost the support of State Government. The Police Minister, Peter Ryan said it was an Overland and lost the support of the

ombudsman's report was the final straw. It is something Simon Overland denies. But it shows crime statistics released just before the state election shows a massive reduction in city assaults. 27. reduction in city assaults. 27.5% reduction in city assaults. 27.5%, a huge amount were distorted and misleading, and Simon Overland it was siz discretion to release them. He denies it was the reason but he can't deny there are were a number of controversy controversies. We still don't know why his deputy left. And then it is believed the office of police integrity was tapping Sir John's phone. Members of the media had their phones tapped. There was the $ There was the $100 million cost blowout for the computer cyst system for police which has been ditched and the data base bungle where several parole violateers were left on the streets where they committed murders. He lost the support of Police Association, a strong and murders. He lost the support of the powerful police union here, key members of the media, he also lost their support and ultimately State Government who had already their support and ultimately the announced an inquiry into the leadership of the police here in Victoria. They say that will continue, even though Simon Overland is gone. Okay, well a lot more to fall out

from that one. Nuala, thanks for bringing us up to date on that one. AFL players are expected to meet over the next couple of weeks to discuss where they go with stalled pay talks. But their association is playing down talk of possible strike action. Joining us now are Jim and Rebecca Wilson along with AFL commentator and former player Matthew Richardson. Richo, should players be getting more money? The question The question probably is how much more? Yes, that's the big question. We are hearing talk that the players want a percentage of revenue which happens a lot of sports arounds the world. I don't know Andrew Demetriou wants to go down that path. They need an increase but not at the expense of clubs. We have seen Port Adelaide Are having huge troubles staying financial. Players need an increase, not at the expense of clubs. I don't think they will get the percentage of revenue they would He is spot on. It cannot be at the of revenue they would like. expense of clubs and grass The players deserve stkwefrb an increase, I believe it is 21% expense of clubs and grass roots.

increase, I believe it is 21%, they want 27% but for strike action it won't happen. A lot of clubs are on their knees. It cannot be at the expense of giving the players a lot more money. Wrrn Same as rugby league, the players and the clubs, a lot of players are holding off signing contracts thinking the big pot of glold is there at the end of the rain beau. The bottom line once you disseminate the money between 16 or 18 clubs and you have got clubs like Port and Richmond and the inner-city clubs on their knees, there is not much to go around. Who in the universe gets a 27% pay increase? Ricky Stuart's call to take out of NRL just before State of Origin. Ricky Stuart's call to take players

Fair dinkum. He's dreaming. Whole He's dreaming. Whole thing about that, it is ridiculous. This time last year he was coaching the Sharks. He would have been pickets and now tee is telling them not to play footy. It should be a stand-alone weekend. If it ain't broke don't fix it. It is not broke. It is broke. The standard of play is incredible. But the weekend before, last weekend was a joke, a mini stuff, not the elite of the elite in rugby. The brand is being affected. The system has got to change. I love Origin but not at the expense of first grade. Fair point. It is an unfair point, we'll have a coffee. See you Richo. For AFL Women's Week we've been running a competition with the AFL to take four deserving women to football's night of nights, They'll sit with the Sunrise team and rub shoulders with the who's who of AFL. We want to hear your stories about the women who've made a great contribution to Australian football at any level. Here are a couple we've received: We had about 100 entries so far and they have been rippers. To nominate. It is a fantastic competition, mel. Thank you, Beretts. Stick around. Ahead this hour, Potter-mania. The final 'Harry Potter' film ever. Plus, Nat's kitchen nightmare. Oh! On now. The restaurant role on her bucket list. Good morning.. A sunny day after an early frost in Canberra and Bungendore.. 14 the top. It'll be cool with plenty of sunshine in Yass.. 12 degrees. Moves.. to raise awareness about drug and alcohol problems. Local rider Adam Kaminski will head off on his 270 k bike ride from Canberra to Nowra today.. to give people hope there is more to life than addiction.. and help is out there. It'll coincide with the launch of Drug Action Week. The capital's remained the most active community

nation-wide for the past 10 years.. according to new research. 86 thousand Canberrans participate in some form of exercise.. at least 5 times a week. More than 150 Canberra CEO's wake up from a rough sleep outside last night.. to raise awareness of the high number of Aussies without a roof over their head.

And our Brumbies will have their captain's run this afternoon.. ahead of tomorrow's Waratahs clash. More at 11. VOICEOVER: At Allianz, we protect you and your budget. So if you're feeling squeezed by your car insurance, choose Allianz for some of the most competitive premiums in Australia. You can save up to 10% when you buy online and there are discounts for safe drivers who switch to Allianz too. For affordable car insurance call Allianz on 13 1000 today. Allianz - a world of protection. SONG: # I just want to be OK today. #

low fares are just part of the story. A beautiful morning here on Mission Beach. Everyone is enjoying it. Hello to the grandparents in Victoria, Ruby and Lily and Alice. It is a start. I am up here because I am giving a few speeches to the business community and also the community in Townsville on finance over the weekend. It is great to come back and see the reconstruction in full swing. So many people from down south up here, supporting the Queensland economy and that's what we have got to do. The issues of the floods and Cyclone floods and Cyclone Yasi have not gone away, think of them and get behind them but now it is news time with Nat. Victims of the 2002 Bali bombing attacks have lashed out at the 15-year jail sentence for Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, saying it's not long enough. Bashir was found guilty of terror-related charges in Jakarta yesterday. At 72 years old, it's likely he'll die in prison. If you harp back to when the Bali bombers were in jail, they weren't really in jail, it almost seemed like a holiday camp - they were free to see and entertain and influence whoever they wanted and I think exactly the same is going to happen here. Bashir's lawyers have announced they're planning to lodge an appeal. will get an undisclosed payout after his shock resignation yesterday. He left the job after a late-night phone call with the state's Police Minister Peter Ryan who told him he no longer had the confidence of the Baillieu government. Mr Overland has taken responsibility for releasing unreliable crime statistics just before the last state election that Labor seized on to bolster its campaign. Regretably, I now find myself in the position where it is in best interests of Victoria and Victoria Police for me to no longer to continue in that role. Mr Overland had more than two years of his contract left to run.

Flight schedules are returning to normal after nearly a week of mass disruptions thanks to that volcanic ash plume. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia are expected to resume flights to New Zealand. Air services to Perth and Tasmania have been restored with extra flights put on to clear the backlog. The plume of ash but continues to linger over New Zealand's South Island. US congressman Anthony Weiner been heckled and called a "pervert" during his resignation speech this morning. The 46-year-old has been under pressure to quit politics after admitting to sending lewd photos to a college student and having online sexual relationships with six women. So, today I'm announcing my resignation from Congress.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Bye-bye, pervert! Weiner's wife was noticeably absent from this morning's media conference. Finance news and the Dow Jones is up 64 points. Although the tech-heavy Nasdaq was down 7. European market were generally weaker as well. Nasdaq was down 7. European market were generally weaker as well. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. It's do or die for Rodney Eade tonight as his Western Bulldogs prepare to take on the Adelaide Crows. Eade's boys haven't been able to secure a win for a month and pressure is mounting for him to stand down as coach. And some mid-air drama for the Gold Coast Suns, who were forced to make an emergency landing in Hobart after their plane experienced technical diffulcties. They're in Tassie ahead of their match against Hawthorn. The tug of war between club and rep footy commitments doesn't look like easing anytime soon with Rugby League officials adamant game scheduling won't change. We don't want the standards of the NRL to drop and we don't want clubs being affected by the rep season and more importantly, players' welfare is hugely important. Tonight the Dragons play the Broncos and the Rabbitohs go up against the Titans. And Aussie golfer Aaron Baddeley is just three shots off the pace midway through the first round at the US Open in Maryland. Done forget, the V8s Done forget, the V8s are on 7mate this weekend, catch them 12.30 eastern, Saturday and Sunday, a huge weekend. Now, Grant has all your weather. He is excited about the weekend. We love your spot this morning, it is stunning? It is magic isn't it, Clovelly is where we are. Grabbing sunshine, it is hard to stay warm standing here for four hours not doing a heck of a lot. Now there is the glowing orang