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This is Sky News -

Australia's news channel.

Leading this bulletin -

damage and injuries in

earthquakes hit east of the Christchurch as two powerful

city. Residents on edge - as

people flee into the streets

and a state of panic. And

Qantas resumes flights in an

out of Melbourne as the

volcanic ash cloud begins to

clear. Coming up shortly on PM Agenda, we will look at the pressures in the detention system and whether

Nauru or Malaysia is the

answer. It is 4 o'clock in

Sydney and 6 o'clock in

Christchurch. Welcome to News

Day this Monday, 13 June I am

Vannessa Tresize. Also this

hour the Queens honours list

recognise ed 40 # o Australians for their contribution to the

community. And in sport - a

relaxed day for the Maroons

in the build-up to Origin II.