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(generated from captions) on both sides of the Tasman. Volcanic ash ground planes really hurt the banks? Will banning home loan exit fees back on the market? Is the world's hottest sister leaves 'Dancing with the Stars'. A deflated Brynne Edelsten for our first act tonight, Kochie! Please put your hands together CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Stand-up comedy, Sunrise style. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, Kochie and Mel. Good morning. a new career path for Kochie. A new week, and maybe No! I hear you were very, very funny? The crowd has been calling for more since he had a go at standup comedy. This is was on Kochie's bucket list. We will play it to you in almost full, later in the show. I was pooping pruvrblials. That lady was in hysterics listening to your jokes. A cut away from the professionals. I was very nervous but quietly confident until the professionals introduced me and I thought, " introduced me and I thought, "room rr dead meat." Can't wait to see it. a large part of the morning But we're going to turn over from the volcanic ash cloud. to the chaos at our airports We'll talk to forecasters. the country. We have reporters around

from the airlines. And we'll get the latest With some flights ready to resume at seven o'clock this morning. That story leads our news. are stranded this morning Tens of thousands of travellers cancelled flights after all Australian airlines and New Zealand. to and from Melbourne, Tasmania which are still in place, The cancellations, from Chile's Puyehue volcano come as a large cloud of ash moves across the region. restrictions at 10am this morning Qantas says it will review flight it will recommence flights at 7:00am while Virgin says but meteorologists say thoughout the day. the travel chaos could continue it abrases surfaces, It can stop engines, landing lights, windscreens, so, flying surfaces, the electrical system. it gets into are continuing to operate, Some international flights below the ash or alter their route. with planes ordered to fly and Brisbane AFL teams Richmond, Essendon are among those stranded fllowing the flight cancellations. and everyday Australians Sports stars, politicians year's Queen's Birthday honours. are among those recognised in this Former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons Kerryn Phelps and high-profile doctor of the Order of Australia. have been made Members

Mick Keelty, Former Federal Police commissioner Natasha Stott Despoja former Democrats leader John Anderson and former deputy prime minister in the Order of Australia. have been made Officers Chad Reed has become And 29-year-old motocross star the second youngest recipient, in the general division. appointed a member for two men missing A search will resume this morning north of Sydney. after their dinghy capsized on the Hawkesbury River The incident happened late yesterday afternooon. at Wisemans Ferry were rescued A 27-year-old man and a dog have not yet been found. but two other passengers was hampered by bad weather. Police say yesterday's search to commence Another search is also expected Central Coast on the New South Wales for a girl missing since Saturday. a small boat The teenager was onboard which capsized on Lake Macquarie. An attempt to rescue tangled in fishing ropes a humpback whale this morning. will continue off Perth the whale yesterday Wildlife officers failed to untangle and bad light. due to poor conditions they'll search for the giant mammal Officials say at first light today. off Scarborough Beach in fishing lines It's the second whale to be caught off Perth this year. Ahead on Sunrise - Julia Gillard is not allowed to go. the one place where Prime Minister But right now, Kochie has finance. Finance news and the Dow is down 172 points on Saturday morning. To finish its 6th consecutive week in negative territory. It hasn't happened since 2022. European markets -- since 2002. European markets were down heavily. To our region on Friday, we closed the week up 13 and 12 on our major indices. Time for sport. Here's Beretts. Thanks, Kochie. Good morning. is feeling the heat Essendon legend James Hird in his coaching career for the first time to a disappointing loss after the Bombers slumped against Fremantle last night. David Mundy to a broken leg The Dockers lost midfielder but didn't miss a beat, to win by 34 points. seeing off a late rally COMMENTATOR: How good's this? He kicks the goal. start to celebrate. The Dockers supporters errant goal kicking. Earlier yesterday Sydney overcame to down Richmond by 10 points. Lions a 61-point hiding. And Carlton handed the struggling The Wests Tigers are confident come-from-behind victory yesterday's stunning over the Warriors Casey Stoner has taken the lead in Golden Point extra time. the winning field goal Peter Wallace slotted Canberra 25-24 at Suncorp Stadium. the Broncos edged out In yesterday's other match, to snatch an unlikely win. as the Tigers ran in four tries Benji Marshall grabbed a double a blistering attacking burst. before unleashing at Mt Smart Stadium The Tigers looked down and out season-defining performance. will prove to be a at Silverstone last night. in the Great Britain GP following an all-the-way victory in the MotoGP championship

him as 6.30. Good man, good excuse, the only one we will let him off for. We'll do the weather for you. Sunrise Weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is on now. It has to be Beacon. him as 6. a bit late, we will catch up with Grant is change agnappy and running at the weatherworth shall we? Having a fantastic year. Let's look Incredible work by Casey Stoner. That is an awesome performance. on the slippery Silverstone circuit. Marco Simoncelli also came unstuck up the ante. who crashed out while trying to Jorge Lorenzo for reigning world champion but the same couldn't be said but the couldn't be said in the terrible conditions Stoner revelled Rain, rain, rain in New South Wales. Sydney, showers, that will come as a surprise to the ducks in Sydney, who had a great time over the weekend. Light frost and 12 in Ballarat this morning. Foggy morning and sunshine in Melbourne.

Later this hour - killer flu alert. The warning for Aussies after a horror US season. But next, the volcanic ash cloud. The major airport delays when we come back.

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No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. Thousands of travellers are waiting on word from airlines after volcanic ash from Chile forced the cancellation of dozens of flights. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia grounded planes yesterday due to fly in and out of Tasmania and Melbourne.

Air New Zealand is still flying saying its pilots will fly lower to avoid the cloud. The volcano erupted in South America over a week ago. Its plume is now hovering over Tasmania and Melbourne. It's forecast to still be there at midday extending 11 kilometres up into the sky. And by 6 o'clock tonight, the ash cloud is expected to have spread further north.

It's also stretching all the way across New Zealand. And from Melbourne Airport is Seven News reporter Cameron Baud. Seven News reporter Talitha Cummins is at Sydney Airport. Good morning. Talitha, what delays are we seeing at airports? Well, Melbourne's obviously wearing the worst of it. We are starting to see some frustrated see some frustrated people arrive here at Sydney domestic airport where a number of services to Melbourne and Canberra have been cancelled, mainly due to the back log. A number of international flights from LA, Hong Kong and Singapore that were bound for Melbourne have been diverted hereby ooto Sydney. Expect it to cause a fugter back log. It fugter back log. It is one of the biggest flying days of the year, being the

being the Queen's Birthday weekend and people are trying to head home and head to work. So frustrated passengers around. It could take days before the flights get back to normal. Qantas has advised anyone travelling on a cancelled flight, not to head to the airport today and all people on all airlines should check Internet sites before they head to the airport.

Now, things are changing by the minute, Cameron, when are flights expected to return to normal. What head to the airport.

is the latest? Virgin will resume flights from 7 o'clock. There is a long queue their domestic check in. Many looking to get on the go after the o'clock. There is a long queue at

disrupted weekend of travel. As it stands, Qantas stands, Qantas group is holding fire and will hold off in and will hold off in terms of its position. As it stands, Qantas has cancelled 40 flights in Melbourne until 10 o'clock this morning and Jetstar until 10 o'clock this morning and Jetstar has cancelled more than 40 flights at Melbourne and Avalon. But they are waiting on more advice from the weather the Weather Bureau with with the latest advisory to come at latest advisory to come at 10 o'clock this morning. There must be a lot of frustrated people. Were many frustrated and stuck at the airport overnight? It is not packed. There are some at the airport who managed to curl etp up and goat sleep at the term -- get sleep at the terminal. Some are getting coffee and trying to maintain their rage to try to get to where they are going where they are going to. But at this time, no signs of obvious frustration other than people wanting to get to where though they are going. But optimism, people are arriving at the airport and expecting to get to their destination today. Attempts are being made to help people strands in Tasmania? The The 'Spit of Tasmania." Is coming on board, offering extra steets in the theatres on the ferries from

Melbourne and Tasmania on bas strite. Let's hope it turns out smoothly. . Virgin back in the air at 7 o'clock, Qantas and Jetstar, still deciding. But But check! Still to come - Brynne busted. She's out of 'Dancing with the Stars' and she'll join us live after 8:00. And, cat woman. I just... I just.... I really love cats... And (cries) I just want to hug all of them, but I can't. The world's most fanatical feline lover is coming up on Sunrise.

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The Beacon Lighting stocktake sale is on now. The 'Herald Sun' says "Air Chaos at Melbourne Airport". The 'Daily Telegraph' goes with the simple "Grounded", with air travel around the country plunged into chaos.

Tasmania is heavily affected and 'The Mercury' has a photo of Wayne and Renee who have been left stranded. If you have been affected by the ash cloud or anyone, e-mail us through the web site and include the hash tag. I know I have family who came up for lunch yesterday and

could be here for a longer weekend up for lunch yesterday and they than intended. Lots of people e-mailing on the Soap Box, in real trouble, they won't necessarily get their money, they are worried they didn't take insurance or they have flow-on flights. One man trying to get to a funeral on Tuesday. All sorts of flow-on effects and they are worried so affecting a lot of people financially. If you If you slept at

If you slept at the airport with the TV on, how did it go? Did you make new buddies? Did the cafes stay open? That sort of stuff. The open? That sort of stuff. The alternate to get to Tasmania mism the Spirit of Tasmania, you can in the cinema, it would in the cinema, it in the cinema, it could in the cinema, it in the cinema, would be interin'ing trip the Spirit of Tasmania, you can sit

trip if Perfect Storm was the movie. Check the swell before you make the decision. Yes, 11 hours. We want you to meet Debbie. She loves cats, she's single, she loves cats. She's looking for a soul mate. And did we mention, she loves cats. So, I am a recent, umMBA grad from Villanova.

Villanova. I love, cats... Um, I just sorry, I am getting emotional. I love cats, I love every kind of cat. (cries) Sorry... I just... cat. (cries) Sorry... I just... I really love cats. It's okay,

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That's Debbie's dating video. Unless your name is Mr Mistofoles. want to cry.

Garfield. I reckon it is fake. They hand out the MBAs fairly easily. Running a Cattery. You reckon? I reckon it will turn out to be an ad for the dating web site, myself, I am sceptical but it is funny.

I am sceptical but it is funny. Or maybe there is a man out there that loves cats. Just as much. Do you know anyone who loves cats more than Debbie. That is going viral, here is another clip should be. viral, here is another clip that I have

I havenone my life, Lib, for 34 years and for

years and for those 34 years she has had you have been my only lover, has been the rock of our relationship, four gorgeous kids we had you have been my only lover, it

have brought up and I am starting to doubt that now, the middle-age syndrome. Has she really had me as a lover. Kids are great, they are here tonight supporting me, stand up, kids. I am starting to doubt.

kids. I am starting to doubt. I am starting to doubt. Whether I have been her only lover. (Seinfeld theme plays) (Seinfeld theme plays). That was C, my son-in-law. Look out sin field. White runners is the only difference. That was on

That was on Kochie's bucket list. Hopefully it will be a while. But I nearly died on stage. Not at all, I have heard amazing reviews. Let us know, your bucket list or challenge us to do something well-. What are you doing? Can't say too much. We are each going to do something this week. Scary. No, tight lipped! Let us know, send

No, tight lipped! Let us know, send us In a moment - how to win money for nothing. It's our latest competition and details are next. Plus, soon, when kids should have paracetamol and when they shouldn't. We've got advice for all parents. Then, later, Jim Carrey's new co-stars - penguins. He's working with animals again in a new movie.

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a killer flu season. Plus, the US has been through Ahead, the warning for Aussies. for a news update. Right now though, it's over to Nat are stranded this morning Thousands of travellers cancelled flights after all Australian airlines and New Zealand. to and from Melbourne, Tasmania The cancellations were made from Chile's Puyehue volcano as a large cloud of ash

moves across the region. Virgin Australia says it will recommence flights in just under 30 minutes it will wait until 10:00am while Qantas says to review their flight restrictions. are continuing to operate Some international airlines the ash or alter their route. with planes ordered to fly below Two men have been hit by buses in Sydney overnight. in separate incidents with critical head injuries A 25-year-old was rushed to hospital

in North Parramatta. after being struck distracted by a passenger Police say the driver may have been before hitting the pedestrian. In the second incident, was hit by a bus in Epping. an 18-year-old man He was treated for a head injury a stable condition. but is believed to be in helping police with their inquires. The drivers of both buses are will face court tomorrow, A young Melbourne man

charged with murder outside a Melbourne nightclub. over a stabbing attack was stabbed during a fight A 29-year-old man outside Bubble nightclub, involving around 30 men in the city early yesterday morning. He died in hospital last night. Police believe to inflict the fatal wounds. a screwdriver may have been used A 24-year-old Footscray man will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Penny Palfrey Aussie marathon swimmer during her record-attempt swim has dealt with a shark and jellyfish Support crews say close call with a 2-metre shark the 48-year-old has had a and has been stung by jellyfish. is attempting to set a new record The Queensland-based grandmother in history. for the longest unassisted swim two of the Cayman islands. She's swimming between has ruled out marrying his partner, The country's 'First Bloke' the Prime Minister, before the next election. met in 2006 Tim Mathieson and Julia Gillard in Canberra. and live together at The Lodge in London in April They attended the royal wedding but there are no plans nuptials. for Australia's own high-profile I don't think. Certainly not any time soon, this year. One wedding's enough Australian Men's Shed Association Mr Mathieson is patron of the to help men deal with health issues. which is a federal program Finance news now and the Dow closed down 172 points on Saturday. Its 6th consecutive week of losses. Interesting court deassociation New York. Lap dancing is now subject Interesting court deassociation from to sales tax. It had been challenged by a number of clubs under the dramatic and Musical Art Performance Exemption but the courts have now over ruled it.

over ruled it. So you have got to pay sales tax on any lap dances. (laughs)... Did Kevin Rudd have to pay? That's a very good question, Natalie. Is it retrospective? Bit of respect, your girls and boys. Sorry... Save me! Time for sport. brought to you by Swisse. This is Sunrise sport report Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. has been added to the Blues squad Raiders prop Tom Learoyd-Lahrs State of Origin showdown. as cover ahead of Wednesday night's a mobile forward pack The Blues have gambled by selecting the move has them on edge. and Queensland's big men admit in the middle of the ruck For us boys, especially very strong defensively you know we're gonna have to be to be able to contain 'em. In the NRL yesterday, to upset the Warriors 26-22 Wests Tigers stormed home in Auckland. 25-24 in a golden-point thriller And the Broncos downed the Raiders at Suncorp Stadium. Fremantle's impressive 34-point win over Essendon at Patersons Stadium last night has been soured by a broken leg suffered by star midfielder David Mundy. Skipper Matthew Pavich led from the front for the Dockers booting three goals. Earlier yesterday, David Astbury to a knee injury Richmond lost utility to Sydney. early in their 10-point loss a huge pack mark And, Shaun Hampson took

over Brisbane. as Carlton romped to a 61-point win the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Torrential rain has caused chaos at Sebastian Vettel Championship leader endured some nervous moments after 24 laps. before the race was suspended are sure to be frosty And relations in the McLaren garage with team-mate Jenson Button after Lewis Hamilton collided for Fernando Alonso crashing out. who was also responsible

survived an early spin-out Mark Webber since the race was restarted. and has moved up to sixth We'll keep you updated with that through the morning. Time for the weather, a very good morning to grand, who joins us delayed after nappy work this morning, nappy work this morning,? GD? Yes, all hands on deck,

Yes, all hands on deck, there is two people in this team, not just a one-horse race, everyone has got to contribute equally. It is the way the modern world works, young man, after you shake it off, it is good to get back to work. This morning we are talking about the rain fall figures that exist. A huge cold snap went through Victoria and fine conditions for a while in Victoria. A lot of rain around the country New South Wales. A lot of rain around the country sin

New South Wales. Sort of 10 to 20 Mills but locally in parts up as 50 to 100 mills in a couple of isolated locations. Heavy falls locations. Heavy falls were Gosford with 183 mills and more on the upper ash cloud in a moment but now, the forecast. Beacon Lighting. Sunrise Weather for is on now. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale It has to be Beacon.

A trough along the east coast is causing heavy rain for eastern New South Wales, leading to a flash flooding warning for the Hunter and north-eastern New South Wales. A high in the Bight is keeping the west, interior and north clear but is directing cloud and the odd shower over southern Victoria and Tasmania.

Melbourne, some fog this morning with sunshine. Partly cloudy tomorrow. Fog and sunshine on Wednesday.

Darwin, dry and windy. Sunny and windy tomorrow and until Friday. As I said, more weather details and sort of focus on what effect the upper

upper ash cloud is having over the continent in half an hour. Thank you, keep us up to date. Hang on! Standup works for you. So I had an of the day.

What on earth are you doing? had an idea... Can I borrow this? Sorry, quick bit of ad-libbing? Just hear? We doing it standup way.

We doing it standup way. Someone give me a drum role. I'll joust continue with the paper. Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen... David Koch. Welcome. Lovely to be here, and gentlemen. Really appreciate it time and the effort. Also Welcome. Lovely to be here, ladies

Sharon Robinson from Barkleyveil, time and the effort. Also from where are you, shar snn give her a a round of applause. Little billy

round of applause. Little billy and his he is grandmother were in the lounge room watching television and they sat there talking about different things and billy said, " different things and billy said, "Why don't you find yourself another boyfriend not Pop has dropped off the twig." And grandma said, " the twig." And grandma said, "I don't need another boyfriend as I don't need another boyfriend as

don't need another boyfriend as I can use inTV as a boyfriend. It gives me great company and pleasure. It

It doesn't argue or talk back to me." Suddenly, the TV starts playing up and grandma starts banging her fist on the TV and fiddling with the ears on the top and bangs it again, kicks it as well to goat the pick -- get to picture right. There is a knock on the front door, Billy answers it and there is the local priest asking to see his grandma, and he and he said, " and he said, "I don't know, she is busy at the moment, banging her boyfriend." A two! It's old? Yeah. I thought it was good. Sharon is a lovely lady. She has handwritten this to us and a regular joker of the day. One of our senior Australians which is terrific with a good sense of humour, thank you, Sharon. That went well. The standup. Next hour - the fight over bank fees on home loans. Who's right? And in a moment, a warning for parents on giving paracetamol to children. We'll explain the risks. Also ahead, where is the volcanic ash cloud heading next? Sunrise is back soon. Mmm. How good is this chicken? Mmm. VOICEOVER: Succulent, lightly crumbed 100% chicken breast.

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# Tonight I'm loving you. # Some fog early, then sunshine and 15 for Melbourne. The airport is still shut by volcanic ash. And it's feared it could take days to get flights back to normal

and get stranded passengers to their destinations. So where is the ash cloud from the Chilean volcano heading? Let's ask Madelaine Love from the Weather Channel. Good morning. How exactly did the ash from this volcano travel so far? We're intrigued. How it travelled so far? It is actually quite amazing. When this volcano erupted about a week ago, it sent tiny particles of ash around 50,000 feet or 15 kilometres into the atmosphere. It is at these very high levels we have injet stream. It is a westerly wind moving at stream. It is a westerly wind moving at speeds of 200km/h. It has caught up and carried it from west to

up and carried it from west to east, from Chile, southern Africa to make its way to the Pacific. It is incredible it has made it all the way to New Zealand and even above 20,000 feet in Tasmania. Tell us about the latest wind conditions and where the ash is expected to move next? And how quickly? Well, it is likely to continue to move in an easterly direction so it may

may even circumnavigate the which is amazing. With the particles so small, they can remain may even circumnavigate the globe,

in the atmosphere a long time a couple of weeks. It is a so small, they can remain suspended

wait-and-see type situation and authorities will are to take advice. Just check before you get to the airport. On a different note, there are severe weather

are severe weather warnings in place for New South Wales today. We have been seeing some very heavy rain for areas of the New South Wales coast, in fact, in the last 24 hours alone, Evans Head has picked up 180 mL of rain and well over 100 to to 2 across the central coast. And the midnorth coast as well. The ear deep easterly flow will

ear deep easterly flow will continue for the New South Wales coast for days. You can expect more heavy rain for inmidnorthern coast and the table lands, continue nothing to tomorrow and the heavy rain shifting south to affect the hunter and Sydney rejen for Wednesday and Thursday. By Thursday, 200 to 300 mL for areas of the midnorth coast. For Sydney and the Hunter, at least 50 to 100 mL. It is likely we will see flooding for many parts of New South Wales. Gee, it is wild and woolly. you for inupdate, do good to talk to you. Gee, it is wild and woolly. Thank

It certainly is. Stay safe. A reminder, virgin flights resume at 7 o'clock, in 14 minutes fraubl Melbourne, qaunt sqs jet -- qaubter Qantas and Jetstar assessing the situation. The flu season is upon us and often the first to get sick are our children. But parents are being warned of the dangers lurking from improper use of paracetamol. It's the most common form of treatment for cold and flu symptoms. Alarming figures released by the New South Wales Poisons Information Centre reveal 3,000 calls for help last year by parents and carers who accidentally overdosed their child on the pain reliever. The US has already removed the ingredient from some infants' products

for the same reason. For more I'm joined by Sunrise GP Ginni Mansberg. Good morning. How can so many children be getting overdosed? We are not sure. Not that many end up in hospital but heaps get overdosed that never come to the attention of doctors because it is so easy to do.

so easy to do. It has got such a thin line between an effective dose and an overdose. How thin is the line? I am trying to remember the dose for children. It is about 3 mills, isn't it? That is the problem, there is no standardized formulation of Paracetamol. The infant drops, 250 in one and another dose which is 500 in 5 Mills and every single formial in 5 Mills and every single formulation in every brand is different. It is a big issue. We doctors measure it on mill grams per kilogram and take the weight. But many parents don't have the weight, it is hard to weigh a Wrigley toddler or baby. They are very conservative. They might havesay for 2 to 4 month give 2 mills, there is a big rumour you double the dose on the side of the box because everybody knows they are slightly conservative. Which is really You will get into terrible problem physical you double the dose. You conservative. Which is really wrong.

have got to be accurate, 2 mills is 2 mills, not half a tea spoon. Stick to the packet? Yes. Don't be stupe squd double it -- stupid and double it. What if you got a big kid? My kid is bigger than normal. Does it make a difference am Dp you want an accurate weight and then work out 15 mill grams per kilogram and work out the number of mill kilogram and work out the number of milligrams per mill, get the pharmacist to do it. How can you tell if they have overidosis doest snd You you often don't know. They won't show symptoms initially. The problem is with Paracetamol it knocks off the liver. They might get nauseous but you won't be able to te. Ring the poisoning centre or go to your pharmacy and get advice. This time every year we get This time every year we get warned about the upcoming flu season and it is going to be bad. Sometimes we take it with a grain of salt because we are told the same thing every year. Realistically how bad is this year? We are not too sure. I am not seeing as much as I would expect. You were right, it is the kids who are the leaders, I haven't seen that many flus but colds. We never got swine flu yet, it

flu yet, it hasened happened here. So the CD releaseed the flu facts and all all the flu siro typed wasn't swine flu. It is still ahead of us, but the government vaccinated most people. Maybe we dodged it. Tips to avoid it The flu shot lasts for nine months, you need to get it every year. Good hand hygiene, wash the surfaces, the flew virus will last for 48 hours, be healthy, eat well, exercise well, just look after your body. There You go, tips for the blokes, we git the flu, everyone else gets cold of course. Thank you. Lucky we don't get man flu, it is pretty deadly. We've got money for nothing all this week on Sunrise. The code word you need is coming up soon. Also ahead, ash cloud chaos. We're live to airports in Melbourne and Sydney for the latest word from the airlines. Then, later, he's got all the right moves, in movies Hey kids, check this out. And shuffle step, shuffle lunge, step, all change, step all change, word! That is very cute. Jim Carrey tells us about his new comedy, 'Mr Popper's Penguins'. (PHONE BEEPS) Morning, Gary.

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calling out the winners. Tomorrow, we'll start Good luck. brought to you by 'New Idea'. The Sunrise showbiz report and more. For all the latest celebrity news joins us. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen

Broadway's most glamorous event, And you're heading to are up a gong. Remind us, which Aussies Yep, almost tux time. You look so gorgeous today. I love the jacket. I would love you to come here as my date. But the Aussie

date. But the Aussie nominees, Tony Sheldon is up for best actor in a musical for his musical for his heart endering portrayal of Bernadette 'Priscilla: Queen of the Desert'. portrayal of Bernadette in And of course, Tim Chappell Lizzy Gardner. They won it for the And of course, Tim Chappell and movie version of the Desert'. And now, chances are movie version of 'Priscilla: Queen looking very good they will get the Tony tonight.

Tony tonight. I should point out some Aussies will be performing as well. Our friends, Michael John Slinger, the dancer along with Daniel Radcliffe and some guy Hugh Jackman is scheduled to perform Daniel Radcliffe and some guy called too. We don't hear about the theatre. Bring us the latest tomorrow and the pictures tomorrow.

Will do. pictures tomorrow. Moving on, Selena Gomez was rushed to hospital after appear on 'Tonight Show', did she faint after to hospital after appear on the kissing anyone? It it had nothing to do with that. She was a real trooper, went through

the whole show and all the she had to do obligation-wise, but the whole show and all the things she was complaining of headaches and nausea, rumour is she

nausea, rumour is she is being test td for blood pressure issues but her representative said she is undergoing routine tests and expecting to be fine. Maybe it is fatigue? She has been performing and running around with that Bieber kid recently. They just had a holiday? Didn't they? Kissing on the beach somewhere? You can You know, they say you shouldn't drink the water. Maybe she had a little intestinal

had a little intestinal thing. Got her racing. Got her

Good to know she ask okay. Injojoy the Tonies. The ash cloud, ebGinni, sadly her nana died last week and the funeral is tomorrow. She has got all relatives coming up from Melbourne who are stranded there. So the knock who are stranded there. So the knock on

on effect

on effect is significant. Kim says her parents were on their way to her uncle's funeral, tomorrow. We have tried all day yesterday to secure seats, plus, the Spirit of Tasmania, no luck. We have bookings back on Wednesday with Tiger which we will lose because we didn't pay the insurance, because that was over $ that was over $300. You think you will whip up and come back the next day. I am desperate. One seat for my dad to attend his brother's funemalch He lose it? Traz cancellation of a natural. That fliget won't be -- that flight won't be cancelled by Wednesday.

They won't be there to get it back.

But Leah in Mackay

But Leah in Mackay says the same, her sister is trying to go and see her mum, who is about to pass away. We do need to clarify, a lot of people are asking, is it my The airlines. Hobart, been to the people are asking, is it my cost? airport, a friend and I superexcited to see Kylie Minogue, got to Hobart airport only to be told the next

available flight is Friday. airport only to be told the next knock-on effect is getting people available flight is Friday. The home and where they need to go. Today is the second biggest day of the year in terms of travel. For those people thinking about the Spirit of Tasmania, they are opening seats to their theatre, to put more people on, the swell across Bass Strait is between 2 and 5 metres. The route, Sydney, Melbourne is

The route, Sydney, Melbourne is the busiest airline route in the world. If you have got a bus? Aren't Richmond going back from Sydney on a bus? The stories we are following this morning on Sunrise. on both sides of the Tasman. Volcanic ash ground planes when they can take off again? This morning, really hurt the banks? Will banning home loan exit fees

back on the market? Is the world's hottest sister leaves 'Dancing with the Stars'. A deflated Brynne Edelsten for our first act tonight, Kochie! Please put your hands together (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Stand-up comedy, Sunrise style.

this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, is coming up later. Kochie's comedy routine Breveer than all ofs put together -- braver than all of us put together, let me tell you. We can't wait.

But it's just gone 7:00, out of Melbourne about now. Virgin flights are due to resume shortly. We'll get the word from Qantas here's Nat. The ash cloud chaos leads the news, stranded across the country Thousands of travellers have been after airlines cancelled flights and New Zealand. in and out of Melbourne, Tasmania and Talitha Cummins is in Sydney. Seven's Cameron Baud is in Melbourne its flights this morning? Cameron, Virgin is recommencing

Have they begun? A As we go to air, Virgin Australia are resuming services in and out of Melbourne airport. They have got a mighty job ahead of them to clear the back log caught up in the cancellations from yesterday afternoon. More than 5,000 travellers need to be catered for today. That is in addition to the more than 10,000 passengers booked on flight today. A mighty job Virgin to cater for all passengers on flight today. A mighty job for today. Qantas has cancelled 40 flights in and out of Melbourne to 10 o'clock this morning but the position will be reassessed in the morning. Jetstar morning. Jetstar executives are in a meeting to decide their position. But at this stage, they have canced more than 30

more than 30 flights in and out of Melbourne and Avalon. That includes international flights? International services have been not as badly affected as the domestic services. A couple of diversions to sneep Sydney but the main international carriers aside from Qantas are maintaining services. There are check-ins in Melbourne. Singapore, Etihad, Qatar are all flyin and out of Melbourne but the best advice, check with the carrier online or a phone call. What is it like in Sydney this morning? Wem, Melbourne is obviously wearing the worst of it but we are starting to see frustrated pas to see frustrated passengers here. 10 flights to and from have been cancelled. I 10 flights to and from Melbourne

have been cancelled. I have spoken to one girl inside who starts a new job tomorrow morning. Her flight is cancelled today, not grnd tomorrow,

all of the buses are full so she is having to hire a caer to get back to Melbourne. The busiest flying weekend, the Queen's birthday holiday weekend and it could spread into a third day. All airlines are recommending to check the web sites before coming to the airport, Nate. Thank you for the update, Talitha at Sydney airport this morning. A high school dropout turned High Court judge has been awarded the top accolade in this year's Queen's Birthday honours list. Susan Kiefel has been named a Companion of the Order of Australia for her service to the legal profession. Justice Kiefel, who left school at 15, is among 376 honours list recipients including sports stars, politicians and everyday Australians. A Victorian tourist has died after falling down a cliff in Croatia. The 25-year-old died while walking with his girlfriend at Bol on the island of Brac. The accident happened on Saturday but details have only just been released. Consular officials are assisting the man's girlfriend. A search will resume this morning for two men missing on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney. The men's dinghy capsized at Wisemans Ferry late yesterday afternoon. A 27-year-old man and a dog were rescued but the search for the two others was called off last night because of bad weather. The honeymoon period for Essendon coach James Hird is well and truly over

after the Bombers slumped to their third straight loss against Fremantle last night. The Dockers lost midfielder David Mundy to a broken leg but didn't miss a beat, seeing off a late rally to win by 34 points. COMMENTATOR: How good's this? He kicks the goal. The Dockers' supporters start to celebrate. Earlier yesterday, Sydney overcame wayward goal kicking to down Richmond by 10 points. And Carlton moved into third on the ladder with a 61-point win over Brisbane.

The Wests Tigers are confident yesterday's stunningcome-from-behind victory over the Warriors can kick-start their inconsistent season. The Tigers were headed for defeat at Mt Smart Stadium before unleashing a blistering attacking burst. Benji Marshall grabbed a double as the Tigers ran in four tries to snatch an unlikely win. In yesterday's other match, the Broncos edged out Canberra 25-24 at Suncorp Stadium. Peter Wallace slotted the winning field goal in golden point extra time. Casey Stoner has marked his 150th MotoGP appearance with an impressive wire-to-wire victory in the Great Britain GP at Silverstone last night. Stoner now holds and 18-point lead in the world championship over reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo who crashed out while headed for a podium finish. Marco Simoncelli also came unstuck on the slippery Silverstone circuit. Try saying that 20 times fast, the slippery Silverstone circuit. Our

netball girls beaten by New Zealand. The rivalry, back and 4th, but just three weeks away from the world championship, Samoa, championship, Samoa,, Northern Irend the first popts. That is a good pool. Soon on Sunrise, the airlines tell us where they're at as some flights resume from Melbourne and Tasmania. But first, let's check in with Grant. I don't think the news is going to be good getting in and out of Victoria or Tasmania today. Just got off the phone to the bureau, talking about the ash cloud and where it is sitting. It is not going to move today at least. That upper jet stream, responsible for bringing the ash across Australia is still going today at least. That upper jet

to persist. It is further north than normal. Normally it slips along the sun side of the cont tent. It is going to disappear south over the coming days but likely to return over the weekend. So we might also see, if there is still ash around, a similar situation I Tasmania and Melbourne airport locks down again over the weekend. If the ash persist. I can't over the weekend. If the ash does persist. I can't over the weekend. If the ash does

persist. I can't imagine flights will reopen. over the weekend. If the ash does

Virgin have just startsed, Grant, from 7 o'clock. They say. Definitely flying out? I think Jetstar is reevaluateing. So it is not moving so unless the air condition and the amount of air in

the air is reduced, the jet causing the problem is still in the position and will return over the the air is reduced, the jet stream

coming weekend. Let's hope it clears up. Rain fall figure is why the rain

jet stream is moving north. Significant falls in New South Wales.

Wales. 180 for around Evens Head, the Grafton, Ballina region. Flash flooding between Queensland and there New South Wales border today, pushing south over the coming days. For Wednesday, heavy falls for Sydney as we look at the forecast now. Sunrise Weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is on now. It has to be Beacon.

Some light frost in Ballarat this morning. A foggy morning with sunshine in Melbourne.

Sunshine with some wind for Kalgoorlie. A sunny and windy day for Broome and Carnarvon. So fingers crossed

So fingers crossed if you are travelling in or out of Melbourne today. I did slip out of Melbourne last night, finished recording 'Australia's Got Talent'. The only way we got out was a private last night, finished recording of

charter, to slip slower than the commercial airliners, you are able to fly, hopefully they will open the skies for you and hopefully the airlines will get back to business today. But the jet stream does

surcyst today and let's hope the ash today. But the jet stream does moves away to let planes get back to business. I will find out what the latest is, thank you. Thousands of travellers are waiting on word from airlines after volcanic ash from Chile forced the cancellation of dozens of flights. Virgin Australia has resumed services in and out of Tasmania and Melbourne this hour. They were due

They were due to return to the air at 7 o'clock. As soon as I know definite confirmation for you it did happen I will let you know. Qantas hopes to be flying again around 10:00am while Jetstar has flights cancelled until lunchtime. Air New Zealand is still flying, saying its pilots will fly lower to avoid the cloud. The volcano erupted in South America over a week ago. Its plume is now hovering over Tasmania and Melbourne.

It's forecast to still be there at midday, extending 11 kilometres up into the sky. They say it came so quickly via the fast westerly jet stream. And by 6:00 tonight, the ash cloud is expected to have spread further north. It's also stretching all the way across New Zealand. For more I'm joined by Olivia Wirth of Qantas and aviation editor of 'The West Australian' newspaper,

Geoff Thomas. First to you, Olivia, how many travellers have been affected so far? Virgin was meant to resume at 7 o'clock, Qantas is delaying until 10, why the different times? And why Qantas not earl aier? Well, yesterday Qantas cancelled a number of flights

number of flights in Australia and to New Zealand. We do still have flights suspended going into Melbourne before 10am. We are making rolling updates, depending information coming to hands. But wi have very set safety standards at rolling updates, depending what

Qantas, when there is an ash flume we simply won't fly. It is safety first at Qantas. We recognise it is inconvenient and we

inconvenient and we will do everything to get the customers on their way. We get it is not your fault. We want safety before sheduling of course, but do you explain why the different airlines choose to fly at different times? Do they have different policies in place? They all have defer policies in place. Because one airline will fly and another one will not,

and another one will not, it doesn't mean one is safe and one is not. They all have very different policies. Some airlines are flying under the cloud, other airlines are diverting right around it. There are a range of factors that come to play here. But as Olivia said, Qantas simply laz simply has a blanket policy and won't fly. Some say it

won't fly. Some say it is too conservative, others say it is great. It is a mix. Just explain how the ash affects the mix? It all depends on the intensity of the ash. But there are three things that can happen. Firstly, the pilot's windshields will be sand blasted so you can't see out. The other thing is the critical probes that sit in the

that sit in the air stream that measure the speed and altitude of the aircraft can become blocked but the worst dhing that can happen is the ash gets ingest under to the engine. In the core of the engine, the core is 2,000 degrees centigrade, it will melt the ash and clog up parts of the engine and shut it down. It is very dangerous and in the worst form, a very dangerous

scenario. Thank you. Olivia, the worst form, a very dangerous transferring of flights and insurance, I have got one here regarding Tiger saying that, " regarding Tiger saying that, "My 80-year-old mum needs to fly to Geelong, her sister is dying. a race for time to see her, are the Geelong, her sister is dying. It is flights transfored? What will Qantas do? You can't assume on

do? You can't assume on other airlines but will people have flights refunded? We have a full fare waiver in place, we will rebook your flight if you choose to travel later or alternatively, provide a refund. I can't comment on other airlines can't comment on other airlines but it can't comment on other airlines but it is a guarantee for Qantas. If you are flying to an event and not make it and decide not to fly you will

you will get a full refund? Yes, looking to travel to us, full refund. We will find out regarding other airlines. Thanksgiving you both. -- thank you both, we will keep you up to date with what is happening this morning. The Opposition is vowing to fight the government's proposed ban on home loan exit fees, saying it'll destroy small lenders. The new regulation comes into effect next month. It's supposed to promote competition between the banks and give consumers more control over their loan. However, the Coalition says it will do exactly the opposite. But what do the banks say? I'm joined by Aussie Home Loans founder John Symond. Good morning. What's your take on exit fees being banned? Will small lenders be able to survive? Absolutely. It will have unintended consequences. The non-banks that brought on competition, not the banks. What we did was get banks. What we did was get rid of the heavy up front expenses, the cost of the valuation, the mortgage documentation fees, it can run into thousands of dollars. They aren't applicable now. What we did now is only charge borrowers an exit fee if they pay out their loan and decide to leave within the first couple of years. If you are with a lender, a non-bank, for say, four or five years you will pay either 0 exit fees or $ fees or $100 or $ fees or $100 or $200? Which is the best. Reintroduce out-of-pockets or nothing? Most of the non-bank lenders are owned by the banks, 90% of home loans are done by the big banks. Shouldn't we be promoting more competition amongst them? Make it easier to swap. 'CHOICE' says it is good a idea. You get rid of exit fees, there is no free lunch. They will be forced to pay the up-front cost. Ask consumers, 100, do you prefer to consumers, 100, do you prefer to pay consumers, 100, do you prefer to pay $1,000, $2,000 up front or the chance to pay nothing. They will say in 100 out of 100, I don't want to pay anything. It will lessen competition and make it harder for smaller non-banks and smaller banks to survive and the big banks say how good it this? It is like a corner store, wait them p for them to go and then jack it up. Are banks doing it tough and they will say, forget, it they are making massive profits. If they lose a bit of money on home loans well they make less money. We don't care Bight the big banks. We want to provide competition. This legislation is going to do the opposite. Now, the senate economics committee had an inquiry into bank competition, they saw it was going to have the opposite impact and it is why they recommended exempt the non-banks. Not the big banks. That is what you would like? Exempt the non-banks from these exit fees? The big barngs The big barng -- the big banks can look after themselves. Stuff the banks! You are owned by a big bank! No, only a third. Good point, exempt the non-bank lenders and keep it with the big banks? Keep interest rates low, make the up front costs zero, because it is banks? Level playing field?

most expensive time in taking out a home loan, buying a home all the front costs zero, because it is the

expenses, removalists everything, it is the worst time to ping a customer. Sensible, thank you, John. Thank you. The Queen's Birthday honours list has just been revealed and among the recipients is former Senator Natasha Stott Despoja. At 26, Natasha was the youngest woman to enter Federal Parliament. A year later she was elected into the Senate. And in 2001 she became the youngest leader of a political party in Australia, heading up the Democrats. Today she is being recognised for her services to parliament, education and as a role model to women. Natasha joins me now. What does the Queen's Birthday honour mean to you? I can't begin to imagine how honoured and proud you must be this morning. I want to ask you, at the start of your career, what mark did you want to leave on the world? Well, I wanted to make a as I am sure many people do. I Well, I wanted to make a difference, wanted troosee a

wanted troosee a fairer, greener society. I have been passionate about human rights and social justice. So to have some of my work and advocacy, my passions, acknowledge said in this way is just, it is such a wonderful honour, I am really, really proud and happy. All of the things you have done, what is your proudest achievement? Well, I hope, in some small way I have played a part in encouraging more women, certainly more young people, into, you know, I guess being politically interested in and active, even running for parliament. But it is my legislative and policy work I am most passionate about. I feel paid-parental leave, my work in stem-cell legislation have been my babies. Can has been wonderful to see

see it come to fruition, there are many private member bills on the notice paper get attention, it lives on, even if I am not busy in parliament these days. Looking ahead, what will keep you busy in the future? Where do you want to go next and achieve? I inam certainly passionate for the not-for-profit work I am doing. I am honoured to be

honoured to be involved with Beyond Blue, mental health, Burnett Institute, medical science, I love giving back to. That is my idea of public service these days and of course, my kids keep me biz atoo. You have achieved a lot and been a role model for many women. Thank you. Thank you, that is

Thank you, that is very kind. Enjoy your day. Well deserved. The world's hottest sister could be back in the market for a man. Pippa Middleton is reported to have split Joining us now is UK correspondent Martin Frizell. Martin, what do we know about the break-up? Is it true? Kochie, good morning. Well, a is a long time in the life of Her Hotness. Kochie, good morning. Well, a week

Hotness. It was eight days ago, she authorised one of her friends to tell the papers she and Alex were still an item and now it seems others are saying, they are not anymore. I think she is struggling to cope with the pressure, who couldn't? Of being, along with her sister, one of the most photographed women in the world. The reports are she is back on the market. She was recently seen at the French

tennis open with an ex boyfriend. Is She was recently seen at the French there renewed romance with this George Percy Fellow? Not just the French Open, seen in Madrid with him rowing her across a lake in a boat, just the two of them. He ask the son of one-Britain's richest men, heir to a fortune and given her a part-time job in the geothermal business he is setting up. I can't help but think they are not seeing eye to eye. could be a smoke screen because we think Harry could be coming along in they are not seeing eye to eye. It

the equation. I think he is living in hope, that's for sure. Catch you soon. Here is Beretts. The volcanic ash which has disrupted the plans of thousands of holidaymakers has also affected football clubs.

Teams have been stranded in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Joining us now are Seven AFL commentator Tom Harley and Sunrise Sport's Jim Wilson. This is a real challenge for teams now. In the weeks going forth. How do they get on track. Essendon in the west, Richmond on the bus from Sydney. do they get on track. Essendon stuck

I think it is a

I think it is a bigger deal than everyone is making it to be honest. The Tigers, a great game of footy, they just fell short against the Swans. They are book agbus to drive back. An 8-to 10-hour bus tripe trip, as far as the recovery, it wouldn't be beneficial. I would suggest stay at the hotel, do a normal day, stay in Sydney and catch the 7 o'clock floigt. I am not sure tout about sitting on a bus. Seriously, we heard the stories earlier, there is a lot of viewers who are in far worse predicaments than sporting team whose have to do recovery in a different city, wow! People want to get to family funerals and far more pressing matters, let's keep it matters, let's keep it in perspective. But the day in and out of competition, the NRL, AFL, But the day in and out of the superrugby, it is a fine line between midpack and the top. Lose a day. But that is why, I say, have your day recovery in Sydney or Perth, not sit on a bus. It wd work? Certainly. Today's game, Melbourne Collingwood, could the Ds steel one. Today's game, Melbourne and The Ds were best performed last year and got their tail up and got their tail up last week against the Bombers, the real test, they need to show something on the back of the win. The Pieerize the favourite. No Beams, Thomas or Swans. If thigh are going to challenge, them, today is the day, they need Jolly up, Jolly up and running, Collingwood are the out and out benchmark side but Collingwood should win, even with the depth, I think they have enough to get by. Seems they are refocusing on September? Yes, no doubt with the Arizona experiment. Wane Benset not happy about State of Origin sheduling, is it time to look at Wane Benset not happy about the

time to look at breaking State of Origin out? It should be stand-alone weekend. It is extraordinary. Even with the Radiationers in Melbourne, three missing each side, Cooper xng Cronk, Smith and Slater, Miles, min shell l cello, they had eight missing, it was hb -- Minichiello missing. This NRL competition is first grade, not tidly winks and a showcase, let's have a the best players and have a stand alone weekend for Origin, it deserves that. Good for that, before we go back, this week is AFL women's week. Tommy you are involved in this. To recognise women's involvement in the game the AFL and Sunrise would like to take four deserving women to football's night of nights, the Brownlow Medal. This is a chance to sit with the Sunrise team and rub shoulders with the who's who of AFL. We want to hear your stories about the women who've made a great contribution to Australian football at any level, at the local footy club, right through to the elite competition. Maybe it's physio or fundraising. The canteen lady, the mum who takes the kids across the state to play. To nominate someone, just head to This is a unique competition. It seriously is a unique competition. They don't hand out tables to the Brownlow willy-nilly. Playing the game as long as I have, the mums, the grandparents, we had Gladys at Geelong who cooked us breakfast every day. Barbara at Carlton? Yes y am wrapped, I have got an invite to the Brownlow, terrific st-ment Yes, we are looking for four women, Jim. Some oep p people say you are an old woman. Oh! Whacktyic wharx, whack, whack, good morning to you, too, Kochie. Harsh.

All this week we're giving away money for nothing. The code word you need to win $1,000 is next. Also straight ahead, clearing the backlog. Airlines resume flights after a volcanic ash cloud from Chile closes airports. Plus, soon, Jim Carrey plays with penguins. I wanted to stick fish in my mouth and have them bite it out but I'd lose an eye. Shuffle ball step, shuffle ball lunge, step, all change, step all change. Word!

He'll tell us about his latest comedy at 7:40. Good morning.. More than 30 locals have made the Queen's Birthday Honours list. Activist Marie Coleman says she feels honoured to be be recognised for her life-long dedication advocating for women.

While.. Yass volunteer Eric Bell says he was surprised and thrilled to be acknowledged for his work with the Indigenous community. And Tony Graham's been awarded for his passion and

commitment to our emergency sector.. through his work with the SES.. which spans more than 2 decades. A workshop for our disabled has till close of business today to MOVE OUT. The Richmond Fellowship says no programs have been running there this year. BUT the

workshop's founder insists that's NOT true.

And locals on their way home from long weekend trips are urged to take care.. double demerits are in force till midnight.. with extra police out in force to target speedsters.. drink drivers.. and driver fatigue. More at 11. Well, this is for the launch of our new Territory. We've brought in a new diesel engine, designed for maximum fuel economy.

Our tests show that you can get up to 1,000km of highway driving from a single tank. We reckon I could see all my Facebook friends on that. Guess what, everyone, I'm coming to visit.

Watch me test the new Territory Diesel at Open your eyes.

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