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captioned by Ai-Media This program will be live

This is Sky News,

Australia's news channel.

Today - a key report backs

the government's claims that

other world economies are

taking significant measures

to combat climate change. The

minister for immigration

confirms special protection

will be given to asylum seekers being sent to

Malaysia. A security scare

for the Prime Minister rushed

by a protester in Darwin.

Coming up shortly on PM

Agenda, we will be taking a Productivity Commission close look at the

report today and we will be minister talking to the defence

minister in Brussels about what progress is being made

in Afghanistan.

This is News Day for

Thursday, 9 June oi am seize

-- I am Suzanne lat more.

Also this hour Ricky Nixon

vows to sue after a girl's

made up claims to get him

banned. In sport -