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This is Sky News, Australia's news channel.

Today a man charged over the

fatal train station stabbing

of a Sydney teenager. Former

Opposition Leader Malcolm

Turnbull down plays tension s

within the Liberal Party over

a leaked email. And the government's asylum seeker

policy comes under attack on

several fronts. Coming up shortly on PM Agenda we will

be talking to the shadow

Morrison about those Immigration Minister Scott

concerns. It is 4 o'clock in

Sydney, 6 o'clock in

Auckland. Good afternoon in

is News Day for Thursday, 26

May. Also this hour, Foxtel

strikes a I deal with Austar

that will significantly alter

the electronic media landscape. And saying

farewell to an Aussie icon,

friends and family remember

an authentic bloke. The

weather: a few light showers

in the south-east. Dry

elsewhere after a cool

morning inland. This is