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captioned by Ai-Media This program will be live

This is Sky News - Australia's news channel.

We don't have time for

made up figures and shameless

fare mongers. The Prime

Minister takes aim at the Coalition pushing her case

for a carbon tax. Accusations

of bribery prompt FIFA to

consider a recount for the

2022 World Cup. Des graced

former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn under house

arrest after being released

on bail. Hello welcome to

News Day for this Saturday.

21 May. I. Also this hour,

Israel and America at logger

heads over a peace plan for

the Middle East. And in

sport, Craig Lowndes sets the

pace in the V8s. The Sky News

weather: widespread showers

across the south-east

tomorrow with strong gust y

winds clear and dry


This is News Day.