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Tonight, Malcolm Turnbull's climate

change controversy. The Christmas

Island tragedy. The inquest

releases disturbing new video. The

are not sure they never love

scandal deepens. This is 10 late

news. It exports to Knight - Nick

Malceski will return to the Swans

reconstruction. side, 11 weeks after a

reconstruction. He is football knowledge

knowledge is second to none. He is

great in that regard Randiv gives a

lot of the guys confidence. And two

Johns re- joins the NSW original

squad. -- Andrew Johns. We begin

with Malcolm Turnbull and his

controversial comments on the

opposition's climate change plan.

It has heated speculation from lead

-- liberal colleagues. All the

sudden, he has grabbed centre stage

and scarcely concealing his

ambition. Every member of the House

of Representatives has the Field

Marshal's Batten, or the leader's

baton, in their knapsack. If it was

his description of the current

leader's direct-action policy that

sent the tongues wagging. What

industry was able to freely pollute,

and the government was just

spending more taxpayers' money to

offset it, that would become a very

expensive charge on the Budget. The

very argument mounted by the

was opponents of Tony Abbott. And he

was not backing away today. I

describe our policy accurately. He

told us the truth - that this plan

will not work. It told us the truth,

that it would blow the budget. The

protective gear seems appropriate.

Tony Abbott spoke with now gone

Turnbull this morning and was part

-- bluntly told that he was see it

-- receiving more loyalty than he

previously gave. He fully supports

our policy. Now come Turnbull our policy. Now come Turnbull

expressed great admiration for the

leadership of Britain's David

Cameron, there is now up committing

to a 50% cut in carbon emissions by

2027. The British Prime Minister

also plans a floor price for carbon

to supplement the emissions trading

scheme. You need to provide long-

term signals to business. Liberal

MPs have no doubt that Malcolm

Turnbull knows exactly what he is

doing. But they are mystified as to

why he is doing it. They say that

Tony Abbott's leadership is rock solid

solid and attempts to undermine it

could damage the high-flying

wannabes. Maybe Mr Turnbull is

looking beyond the next election,

after a Tony Abbott defeat. I can't

say there have no doubt then he

well in it, but he has more chance

than not. An inquest has been shown

disturbing new video of the

Christmas Island boat crash. It

came as Canberra's Refugees swap

plan suffered any setback. Rescuers

come to the ages survivors of the

Christmas Island tragedy as the

cling to what remains of their boat.

It is tragedies like is that the

government hopes to prevent with

them will Asian immigration deal.

So far, the boats have kept coming.

But there warning is still the same.

Anyone arrived has been taking into

detention pending removal and they

That will be removed to a third country.

That is looking less likely to be

more later. According to a

newspaper, the Malaysia 9 Affairs

Minister says they will only accept

asylum seekers who arrive after the

agreement is finalised. It is also

facility unclear if Papua New Guinea's

of facility will reopen. It is typical

that Pannick, she of Prime Minister Julia Gillard

that Pannick, she went out and

announced something that was not a

done deal. But the Prime Minister

has told George that it will all go

to plan. We are working to finalise

opposition our agreement with Malaysia. The

opposition says that the government

may face legal challenges by refusing

refusing to say where asylum

seekers will be sent. The minister

is required to declare that the

country to which they intend to

transfer people and I think there

every day, that people remain in

that kind of environment,

effectively it becomes a lawyer's

paradise. Australia has no option

for sending asylum seekers overseas

but government sources say that

deals with Malaysia and Papua New

Guinea are only days away. And

similar deals with Thailand and Indonesia are also under

consideration. Police say that

mobile-phone video proves that a

man was not planking when he fell

from a car. 20 euros Simon Hallam

is in an induced coma after falling

at Forest from a friend's car from

-- on Monday. On Queensland,

schools are cracking down on the

craze, students have been

disciplined for reportedly trying

to live on a bus the boring. A new

way to work out the true cost of

running your car. The calculator

has revealed the best buys and the

has revealed the best buys and the

models that drive down your bank

balance. When you drive it away,

prepared to pay. The purchase price

is just the start. You could buy a

car for their -- $12,000 drive away,

thinking that is the total cost. An

online Has been launched to explain

the real cost of getting from A to

B, battering in feel, registration and maintenance.

and maintenance. When you work it

jeepers out, it costs you much more. The

jeepers - Suzuki's Alto. A lot of

in a seedy people buy them. Octavia

is the bigger the mid-range cars.

Something that Holden hopes to

achieve in a few years with a new

range of clean-up, quicker

Commodores. Steel panels will be swapped

swapped with a light aluminium

components. The government has

backed the new design with a $40

million contribution from taxpayers.

All of that 40 million is related

to making the common or greener.

Better aerodynamics should give it

increased mileage. There is a 7%

reduction in the amount of fuel

that is actually required. How much

a nose will it cost? Not even the NRA and

a nose that one. We're not here to

talk about price today. Arnold Schwarzenegger's love scandal has deepened,

deepened, with records showing his

housekeeper Lama was pregnant at

the same time as his wife. The very

moment 10 years ago when I told

them about Eddie was a new father.

fun. The comedians are already having

fun. By now, 14-year-old Joseph, who

who clearly resembles Arnold

Schwarzenegger, and his mother,

have been forced into hiding, with

the American media camped on their

doorstep. His manners are

exceptional. Especially for a young

man. He is bright. He is witty. Official

father Official records falsely list his

October father as a Colombian man. Born in

October 1997, around the same time

that Maria Shriver gave birth.

There were indeed pregnant at the

same time, births separated by one

week. A Christmas photo shows

Mildred posing with the youngest

son of Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Christopher. It is appearing there

she was treated like family and

will be in fired in January, when

Maria found out about the affair

and threatened to go public.

and threatened to go public. The

love child -- cover-up is certain

to put a strain on his Action

Programme -- projects. Its plot

line is also featuring the Arnold

Schwarzenegger family. I do not

think is Menzies Korea. But it places

places a terrible pockmark on it. A

blemish that may be hard to repair

if and when his much loved wife decides decides to tell decides to tell her side of the

story. Mexican police using X-ray

machines have found that more than

500 illegal immigrants to crammed into

into semi- trailers heading to the US

US Border. They were in two

vehicles and in temperatures of

more than 40 degrees. A jilted

bride to be has been hauled to safety from the seventh-floor

window of a high-rise building. The

22-year-old Chinese student had

just found out that her fiance had

married another woman, just days

before that they were due to wear.

In a rare display of Messi, a

burglar's elderly victim has pleaded

pleaded with a court not to jail

him. She says the thief was a

naughty boy you just needs to get a

job. Eight has not wearied Helena Mackay, Mackay, led

Mackay, led the seven years old,

fought off a drug-crazed intruder

in her bedroom. Other the surprise

of my life. The tough-talking

grandmother stood their ground,

reprimanded him for being a naughty

boy. And I looked down, and I said

open up your backside and I can see what

what you have got in it. There was

nothing in it. He was sorry. Oh

yeah. He was terribly

yeah. He was terribly sorry. He said,

said, I know, I'll to be ashamed of

myself. Victor. Has pleaded guilty

to a string of robbery charges. But

Mrs Mackay is pleading with a Court

judge to spare him time behind bars.

What a disgrace. Why put him in

jail? He is a poor unfortunate. The

comes from Jolly, probably does not

have a mother.

have a mother. Helena has since had

a new door installed and her son

has moved in downstairs. The feisty

octogenarian adamant they she won't

be forced from her home. Oh no, why? why? Victor will be sentenced

tomorrow. With just a snack of the

fingers, one of television's

speediest families is heading to

our shores. The Addams Family musical

musical is one of the most popular

shows on Broadway and it is finally

on the Way Down Under. They might

be creepy and coup De and

altogether Speedie, but the Addams

Family might also hold the key to rebuilding

rebuilding a flagging economy. I am

very proud to announce that the

Adams family, probably a's smash

hit musical, will be coming to Sydney. The

Sydney. The fanfare is bigger than

usual. Because the knee had shown little usual. Because the knee had shown

little interest in competing for

Australian premieres, until now.

Sydney has, as with incredible enthusiasm,

enthusiasm, is all I can say. It

scored the most successful musical

in Chicago's the history, with the potential

potential to generate more than 20

million in a 6-month run alone. Probably

Probably directly, just to the

theatre, brolly about 120 people

per week, then the back up people,

another 150, plus marketing and

advertising. As the venue, the

producers say that it could not be

more perfect. The capital the to

could have been designed by Charles

Addams. -- Theatre. Time to get on board.

board. There you go, to Sports Tonight,

Tonight, the scene is one has made

a remarkable recovery? This is

extraordinary. Nick Malceski had a extraordinary. Nick Malceski had a

knee reconstruction 11 weeks ago. It

It was a controversial procedure. It was a controversial procedure.

On Sunday, he will line up against

Hawthorn. Also tonight, new in our

vision of a terrifying super

vision of a terrifying super car

crash. And Miami get run back

against the Balls. Deliciously thick raisin toast

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This program is captioned live. Good

Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. Nick Malceski

Sports Tonight. Nick Malceski will

make his comeback 11 weeks after

last surgery. The bionic man has

done it again to make it is an

amazing story. Around the knee

region, we are not sure how much of

the original Nick Malceski is met. He the original Nick Malceski is met.

He made a successful comeback from

his surgery and his team makes

his surgery and his team makes say

you can do it all again. He played

really well on the weekend. He is

really enthusiastic. Jonathan Brown returns

returns after getting the all-clear

from surgeons. The metal plates in

his face to be put to the test.

Like the new sub rule that has been

tested over the 18 rounds.

tested over the 18 rounds. In

everyone is hurting. There is a everyone is hurting. There is a

high attrition rate. It them work

that out. The intensity of the game

has diminished. The stoppages have

now gone up. Having endured a dream

time at the MCG, it is as big as it gets for Essendon.

gets for Essendon. We have not had

a great opportunity recently, it is

like a finals environment. James

Hird and Hardwick well square of in

the coach his voice. The banter has already

already begun. You are one of the

biggest whingers in football? How would

would you know? The massage table

had by that you names over the top. had by that you names over the top.

I do not think it will be that

jovial on Saturday night. The Blues jovial on Saturday night. The Blues

origin legends are calling on the

entire estate to get behind NSW in

a bid to break Queensland's 5-year-

old stranglehold on the Shield.

old stranglehold on the Shield. The

Blues taking a leaf out of the

Queensland book? The Queenslanders

pride themselves on passion. That

is what the Blues are trying to

build. Pride in the blue jersey. In. Tonight

Tonight the legends held a ball

which past greats presented the

team with jumpers. Steve Myers

doing his best to embarrass his Sun.

doing his best to embarrass his Sun.

It is about standing up and having

a dig. And to Johns presented much

appears with his jersey. The legend

returning from his exile after last

year's races and row with Timana

Tahu. His Luke Ball knowledge is

second to none. Confident was the

thing missing from Ben Creagh's

Origin III game last year. As axing from

Origin III proving a real wake-up

call. It motivated me to improve my game

game and get better. I'm sorry it game and get better. I'm sorry it

had to happen like that. Dane Nielsen

Nielsen are settling into these.

Cooper Crug admitting the 25-year-

old is never as but ready for the

origin cauldron. He may not have origin cauldron. He may not have

defensive the flashes of Greg Inglis but his

defensive qualities and consistency

is up there. It has still to be

will decided which side of the field he

orders will play. He will not be getting

orders from Willie Tonga. I will

leave it up to him. It is his debut. leave it up to him. It is his debut.

Wherever he feels comfortable. Mal

Meninga stepped in for a 2-day's

session. His players counting down

the days until kick-off.

the days until kick-off. The

looking forward to getting out

there. 6 sleeps until the Origin

opener at Suncorp. We are in for a

belt. Timana Tahu will return to

Newcastle next year on a 2-year

deal and there is strong male

former skipper Denny Bega areas

will join him from England. Anthony

will join him from England. Anthony

Watts was spotted training so our in

in Sydney today. Wait in for the

court case for alleged assault.

will Fingers crossed that will be OK. I

will get my career back on track.

The club is awaiting the outcome of

the court case. He is charged with

the alleged assault of his fiancee

Shannon Kiss. Quade Cooper has signed

signed the shortest possible deal with the Australian Rugby Union. There

There is speculation he will switch

codes. For the second season he has

signed a one-year contract. He will

test is worth in rugby union at the

end of 2012. It was always a

genuine option.

genuine option. I liked playing

league when I was a kid. I will

keep those options open. He was

involved in negotiations with

Parramatta last year. It has been

labelled one of the most

spectacular crashes and V8s

supercar history. The aftermath of

the west Australian bible was

the west Australian bible was

Worth's $600,000 in damages. But

the drivers involved will return to

the Kop. They survived the inferno

things to the response of safety

crews. Today they did the dowsing as

as they prepared to jump back

behind the wheel at Winton this

weekend. I could

weekend. I could feel my face

burning, and my eyebrows in June. I

could taste the vapour. This is the

on-board vision from his commodore.

The impact was 10 times the force

of the fastest theme-park ride on

1,000 degrees. the Gold Coast. The temperature,

1,000 degrees. He is thankful he

only worked -- walked away with

burns to his face and hands. I have

was on fire. You could not see it. You

You are not on fire. Both believe

the sport can learn from the

carnage. The everybody talks on the

radio at the same time. That's what

happened to a possible stock the

messages were not getting through.

We did not get a radio

communication to go at it. He says

he is 95% chance of setting up this

weekend. I am lost my fingertips. A

life of crime could be on the cards.

go. On Owen has declared he is good to

go. It could be a wet race this

weekend. That could put out if

there are more fires. To fending

Formula One world champion

beatable Sebastian Vettel insists he is

beatable despite his strong start

to the season. He took a break to

lend a hand at the Historic Formula

One championship in Austria. He is

determined to stay ahead of the

pack at this weekend's Spanish

Grand Prix. Everybody is beatable. We

We have learned a lot in the last

couple of races. We have some problems

problems in Shanghai. I lost radio

connection. He has three miners and

a second placing this season. Miami

has levelled its Eastern Conference

Finals series with Chicago, winning

a bruising game two.

a bruising game two. The Bulls

began spectacularly, leading by 7

at quarter time. But the Heat

fought back as blood was spilled

during the second half. LeBron

James scored two late clutch

baskets to seal victory. The Heat won 85 to 75.

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It's play of the day time - and it

was a case of puppy love for two

Western Bulldogs fans at training

today. Dogs skipper Matthew Boyd

playing messenger as Devin Collins

proposed to his girlfriend -

popping the question with a Sherrin.

popping the question with a Sherrin.

Soap cheeky, very happy. True love

for the Dogs pair who met on a

Harry Potter website. The happy

couple worthy recipients of our

play of the day. That was lovely.

Scott Pendlebury is going to the

club to sign a new contract.

club to sign a new contract. Good

news for the Bulldogs. Let's get

the latest finance news. A rebound

in commodity prices saw overseas

markets recover? Were I had a

better day on the Australian market

as a result of the Dow Jones being

up, the European market was better.

Kicked along by big commodity

prices, cock up 2.5%. A good

performance out of gold. That

clearly affected our market. A

strong rally in the materials

sector. Financials saw a pick up

fares well and

fares well and the volume picked up

towards $6 million. One of the best

day in volume terms we have seen

for a time. Interesting to see how

the UK retail sales have come out.

A quick check of the weather before we go.

Tomorrow - showers in Cairns and

Brisbane. Chilly but clear in

Brisbane. Chilly but clear in

Sydney and Canberra. Mostly sunny

in Melbourne and Adelaide. And

thunderstorms in Perth with a top

of 19 degrees. thunderstorms in Perth with a top

of 19 degrees. That is it for today.

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