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personal approval rating slumps. the Prime Minister's caused by "planking" stunts. Police fear more deaths red hot form at the French MotoGP. And Aussie Casey Stoner in with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News personal approval rating has slumped Julia Gillard's new Malaysian asylum seeker plan. in the wake of the budget and the For the first time, published today, the Nielsen opinion poll, Tony Abbott puts the Opposition Leader

than the Prime Minister. at a higher approval rating on a 2-party preferred basis, The Coalition also leads Labor was held now, Labor would lose. meaning that if an election of the Malaysian asylum deal Voters are also wary disapproving of the plan with nearly 6 in 10 people it will make no difference and more than 8 in 10 saying or increase arrivals. It's being claimed this morning are posing as teenagers that immigration detainees processed more quickly. to get their visa applications

News Limited reports who appear to be aged in their 20s that at least six men to escape tougher adult regulations. are pretending to be much younger Photos published today show with obvious signs of ageing. the supposed teens Scott Morrison says Opposition Immigration Spokesman among detainees the scam is widely known can't prove people's ages. and the Immigration Department in Australian waters Many asylum seekers arrive confirming their date of birth. with no documentation there could be more planking deaths Police are warning if the internet craze doesn't stop. died yesterday morning 20-year-old Acton Beale from a Brisbane balcony after falling seven storeys along the narrow railing while trying to lie prone for his friend to take a photo. Plankers compete online dangerous or unusual place. to see who can lie in the most really, what the appeal is - I don't really understand it at all, on the internet I mean, to get a bit of fame it just seems such a terrible waste. Police are now warning in high, dangerous locations that people planking will be charged if they're caught. Radio host Derryn Hinch court proceedings against him will try to adjourn if he goes to prison. for fear he'll die is set to be sentenced on Friday The liver cancer patient by naming two paedophiles for breaking a suppression order during a demonstration in 2008. around him Hinch's supporters rallied event yesterday. during a similar name-and-shame on my head of a magistrate I wouldn't like to have it if I'm in Barwon Prison and a liver becomes available and I'm three hours from Melbourne then I die because of it. and I loose it, in jail. Hinch faces up to five years Incredible pictures have emerged a game of beach polo of the moment a car ploughed into in Broome on the weekend. in the distance The 4-wheel drive is spotted on Broome's Cable Beach, coming towards the polo field missing one player by centimetres. for the VIP tent, The car then headed hitting the barrier at about 20km/h. Gunned it through here quick as you could blink, and then all of a sudden, and we thought he wasn't gonna stop and all the way through there it was through here

at bumped into the barrier. and he swerved and slowed down was dragged from the car The 36-year-old driver undergoing psychiatric assessment. and is in hospital in Perth opened a key spillway A day after American engineers along the Mississippi River to relieve flooding in the state of Louisiana residents of small towns the water surge. have been preparing for sandbagging their homes Most people have been by more than six metres of water. which could be inundated roared through just one gate The Mississippi River called a slow opening. in what the army corps of engineers The flow headed Atchafalaya River Basin area for the sparsely populated two biggest cities, instead of Louisiana's Baton Rouge and New Orleans. decades-old plan to control flooding The release is part of a on America's biggest river any easier for Colonel Ed Fleming. but it didn't make the decision that we make are easy. None of these decisions And I don't take them lightly is our number one priority. and we remember that public safety

as many as eight rural parishes. The water could impact is expected to reach Interstate 10, By mid-afternoon today the water

and Morgan City on Tuesday. then Iberia Parish Monday In nearby Gibson, five feet of water, where residents expect ready their home for the onslaught Phillip and Elizabeth Falgout while trying to control their anger is an unfair decision. at what they say and having to fight really hurts me. I'm battling cancer in Vicksburg, Mississippi Further up the river neighbourhoods are already flooded. David Clark gets in his rowboat Three times a day to go and check his submerged house. to the new reality. He says he is just numb The hardest part, is moving out settle back in a new place and then just trying to

while this one's flooded that's the hardest thing about it. over a brawl A second man has been charged footballer Luke Adams which left young West Australian on life support in hospital. was punched in the head 19-year-old Adams smashing his skull, two weeks ago. before he fell to the ground, been charged over the assault 18-year-old Dylan Winter has already

in a Perth court today. and is due to reappear with Winter that night Another teenager who was allegedly with assault. has now also been charged at a Perth hotel A security company has been sacked

through a window to his death. where a man was allegedly pushed Cottesloe's Ocean Beach Hotel Andy Marshall died outside just over a week ago through the window after allegedly being shoved associate. by a Rock Machine bikie gang gathered yesterday The drummer's mates to remember the 29-year-old. Police are investigating whether there are links between the hotel's bouncers and the gang. The company Nightlife Security Services says it has complete faith in how their staff acted the night Andy Marshall died. Victoria's criminal justice system is in turmoil after the State Government announced a radical shake-up of the Office of Public Prosecutions. The state's top prosecutor Jeremy Rapke has quit after strongly denying allegations he had an affair with a 28-year-old lawyer he'd promoted to a plum job. The government has promised to reform the corporate structure

And the process of job appointments

within the OCC. Law Institute would support a review of the structure and we believe with the resignation of Jeremy Rapke, this is the right time to do it.

The OPP review will coincide with one already launched

into the police force command structure. Boxing great Lionel Rose will be farewelled today with a State Funeral at Melbourne's Festival Hall. The venue is where the fighter won 22 professional bouts. Rose became the first Australian boxer to claim an international title in 1968. He died last Sunday, aged 62. An Aussie soldier in Afghanistan is trying to raise money to bring home a special friend. The digger rescued an abused dog and nursed it back to health and now wants the dog to have a brighter future in Australia. She's an army fiancee well-accustomed to waiting for her man to return from war. This time, it's for good. Yeah, he has put in his discharge. He's been there for five years. It's kind of exciting. Corporal Nathan Brown, who's stationed in Afghanistan, is trying to bring her back a special present - a shepherd dog called AJ. Australian soldiers adopted him as a puppy after noticing he'd been abused. He had the no ears and the no tail and I think the boys were kind of distressed by the whole thing so they had a chat to the locals and offered to give them some money to take him. He's grown up being cared for by our troops who are nearing the end of their deployment. They're trying to raise money to bring him back to start a new life. So when he comes back, I'll have him and a dog and, yeah, instant family! The Australian Defence Force does not assist soldiers to bring pets adopted in war zones back to Australia. So all of the expenses of flying AJ home will have to be met via donations. It will cost about $5,000, handled by dog rescue charity Nowzad Dogs. I think they're quite worried that if they leave him behind, he'll be a bit bereft and maybe won't get taken care of. Anyone who wants to donate can follow a link on our website. Now for your first look at Monday's weather - Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - could you give up swearing for a week? But next on Seven Early News children killed in an apartment blaze. And, Naomi Campbell hits the spotlight at Cannes. (BRIGHT ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC) MAN: We at Uncle Tobys have taken strawberries... (MUTTERS APPRECIATIVELY) Mm. ..raspberries... ..and cranberries, added currants, and mixed them with our very finest Uncle Tobys Oats to bring you new Gourmet Selections. Nobody does oats like Uncle Tobys. It's autumn, and time to clear up with Stihl. The Stihl MiniBoss chainsaw has been cut back to just $299.

Available at our 400 local Stihl dealers. The head of the International Monetary Fund has been charged with the sexual assault of a New York hotel maid following his arrest. Dominique Strauss Kahn was detained by police as he boarded a flight bound for Paris.

The 62-year-old is accused of attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment of the woman. He faces up to 20 years jail if found guilty. 8 Palestinians have been killed and 200 injured in fresh clashes with Israel on the anniversary of Israel's creation. The deaths occurred at key points along Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon as protestors marched in a mass show of mourning. Earlier, 24 demonstrators were injured when Israeli troops used tear gas and rubber bullets to control the rioters. It's 63 years since the Israeli state was created. Six people including three children have died in a blaze which ripped through an apartment building in the US. Two women and a child died at the scene while two children and a man were taken to hospital but later died. The flames forced several people to jump from windows to escape. Authorities are investigating the cause. Azerbaijan's pop duo Ell and Nikki have taken out the Eurovision song contest with their ballad 'Running Scared' in Germany. The singers stole the crown from favourites Italy and Sweden. The win is the former Soviet nation's first, scoring a total of 221 points. It's unbelievable. Such a great feeling, you know. Our dream came true. Baku, Azerbaijan's capital will host next year's final.

We can't wait for that. Rfrn ch We can't wait for that. Rfrn Supermodel Naomi Campbell has become the latest celebrity to hit the French town of Cannes for its famed film festival. Campbell is in town for the Fashion for Relief event in aid of the Japanese tsunami victims. The British beauty has teamed up with Italian 'Vogue' to stage the event. The theme of the show is red carpet so we thought it was appropriate. This is something you have to keep reminding people that they still need help, so it had to be now. Campbell staged her first Fashion for Relief show in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina. Australian scientists believe

humans are evolving into smaller, weaker people and we're getting fatter too. Reporter Melody Horrill has more. As a species, we've stopped growing taller. In fact, we're shrinking a little. On average, kids are about 0.5cm shorter than they were 20 years ago. Anatomical scientist Professor Maciej Henneburg says that's due to our kids' sedentary lifestyle... Growing bones of children require appropriate levels of physical activity and stimulation to grow the best. ..but we're carrying about four times the body fat than we did 100 years ago It's a very big change

because it is from 8%, 15% 20% 100 years ago to now probably 50%. That means our bodies aren't as robust as they used to be. To help out, a new arm of health care is emerging called evolutionary medicine. It will, in the future, have to construct human bodies. Human body engineering will become a requirement. What nature provided before, we'll have to provide ourselves. It's already happening with cochlear implants, prosthetics. Now scientists are developing a bionic eye. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - Fifi meets the stars at the Cannes Film Festival. But next on Seven Early News, why Jarryd Hayne was left out of Origin. And, Casey Stoner claims his second win of the season. The stories we're following on the Early News - The federal government's asylum seeker deal with Malaysia hasn't helped the Prime Minister's personal approval rating. Police are warning anyone caught "planking" in dangerous places will be charged after Australia's first planking death in Brisbane. And supermodel Naomi Campbell has taken her turn in the spotlight at the Cannes Film Festival.

Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. The Paramatta Eels' big wigs

have taken a swing at Blues coach Ricky Stewart in the wake of Jarred Hayne's shock omission from the New South Wales side. But Stewart has defended the somewhat controversial decision to appoint Josh Dugan at full-back, declaring Hayne is better suited to a different position. He's a superstar of rugby league but Jarryd Hayne won't be on that plane bound for Brisbane. It was a tough call for coach Ricky Stewart but he says he has good reason. I believe five-eighth is his best position. A spot on the wing also not an option. Knights flyer Akuila Uate got the call-up instead as the Blues desperately try the Maroons dynasty. to find a way to break down the Maroons' dynasty. When you're playing against a football team with the quality of the Queensland team they got world-class players in a number of positions to put a player in a position that he is not a specialist in I think would be foolish, game one. Last night Cronulla Warhorse Paul Gallen filled the captaincy criteria as the Sharks gutsed out a win over the Roosters. COMMENTATOR: Blindside is the go. Gallen's over, he's gonna bring it around for Porter and he puts it down. But today club allegiances will be laid aside

as the Blues go into camp in Coogee. Bond together, work hard together and see how we go in 10 days time. Tonight the final game of the round gets under way between the Titans and Sea Eagles. Manly full-back Brett Stewart has been ruled out with a hamstring strain with Will Hopoate to fill in in the number one jumper. There are mixed emotions for the Hawthorn Hawks despite their courageous 30-point win over St Kilda. It's expected big defender Stephen Gilham will spend 12 months on the sideline with a serious knee injury. But coach Alastair Clarkson says the resilience his boys showed could provide a platform for success during the second half of the season.

It's just a ruthless game we've just got to move on as quickly as we can. We'll replace those guys next week with a couple of fresh blokes and forge ahead. The Saints have only won one from seven games. Chelsea's bid to finish second in the English Premier League has suffered a serious setback with a 2-2 draw at home to Newcastle. Chelsea snatched the lead when Branislav Ivanovic volleyed one into the left corner before Newcastle managed an equaliser in stoppage time. COMMENTATOR: And Stephen Taylor equalises. Chelsea will not finish their season with a win. Newcastle have chiselled out a point. And Tottenham claimed bragging rights with a 2-0 win over Liverpool. Victory at the Rome Masters for Novak Djokovic, beating world number one Rafael Nadal 6-4, 6-4 to stretch his unbeaten start to 2011 to 37 matches. Australia's Casey Stoner is in red hot form, claiming his second victory of the season at the French MotoGP. Stoner recovered from a shifty start to take the lead on the second lap. He's now just 12 points behind defending world champion Jorge Lorenzo in the overall standings. I'm just really looking forward to the next race now but it was good to get some points back today. But it wasn't all podiums and champagne for the Honda riders, with Stoner's team-mate Dani Pedrosa fracturing his collarbone in a high-speed crash. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Next on Seven Early News, how today's weather is looking in your part of the country. Now for a quick check on today's weather - And that's Seven Early News for this Monday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media