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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. After another freezing night. of the year so far. Forecasters predict the coldest day millions of private accounts. The Facebook flaw that exposed singled out by security. The 8-month-old baby of feeling so totally worthless I went through a phase they wouldn't invite me. and, quite rightly, Why would they? The Fergie interview. Her royal wedding disappointment.

# Give me the strength to go

be # 'Cause I know I'm never going to

# with a live TV performance. Delta Goodrem wows America this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello, and thanks for joining us. Welcome home.

Thank you. Yeah, Delta Goodrem has

been working so hard to crack the US

market. It looks like she has

impressed and this will help

considering she had a big break up,

work sg the best thing. Overnight, she sang live of 'Dancing With the Stars' on the American version from the audience. and she received a standing ovation

it's news time with Nat. For now though, later in the show. We'll show why

Good morning. 70,000 families It's been revealed about family benefits altogether are set to lose their as a result of the budget. the Family Tax Benefit The top 3% of families receiving within the next two years. will likely get nothing means The freeze on the upper threshold they'll no longer be eligible. that as some parents' incomes rise a limited number of people That's obviously affecting at the upper end. in this budget. We needed to make some tough choices deliver his budget reply tonight. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will shot by police yesterday The family of a Perth woman non-lethal force wasn't used. is demanding to know why was shot in the stomach 42-year-old Amanda Jones called to her home with a knife. after confronting police she'd been suffering depression. Her sister says prepared and had other means. They should have gone in there taser or pepper spray. For example, has launched an investigation. Police internal affairs but stable condition in hospital. The victim is in a serious in Queensland politics today History will be made parliament for the first time. with a convicted prisoner to address will be given 45 minutes Former Labor Minister Gordon Nuttall pay fines totalling $82,000. to explain why he shouldn't to disclose secret payments The fines are for failing

while in government. he received from businessmen for corruption. Nuttall is serving 12 years in jail have struck southern Spain Two earthquakes

killing at least 10 people. have caused major damage, The quakes measuring 4.5 and 5.3 toppling over. with several buildings

Spanish officials say of Lorca. the epicentre was close to the city two hours after the first. The second quake hit emergency military units Spain's Prime Minister has deployed to the scene. the death toll will rise. Authorities fear an island in the Seychelles The paparazzi is staking out and Duchess of Cambridge where the Duke are believed to be honeymooning. on the island's luxury villas, They're using boats to keep an eye are believed to be staying in. one of which the newlyweds spending two weeks The couple is understood to be

on a private island.

(laughs). Not anymore! In finance news:

Wall Street has closed down, just

checking the figures now, closed

four minutes ago, down 130 points.

Commodity prices were down. There is

deepening concern about the European

debt crisis which is beginning to

emerge again, more on that later.

emerge again, more on that later. We debt crisis which is beginning to

were up.

Because of that strengthening US

dollar, we have dropped a bit. China's cannual inflation rate fell from 5.4% to 5.3% in April China's annual inflation rate but was still above expectations. Morning. Savanth Sebastian at CommSec.

has been rising food inflation. Savanth, the real problem for policy makers? What does this mean

Yes, Kochie, there is no doubt food

inflation is the key driver of the

11.5% over all story. Food inflation up 11. over all story. Food inflation up

over all story. Food inflation up

11.5%, that is phenomenal ride in

food inflation and poly-makers will

be encouraged it hasn't flowed to

the rest of the economy. Non-food

inflation is below 3% so that would

give some encouragement and added to

that, Chinese authorities have

released state reserves of food and

looking to increase production on an

array of crops so food inflation

will ease during the year. It will

be a better result, just not for the

Chinese economy but the global

economy when it comes to growth. I

think overall, the Chinese economy

is painting a picture of sustainability.

Thank you, and great news for our

farmers. China has trouble feeding

its people, we will be there to step

in. Time for sport. Rr the AFL Appeals Board this evening Melbourne will go before 3-game suspension. looking to overturn Jack Trengove's the ban is excessive The Demons will argue the high-impact grading and plan to dispute

on Patrick Dangerfield. of Trengove's tackle

for making player safety a priority. The AFL is making no apologies but we always err on the side You can argue about the penalty from serious injuries. of protecting players the decision on Twitter The Melbourne players who attacked are facing fines. Brent Tate is on track North Queensland centre his third knee reconstruction. for an early return from talked out of retiring The 29-year-old had to be in last year's Four Nations Final. after wrecking his knee

for the Cowboys in round 16 Tate hopes to debut

former team-mate Justin Hodges and he can draw inspiration from who's back to his best Achilles injury. after a career-threatening a new 3-year deal with the Broncos. Hodges has just signed the Asian Champions League The Melbourne Victory have exited Jeju United in Korea last night. following a 1-1 draw with The Victory scored a spectacular equaliser in the second half and actually had the ball in the back of the net six times

but were denied by several contentious offside decisions. Retiring hard nut Kevin Muscat earned a yellow card in his final match for the Victory.

Congratulations to, FL umpire Stuart

Whenn who will umpire his 300th game

this weekend. And it is thanks

umpire weekend this weekend.

Thanks, Nat, you have been an ump?

Momentarily forgot. It is one of the

parents volunteering, the real

parents are in the middle of the

ground, hail them.

Come on, show us. Show us! It's all in the face.

It is. Now to James with today

weather. Hemo, whimp you call as well today?

Good morning, Kochie, hey look, you

have to feel for the people in

Brisbane, yesterday it only reached

a top of 21 degrees. Now, that isn't

that warm, come on! Let's talk about

yesterday's weather because it is

cold everywhere. Melbourne coldest

May day in years, in Sydney, the coldest... You right.

The coldest day in 50 years a, 50

years ago they had one degree

colder. The good news is the snow

fields are looking fantastic.

Perisher fire up the snow guns yer, Perisher fire up the snow guns

yesterday, falls at Falls Creek.

It happens every time this time

It happens every time this time of the year and a warm snap and it

goes. You get all excited. Early May

and then it goes again.

I know the feeling, although the

forecasters are suggesting we are

going to have a good season and I

have got my fingers crossed because

we deserve one. That's the good

news. Let's look at the forecast for today. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. New Winter catalogue out now. For the latest lighting designs it has to be Beacon. Light early frost and showers for Albury.

Spare a thought for the people

around the Tamworth region,

yesterday they recorded the coldest temperature in New South Wales,

around minus 7 and up here in

Queensland, all jokes aside

Queensland, all jokes aside there have been early morning frosts

recently so it is cool up here. In

half an hour, I will talk to Ben

Sugtal, who is expecting fine

conditions on a mission up

conditions on a mission up the Great Barrier Reef.

Mum almost got sunburned gardening

yesterday in WA, 26.

You got a cold.

No, just had a sniffal.

It was good sound effect. Do you

want to burp or pass wind while you are at it?

A long morning.

I am not the one blowing my nose.

Glaud God bless. Still ahead -

how Facebook has exposed your private information to advertisers. Plus, the airport security staff blasted for frisking a baby. And, the Fergie interview.

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at (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS) (CROWD CHEERS) (DRAMATIC VOICE) Telstra T-Box. Over 2,000 movies and counting. So many movies, you'll start talking like this. (NORMAL VOICE) Telstra T-Box. 2,000 movies direct to your TV. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals. No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. Sarah Ferguson has gone on television to reveal the pain of not being invited the royal wedding. Fergie has told Oprah Winfrey she felt worthless and regretted the mistakes that led to her being snubbed. So how did Fergie spend the day of the wedding? She she chose to go to Thailand

where she says the jungle embraced her.

It was so difficult because I

It was so difficult because I wanted to be there with my girls and to be

getting them dressed and to goes a

family. Also, it was so hard because

the last bridep that aisle was me.

And I knew that all those feelings

and in fact, when Andrew went with

the girls, we were talking all

morning and he was saying, "

morning and he was saying, "It's

okay, just remember we had such a

good day, our wedding awas so

perfect." We were such a unit

together. He made me feel part of

the day on April 29th. I went

through the phase of feeling so

totally worthless and I was quite

rightly they didn't invite me.

Did you feel ostracised by them?

No, I felt I ostracised myself by

the behaviour, by the regrets of my

mistakes that I wore a hair shirt

and beat myself up for most of the

day and regretting, why did I make

such a mistake? Why have I made so

many mistakes so I did spend a good

three hours on that.

So did the wedding bring up all

those feelings.

Very much so, and I suddenly woke up and went, "

and went, "a, it was 25 years ago

you got marriedx you are 51." Don't

relive 25 years ago, you can't.

She is taking responsibility for

herself but when she came out, sheed

at vid yeof the royal wedding and

says Princess Diana would have been proud.

I sort of really loved the feeling,

she would have been proud, Diana and

I we both weren't there but I am

here to say how proud she would have

been. And Kate looked utterly beautiful.

There you go, more of her interview

later in the show.

She didn't whinge too much. I thought you thought She didn't whinge too much. I

thought you girls very unkind to her

in make-up and got stuck into her.

She is not one to go away silently

and vent her feelings publicly on

television around the world. But it

seems heart felt, her regrets of the

past. And rebuilding.

You can her supporter.

Gee, I have convinced you! Still to come - the cold snap that's left the east coast shivering. Plus, from unknowns to international stars. The performers who've found fame on reality TV. And meet 'Magnet Boy'. The 6-year-old with the magnetic personality - when Sunrise continues.

What's making news, brought to you by Beacon Lighting. New Winter catalogue out now. For the latest lighting designs it has to be Beacon.

Going viral - the boy with the magnetic personality. The 6-year-old from Croatia can stick metallic things to his body - spoons, mobile phones, even frying pans. He can carry about 25kg of metal on his torso. No word yet on why he's magnetic

but his family also reckons he has healing hands and can alleviate aches and pains.

You would never lose your keys,

stick them to your hip and there they are.

Alleviating aches and pains is an

interesting thin.

Some people sleep on magnetic things or around

or around the wrists.

Wouldn't want to play on the road

would you? Car goes by.

Tommy, get off the school bus!

Get out from under it. Where has he gone? Cricketer Mitchell Johnson is making news for his top-secret wedding.

The fast bowler and Jessica Bratich tied the knot in WA but newspapers report Johnson's mum wasn't invited. You may remember, Mitchell and his mother had a falling out

after she claimed Bratich had stolen her son from her. People claiming to be family members have taken to Facebook to criticise Johnson for disrespecting his mum. So would you get married without inviting your parents or have you done that?

Very sad for all involved.

Not sure we know the full story.

It is hard to comment on that.

He didn't have the cricket

team-mates, they had a small

intimate wedding. Can you do that

and just who you want on your day?

People run off and elope.

Some people pay for that to happen.

I think my dad offered the cash but

I took the wedding. And trending on Twitter is 'Angry Boys'. Chris Lilley's new TV show premiered on ABC overnight. It's been accused of being racist, homophobic

and insensitive to people with disabilities. Take a look. Nathan!

Nathan's my identical twin brother,

he's deaf and a bit retarded. My

he's deaf and a bit retarded. My car is a manual and my name is Daniel.

Because he's deaf he can't hear

himself taking a dump.

himself taking a dump. You can tell

it's a fag dog, it wiggles its nuts.

Kill yourself, Leso.

He complain constantly, I miss my

friends and school.

I friends and school.

I told you I don't like pork. I home

school Tim, how you not know that?

Look at the balls on that thing,

going being the mother of a gay son come

come with its

come with its problems. Hmm...

Someone been a little piggy this week. Alright, that

Alright, that the trailer, did it

live up to the hype?

Lots of Tweets, it is really good,

nice to have a slice of humour in

our lives, he is incredible. Tiffany

says, "

our lives, he is incredible. Tiffany says, "He gets it right, funny,

scary, sad accurate. But if it is as

hilarious as 'Summer Heights High' I

won't watch it. And this one, not

funny at all, wow, he swears! Bring

back 'Summer Heights High', expected

more from the buildup.

Mixed but mostly positive.

Isn't humour like art

Isn't humour like art or music,

everyone has a different taste. Some

people love Monty Python rr and fall-on

people love Monty Python rr and

fall-on-the floor?

It is a taste thing.

With Chris Lily you know what you are getting.

It has been well advertised it is unPC.

He is different, has his own way.

Coming up - the nation-wide police crackdown. Who'll be targeted, when and where. Then, millions of private details exposed on Facebook. How to know if yours are safe. And Delta gets on with life without Brian.

# Give me the strength to go # # Because I know

# I'm never going to be

# Never be ready # See her stunning live TV performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' - soon on Sunrise.

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# Shout a little bit loud. Wow!

# Jumping around.

Crystal clarity that only the night

in Sydney so far this year can

bring. That's the live shot

bring. That's the live shot of Sydney Harbour looking through the

Jetstar sky cam, heading for sunny

17 degrees today.

People on the carouse have probably

been around the Pacific, welcome

back. A shock this morning. Here's Nat with the news. The couple accused of killing Sydney girl Kiesha Weippeart have told family they want to attend the 6-year-old's funeral later this month. Kiesha's mother, Kristi Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith, are currently on remand, charged with killing Kiesha and burying her body in a bush grave. Robert Smith's mother has told News Limited they should be allowed to attend because they're innocent until proven guilty. Kiesha's biological father Chris Weippeart says hell would freeze over before the couple would be welcomed at the funeral. Tony Abbott will tonight deliver his budget reply speech after labelling Labor's budget a dud. The Opposition claims the government has done nothing to help families with cost-of-living pressures. This is a government without a heart, without a soul, without a policy, without a plan.

The government insists getting more people off welfare and into work will ease pressure on struggling families. But some economists have warned the budget doesn't go far enough to tackle rising interest rates with predictions of two increases this year. Kevin Rudd says the government has made progress

on a prisoner transfer program with Indonesia.

The two countries first started considering an agreement in 2005. Mr Rudd says significant progress has now been made. The comments come after Bali Nine drug mule Scott Rush had his death sentence commuted to life in prison. It's unclear if Australians serving life in Indonesia would be eligible under any transfer agreement. In Syria, violence has spread to the capital city of Damascus as security forces continue their crackdown on anti-government protesters. Thousands have reportedly been arrested and hundreds killed.

These pictures are said to show security forces seizing protesters in the capital. There are also reports of heavy shelling in the city of Homs. Human Rights groups say more than 750 civilians have been killed since the uprising began in March. Delta Goodrem has wowed fans in the US with a performance on 'Dancing with the Stars.' Delta sang a duet with Michael Bolton with the song believed to have been inspired by her recent break-up with Brian McFadden. # And if it's over, give me the strength to go # 'Cause I know I'm never gonna be never be ready # Delta returned at short notice for a second performance after UK singer Adele pulled out due to illness. In finance news:

The Dow has finished down 130

points. The March trade gap in

America was wider than expected.

Commodity prices fell and the US

dollar strengthened because of the

debt crisis in Europe that is

reemerging. Nat was telling us about

the general strike in Athens, Greece

earlier, it has certainly spooked the markets.

Oil is below $

Oil is below $100 US a barrel

because of the increase in the US

dollar and it means our dollar goes

backwards too. dollar and it means our dollar goes backwards too. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Ian Thorpe insists a rigorous training program is behind is dramatic recent weight loss. The 'Superfish's new slimline physique

has prompted speculation he may have undergone cosmetic surgery.

But Thorpe is adamant it's simply the result of hard work. It's funny, the doctors say if you do exercise it's good for you. My weight's about, you know, what I compete at, now, and you know, it's a difference. Add 30 hours of training per week and these things kind of happen. Thorpe returns to Sydney next week to continue training under respected Russian coach Gennadi Touretski. Fremantle will give Hayden Ballantyne as long as possible to prove his fitness for Sunday's Western Derby against the Eagles. The goal sneak is struggling with a hamstring injury but the Dockers remain hopeful he can recover in time. Essendon also has injury concerns with veteran defender Dustin Fletcher and midfielder Brent Stanton in doubt for Saturday night's clash against the winless Lions. Cronulla captain Paul Gallen is bracing for a fired-up Todd Carney in Sunday's encounter with the struggling Roosters.

Carney is back in the Roosters line-up following a club-imposed suspension and Gallen expects the talented playmaker to hit the ground running.

Roosters full-back Anthony Minichiello has warned his team-mates that Carney's return, on its own, won't be enough to guarantee victory.

That is going to be a crackerer.

Let's see if the weather is going to

be a cracker, on the Brisbane River,


A beautiful shot a fantastic

A beautiful shot a fantastic place to be. Remember that bloke that won

the best job in the world?

the best job in the world? The Great Barrier Reef care taker for six

months? He went from that job to

become a Queensland Tourism

ambassador. He will set

ambassador. He will set off on

ambassador. He will set off on 3 and a half months on the Great Barrier

Reef, a mission of discovery. You

keep going from one fantastic job to

the next.

It is about a 1600 kilometre voyage

of discovery, retracing Couldn'ten

Cook's route from 1770 in the south

to Cook Town and it is about

reinvigorating people's love for

this part of the world. I will be

sailing on a kayak, up the Reef with

a support boat that will be my base.

I will be blogging and filming from

there and doing everything the reef

has got, diving and snorkeling and

sailing. And all sorts of things.

It is an interesting boat but first

the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. New Winter catalogue out now. For the latest lighting designs it has to be Beacon. A strong front across south-east Australia continues to bring cold winds, showers and snow to Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. Snow is falling to about 800 metres

and southerly winds are cooling South Australia, with isolated showers to the south.

Now, Ben is about to set off on a

three and a half month mission on the three and a half month mission on

the Great Barrier Reef in that, it

looks like a hybrid kayak?

You can paddle it, pedal it or sail

it. If there is no wind I take the

outriggers off and we wedal it or paddle it there.

If people want to keep track of your

voyage how do they do that?

We are running the best

We are running the best expedition in the web site. You

will be where we are every 15

minutes. We will visit the

Whitsundays, and Jessica Watson and

the Angala, one of the best dive

spots in the world, a wreck.

If you get sick, there are plenty of

people who will be happy to fill in for you.

Back in half an hour.

See you in half an hour.

What a great idea, pedal, paddle.

Joke of the day comes from Lyn Dyrey

in Bentleigh in Victoria, and the

joke is a young boy and a girl were

sitting on a roof of a house waiting

for floodwaters to subside. She

noticed a hat going back

noticed a hat going backwards and

forwards across the hois. forwards across the

forwards across the house.

He said it is my dad. Mum said he

had to cut the lawn today, come hell

or high water. Cricket chirps) Cricket chirps). Sorry.

Lyn said, "

Lyn said, "I hope it at least makes

Nat smile."

Nat smile.", no, sorry, a grimace. A

joke book coming your way. Coming up - the world's most successful reality stars. But next, booze blitz. The trouble spots being targeted this weekend. And, brave little Banjo. The search for thieves who stole a koala then dumped him in a carpark. Do they know I work from home? Do they know how much my life has changed? Do they care that I'm retired? Do they know how far I drive? Do they reward my attitude? Do they consider my commute? Do they give a damn if I crash? Do you think the other insurance companies get you? Youi do, because we're out there with you every day. Call 13 YOUI, or go to Kochie also said, compared with the rest of the world we are an economic miracle. Growth will be reasonable after the hiccup of natural disasters, inflation on target, unemployment falling.

And despite the 'Chicken Little' prognostications of those opposite, government debt is tiny. He didn't put the 'Chicken Little' bit in, that was me, to be fair. What!? Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten addressing parliament yesterday. But I'm glad he cleared up who was calling who chicken.

Very selective snap shots of my

opinion there, Bill, bukm/h.

opinion there, Bill, bukm/h 8 in 10 Australians think we're a nation with a drinking problem. And the figures back that up. Every week almost 1400 people become victims of alcohol-related assault.

But this weekend police are running a booze blitz. It's for Operation Unite, targeting trouble spots around the country.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione is with us. Andrew, why isn't the message getting through

This is part of an ongoing campaign,

thythe next step, is the message getting through?

Good morning, Kochie, look we

Good morning, Kochie, look we think it is. But the fact is we are going

to have to keep going here. It is a

cultural problem and not one we can

solve with one or two operations but

if we continue to get the message

out there and we talk to shows just

like yours, we feel confident slowly

and surely we will change the

culture, something has got to


It is not just the drunks it is the

people surrounding them, ordinary

citizens walking down at Kings Cross

where you are who get caught up and

that is the nightmare?

It is a nightmare, yesterday when we

launched it yesterday, we went to

the city morgue at glebe and we

highlighted that 367 people died in

2005 as a result of the drinking

activities of somebody

activities of somebody elsewhere they were assaulted, hit by car,

stabbed. It is a major issue, more

than one a day.

They all have families, kids, they

have mums and dads. You are ruining there.

I have lost you there.

They all have extended families?

Don't they? Woop? We look like we

have lost him with the IFB. We will

get back to Andrew Scipione. This is

the fourth one and it is terrific,

it tries to clear up the streets.

Back there, sorry, small technical


Those dects have a knock-on effect,

they have families and kids,

innocent people.

Absolutely. And it is, that is the

trjdy of it, a police officer has

got to go around and knock on the

door and tell some poor soul

door and tell some poor soul they

have lost their loved one or son or

daughter. It is a tragedy and goes

right across Australia.

What do we do? The police are out

there, on the front line, the crack

down. What can we do? This is

sexist, I will use it as an example

and talk to the young adult sons,

and say don't be a boofhop head on

Saturday night and understand the consequences.

Yes, we have got an important job. I

have said to you before on the show

we can't arrest our way the problem

but there is

but there is more to be done.

Parents need to engage their

children. Younger people make up

most of the stats we are dealing

with when it comes to this type of

violence and event. The other

violence and event. The other thing we can do, particularly for young

girls, they are not doing anything

wrong, simply having a drink but

then they become victims of crime.

To young people going out, plan your

night. Know how you are getting

home, plan the route home, if you

are coming home in a cab, work out

who will make the arrangements and

when you go out, friends look after

friends. Go out as a group, stay as a group.

Great message.

All the best. Police are hunting for a thief who kidnapped a koala from the Australian Reptile Park. 13-year-old Banjo disappeared on Tuesday. But after a public appeal, he was returned to the park on the New South Wales central coast. Rangers found Banjo in the car park. He was left in a bucket with a milk crate on his head to keep him from running away. Our good mate Tim Faulkner is Banjo's carer.

Good morning. How is Banjo doing today?

He's good. It's good to have him home.

Yes, I bet. How did he manage with

his ordeal? Is he okay? Is he fairing well?

Yes, look, I mean, observations

yesterday, no physical signs of

trauma evident. He had a lot of

fluid orally through a syringe and

hooked into his eucalyptus leaves

and nutritional paste very quickly

so that is good but bad which means

he probably didn't eat for two days.

He is on his perch, we kept him in

warmer treatment for an old boy, he

is good. He does look good. How did

you discover he was stolen.

you discover he was stolen? And how

didio know where he was?

It is very, very strange, something

like this has never happened before

and never to us. We do afternoon

rounds and morning rounds in both

maintenance and animal secks. So at 4. maintenance and animal secks. So at

4.30 we know he was in his

enclosure. At eight p.m. The gate

was locked and 7.

was locked and 7.30 the following

morning we learned the gate had been

bolt cut and Banjo had been removed

from his yard. From that point on we

put a lot of resources to assessing

all the trees in the near vicinity

because koala escape is not

something impossible but with a bolt

cut gate you make an assumption.

From there we notified the police,

and had help from the media

yesterday, sure enough, just before

three p.m. We had an anonymous phone

call and he is in the car park.

You got no idea who took him and why?

Absolutely not. It is very strange,

I firmly believe there is no black

market for koalas. That leads to a

very sad assumption, which is

very sad assumption, which is that it is for fun. That in itself is

quite cruel. It is interesting we

didn't pick them up on surveillance,

which indicates the place is scoped.

We have an e laborate escape system.

He is an old boy, not on display. He

is 13 and life expectancy for a

koala is 10 to 15. Because of that

he is by himself, give him an extra

supplementary feed to keep weight

on, and the cold weather is an

example, it can strip the

example, it can strip the weight

off, the old fellow is in his

retirement village.

Nothing worse than being out the

back in your retirement village.

Well, he can tell stories to his

mates and he is back safe and sound.

All the best. Ng thank you.

Good to know, got to look after the

old blokes.

I hope the cold weather strips

weight off me too, what is their secret? Ahead on Sunrise - why forecasters predict today will be the coldest day of the year so far. Also, the Fergie interview. I wanted to be there with my girls and to get them dressed. Why she was really left off the royal invite list. And Delta Goodrem wows America.

# Give me the strength to go

# Because I know I'm never going to be

# Never be ready # See her stunning live TV performance with Michael Bolton when Sunrise continues. Four out of five adult dogs suffer gum disease. Open wide. Hmm? Don't get doggie dentures. Get a free dental health check during May, thanks to participating vets and Pedigree DentaStix. Go to: The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. Special edition 100-page royal souvenir book available now. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us.

Finally! The States get to see how

fantastic our Delta Goodrem is! With

Michael bolten on dance Dan?

Yes, she took them by storm, let's look. # Oh

# Come hold my hand

# To this last minute we have # To this last minute we have together

# Because I'm not ready

# To say goodbye

# You and I #

I will ask her in a minute who is

dancing but does it mean it will be

a big help for Delta to crack the US market?

Absolutely. I have no idea who is

dancing, I have been busy looking at

the performances by the singers.

This is a great lesson for anyone

who aspires to a superstar, you

who aspires to a superstar, you have to be at all times ready, vocally

ready and in shape, ready to

perform. The reason Delta got this

wonderful opportunity because the

scheduled singer, Adele was out sick

and he was ready so good on her.

We will have more of that later but

why are locals annoyed with Will

Smith on the set of 'Men In Black III'?

New York City is full of residents

who are resilient and used to noise

and disruption but not used to a

double-decker trailer moving into

the neighbourhood, a mans-sized

trailer for Will Smith and his

staff, a granite bathroom.

That is his Winnebago? Yes. Wow!

It is parked on a residential street.

Over 1,000 square feet big, it run

ozen on a generator so the smell of

gasoline and noise and electricity,

so neighbours are miffed by this

conspicuous display of stardom.

Invite them in.

They have got a luxury apartment

less than a mile away from the

location so people are a bit perturbed.

Gee y thought only Larry had one of those.

Yes, Larry doesn't have a granite

bathroom. That is very cool, see you

soon. Soap Box? No, still to come soon. Soap Box? No, still to come on

Sunrise this morning. Sunrise this After another freezing night. forecasters predict the coldest day of the year so far. The Facebook flaw that exposed millions of private accounts. The 8-month-old baby singled out by security. I went through a phase of feeling so totally worthless and, quite rightly, they wouldn't invite me.

Why would they? The Fergie interview. Her royal wedding disappointment.

We kissed on the lips! The 5-year-old behind an online hit Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Good morning. Do you remember your first kiss?

It is was with Lib, of course. A couple of kids in the US will never forget theirs. Family and friends posted it online, and now more than 6 million people have checked it out. We'll catch up the little boy and his mother, later in the show.

Did he wipe the girl's germs off. It

is getting a bit of criticism, it

puts a smile on your face. Tony Abbott will try to paint the Gillard minority government as a failed experiment when he delivers his budget reply tonight. The Opposition Leader will outline how he would immediately cut 12,000 public service jobs. He'll also set out how he'd pay down government debt which is set to hit $100 billion in 2012. Yes, this is a real Labor budget - more debt, more deficits and more spin. Mr Abbott's also accused Treasurer Wayne Swan of ignoring struggling families. The Papua New Guinea cabinet is reportedly split over Australia's proposal to reopen the mothballed Manus Island detention centre. While PNG's Foreign Minister says he supports a refugee processing centre on the island, other politicians want more detail from Australia on money and a timeframe.

The PNG cabinet has postponed a decision on the centre while Prime Minister Michael Somare is in hospital in Singapore. West Australian police have launched an investigation after the shooting and wounding of a woman in Perth yesterday. 42-year-old Amanda Jones suffered a single bullet wound to the stomach. Police called to her home opened fire after she confronted them with a knife. They could have Tasered her, they could have done something else but instead they decided to shoot her.

Ms Jones has had surgery and is recovering in hospital. The eastern states will continue to shiver through an early season cold snap today. West of Sydney, on the other side of the Dividing Range Mount Lambie received a heavy dump of snow overnight. It was enough to force the closure of the Great Western Highway for several hours. Motorists are being cautioned to take it easy on the road. Libyan rebels have claimed an important victory, seizing control of Misrata airport after some very heavy fighting. The port city has been under siege for more than 80 days. It comes as NATO launched a series of air strikes on Tripoli, the heaviest bombardment in the capital in weeks. It was the most talked about hat at the royal wedding and now it's up for grabs. The unusual headpiece worn by Princess Beatrice is going on eBay.

Her mother, Sarah Ferguson, told Oprah the hat which became an internet sensation is being auctioned for charity. Proceeds from the beige fascinator will go to UNICEF and children in crisis. Hmmm...Bulatey.

You wouldn't want to keep it, would you? What?

That's why she's selling it, not the

nicest hat. It is creative, showing

her inner creativity.

It is not what people were saying.

Look at that. Yes.

Designed by Dr Seuss rr.

Wall Street is down 130 point,

remember I told you about China's

version of Facebook,

version of Facebook, Ren Ren that

listed and went up 40%

listed and went up 40%, now, one

week later it has dropped below its

issue price. And concerns over

Europe, particularly Greece weighed

on the markets in Europe and the US overnight.

on the markets in Europe and the US overnight. To our region:

Commonwealth Bank reported a $ Commonwealth Bank reported a $1.

overnight. To our region: the Commonwealth Bank reported a $1.7

billion for the March quarter, for

three months, but Ralph Norris said

the bank is hurting, delinquencies

are up and people are getting behind

in home loan repayments.

When the US dollar goes up, we go down.

When the US dollar goes up, we go down. Time for sport.

Thank you, Kochie. The Sydney Roosters aren't going to sack recruitment manager Peter O'Sullivan despite his involvement in the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal.

The final report into the rorts has revealed O'Sullivan played a significant role in what the NRL described as a toxic culture of deceit. A lot of people down there have learned a lot of lessons

there's no doubt they had the wool pulled over their eyes. The league may strip four prominent player managers of their accreditation for their involvement in the scandal. Under-fire Brisbane coach Michael Voss has found an unlikely ally in rugged Gold Coast defender Campbell Brown. Brown believes Voss is coaching well despite the Lions' winless start to the season. The future of the 3-time premiership captain will be decided at season's end. Meantime, Demons on-baller Jack Trengove will front the AFL Appeals Board this evening

in a bid to have a 3-match rough conduct ban overturned. Thousands of fans and some of the greatest names in golf have gathered in Spain to pay their last respects to the late Seve Ballesteros. Nick Faldo, Colin Montgomerie and Sam Torrance were among the mourners at the golfing legend's funeral

in his home town of Pedrena overnight. The 5-time major champion died at the weekend after a battle with brain cancer. He was 54.

Beautifully done service and be well

remembered, just a legend of golf,

Seve bal stair os.

Such lovely word, he was a lovely guy.

. Thanks, Beretts.

Let's get the weather with James in

lovely Queensland? Good morning to you.

Hasn't winter arrived early this year. It has been cold,

year. It has been cold, especially in the south eastern states. It is

going to be a magnificent day here

in Brisbane, I have to say but for

people waking up in Sydney,

Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart,

anywhere in the south-east of

Australia, there are phrepblt

Australia, there are plenty of

people lying in bed with big woolen

socks thinking I will sneak five

more minutes under the doona before

I get up. It will warm up tomorrow

but then cool down. The good news is

there is bit of snow on the snow

fields, we will have a cold winter.

Now the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. New Winter catalogue out now. For the latest lighting designs it has to be Beacon.

Now for people who aren't from

Brisbane, this right here, used to

be a pontoon, those pylons, the pan

toon stretched to there and it was about $

about $100,000 worth of damage right

here with the floods that swept the

pontoon away. We are outside of the

RiverLife Activity Centre, you can

rent bikes, kayaks, roller blades,

spend a day exploreing the Brisbane

River and we will get involved in

some of those activities later

today. But back to you.

Good idea, visit our friends in

Brisbane, I am sure they will

appreciate it. See you soon. Facebook has left the door to millions of accounts wide open. The accidental error gave strangers and advertisers

access to see profiles, pictures and personal chats. It's not known how many people have been affected. A computer security firm found the glitch and reported it. Facebook says it's now fixed the problem. For more I'm joined by the managing editor of Gizmodo, Seamus Byrne. Good morning. How did this happen?

So when you sign up for Facebook,

you are part of Facebook but

you are part of Facebook but then you can install applications into

Facebook to get access to lots of

extra special features. But those

applications are run by outside

companies. And for Facebook to give

them access they have to pass them,

them access they have to pass them

effectively a key to your

information and you decide how much

of your information they can get to.

So they did research and discovered

there was a flaw in the way the

information was exchanged. In a good

situation you say here is a key but

it won't work tomorrow. But in this

case they were handing out keys

case they were handing out keys that could be passed to other people for

an extended period.

Should Facebook users be Should Facebook users be worried?

No, the problem is fixed but

No, the problem is fixed but it speaks to the larger issue these

days. We have had a few of these

situations, big companies you think

you should be able to trust having

what are really, sort of, easy sort

of problems with security that they

really shouldn't have. So I think

people really need to, as ever, it

is that problem you have to take

responsibility for yourself and

making sure you are careful with your your data.

That leads us for to some tips that

you have got to share with us on

you have got to share with us on how you can protect yourself online.

Don't give away private information,

always a good remindser. Be mindful

of what you post, use a secure pass

word and ask whether you would share

that information in public. As you

said, take a bit more

responsibility, that last one is

really good, to remind yourself,

would you put it out there?

Exactly that way, is it something

you would share publicly? You really

can't assume these things are

can't assume these things are going to be as secret as you want them to

be. The last thing, be careful which

applications you choose to install

on Facebook because they aren't part

of Facebook they are other companies.

So the problem is fixed there should So the problem is fixed there

shouldn't be problems from now but

could stuff from the past have gone out.

Semantic have suggested people

should change pass words. Facebook

have said there is no evidence in

the system the keys did get passed

around or major spread of

information took play.

Of course they will say that.

Yes, change your password. Winter has arrived early for parts of south-east Australia. Melbourne and Sydney have shivered with record low temperatures Tom Saunders is a meteorologist with the Weather Channel.

Are we just

Are we just whinging about the

change of weather or is it normal?

No, I don't think we are whinging,

it is very cold for this early in

May, anyway. So what we are seeing,

heavy snowfalls across the Alps for

the last 48 hours. That is normal to

see snow on the Alps but we have

seen heavy snow as far as New South

Wales central west, Orange,

Katoomba, Bathurst and that is

unusual this far out from winter.

Usually the first cold snap we

shiver and shake and then we get

mild weather after. How long will it

last? Is it a prekrs taor a long winner

They will stay average for the next

few days and new snow falls but the

towns lower down have seen the last

of the snow. For winter, the good

news, a cold spell in the lead-up to

winter doesn't indicate a cold

winter is on the way. Most seasonal

forecasts do predict temperatures

for southern Australia will be above

average for the winter because the

sea surface temperatures around the

country are warmer than normal.

That puts it in perspective. What

about our friends in the west? The

south and the east are shivering but

mild in WA?

Yes, very cold south westerly wind

over the east but warmer westerly

winds so Perth has been above

average every day this month and it

will continue for a few days. The

cold spread all the way to the

tropics. The best example,

Townsville, waking up to just 10 degrees this morning.

Goodness me! 10 degrees in far north Queensland.

We have got picture to share and you.

We have got picture to share and you. I love this, Bren emailed this photo of the snow on her car at Blaney in central-west New South Wales.

I used to

I used to hate playing footy there.

Brrr! I used to hate playing footy there. Brrr!! Lovely place. Kirsten sent us this picture from her backyard in Millthorpe, in the same region. She snapped it at 4:30 this morning.

An auraly start to you too, thank you. And Jenny emailed us from Oberon, also in central-west New South Wales.

My dad was in Orange yesterday, he

said it was sleeting and refreshing.

Keep them coming, ladies and gentlemen. There's outrage in the US after airport officials patted down a baby at a security checkpoint. A fellow passenger took this photo of the 8-month-old getting frisked. So has airport security gone too far? Or were staff just doing their job? Geoffrey Thomas is the Aviation Editor for 'The West Australian'. Good morning. Is there ever a need to pat down a baby?

Well, look, unfortunately, Kochie

there is. We have had some tragic

examples of what terrorists

examples of what terrorists are prepared to do. We had one with Eta

where they had 25 sticks of jell

ignite in a pregnancy prosthetic. A

jor dadeian who attempted to blow up

his pregnant wife. By put something

dynamite in her baggage but within

Australia we had a situation where

we have had found torches, doubled

as shotguns, mobile phones disguised

as guns. There is a whole range of

things that terrorists are prepared

to do. So unfortunately, patting

down little babies is a consequence

of that. Because, in fact, they

detected some unusual substance in

the stroller.

Okay. I thought you were going to

say in the nappy, kids have strong

nuggets sometimes but that is

ridiculous. It is a sad reflection

we have to do it in life today but

there you go. On a totalally

different matter, Qantas engineers

are strikeing for an hour tomorrow,

pilots are also getting a bit ANSy, how

pilots are also getting a bit ANSy,

pilots are also getting a bit ANS

antsy, how much disruption will it cause?

Tomorrow's action, which is about an

hour, from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock,

is expected to have minimal

disruption but you are right, this

is leading to a very serious

situation and my view it would situation and my view it

situation and my view it could be as

bad as the pilots strike. The pilots

have a laundry list of demands and

they are not showing any signs of

backing down. Qantas cannot deliver

or it will be the beginning of the

end of demand. They are ridiculous demands.

The demands are stupid but they

The demands are stupid but they are determined to stick to if. For those people who

people who remember the '89 dispute it des

it decimated the tourism industry.

Yes, it brought it to a halt

Yes, it brought it to a halt and this is a very serious situation. Today, this is a very serious situation.

Today more people are travelling in

and out of this country on low-cost

airlines than Qantas. Passengers are

not prepared to pay the sort of

fares that Qantas would have to

charge to meet the demands that the

pilots and engineers demand. They

are out of step with the way the

aviation public is prepared to pay for.

Do Qantas, pilots, engineers and the

like get paid more than, say Virgin

staff do?

Absolutely. Look, Qantas engineers

and Qantas pilots are amongst the

highest paid in their category in

the world. And for instance, in the

engineer's case, while they are

claiming they want a 3% pay

increase, if it was as simple at increase, if it was as simple

increase, if it was as simple that,

Qantas would give it to them. It is

everything else they want. They want

confirmed staff travel, membership

to the Qantas club, laptops for all

staff, additional weeks of holidays.

The actual cost to the airline would be $ be $3 or $

be $3 or $4 million per year and the

rest of the staff would want it as

well and they have 35,000 staff, it

would cost the airline $

would cost the airline $1 billion

more in salary if everyone got what

the engineers want.

We don't want '89 to happen again, I

remember flying in Hercules because

the government had to put on air

force planes to get people around.

Let's hope we don't go to that. Fergie gone on American television to reveal the hurt she felt at not being invited to the recent royal wedding. Instead of celebrating with Kate and Wills, she's told Oprah she escaped to Thailand. I went through a phase of feeling so totally worthless. And, quite rightly, they wouldn't invite me. Why would they? Did you feel ostracised by them? I felt ostracised myself. Fergie blames her past mistakes for not getting invited. Nearly a year ago, she was caught taking cash in exchange for an all-access pass to ex-husband Prince Andrew.

Seven News US bureau chief Mike Amor joins us with more. Good morning. It sounds like

Fergie didn't cope too well with the royal wedding snub.

No, that's right. She said she was,

Mel, particularly found it difficult

because she was the last bride, the

last royal wedding in Westminster

Abbey. She was so close to Dianne a.

I heard you talking about Beatrice's

hat going up for auction, he

revealed she helped Beatrice pick

out the hat, thanks Mum. She spoke

of her disappointment at not going

to the wedding. She went to Thailand

where there were no TVies or radios

and got on the phone to someone

watching the wedding, let's listen

to what she told Oprah. I was in no-man's land. I've described it like that.

I didn't know how to feel. I was so sad. Did you go away because you didn't want to be anywhere in the vicinity? I didn't want to be anywhere around. Not because of, "No, I don't want to be there", no, I was in fact on the telephone because there was no televisions where I was and no radio. So you didn't watch the wedding on TV? I didn't watch it but I was on the telephone to somebody in England who had the telephone put to the television.

See, I would've thought if you were going to go away to no-mans land, where there are no TVs, then you don't want to call and have the tv put in front of the phone.

I couldn't resist it. You couldn't resist it? No, and I was like, "Yeah, and what's she wearing?"

and it was so exciting. Like I got into the wedding frenzy.

I just checked a Tweet from Dickie

Arbiter, so Fergie didn't get a

wedding invite? Should have thought

about that 19 years ago, come on

girl, get on with it and stop your

whinging, harsh! They are close she and the ex husband.

Further to what Dickie said, she cut

a pathetic image in the interview.

She claims she remains close

She claims she remains close to Prince Andrew and she claims he had

a photo of her in the back pocket as

they went in for the wedding so he

has obviously forgiven her.

By the way, Oprah arranged for Dr

Phil to her Fergie get over her


I think by ringing Andrew and saying, "

saying, "Andrew, are you wearing

your naval uniform? And he went, " your naval uniform? And he went,

"Yeah." Like when we got married he said, "

"Yeah." Like when we got married and he said, "Listen, I have been promoted since then."

Obviously you still have a very

close relationship with him?

Yes, actually, secretly, in front of

the entire world and on your show,

he had a picture of me in his pocket.

That's nice. Yeah, yeah.

Mike, thank you very much. I don't

know what to say! It is lovely they

are that close. They have got

children and should be together but I children and should be together but

I I don't know. You don't want to

hear what I think. I will be quiet.

Kochie over to you.

Dr Phil will help, that is some solace. Whenever you think reality TV shows have exhausted the pool of Australian talent, a whole new crop of performers seem to wow us on stage. But even after making it through auditions, live shows and a grand final the question is always whether they'll make it in the real world. So who are the most successful reality stars? Entertainment reporter Fifi Box. Not that long ago they were unknown. Now these reality TV performers have hit the big time. Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, Jessica Mauboy,

They've sold millions of albums and raked in the awards. So could this year's 'Australia's Got Talent' contestants be the next generation of stars? It looks promising. Already we've seen Bieber-esque talent. # Nothing, nothing, nothing # If I don't have you # And an opera sensation.

# (Sings Nessun Dorma ( Last night it was Jesse Emmanuel's turn to impress the judges. A 21-year-old singer, she certainly has the pedigree. Tommy Emmanuel is her uncle.

# But I can see me carrying the

shoes by the end of the night # Meanwhile, illusionist Cosentino mixed music and magic. (music plays) (music plays). Reality TV shows have been churning out stars for the last decade. The likes of Jordin Sparks and Adam Lambert. Then there's the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. # And I want you to know

# That it doesn't matter

# Where we take this road

# Someone's got to go # She's sold more than 20 million albums since winning the competition in 2002. In Britain, Leona Lewis made a name for herself on 'The X-Factor' in 2006. She's now a 3-time Grammy nominee.

It's an amazing feeling my music is

being heard and embraced by so many

different countries.

# Off the edge

# My feet are on the ground # When it comes to success stories, Susan Boyle is in a class of her own.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by


# A rags-to-riches fairytale. She won hearts around the world on 'Britan's Got Talent' and entered the 'Guinness Book of Records' for having the fastest selling debut album by a female in the UK. Back home, Guy Sebastian, Damien Leith and Jess Mauboy have become mainstays of the industry thanks to 'Australian Idol'. # 'Cause I feel even though we're apart and without you # There's a whole in my heart # Mauboy and Sebastian have also made it on the world stage, enjoying successful collaborations with major international stars.

# Tell me

# Who's that girl

# Walked into the club # The question now is who'll be next?

We'll keep a look out and don't

forget JD Fortune with INXS.

They are happy.

Follow them on Twitter, through

Europe, and South America, the boys

are going well.

Thank you. Still ahead - Woolworths fined for branding imported lemons as Australian grown. So do labelling laws need rewriting? And, Vegas here they come. The bridesmaids on an adventure of a lifetime. But will it end in disaster? woolies again.. with possible Good morning.. Grab your winter

showers in Canberra.. 12

the top. It'll be a chilly one with drizzle in Jindabyne and Yass.. just 11 degrees.

Hopes.. the Opposition Leader's federal budget reply

highlights the cost of living pressures on Canberra

families. Shadow ACT Treasurer Brendan Smyth

says Labor MUST be held accountable for the budget

that's seen family support REDUCED.. and increased

pressure on interest rates. ACT Health has reassured Canberrans.. patients ARE

safe at Canberra Hospital. It's after rape

charges against 2 male nurses were dismissed. ACT Health says

they WILL support the pair.. if they decide to return to work.

And Brumbies star Adam Ashley-Cooper. . and coach Tony

Rea.. will register as organ donors.. to urge more

locals to sign up. While.. our boys will find out later today..

who's scored a spot in the line-up for Saturday's Lions clash.

Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar # Raise your hands and sing it with me # Low fares are just part of the