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Tonight - budget plans for the

unemployed and low income earners.

This will be a Budget with a hole

in its heart.

No death penalty - the Bali

bombers' spiritual leader escapes

execution. Plus, world champion,

national hero and hit singer. A

state funeral for Lionel Rose. The greatest, prettiest Aussie

boxer I've ever watched. Good boxer I've ever watched. Good

evening, I'm Sandra Sully. Welcome

to Ten's late news.

Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, and this is

Sports Tonight. Plenty of ill-

feeling at Etihad Stadium between

Carlton and St Kilda. And the Manly

Raiders. Sea Eagles take on the Canberra

We begin tonight with the Budget,

and the long-term unemployed will

be targeted in the delight

government's tough love fiscal plan

to be handed down tomorrow. And

there is some good news for low

income earners, while migrants will

be forced into regions where

workers are scarce.

As Labour politicians gathered for

drinks on the eve of the Gillard

Government's first Budget, the long

term jobless are being warned to

get ready for a shake-up.

With an unemployment rate going

down to 4.5%, we want to see the

benefits of that spread to every

postcode. corner of our country and to every

From next year, people unemployed

for 24 months will be forced to do

more training or work for the dole

- the requirement is two days a

week for 11 months a year, instead

of just six.

So what you'll see in this Budget

is an emphasis upon Australians

participating in the labour force

opportunities. and gaining access to employment

But the thing that you won't see in

the Budget is the carbon tax.

This will be a Budget with a hole

in its heart because it won't

include the carbon tax. Wayne Swan

says he will factor in the tax when

it is finalised on 1st July.

The Budget will however offer low-

income earners early access to

their tax offset. Its worth $6 a

week to anyone on 30,000 a year.

Every bit helps. Every dollar

accounts, particularly when there

are cost of living pressures around.

The opposition says so much for a

tough Budget, with $4 billion of

eight days. spending announced in the last

They have lost control of

expenditure. This is going to put

upward pressure on interest rates.

You see on Budget night,

substantial savings. With the

mining boom adding to pressures on

wages and prices, the government

will announce a bigger skilled

migrant intake on Budget night -

but will insist 16,000 of the

workers must go to where the demand

is greatest in regional Australia.

But the Greens are unimpressed at

the one per cent business tax cut,

accusing the government of short-

changing everyday Australians.

Except the mining corporations and

the bigger banks or are returning

bigger profits, a Labor government

doing that, please.

Abu Bakar Bashir tonight escaped

the death penalty. Prosecutors

dropped two charges against him in

relation to the discovery of a

terrorist cell and paramilitary

training camp in Indonesia. The

radical Muslim cleric, who many

suspect of being behind the 2002

Bali bombings, still faces the

prospect of life in jail. US

President Barack Obama has spoken

for the first time about the raid

that killed Osama bin Laden. He has launched an investigation to

determine who was supporting the

terrorist. Huddled in a small,

simple room - an old man watching

images of himself. These pictures

of Osama Bin Laden among five

videos seized from the Pakistani

compound, his hideout for up to six

years. The US wants to know how. We

don't know whether there might be some people inside government, people outside government and

that's something we have to that's something we have to

investigate and more importantly,

the Pakistan government has to

investigate. Intelligence officials

say the video show he was an active say the video show he was an active

player in the terror organisation.

The US wants to interview everyone

taken into Pakistani custody after

the raids that killed Bin Laden,

including three of his wives. But

relations with Pakistan are

strained. For the last one week

because of American statements, we because of American statements, we

all feel humiliated and disgraced.

Attention now is turning to who

will replace the man deemed

responsible for 9/11. Many say it

will be this man, Ayman al-Zawahiri,

a physician who met Bin Laden

during the Soviet occupation of

Afghanistan. Al-Zawahiri coming to

power would put emphasis on the

thing that we all fear most, which

is the conjunction of terrorism and

weapons of mass destruction. Others

say Zawahiri is disliked and

divisive, his promotion would spell

the end of Al-Qaeda. There he a man

has been charged with murder

following a woman's body been

discovered in New -- Newcastle. A

tip-off led police to search a

vehicle in London, just after 3

o'clock today. They found the body

of a woman, believed to be in her

twenties. Neighbours say the car

had been parked there for days, and

didn't have numberplates. 831 year-

old will front court tomorrow. The

family of the former world champion

boxer Lionel Rose, who died

yesterday, aged 62, has accepted an

offer from the Victorian government

for a state funeral. Friends and

family of the world title holder

say he never surrendered his

trademark humour or fighting spirit.

With deceptive speed, a devastating

left hook and a dazzling smile,

Lionel Rose was King of the Ring.

The greatest and prettiest Aussie

boxer I've ever watched. Regarded

as one of the smartest boxes in the

game at the moment, Rose. Born into

poverty south-east of Melbourne in

1948, Rose was the eldest of nine

children. Legendary trainer Johnny

Lewis remembers a sprightly Rose

rising through the ranks.

All tthat natural ability. The kiss

of God that he had.

At 19 Rose stepped into the ring with heavily fancied world bantamweight champion, Japanese

boxer Fighting Harada. 15 rounds

later, his star was born - our

first Aboriginal world champion.

Lionel just dismantled him with his

beautiful skills and even dropped

Harada through that contest.

A quarter of a million people

welcomed him home. There is no welcomed him home. There is no

denying Lionel Rose was a true

champion of the ring but it's also

his actions outside of these roads

that will help him be remembered as

a greater Australian icon. He

refused to fight in apartheid South

Africa and helped break down racial

barriers at home.

There was no black or white for

Lionel Rose, they were all

Australians and that was Lionel

Rose. Eddie Martin turned Rose's

documentary. life into an award-winning

He did give Australia a lot of joy

boxing. that transcended well beyond just

That included music. In the 1970s,

Rose twice cracked the country

music charts. Four years ago, Rose

suffered a debilitating stroke.

Recently he struggled with heart

problems. Lionel Rose passed away

yesterday in his wife Jenny's arms.

53 fights, 42 wins - a gentleman in

and out of the ring. Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan.

Brad - a big night for two football

codes? In the AFL, Carlton got home

home in a thriller against St Kilda.

While in the NRL, Manly was far too

good for Canberra. Highlights from

both games next. Also tonight,

Manchester United on the cusp of