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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm David Koch in London. This morning - And I'm Melissa Doyle. to her luxury hotel Kate Middleton checks-in and a commoner for last night as a single woman at the Abbey. after one last rehearsal to witness a moment in history. Huge crowds gather as Kate's fairytale comes true. The world gets ready to party on this Friday, 29 April, 2011. Her life will change forever live from the Palace. This is a special edition of Sunrise

Good morningb good morning, thank

you so much for joining us. is now just over 12 hours away. The royal wedding The streets are packed. Traffic in this city is slow going.

It is like being outside the G on

AFL Grand Final day. It is amazing.

Look at everyone here, camping,

Wendy and Ros are still there, we

will have to check in with them

later, it is amazing. All the

Aussies back here. Hello, guys. In the background. They are

They are are lined up on the street,

particularly here, it is the balcony

kiss people want to see the most.

They are very excited. But 14 hours

away. There is helicopters buzzing

earlier, like I say, massive crowds,

excitement. there is a lovely, lovely sense of

It is fantastic. There is a camp

fire as well.

It is chilly.

There could be a guitar, they could

break if in the to kum ba yah later.

Princess Anne drove by earlier.

As did Charles and Camilla.

Did they? It is all happening. her final night as a commoner Kate Middleton is spending later today and marries her Prince. before she walks down the aisle joins us with more Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner from outside Westminster Abbey. Good morning, Nuala. at the Church? Kate has had one more rehearsal

That's right, we thought last

night's rehearsal with all the major

players would be the final one but

she surprised us by coming here

again this morning, with her family,

the page boys, bride's maids and but

no Prince William, perhaps they

think it is unlucky. I was hopeful

Harry would change his mind and

receive the letters I had received

him and rethinking the marriage but

no, all on

Where are the bride and groom no, all on track for tomorrow.

wedding? spending the final night before the

Prince William was at Clarence House

with Prince Harry. His dad and Harry

are going to join him later, they

hosted by are at a special reception being

hosted by the Queen at the Mandarin

Hotel. For Kate Middleton, the

pictures of her arriving at the

goring hotel, she is smiling,

to the crowd, got a massive cheer. goring hotel, she is smiling, waving

She is there with her family. If you

were hoping to get were hoping to get a

were hoping to get sneak peak of the

dress at the goring hotel, no, they

put up a canopy here to block the

view. A fure hours after she

arrived, a woman with a mysterious

fur hat, not searched by am

fur hat, not searched by

fur hat, not searched by the police,

we think it is the maker of the

dress, making the final alterations

tomorrow. but we will have to wait until

Thank you, it is building up. Julia Gillard has arrived in London British counterpart, David Cameron where she's met her at Number 10 Downing Street. about attending the royal wedding. The leaders say they're both excited British people there, There are quite a lot of, um,

who are camping out for the night. quite a lot of Aussies it was good fun. I got to exchange a few waves, will attend today's royal wedding. Both leaders and their partners has called on the Prime Minister Opposition Leader Tony Abbott peoples' lives in remote Australia. to do more to fix Aboriginal at a town camp near Alice Springs. Mr Abbott has met traditional owners again needs to become He says the intervention an urgent national priority. the kids have to go to school, If we are going to have progress,

and the law has to be adhered to. the adults have to go to work welfare quarantining extended The Opposition Leader wants better enforced. and school truancy and alcohol laws Accused honeymoon killer Gabe Watson in the US state of Alabama will stand trial while on holiday in Queensland. for the murder of his wife, Tina, by Watson's lawyers Overnight, a judge quashed attempts dropped. to have the case against him if found guilty in the US. He faces a life sentence In finance news: is over The inflation reporting season will hold a meeting next week and the Reserve Bank to discuss interest rates. Morning. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. bring forward any future rate hike? Will the rise in inflation

Yesterday you told us you thought

the Reserve Bank would hold off on a

rate rise next week?

There has been a lot of talk in the

media saying the possibility of rate

hikeerize imminent but I think next

week, mortgage holders and

homeowners are in for a reprieve.

Not likely to raise rates next

Tuesday when they meet. The risk is if in

if in the inflation becomes a

concern in the next couple of

months, in the midterm the potential

for a few rate hikes before the enof

the year, but it depends on the

labour market, the rebuilding in

Queensland affecting costs and the

like. But you would have to say

Reserve Bank is comfortable oun the like. But you would have to say the

sidelines, especially with

Aussie dollar, $

Aussie dollar, $1.

Aussie dollar, $1.10 does crimp sidelines, especially with the

Aussie exports and there are patches

suffering as a result of the Aussie

dollar. The Reserve

dollar. The Reserve Bank will take

it into consideration and rates on

hold for a couple of month at least.

Thank you. Time for sport

Thank you. Time for sport now. encouraging start to the AFL season, West Coast has continued its at Patersons Stadium last night. thumping Melbourne by 54 points The Eagles breezed to victory a dominant first quarter on the back of five unanswered goals. in which they piled on goes for the banana - Andrey Embley! COMMENTATOR: Tough kick, Ripping goal.

Mark LeCras kicked a goal a serious groin injury. in his return from Round six continues tonight at the SCG. with the Swans hosting Carlton Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan against South Sydney has described tonight's NRL clash as the desperation stakes. is free to play at ANZ Stadium Sharks enforcer Jeremy Smith after escaping sanction last week. for a John Hopoate-like incident The episode has been dismissed as a prank gone wrong between Smith and his cousin Cowboys winger Kalifa Fai-Fai Loa. In tonight's other game, the ladder-leading Broncos tackle the Bulldogs at Suncorp Stadium. The V8 Supercars will hit Barbagallo Raceway for the first time in two years today in preparation for this weekend's Trading Post Perth Challenge. Championship leader Jamie Whincup rates local lad Garth Tander as his main challenger but Rick Kelly and Shane van Gisbergen can't be discounted after dominating the last round in Hamilton. All the action's on Seven this weekend.

Is there a better way to start the

weekend? A bit a royal wedding

tonight and straight into the V8s,

Saturday and Sunday, Kochie and Mel,

that is a smurg uzboard.

Royal wedding and V8s in the one

sentence, doesn't work. But each to hihis own.

Weddings will be the winner.

Love will be the winner, love is

always the in wither as it is in

Essex where Monique is this morning

with the weather. This with the weather.

This is amazing. We are getting a

bit of a taste of

bit of a taste of what is going to

be happening here tomorrow for a

street party. Look at all the people

who have come out for us. who have come out for us. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We are in ,

We are in Giffon Street, about two

hours outside of London and almost

every house in this street has put

together the bunting, which is the

flags, I had to ask what bunting

was, to get into the spirit for

tomorrow. So this is all for us

today, because of course, tomorrow

we won't be on air.

Lots of people here have relatives

in Australia that they want to say

hello to but generally they want to

get into the spirit, even Harry the

dog down here, here is Harry. Look

at Harry down there. Doesn't get

much cuter than that. Let's take a

look at your weather. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. Some early fog then mostly sunny at Bairnsdale. And Wills and Kate can expect some cloud with possible showers and sunshine later for their big day, reaching a top of 18 degrees.

And everyone here has gone to so

much trouble, including Daisy, who

has made her own hat. And I reckon,

Daisy, thishould be, this hat should

be at the wedding tomorrow. Would

you like to go to the wedding. Yeah.

What do you think about the wedding?

What you looking forward to?

The, get to see

The, get to see Kate's dress.

Yeah, I think everyone wants to see

the dress, I reckon they should have

your cake at the wedding. Thanks,

Daisy, thanks, everyone, see you in

half an hour.

I am so with Daisy, dying to see the

dress. Kate will be dieing to

dress. Kate will be dieing to see Prince William. We just heard he

went for a little inpromp chew walk

about. Here he is, staying

about. Here he is, staying at Clarence House, this is a few

moments ago, to greet the crowds,

isn't that lovely. They are so

relaxed. We saw Kate do her

rehearsal. Charles and Camilla drove

past a little while ago.

Is it a look alike or the real one?

I think it is real. It is the real

one, yes. Well, do you know what he is saying, "

is saying, "Thanks for coming out

but hey, I live on the mall, I need

a good night's sleep and boy, it is

rowdy out here, can you just shut

the hell up."

No, I think it is lovely they

recognise how much they are loved.

It is amazing here around Buckingham

Palace. And down the royal mall so

stick with us. You are watching

Sunrise right across Australia on

the eve of the big wedding.

# It's a celebration

# Celebrate good times #

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Look at that, a man's size thirst

for a man-size wedding need a

man-size beer.

I need a nip of brandy but it is not

as cold as last night. Flags from

every. People got their spots, put

their tent out.

And the number of And the number

And the number families

And the number family driving by

with the kids looking out.

And every car is honking its horn, very festive. As Monique has told us, the weather bureau is tipping

cloudy conditions with the chance of showers for today's royal wedding. No matter the weather - the show must go on. And what a show it will be. Six military bands will line the procession route and we're told the wedding itself will feature a wide variety of music with a very British feel. Dickie Arbiter is across the last-minute preparations. Dickie, the couple has released a statement saying

He did Charles and Di's wedding and

Andrew and Fergie. He has done it all.

The couple has released statement

saying they are incredibly moved by

all the support they've received?

Yes, they have printed it in the

official program and surprise,

surprise, the official program is

available as an I book. The message

says quite simply, "

says quite simply, "We are both so

delighted you are able to join us in

celebrating what we hope will be one

of the happiest days of our lives,

the affection shown to us has been

incredibly moveing and has touched

us deeply. We would like to take

this opportunity to thank everyone

most sincerely for their kindness."

A touching message, you can buy it

or if you in Australia, you can down

load it as an I book.

They are a mudern family. We have

got 14 hours rb what is happening

We got to remember it is Friday

morning in Australia but it is thill

l still Thursday night here, dark,

lot of people milling around, there

is more traffic down here tonight

than any time during a rush hour.

What they are doing in Buckingham

Palace is putting the finishing

touches to setting everything out.

They won't have the food out but the

drink bottles, the glasses and

crockery and cutlerly. What will

happen tomorrow morning before the

Queen leaves for Westminster Abbey,

she will walk through the whole of

the rooms to see that everything is

absolutely perfect. She, you know,

she needs to see it all. If there is

something not quite right, it will

be put right while the service is

on. So they are just putting the

finishing touches on buc now.

She over seas every. Terrific, catch

up in the next hour.

Can't imagine anything wouldn't be right, somehow.

It is good, isn't it. Still ahead - Julia Gillard and her meeting with Prince Charles just hours before the royal wedding. Plus, from commoner to princess. How Kate Middleton's life is about to change forever. But is she ready? And, why did William wait so long before popping the question? The Prince explains in his own words, next.

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Oh... The old bangers, outside Oh... The old bangers, outside of Buckingham Palace. No mash.

No, you need the sustenance though, don't you.

Terrific. It is going to be a long,

cold night but a lot of fun. There

is music and balloons. People

walking around selling

walking around selling balloons. It

is like a big carnival, wonderful. I

know but you

know but you don't want to peek too early. William and Kate met at St Andrews University. After a 7-year romance, the Prince proposed next to a remote lake on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

He set a high bar for everyone in

the future, hasn't he? So why did he wait to pop the question?

Prince William explains in his own words. You know, her and her family, I really want to make sure they have the best, sort of, guidance and the chance to see what life's been like and what life is like in the family. And that's kind of why I almost have been waiting this long because I wanted to give her

the chance to see and back out if she needed too before it all got too much, because I'm trying to learn from lessons done in the past. I just wanted to give her the best chance to settle in and, you know, see what happens the other side. Very sensible.

I think that's just lovely.

Isn't it good? We talked a

We talked a about her, she is 69.

Does it make you -- She is 29.

Does it make you all feel like a princess.

Yes, look at the gem I got on the

streets. It had may name on it.

There the flags are out, this is

cheap, only on one side, it

cheap, only on one side, it is 1 pound.

You got the cheap one.

Reej nlt Street is -- Regent Street

is decked out in union jacks.

And Harrods, all decked out with

previous royal wedding, cakes, every

shop, it is special.

Glad you can join us for it. You are

watching Sunrise right around

Australia, it is a very special

time, we are back with more right after this. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow.

# Your love is my drug

# Your love

# Your love is my The Sunrise Cash Cow is getting excited about the royal wedding and she's bursting with cash. But you'll need today's codeword to enter the draw: That's appropriate.

And you could be a winner. As we

ship the Cash Cow back to

quarantine. Get her back. She's made

some friends here though.

Hasn't she. They will be sad when she leaves. Today's the day. Just ahead - how Aussies will celebrate the big event. Plus, her last chance to get everything right. Kate Middleton gives Westminster Abbey the once-over. News time now though. Here's Nat back at Brekky Central. Prince William has met some of his dedicated subjects who're camped out in their thousands near Westminster Abbey. The Prince has shaken hands with well-wishers on his last night as a single man. His bride-to-be Kate Middleton is spending the night at the nearby Goring Hotel with her family for her final night as a commoner. The couple's official wedding program has been released with a message to their guests. They say - "The affection shown to us by so many people There are less than 10 hours to go until our live coverage of the wedding starts. US President Barack Obama will tour communities torn apart by deadly storms across the country's south. More than 180 people have died in an overnight storm in Alabama. A state of emergency has been declared across eight states. Many have described the widespread devastation as the worst they've seen. The President says his heart goes out to those affected. I've already spoken to the governors of Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. And, I've let them know that we are ready to help in any possible way.

I've delaired a state... Over 200 people have lost their lives this year from storms with the death toll expected to climb. Two Melbourne men will face court this morning

charged over an assault that led to a brawl involving young Sudanese on Saturday night. The pair appeared in an out-of-sessions court hearing last night, charged with 11 counts each relating to the assault of two men in Braybrook. It comes after a Carlton bar owner released security video of another brawl that was allegedly sparked when the Sudanese group was refused entry to a club. The mother and stepfather of Sydney girl Kiesha Wheippeart will appear in court this morning on murder charges. Remains believed to be those of the 6-year-old girl were found in a bush grave in western Sydney a week ago. Her mother, Kristi Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith, were charged with the girl's murder on the same day. A post-mortem exam has failed to confirm the identity of the remains and DNA tests are now being carried out. And a driver has had a close call when his car burst into flames on a Sydney freeway last night. The driver managed to get his car to the side of the road and climb out just before the vehicle was engulfed. Traffic on the M5 was stopped

as firefighters worked to put out the blaze. In finance news: This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Bulldogs full-back Ben Barba is determined to show the Broncos just what they're missing in tonight's blockbuster clash at Suncorp Stadium.

Barba was discarded by Brisbane before finding a home at the Dogs. The 21-year-old has been named in Queensland's 25-man Origin squad and plans to celebrate by tormenting the NRL's best defence. It's been a buzz the last few weeks

How well I'm going, so, hopefully,

my luck hasn't run out just yet. Also tonight, the Rabbitohs host the Sharks at ANZ Stadium. West Coast has claimed its biggest scalp of 2011, destroying Melbourne by 54 points at Patersons Stadium last night. The Eagles got off to a blistering start, out-muscling the the Demons on their way to a 5-goal lead at quarter time. From that point the result was never in doubt. Andrew Embley, Quinten Lynch and young gun Jack Darling kicked three goals each for the hosts. The Melbourne Rebels have dumped English playmaker Danny Cipriani to the bench for tomorrow night's Super Rugby encounter with the Waratahs. Berrick Barnes returns for the Tahs after recovering from several heavy concussions. Hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau has also been ruled fit despite copping a nasty head knock last week. A knee injury has prevented Kurtley Beale from training but he's expected to play.

Well, things are ramping up

Well, things are ramping up at Buckingham Palace, in fact, I think

that is an under statement, Kochie

and Mel, things are going pretty

nuts where you are. Extraordinary. Going off.

The Aussies who turned up are really

funny. Give everyone a wave back

home. They are all there, which is fantastic.

They have suddenly gone quiet.


Sorry, we just have to keep

apologiseing to our neighbours,

Canada TV is two cameras down and

they are going to air and we are

going yeah!

(Aussie, Aussie, Ozae oi, oi, oi!

Canada is enjoying that as well.

It is the war cry from Australia,

from Buckingham Palace, it is quite

a contrast. The Queen will join and wave later.

Stick her head out of the window, " Stick her head out of the window,

"Oi, Oi, Oi."

You do that well, put your tiara

back on, mun eke has got the --

Monique has got the weather.

Obviously things there are getting

pretty exciting. This is how

pretty exciting. This is how people

are celebrating outside of London. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

You don't have to be at Buckingham

Palace to get into the spirit. We

are in Essex, about two hours

outside of London. We are at a

street party here. What is a street

party woul bowling? Princess Millie,

take it away, no stress, go! Yeah!

Good, isn't it. How this came about,

how all these people came out is we

got in contact with Tania, we found

out she was having a street party

tomorrow but of course, we needed

you to put on a street party today.

What tid you say?

I said, "

I said, "Lyn, can we do it? And she said, "

said, "Yes we can." We said, " said, "Yes we can." We said, "Right

okay, we will just extend, celebrate

two parties in the next 24 hours.

Do you think the wedding is a

fantastic excuse for communities to

get together.

Absolutely, we have got a great

community spirit here and we are

good (sings) neighbours.

Yes of course, that is from another

network... No, it is fine. You want

to say hello to somebody? I

to say hello to somebody? I want to

say hello to my dearsh cousin Sue,

we miss you, but you are coming home

soon, from Cron... soon, from Cron.... Cronulla.

And Jilly and Dave in Perth, we love

you, Jilly, it was 3.

you, Jilly, it was 3.30 in the

morning when we phoned them a little

while ago, sorry about that, but you

know, you are a lazy cow, get up.

Thank you so much for having us this morning.

A delight. We are really enjoying

it, thank you.

Let's take a look at the weather now. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. A large high is directing cool south-east winds and showers onto the east coast of Australia while keeping Victoria and Tasmania dry. Warm northerly winds are increasing in South Australia ahead of an approaching trough. Wills and Kate can expect some cloud with possible showers and sunshine later for their big day reaching a top of 18 degrees.

Not that the weather is going to

make any difference here. In Canvy

Island. A little while later I said

itgoing to rain and everyone looked

at me with blank faces saying, "

at me with blank faces saying, "How

does that affect anything?

does that affect anything?." It is

pretty cold, not that you would go,

Mr Hawaiian shirt man.

Hello, Goondiwindi.

Just about everyone here has

relative in Australia, say G'day to them.

(all cheer) (all cheer).

It won't rain. It will hold off for

the special moment, it can bucket in

the afternoon but they bill be in

there partying but that is okay.

Time for the royal wedding trivia

question of the day. The answer is

coming up after the break. Also ahead - Julia Gillard gets a dose of wedding fever. But next, travelling in style. The Aussie who makes coaches for royalty. And, all set to party.

How we'll celebrate the big event at home.

The world is gearing up. You are

watching a special edition of

Sunrise, we are live at Buckingham

Palace as the party ramps up, big

time, because the wedding is today.

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# I'm the one # Before the break we had my royal wedding trivia question.

I'm going to miss this next week.

Oh! She's marrying a toy boy!

A prince toy boy! Dozen get better.

-- doesn't get better. The weather will determine how the royals travel to Kate and Wills' wedding later today. And back in Australia, a Sydney coachmaker will be watching the proceedings very closely. Jim Frecklington creates carriages fit for a queen. He's spent the past 6 years creating the State Coach 'Britannia'. It has 24-carat gold detail jewel-encrusted doors

and fragments of historical wood and stone. But the traditional design also comes complete with some modern conveniences like electric windows and heating for those chilly London days. Jim Frecklington is hoping the coach will make it to the Royal Family in London before the end of the year. He joins us from his Manly workshop. How did you get involved in carriage making?

It is not a standard thing to do?

Mel, lovely to talk to you. How it

came about, when I was young I used

to work for the British Royal

household and worked in the Royal

Muse at Buckingham Palace

Muse at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. It was my job to

look after the horses for the Queen

and I used to drive the coaches.

Then in 1977 for the Queen's silver

jubilee, we brought some of the

coaches out to Australia and I I coaches out to Australia and I

coaches out to Australia and I I have been involved in the royal

coaches for many years.

I am correct, buckback, directly

behind me, -- Buckingham Palace,

directly behind me, your room was

one just next thobalcony.

When I was young I was very

privileged to live in the front

privileged to live in the front of Buckingham Palace. The balcony at

the front and my room was the first

one on the right-hand side of the balcony.

There is no lights on there at the

moment, so it is obviously vacant.

Tell us about the carriage you made? The details?

It is a brand new coach I have made. It is a brand new coach I have

made.It has taken a long time to

make. I have been making it, over

six years in the making but this is

a very high-tech coach. It has been

made for the future, really. Not

only the Queen herself will ride in

this coach but I also can

this coach but I also can visualise Prince Charles and also Prince

William will ride in this coach

many, many times in his lifetime.

But I have made it here in Manly.

This is defer to any of the coach

This is defer to any of the coach -- it is different to any of the

coaches you will see at Buckingham

Palace because it is a time capsule

of British history. It incorporates

over 100 pieces of British history,

it is said this contains more

British history than any other

movable item in Britain.

Well, Jim, it is absolutely

stunning. I am sure the Queen will

love it when she receives it. Good

to talk to you, thank you for your time.

Lovely to talk to you. If your invitation to the royal wedding got lost in the mail don't worry.

You can still dress up and celebrate in style. Dee McKinnirey has planned a party to rival the big event. She joins us now. Dee, what are you getting up to tonight?

Don't you girls look gorgeous. What

you getting up to tonight

We've gut a party tonight with about

20 girls coming and we are all

20 girls coming and we are all going to be frocked up in our old wedding dresses.

They're a bit tight.

Yes, we won't be filming from the

back, at all. Lots of champagne, so

I am looking very dynasty rr, think

of Scott and Charlene out of

neighbours. Caroline can still fit into her dress.

Can't breathe very well though.

That is fantastic. Where did the

idea come from?

When they got engaged we were at a

lunch, as you do. And someone lunch, as you do. And someone said, " lunch, as you do. And someone said,

"How about we drag out out our old

wedding dresses and get them out for

the flight to the flight wedding dresses and get them out for

the night to watch the royal

wedding. So it

wedding. So it is exactly what we

did. Went over to mum and dads, went

through the old camphor wood

dresses, mine, unfortunately the

lace has gone yellow, hope you don't

see it. Had the best dress up day, luhilarious, fun.

It is amazing what the creativity

after a couple of glasses of sparkly

comes to your girls. Absolutely.

What else is on the menu? Cucumber sandwichs?

We don't.

A bit of quiche.

Yes, a bit of quiche. I thought, you

know, the Queen probably wouldn't

get away with

get away with this but I asked

everyone to bring a plate.

It is BYO.

You loves, I love it, you girls are

going to have a great night tonight

n joy the wedding, it looms like you

-- it enjoy the wedding, it looks

like you will have fun.

Good on them for getting in the


Like they said, they don't want to show the back.

They look gorgeous. Let's get our daily dose of gossip. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us. And Elton John's caught up in a family feud. What's happened?

Well, gosh, almost every family has

one but Elton is getting away from

it all by going a guest at a royal

wedding. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga, as

you know is going to be the god

mother to their adopted baby,

Zachary, the son he and David had

through a surrogate mother but now

Elton's own mother, the grand mother

of Zachary has nothing to do with

them. She hasn't met Zachary and, " them. She hasn't met Zachary and,

"Has no particular interest." Turns

out Elton and his mum had a fight

three years ago, and haven't spoken,

it is something to do with his

partner and they don't talk. It is

news to me, it is unfortunate,

news to me, it is unfortunate, maybe they can work it out and grandma can

meet cackry some day.

That is

That is. Wrorx Moving on, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have revealed their family expenses. What's the damage?

Do they live the high life?

They do, it is not a surprise. I

don't know x how the numbers came

out. We just finished our annual tax

returns so perhaps it how the

numbers came out. It is a glimpse

what it costs to be Brad and

Angelina. Food, they have six kids.

Clothes, $

Clothes, $96,000, and the nannies, almost $

almost $1 million in expenses. So I guess. No!

Kate and Wills is royalty, Brad and

Angelina is as close to royalty.

Birthday parties! $

Birthday parties! $63! I could do it

cheaper than that. I make mean cupcakes. $ cupcakes.

$1 million in nannies! That is sort

of ten noonies they have got.

Maybe they pin the tail on the real

donkey? Maybe it has something to do

with it?

That is extraordinary. Thank you,

Nelson, catch you a bit later. Let's

give away some cash. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. Sunrise Cash Cow is giving away $180,000.

That would almost pay for a

Brangelina birthday party. Stick around, we're calling our major winner soon.

As the Cash Cow has taken London by storm.

As has one Mr Rolf Harris who is

joining us on the show and just gone

down to greet the Aussie crowds.

They are going bananas. It is great.

And also, if Mr. and Mrs. Christmas

are watching, your daughter Jolene

is well, she said to pass it on.

There are few Aussies who want to

come on telly just to let mum know I am okay.

And send cash.

Yes. A few requests.

Rolf Harris painted the Queen for

her 80th birthday.

Back in 2005.

Got the royal wobble board. That is sensational.

Will chat to him later in the show,

can't wait. Have a listen

# No, will... Kate and all together

now, tie me kangaroo down, sport

# Tie me kangaroo, sport

# Tie me kangaroo down

# Watch it all on TV

# Everything you can see, when you

watch it all on TV # All together now

# Tie me kangaroo, down, sport

# Tie me kangaroo down

# Sport, tie me kangaroo down

# Beautifully

# beautifully handled over there.

Not a sight you see very often, Rolf

Harris and a wobble board and a

crowd of Aussies outside

crowd of Aussies outside of Buckingham Palace.

It is such a party atmosphere,

London is chock-a-block, remember,

it is late April, the peak tourist

season isn't for a couple of months

and you can't walk around Regent

Street and TruGallagher Square, and

everyone is happy, there is a

everyone is happy, there is a buzz in the air. News is next. Then, the best seat in the house. Your ultimate guide to the royal wedding. And, picture perfect. The new portrait of the world's most famous couple.

This is a very special edition of

Sunrise, we are live at Buckingham

Palace, in London, and it is party all night. # It', it's funny you should say that because I bought one of those Win for Life tickets a couple of years ago. You know, I saw it, I thought, "Why not?" And, er, I won - which was, er, pretty cool. But I still get up every morning, catch the bus into work just like everyone else. Hey! Hasn't really changed anything. (LAUGHS) Yeah, right. The new Win for Life Instant Scratchie. Now you can win: SONG: # Scratch me happy. # As a beauty editor, I try so many brands. When I heard about Pantene's blind test, I had to check it out. Turned out 83% wanted to use Pantene again. I've never hesitated in telling my readers to try it.

Hello, I'm David Koch in London. And I'm Melissa Doyle. This morning - Kate Middleton checks-in to her luxury hotel for last night as a single woman and a commoner after one last rehearsal at the Abbey. Huge crowds gather to witness a moment in history. The world gets ready to party as Kate's fairytale comes true. Her life will change forever on this Friday, 29 April, 2011. This is a special edition of Sunrise live from the Palace. Thanks for joining us on royal wedding day.

I must say, I am so very excited. It

is just the most incredible atmosphere: Are you?

Just a little bit.

It is contagious, even I'm excited.

It is like a carnival here, sorry,

midgey. It is just delightful. Like

all brides, very organised, Kate

Middleton is not leaving anything to

chance. She has been back

chance. She has been back to Westminster Abbey for one last run

through, I think it is three or

through, I think it is three or four she had. They took the bridesmaids

and pageboys, so hopefully she is

tucked away in bed at the Goring

Hotel, a stone's throw away.

I hope she had a nice dinner with

her mum and dad and sister and brother.

They are staying together.

It will be an early start for Kate. She's due at the church at 11:00am local time, and I'm guessing it'll take a bit of time for her to get ready. Time is also running out for people here to grab a spot to watch the wedding, as the crowds are growing fast.

Tents have sprung up everywhere.

They are cooking a barbecue. Camp

fires, everything out there. Julia Gillard is in town. She's met Prince Charles.

Her partner, Tim Mathieson, gave the Prince an Aussie Rules guernsey. And the PM visted us here for a chat. That interview shortly. But let's get the latest news from Nat. Prince William has thrilled thousands of people camped outside in chilly London, taking the time to meet them on his last night as a single man. The Prince and his brother Harry shook the hands of well-wishers outside their London residence, Clarence House. (CHEERING) William, William, William! Kate Middleton is staying with her family at the nearby Goring Hotel

on her last night as a commoner. The couple's official wedding program has been released with a message to their guests. They say: Kate and William will say "I do" in around nine hours time. More than 180 people have been confirmed dead in a storm in Alabama

in what US authorities are calling the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina. Seven News reporter Erin Edwards has the latest from the United States. Nat, it's the worst natural disaster

To hit the United States

To hit the United States since Hurricane Katrina and the worst

storms in more than 40 years,

twisters, 162 of them, carved a

destructive and catastrophic path

through eight southern states,

Alabama is theurst with hit with

more than 180 people confirmed dead.

2,000 troops from the national guard are on

are on the ground looking for

survivors but sadly, none have been

found today. President Obama will

visit the worst-hit areas tomorrow.

I want every American who has been

affected by this deswragser to know

the -- disast taor know the federal

government will do everything we can

to help you recover and we will

stand with you as you rebuild.

He has offered food, water and

housing for the thousands who are

now homeless and in mourning. AFL fans will have unprecedented access to live games under the new broadcast rights deal for the code. The Seven Network, Foxtel and Telstra will pay a record $1.25 billion for the 5-year rights beginning in 2012. Every game will be shown live. Channel 7 will show a minimum of four premium matches free-to-air each week. This represents an outstanding result for our fans across the country with more live football on free-to-air television than ever before.

For the first time ever Telstra customers will be able to stream live games to their mobiles. Ever the trooper, Justin Bieber has continued his Aussie shows overnight despite a back injury. The 17-year-old Canadian pop star wowed more than 15,000 fans in Sydney with rapper Chris Brown making a surprise guest appearance. As expected, his teenage fans went crazy. When he sang 'Somebody to Love' and 'Never Say Never',


I love you, Justin!

And he loves you. Bieber has another show in Sydney tonight before travelling to Melbourne. In finance news: Last year's wooden spooners, West Coast, have emerged as genuine finals contenders courtesy of a 54-point demolition of Melbourne at Patersons Stadium last night. The Eagles stamped their authority early

and were never troubled, condemning the Demons to their 11th straight loss in Perth. I think it's credit to the players - they've had a focus on knowing they've got to improve

and they've worked really hard and getting some rewards now. Mark LeCras made an encouraging return from a groin injury for the Eagles.

And youngster Jack Darling was again impressive, booting three goals. Broncos captain Darren Lockyer is a certain starter for tonight's NRL clash against the Bulldogs despite suffering back spasms during the week. In tonight's other clash,

South Sydney will be looking to get its season back on track against the struggling Sharks. Meantime, Tigers coach Tim Sheens is expected to announce today whether he'll be taking up a lucrative offer to coach Penrith next year. Aussie basketball superstar Lauren Jackson is going all out

in pursuit of Olympic gold in London next year. The Opals captain has taken a pay cut so that she can sit out the first half of the WNBA season

and focus solely on Australia's Olympic campaign. Meantime, newly crowned NBL coach of the year Tervor Gleeson will take over at the Melbourne Tigers next season.

We watched the buildup this week to

what is happening in London, Mel and

Kochie but today you can feel the

vibe. It is there? The place is

ready to go?

It is fantastic. It is all families,

it is like, you know how you pack

the kids in the car and have your

big drive into town to see the

Christmas lights and things? It is

like this, so many families are

brings the kids in, driving

brings the kids in, driving around Buckingham Palace and are all the

kids are looking, so excited. All tooting.

Terrific atmosphere. Monique is in

Essex for one of thousands of street

parties that are going to be held to

celebrate the wedding, Monique?

We are just having the best fun. You

were just talking about the kids.

This is a bit like Christmas. We

have just been talking about what it

means to be a royal, and about

weddings and things like that, Alfie

Archie, what do you think it means

if you are a prince?

You have servants.

What else, what do you think Archie?

Um, em,

Um, em,; servants and loads of

things. You get what you want and all that.

You reckon. What do you reckon at a wedding.

People down the aisle.

There are page boys and a man who

holds the woman to take her to the,

take them to the... Um, um, I've forgotten.

Don't worry, it is pretty confusing.

Do they get to kiss? Yeah.

What do you think it means to be a princess?

I think it would be really cool

because you get to have lots of

hair, like Repunzel and get to wear

pretty dresses, lots of pretty dresses. That could That dresses.

That would be cool. We are having

fun and I am learning a lot what it

means to be a royal. Someone told

me, to be a royal you can boss

everyone around. I like that.

I like that idea too, Chloe, let's

look at the weather now. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. And Wills and Kate can expect some cloud with possible showers and sunshine later for their big day,

reaching a top of 18 degrees. Kochie you were talking

Kochie you were talking earlier how

it feels it is the Christmas spirit

and look, I think the Royal Family

are travelling through. This is how

these guys arrived at the party. (laughs) these guys arrived at the party. (laughs). Yep.

Very glamorous.

Half the people at this party, how

they have been arriving. It is great stuff.

It is wonderful, it is happy. The

same here, a lovely thing. See you

in about half an hour. This is it. The final countdown is on to the royal wedding but is London ready? Our royal correspondent Nuala Hafner has your ultimate guide to the big event.

She's live at the scene of the nuptials - Westminster Abbey. Good morning, Nuala. The bride and groom are probably feeling a bit nervous. How about palace officials?

Mel, look, I think it Mel, look, I think

Mel, look, I think it is not only

going to be Kate and Wills who will

need a holiday after tomorrow, the

officials will need one. I know

officials will need one. I know we have been reporting on this for

weeks but it wasn't until today it

really started to sink in what is

big deal this is. I am up several

stories here but down there they are

going off, screaming at absolutely

anything. But if you have been under

a rock for the last,

a rock for the last,say, five

months, here is how tomorrow will

play out from start to finish, get a pen. This is it. The RSVPs are in, the rehearsals are over and the run sheet looks like a military operation. This is one event you don't want to be late for. Julia Gillard will be getting out her royal wedding finery

as one of 1,900 invitees. Others include sport stars Ian Thorpe and David Beckham, his wife Posh and Sir Elton John. Most of the guests will arrive at 8:15 sharp. That's around 5:15pm back in Australia. World leaders, almost an hour-and-a-half later

At 7:15pm our time it's time for the groom and best man to make their appearance.

At 7:42, Prince Charles and Camilla are due and three minutes later, the Queen and Prince Philip. The bride gets a little leeway, she's expected at the Abbey around 8:00pm, which is 11:00am in London.

And as Kate Middleton steps out of her Rolls-Royce, we'll finally get a glimpse of her dress. Then it begins - the wedding the world's been waiting for. Westminster Abbey will be filled with white, green and cream flowers, all 30,000 of them. The music will include two choirs, an orchestra and trumpeters. The soundtrack will be recorded so we can all relive the memories. And every second will be captured by the 40 cameras set up around the Abbey. It'll all be beamed live to an audience of two billion people. Let's just hope Kate and Wills remember their vows and each others' names.

I Diana Francis.

I Diana Francis.

Take 3, Charles Phillip Arthur George.

Take thee Phillip Charles Arthur George. After the hour-long ceremony the procession begins to the reception with another 400 cameras lining the route. The newlyweds will travel via carriage but whether it's open or closed will depend on the weather. The 1.9 kilometre journey will leave Westminster Abbey and make its way past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Whitehall, the London Cenotaph, a wave to the PM's residence in Downing Street, past the Mall and Prince Charles' home - Clarence House, the Queen Victoria monument St James' Park and finally their destination - Buckingham Palace. Then the real party begins in a reserved, royal kind of way. The Queen will host 650 guests for a late wedding breakfast. The highlight is sure to be a balcony appearance by the newlyweds. In the evening there's a more intimate gathering of 350 friends and family. That reception's hosted by Prince Charles and it's when Harry will make his speech. There's also the traditional cake cutting, in this case there are two - a tiered fruit cake and Wills' favourite a chocolate biscuit cake. And, after all the parties are finished there's the honeymoon but that's another story.

You know what? This is going to be

such a very, very public wedding. I

hope that their honeymoon is

private. I hope we don't find out.

In fact, Mel, I swear to In fact, Mel, I swear to you New York In fact, Mel, I swear to you

In fact, Mel, I swear to you now, I

will naul not stalk them on their

honeymoon, I will wait until they

get back to Anglsea in Wales.

Once the honeymoon, you have lost all chance.

It will be ring off, Mel, ring off.

Ring off. See you lovely.

Girls, keep dreaming. We understand that a wedding eve party is just winding up for Kate and her family at an exclusive hotel alongside Buckingham Palace. Across town, the Queen has hosted a party of her own

for royals visiting from around the world. And while they'll soon be heading to bed, security forces across London are now on duty, firmly locking many parts of the city down. Dickie Arbiter is back with us. Dickie, let's talk about the Middletons first. We understand they've taken over an entire hotel?

They have taken over the whole of

the Goring Hotel, one of the best

hotels in London. It is quite

exclusive. Off the beaten track, it

is in a side street

is in a side street behind Buckingham Palace. The police have

got it well cordoned off and got the

whole hotel. They are having a kind

of last supper, Kate's last evening

of freedom before she ties knot

tomorrow. So a nite family get

together. What is nice about the

Middleton family is they are very

close. There is continuity there, a

good up bringing and a good close

family, unlike a lot of families

today and it is the last time they

will have a get together.

It is nice with all the attention

and hullabaloo. Now, the Queen's

gathering was informal canapes for

visiting royals. When you are royal,

how informal is it?

You get an informal gathering at

Sandringham at Christmas or over

summer, this is a gathering at the

Mandarin Hotel and the royals are

there from Denmark, Sweden, Norway,

they all know each other extremely

well. They know each other well.

They are related. It is not a sit

down dinner, there are canapes and

drinks, a reception, but the Queen's

way of gathering everybody together

and a family

and a family get together before the

big day tomorrow.

The Middletons here, William is

The Middletons here, William is at Clarence House, around the corner

down the mall, how was he coming out

an hour or two ago to talk to all

the people waiting outside in the

mall? What a wonderful thing? That

sort of takes you back to something

his mother would do.

His mother would have done that and

he would have been proud he did

that. It is a spontaneous gesture.

He is in Clarence House, he can see

what is going on in the Mall and

around theer Clarence House, he put

on his shoes and off he went and did

awalk about. He did enjoy himself

and incrowds loved every moment. I

bet those around Buckingham Palace

are kicking themselves for being at

the wrong place at the wrong time.

We will check with you later but for

now, thank you. Okay. Now to our PM's preparations for the wedding. She'll be there with her partner, Tim Mathieson. I caught up with Julia Gillard right after her meeting with Prince Charles on the wedding eve. Welcome to London. (laughs)

Welcome to London. (laughs). Thank you.

Isn't this incredible? Have you seen anything like this?

It is an amazing scene. I had the

opportunity to walk through the

crowd a bit, you have got Kate and

Will everything! You name it, you can get it.

Come with me for wander. The crowds,

you can actually feel, I think the

excitement and people have been

camped out for days and days.

Yes, and some people have got quite sophisticated camp

sophisticated camp sites, you can

tell they have been there for a

while. But overwhelmingly a sense of

happiness and enthusiasm. A crowd

with great deal of joy in it, it is lovely. You are going? Yes where am.

Very mucky. Excited?

I am, two young people in love

I am, two young people in love and it is going to be such an occasion,

very much looking forward to it.

You going to do a hat?

It is a state secret but I will have

something on my head.

Nice, even if it is this morning's

show, I thought I got to dress like

I'm going to a wedding. How was your

day, a meeting with David Cameron?

Yes, and I met with Prince Charles

with will meet later with the

opposition leader, Ed Milliband so a

few meetings.

Anything you want to share? Anything

of interest.

We were mainly focused on foreign

policy talks

policy talks particularly with David

Cameron talking about our mission in

Afghanistan and what is happening in

Syria and Libya, so we were on the

weightier subjects rather than the

royal wedding but everyone is excited.

With Prince Charles?

Talking about his great interest in

sustainable pability. He was --

sustainability. He was very jen

sustainability. He was very generous

when we had the floods and cyclone

and he was keen to hear how everyone

was recovering and how the

Australian natural environment is

recovering from it went through with

the floods and cyclone and he is

very focused on disadvantaged young

people so he was focused on that.

His son is getting married tomorrow,

it is great to be focused with that.

He is excited and family wedding for

him, royal wedding for us, family

weding for him. But he is a man who

thinks and has an agenda he wants to

pursue rb, he has been on about

sustainability before it is the buzz

word it is now. You have got to give

it to him with the passion a life time.

How long you here?

Leaving Saturday morning.

You know where you are sitting in the church?

I will be with the Govenor-General,

and Tim will be with me, and the

Govenor-General's husband will be

with her and some relatives of

Kate's will be around us.

All of us, 20 years from now will

say where were you when they got


I reflected on that, I remember

where I was with watching Charles

and Diana, way back when. Where?

In South Australia with girlfriends,

are a glass of champagne and getting

in it and now here.

I know you have got a lot on, thank you.

Thank you, thanks a lot.

It is It Thank you, thanks a lot.

It is good to see the First Bloke,

Tim Mathieson thinking about the

footy, even with all the wedding hype. footy, even with all the wedding

hype Tim gave Charles a Guernsey

from Mansfield, it is the closest

town to Timber Top where the Prince

went to school. Good on you, Tim. Back home, footy fans have a big decision tonight - the big wedding or the big game. Joining us now are Sunrise Sport's Jim and Rebecca Wilson. Jim, the Swans take on Carlton in AFL while in the NRL Brisbane's up against Canterbury and Souths clash with Cronulla. Do you expect crowds to be down?

Do you reckon the blokes will be

sort of sticking in front of the TV

with the Misses.

It is a bit of a dilemma, from

It is a bit of a dilemma, from the a

Carlton fan and the Broncos Bulldogs

will be something. A lot of us will

be channel surfing. They might be

down by a few but they might decide

to record our coverage, the best

seats in the house from 4 o'clock

and watch it later. A big night of

sport. Serious, just record it, it

is fine,

No, no, no, look, honestly, I think

I will be watching, look, the battle

for remote in my household Kochie

and Jim, will be on for young and

old. Two teenagers who just said, " old. Two teenagers who just said,

"What royal wedding? "What royal wedding?".

"What royal wedding? "What royal wedding?." And a

who said, "

"What royal wedding?." And a partner who said, "We are watching so much

footy you won't get a look in." And

I will get a glimpse of the frock,

but I am going to monopalise one TV,

I can't wait.

Talking about footy and TV, we are

very excited Channel 7 has cured

free-to air TV rights for the AFL

until 2016, it includes FOXTEL and

Telstra. Tell us what it means for

us fans? Does it mean more live games cephal

Did see like football and nat is

fantastic for AFL fabl around the

country. The AFL want to put the

sign out saying show us the money.

They have got more, $ They have got more, $1.

They have got more, $1.25 billion.

Nine games live, premium games on

Seven, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

we might onsell one more game, we

will have to see with another rival

network but it makes it interesting

with for the NRL, Seven is in

with for the NRL, Seven is in the

hunt, Nine will be aggressive and

Ten, with Lachlan Murdoch they will go for it.

They have set the bench e mark with

AFL, $ AFL, $1.

AFL, $1.2 billion. But they must be

thinking to up the ante, at the

moment, they are well behind what

they are getting out of the game

with television rights. I think

Seven will go after Origin to be

honest. But David Gallop needs a

bidding war and if Ten comes in he

has a fight. It is good for the

sports fan, we will see so

sports fan, we will see so live

footy, the AFL, national, if you can

watch nine games of live AFL every

weekend, wow! How good is that.

Good for fans. Not nearly enough. Exactly.

I am so jealous.

Yeah! Fantastic. Yeah... Yeah! Fantastic.

Yeah.... I'd rather talk about

princesses. That is socay, nine is a

lot but that is okay. Later this hour - a princess in waiting. What's in store for Kate Middleton once she says "I do". Also, from playing the wobble board to painting the Queen.

Aussie icon Rolf Harris live. And, the Cash Cow gets set to party in London. We're calling this morning's major winner when we come back. day for our region.. ahead of a Good morning. A mostly sunny

fine weekend. We can expect a top of 19 in Canberra.. 20 in Yass.. and 18 in Cooma.

Royal wedding fever has hit the capital.. as locals prepare

to celebrate the much- anticipated nuptials

tonight. Local milliner Cynthia Bryson.. who designed 2

outfits for the Governor General.. says she can't wait

to see her creations on the big screen. She'll celebrate

with friends in style.. with veils.. tiaras.. and even a

Jerrabomberra milliner Viktoria wedding cake. While..

Novak waits to see if a hat she designed.. will make it to

Westminster Abbey. Five teens face court.. over several robberies in

Canberra's south. Victims were attacked with knives..

hammers.. and metal poles.. 3 ended up in hospital.

A new package will be unveilled later today.. which'll

create about 800 new childcare places in the ACT.

And our Brumbies gear up to take on the Cheetahs in South Africa tonight.

More at 11.

# Jumping around


Harry is still available! Exactly.

I love it, they are very keen.

Fantastic crowds. Part of the crowd,

lots of Aussies here. The

backpackers and expats here, all

part of a special night in London.

Why don't we give away some cash? (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow.

She's feeling very generous,

Cash Cow is giving away $

She's feeling very generous, the Cash Cow is giving away $180,000. So

let's phone another lucky winner.

This will cost us e though,

international call, but that's

international call, but that's okay. But it could help pay for a wedding party tonight That's very true.

Good morning, is that Catherine?

Catherine Netherway? Yes it is.

It is Mel and Kochie ringing from

London. You've won $ London. You've won $15,000.

Thank you s