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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to Sydney's Villawood facility Asylum seekers set fire in an explosive protest. for the very latest. We're live to the scene grounded ahead of the long weekend. The budget airline that could be

what it means for passengers. This morning, to a chair for misbehaving in class. The schoolboy allegedly strapped for the first time The Queen meets the Middleton's ahead of next week's wedding.

It's like a butcher shop and

going, " everyone is looking in the window

going, "I like that one, that one's

a bit old, that one's not as firm." most eligible single bloke. Eamon Sullivan crowned this year's this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, for breakfast. Good morning. Thanks for joining us the Villawood Detention centre. What a night it has been at A live look at the facility seekers during a protest. which has been torched by asylum Edwina Bartholomew is there. Sunrise correspondent

shortly. We'll get the very latest from her

If you're watching at Villawood,

come in close, Australians have a

great sense of fairness, when you do

things like that, we say get on your

bike, get out, don't take advantage

of us. with one inspirational young woman. Also today, we catch up in a shark attack After losing her arm Hamilton is back on top we'll find out why surfer Bethany and better than ever.

It is a great story. let's get the very latest news. But first, Here's Nat. is in flames this morning Sydney's Villawood detention centre asylum seekers ran out of control. after a rooftop protest by in the asylum seeker section Several buildings were set on fire late last night. Then a fence was knocked down holding people awaiting deportation and a building in the section was set ablaze. Because of security concerns, from outside the perimeter fence. fire crews are battling the flames The protesters say in having their claims finalised. they're frustrated at delays MAN: Please come and talk to us options except breaking the fences. or else we don't have any other in the detention centre Everybody will not stop what they are doing sends somebody to talk to them. until the Department of Immigration are on stand-by. Police Riot Squad officers pictures of two men wanted Brisbane police have released on a woman. over a brutal sexual attack victim into an alleyway The men pulled the 20-year-old nightclub to a bus stop as she walked from a West End on Friday night. She was most aggressively raped, probably in my service. in the worst way that I have seen The men are aged in their 20s

they could strike again. and police say has arrived in Tokyo Prime Minister Julia Gillard

tsunami-devastated region. ahead of a tour of Japan's travelling with the Prime Minister. Political reporter Alex Hart is since the Prime Minister's visit Nat, Japan has changed a great deal for the APEC summit last year. last night When she touched down here still struggling to come to terms she arrived to a country very much which struck about six weeks ago. with the earthquake and tsunami

on Saturday, Barring any further emergency the first foreign leader the Prime Minister will become worst affected by the disaster. to visit one of the regions personal presence here So through my

and conveying the condolences I want to be carrying with me of the Australian people. the disaster recovery Understandably, the Japanese government is preoccupying but Ms Gillard will still take time while she's here, to pursue other bilateral issues the pursuit of a free trade deal most importantly,

for some time. which Australia has been after for a mystery good Samaritan A Queensland family is searching a young boy's life. to thank her for saving was stung by a box jellyfish 7-year-old Osbourne Kew at a Townsville beach on Sunday. and turned blue, He stopped breathing to revive him, twice, but an off-duty nurse managed before paramedics arrived. and like electrocutes. Something grabbed onto my leg says Osborne's grateful mum, Susan, without leaving her details. the nurse gave her a hug then left

Finance news and what a whopping

night on markets! Got a lot to tell

you this morning, the Dow Jones has

just closed. Just settling down now,

up 187 points. To our region

yesterday, and it was a good day

after the good, strong lead

Wall Street. Commodities, gold, just after the good, strong lead from under $

under $1500 United States an ounce! Oil, $

Oil, $111 United States a barrel. It

is going north, why?

is going north, why?! Because of

this, next graphic! Look at the this, next graphic! Look at the bolter!

bolter!! Not just $

to $ bolter!! Not just $1 6 it is close

to $1.

to $1.07. The United States dollar

got smacked overnight something

fierce because of the combination of

the strong share market and

Federal Reserve continuing to print the strong share market and the

money, the quantitative stimulus

program as they say in technical

speak and also the standard & poors

downgrading earlier in the week.

Look at that, the United States

dollar is a 15-year low against the

euro as well. As a result, import

prices recorded a modest

prices recorded a modest rise in euro as well. As a result, import

March but the gains are due to the

surge in global oil price. Morning. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. to the price of consumer goods? Savanth, what's happened

Great news on that front, Kochie. We

have seen the consumer goods, stuff

from furniture, floor coverings,

electrical goods have all fallen for

record lows. For electrical goods,

prices have never been better in 23

years. The best part is the

retailers will continue to pass on

these savings to consumers given we

are not out there spending to a

great degree. Added to which, in the

next couple of quarters it may

prices are even lower given the next couple of quarters it may be

strength of the Australian dollar.

So there is that lag effect of when

the Aussie dollar rises it takes a

couple of month to filter through to

import prices so over the next

couple of months, consumers are in

for even bigger bargains.

That dollar is cracking along, it That dollar is cracking along, it is $ That dollar is cracking along, it is $1. That dollar is cracking along, it is $1.6.

That dollar is cracking along, it is

$1.6.9, heading north and could crack $

crack $1.

crack $1.07. Certainly.

Thank you. Time for sport with Simon.

Thank you, Kochie. Collingwood star Dale Thomas says he's hoping to re-sign with the reigning premiers by the AFL's mid-season break. Thomas is certain to field a massive offer from expansion club Greater Western Sydney. But the 23-year-old admits the Gold Coast's early struggles have made the option less appealing.

We've worked hard to get into the

position we are and whether or not

you do throw away, I suppose, the

success for what would be a starting out fresh. Round five kicks off tonight with Brisbane hosting St Kilda at the Gabba. Incoming Newcastle coach Wayne Bennett is already wielding his influence over the NRL club. News Limited reports Bennett has overruled Knights owner Nathan Tinkler and taken a lucrative offer to Cronulla prop Kade Snowden off the table. Snowden's now expected to stay with the Sharks who lost fellow prop Luke Douglas to the Titans last night. Knights skipper Kurt Gidley has re-signed for another four years.

Are you with me? Melbourne Victory can still reach the knockout stage of the Asian Champions League after downing Tianjin Teda 2-1 at a rain-swept Etihad Stadium last night. A brilliant free kick from Carlos Hernandez cancelled out the Chinese side's opening goal and when Robbie Kruse was fouled in first-half stoppage time Kevin Muscat hammered home the subsequent penalty to give the Victory a match-winning lead.

Now, there is a little bit of

mystery about the weather today.

Here's Grant. (roaring) Here's Grant.


Simon! Shut up! Shhh!

Simon! Shut up! Shhh!! Simon! Shut up! Shhh!!! Be really

still and really quiet... As you can

see here, the dinosaur is roaming

the open planes, their fossilised

foot prints indicating they

travelled in herds and at massive

weights of 23 tonne a piece, the

world's largest animal to ever roam

the face of the planet consumed what

seemed to be, at the time, Ohhh! Not

weatherman, but plants. This giant

of the earth no longer exists but

these footprints seem to suggest

that 150 to 145 million years ago,

they were one of the greatest

animals of the world. 23 metres in

length. The long tail offsetting the

elongateed neck region of the animal

and this is what kids can see here

in Docklands. At the moment... in Docklands. At the moment....

APPLAUSE . Fascinating.

Science was never this exciting at school.

Let's take a look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items

from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges

and you'll get your second item half price.

There is going to be a lot of

excited young boys watching

television going! Dinosaurs are on

the television mum, got to see the

dinosaurs. Lots of interesting facts

like, I wonder (sniffs) yes, it's

true that the dinosaur apparently

ate a lot of onion, such is his

breath. Interesting Dino facts, see

you soon.

We want Richard back every half hour

thanks, fabulous. Still ahead - what would your mother do? The underwear making teens think twice about sex.

Going back to medieval times by the

sound of it. Plus, wounded Tiger. The budget airline that could be grounded over safety concerns. What's making news. Brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. Next week on Sunrise - your ticket to the royal wedding. We've live in London. As Kate ask Wills say, "I do." Spiffy.

Broadcasting from our special purpose-built glass studio at Buckingham Palace. Sunrise has the team you want - Kochie and Mel will be joined by - Nuala Heffner, Monique Wright and the Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter. We'll have the inside story. Exclusive access to the Royal Family plus London's biggest stars. So romantic. Whatever... It all starts Monday, only on Sunrise, the home of the royal wedding. (BAND PLAYS) As the royal wedding nears, are continuing to practice. British army bands are continuing to practise.

They're all from that brassed of

They're all from that brassed affoff movie. Good. They won't just be taking part in official events but also entertaining the crowds along the wedding procession route. You'll enjoy that.

I know, I am going to admit, I am

actually starting to get a bit excited.

Oh my gosh! Wow!

Oh my gosh! Wow!O The whatever

thing? You have left that.

Well the romance I don't care for.

But the brass bands are good. So

different, aren't we. For the latest on the build-up to the big event

we're joined now by Sunrise UK correspondent Martin Frizell. Martin, the band members were practising in short sleeves. Is the weather warming up ahead of tomorrow week's wedding?

Yes, Mel and Kochie, good morning,

it is the hottest day of the year

here in London today, 26 degreeess

nothing for Australia but 5 degrees

hotter than normal. Come the wedding

day, they will have the full

regimental uniform on, woolen tunics

and the big bear skins, practising

from 4 o'clock in

from 4 o'clock in the morning, go

live to the crowds along the mall at

9. live to the crowds along the mall at

9.15 for three hours or so. The real

worry is some may suffer from heat

exaugz. They are all wearing bear

skins so real worries the lads won't

be able to stand up. Some of the

music is an interesting choice, the

usual pomp and circumstance, some

unusual ones such as the themes unusual ones such as the themes from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

Oh my hearty! Kate has taken

advantage of the balmy weather to venture out?

Yes, not just venture out. This is

quite bizarre, she went down the

kings Road one of the most famous

shopping strips in the world, to see

IT girls and possible princes to be

with two detectives in plain

clothes, wearing a dress, looking

very thin, according to a lot of

people, size 8, wearing her people, size 8, wearing her ring

valued at 3 million pounds, she went

into a shop called Whistles to wear

the Kate Middleton blouse that she

wore in one of her engagement

photos. She had to get a new one.

Getting holiday outfits.

Maybe the other blouse is going to

madame Tussaud's. The parents have

been to the palace to meet the

grandparents, a very official

meeting. They haven't met yet?

No, it

No, it is odd, Kate didn't actually

meet the Queen, the grandmother

until five years into the romance.

So this is actually fairly fast for

the Middletons to meet the Queen,

they thought it was best they meet

them before the actual event on the

balcony, which will be the next time

they meet. They went to lunch

they meet. They went to lunch at Windsor Castle, spent an hour and a

half, and those who were there

half, and those who were there say it was a very warm atmosphere, lots

of lofter and the general discussion

was of course about the wedding but

also their natural love of horseracing.

You would, if you had nine years of

stories to catch up.

It would be a little awkward meeting

on the balcony for the first time.

Gee, she's tough, isn't she. If you have relatives in London and would like to see them on the tele - grab a pen. Tell them, This Sunday - you can join Monique Wright at Tower Bridge, on St Katherine's Way, just overlooking the water. Come down and say hi.

Go and have dinner first, because from 9 p.m.

from 9 p.m., Monique will be there,

it is when we are on air from 9 p.m.

To midnight, so the other end of the

day, United Kingdom time, same time

of the day of course for you at

home. But.

Different for us over there.

Greenwich meantime, the world's

round, that sort of stuff. Coming up - the misbehaving student tied-up by his teacher.

We'll get Kylie's views on that. Plus, mean girls. Megan Gale's showdown with two catty critics in a cafe. But next, what wedding?

The risquad called in as asylum

seekers set fire to the Villawood

detention centre, we are live when

Sunrise returns. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals. No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. A rooftop protest by asylum seekers at Sydney's Villawood detention centre has escalated overnight. Buildings in the complex have been set on fire.

Fire crews were prevented from battling the flames because of safety concerns. Joining us now is Sunrise correspondent Edwina Bartholomew. How much damage has been caused?

Well, nine buildings have been

damaged, Kochie and they are still

smouldering as we speak, lots of spoke is in spoke smouldering as we speak, lots of

spoke in the air, it quickly

escalated. It start as a roof-top

protest yesterday morning, two

asylum seekers on the roof, it got

to 13 last night and they were

throwing roof tiles off and started

fires, matresses leaning up against

the building they were in quickly

caught alight and now, you can see

in front of me an entire row of

buildings have been destroyed.

Firies got here quickly around 11. Firies got here quickly around 11.30

last night but they weren't allowed

inside because the situation was

just too volatile. At one point, 100

detainees were rioting. There is

only 160 inside Villawood detention

centre and they considered it too

dangerous. The New South Wales

police couldn't react, it is an area

controlled by the federal police and

now they are in there, putting out

the flames and the situation is

under control, certainly you can't

hear sound of rioting at the moment.

The situation is still developing,

talk to you soon, let us know if anything happens.

Rioting because it is taking too

long to be processed and they are

frustrated. Keep your paperers when

with you when come here, help things

out. Ahead - safety shock. The budget airline forced to show why it should be allowed to keep flying. Plus -

# The house of love

# We are going to talk to the Prince

Harry look alike, all set for the royal wedding. But next, news and weather. And how you can milk the $200,000 Cash Cow. This is Sunrise, playing music to make you feel good as part of Vaalia's Campaign for Happiness.

# Saying yeaho

# Got an echo

# I want to celebrate and live A number of buildings at Sydney's Villawood detention centre have been badly damaged after a rooftop protest by asylum seekers ran out of control overnight. The fires were set by asylum seekers frustrated with delays in having their applications processed. The detainees are very angry because the Department of Immigration ignored their calls for them to come and negotiate with them. Because of security concerns fire crews are being forced to battle the flames from outside the perimeter fence. No-one has been injured by the fire.

There is live pictures of the scene

and you can see the damage. The Immigration Department says it will find those responsible for starting the fires.

And causing that very extensive

damage at Villawood detention centre

on the outskirts of Sydney, more soon. Newspapers have published a public apology from Sydney Airport to the thousands of passengers left stranded by Tuesday's security bungle. In the ad, airport chief executive Russell Balding admits letting people down and promises a full investigation. The airport is looking into claims someone tripped over a metal detector's power cord, pulling it out.

The blunder was only discovered when two armed police officers passed through without setting off the detector. Jetstar is demanding compensation after it was forced to cancel 15 flights. Victoria's top cop is under mounting pressure

with senior state government insiders rating his performance as disappointing.

News Limited is reporting they're concerned Commissioner Simon Overland has shown a lack of leadership. It follows a $100 million cost blowout to the force's new crime database and revelations problems with the existing system

may have contributed to seven murders by parole violators. I have faith in Simon Overland but it's been a testing week. There's no suggestion at this stage that Commissioner Overland is facing the sack. A tornado has devastated a small town in the United States. Storm chasers filmed these incredible pictures as the twister touched down in Missouri. The funnel cloud tore through the town of Bowling Green destroying homes and sheds. Authorities say no deaths or injuries were reported. It comes only days after dozens of tornadoes killed 45 people across the country's south.

Finance news now

Finance news now booming night

Finance news now booming night on Wall Street, up 187 points. Pushed

along by tech stocks like yahoo and

IBM, as you can see a big gain in

the Nasdaq, Wells Fargo produced

good earnings at 2. Gold, $ good earnings at 2. Gold,

United States an ounce, oil, $ good earnings at 2. Gold, $1503 United States an ounce, oil,

United States an ounce, oil, $111 United States a barrel. The United

States dollar has been smacked, well

and truly overnight. We are on the

way to $ way to $1.

way to $1.07 USs as I look at the

numbers trading live, $

numbers trading live, $1.

numbers trading live, $1.06 94

because the share market in America

is so strong and also the Federal

Reserve's stimulus, basically, they

are printing

Reserve's stimulus, basically, they are printing money to support the

economy because official interest

rates are at zero. It is playing on

the dollar and weakening it. Time

for sport with Simon. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. The Titans have snuck under Cronulla's guard to sign consistent prop Luke Douglas for the next three years. Douglas will form a formidable front row partnership with veteran Luke Bailey, who's set to ink a new 2-year deal.

Well, I think since probably the

start of last year I knew I made my

decision to try to stay in the NRL

and win a premiership so that's my main focus. The Sharks will now go all out in their bid to retain Origin prop Kade Snowden.


South Sydney has re-signed John Sutton and Nathan Merritt for a further three seasons. St Kilda has recalled feisty defender Steven Baker along with Justin Koschitzke for tonight's crucial clash against Brisbane at the Gabba. Both teams are yet to register a win in the opening four rounds and Lions coach Michael Voss insists his side is close to breaking its duck. At Collingwood, ruckman Darren Jolly remains in doubt with a knee injury for Monday's Anzac Day clash against Essendon. WA's Taj Burrow will be surfing for survival when the Rip Curl Pro resumes today at Bells Beach. Burrow finished third in his opening round heat and has to battle it out in sudden death today. Big guns Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson all got off to blistering starts and Stephanie Gilmore easily negotiated her opening round assignment. With round five of the AFL getting under way tonight,

we'll check the Sunrise footy tips. There's disagreement on a couple of matches.

Girls going for Hawthorn.

Now we're going to Sir Grant Denyer with all the weather details. Can he

hear me? with all the weather details. Can he hear me?

with all the weather details. Can he hear me? . I hope? Hello. Heli Grant.

(speaks with English accent

(speaks with English accentsent)

sorry, just studying the animals

wondering why it is called the gas

sorus gaing

(dinosaur farts) (dinosaur farts).

Someone ate Mexican or a Mexican.

The gas sorus was only found one in

China, in fact such little was

found, the only location ever, they

didn't even find the skull of the

gasosauruas so they had to make it

up, the rest of the animal they

knew, but it did not have a head. It

was found by a gas company who were

digging looking for petrol so it is

why it is called the gasosauruas as

we look at the forecast this morning, good morning. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. A broad low pressure trough in the east is generating isolated showers and thunderstorms over Victoria and New South Wales. A cold front is approaching Tasmania, bringing an increase in showers to western areas. A ridge of high pressure is directing mild and dry winds across southern WA.

I tell you what, if you were a human

wandering around back in the day

when they roamed the earth, it would

be have been a terrifying existence.

These amazing animatronics designed

between Australian and Japanese

engineers, they are terrifying to be

standing amongst, see you in half an

hour with more detail.

Time to give away some cash. The Sunrise Cash Cow is giving away $200,000. You'll need today's codeword: Now call 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. Or SMS the codeword to 19 777 077 along with your name and address. We'll phone this morning's major winner next hour.

I'll teach the Cow how to do the cat

daddy. It's a new dance. Yeah. My girls taught it to me.

Sounds good.

They have their fingers crossed. And

the Dougie.

Joke of the day, comes from Ian

Hogman from Strathalbyn in South

Australia. Every day a male

coworkers walks up beside a female

coworker beside the coffee machine,

inhales and tells her her hair

smells nice. She can't take it

anymore and finally says she wants

to write a sexual harassment

grievance against him. And the HR

says what is sexually threatening

about telling you your hair smells

nice and she goes, "

nice and she goes, "rr Keith the dwarf."

Come on, it is a three or a four? A joke of the A Come on, it is a three or a four?

A book is coming your way for

Easter, there you go.

Silence in the room.

Origin and Sunrise.

You can hear a pin drop.

Lucky we didn't drop one. Origin and Sunrise are bringing communities together with the Sustainability Drive. We're searching for four streets across Australia

and the winners will undergo an energy efficiency makeover. Each home will be transformed with up to $1 million in prizes. That includes solar energy systems,

12 months supply of electricity including green power and an energy efficient hot-water system. Jason from South Australia has nominated his street. He says lots of kids live in the area and improving sustainability would be a good way to teach them about the environment. To enter your street go to then, using words, video or images, or all three tell us about your street and why you'd like to win. Just ahead - the budget airline accused of safety breaches. So, will Tiger Airways be grounded? But next, 'Soul Surfer'. The incredible true story of a teen savaged by a shark. And, 'Detroit 1-8-7'. Behind the scenes of the new crime drama when we come back. VOICEOVER: With a two-mood, two-mode hybrid system that gives you power when you need it... ..and economy when you don't. The world's first luxury hybrid hatch. The Lexus CT 200h -

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# What you waiting for

# Oh

# A view of Brisbane through the Jetstar Skycam. Mostly fine and 27 degrees. You might remember Bethany Hamilton the young woman attacked by a shark when she was just 13. Bethany lost an arm in the attack. But she refused to let that stand in the way of her dream to become a pro surfer. Now her inspirational story has been made into a movie called 'Soul Surfer'.

When you come back from a loss, when

you beat the odds. And never say

never, you find a champion.

# Baby you're a champion

# 'Soul Surfer' is based on Bethany's book as well as interviews with her family. Bethany is in Australia for the Rip Curl Pro. She joins us from Bells Beach in Victoria. Bethany, we know you're passionate about surfing, how's the pro tour going?

The waves are

The waves are incredible right now

and I got a wildcard for this event

so I'm superstoked to be here and

compete. We haven't heard if the

girls are going to surf today but

hope fall because the waveerize going off.

Good luck. Tell us about the movie.

It is an incredible story, your book

is amazing. What did you first think

when you saw your story on film?

Yes, it was such a journey to get to

this point, making soul surfer was

incredible. My family helped me stay

tuned and I am really happy with how

it turns out. It comes out on May

26, I am superstoked for my Aussie

friend to see it, I am just loving it out here.

What is next for you? You are still

21 we can't believe it. What is next for you?

Um, just going to keep surfing and

being the best surfer that I can and

continue travelling and competeing

and going on surf tripwise Rip Curl

and just taking it one day at a time

because I am sure some incredible

opportunities will come up with this

film and all, so a pretty exciting

time of my life, I am just very

blessed in everything I do.

So lovely to talk to you, you are an

amazing young woman and all the best

and enjoy the waves at Bells.

Thank you, too too. 'Soul Surfer' opens in cinemas in June. People are saying the new TV show 'Detroit 1-8-7'

is one of the most realistic police dramas since 'NYPD Blue'. And for the star, Michael Imperioli, it's a big change from his former role in 'The Sopranos'. Our reporter James Tobin sat down with him to find out how he hade the transition. Like any big American city, there are heroes and there are villains and then there's the grey area in between.

For Detroit police officers like Detective Fitch it's all in a day's work.

Passengers is your best lead, you

want to keep your promise, find the

number on the phone. He's very, very

good at what he does, he is

particularly good at interrogation

and dealing with the criminal mind.

He has a lot of insight into the way killer's minds work. Michael Imperioli and the rest of the cast shoot the show on location in Detroit. That's the first difference between it and a lot of other cop shows. Another is the style it's shot in. What exactly is that shooting style all about?

It's a documentary style and it's

originally, the concept of the show,

the pilot was that it was a

documentary and there was a camera

crew following us and we had in the

original pilot we would talk to the

camera at points. And we reshot it

after the show got picked up, we

reshot it, parts of it, because we

felt in the long run, it would

really limit what stories we can

tell. Because you are not going to

let a documentary camera crew everywhere. From crime boss to crime fighting, it's a big change for Michael who is best known for his role in 'The Sopranos'.

Go once. Now sit down. Sit down. What exactly did it mean to your life?

As an actor, to be able to be on the

television show where television show where the character

evolves over time, not just be

expected to do the same thing week

after week and the stakes raising

year after year with these

characters. Up, it was a very, very

gratifying experience.

Does it seep into the

Does it seep into the psyche at the

time ? Do you take a little bit of

him away with you when you go home at night?

For the most part no, but once in a

while, yes. There would be times

when I could feel a bit of him

seeping ing, usually when I was angry. Here's a little scoop for you. When it comes to 'Detroit 1-8-7', Detective Fitch is going to have some emotional issues himself - just wait and see.

Officer down! Let's get some help!

Looks good, doesn't it. News is next. Then, airline safety shock. The budget airline that could lose its licence to fly. And, you just never know who's listening. Megan Gale's cafe showdown when we come back. If you want to keep your four-legged family member looking good and feeling great, I recommend Supercoat Casserole.

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Lucky you got a bit of padding in

the suit. Have a rest, okay. You got

to give away money just go sit down.

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Such a dangerous job! Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us.

Not your job, it is fairly safe, but thecon Cow.

She could have pulled a calf!

Boom, boom.

Boom, tish, I like it. And not all teen YouTube sensations generate as many fans Who's lacking in the popularity stakes?

Well, this is what parents should

remember and take a lesson from when

they want to get their kids into

show business and put them on the

Internet. 13-year-old Rebecca Black,

the song we all love to hate,

Friday, that video went viral on

YouTube, millions of hits and now,

because of the cyberbullying she's

gotten as a result of that, she's

had two death threats, one by phone,

one by e-mail, the police are taking

it very seriously, she is under

police protection, she is coping

with it. She said at first it made

her cry, now she is dealing with it

and hopefully a bit of living well

is the best revenge, she is said to

be making significant money from I

Tune sales and inYouTube sharing

plan and even 'American Idol' host

Ryan Seacrest is hoping to help

direct her career and 'Glee' are

doing a version on their show. Good

luck to Rebecca, a tough way to get launch. Moving on, and which famous Aussie mum has touched down in New York?

We can't get enough of her, Miranda

Kerr, of course, along with her

husband, Orlando bloom and their

little baby boy. What is remarkable

about it, the New York papers are so

impressed with doting dad, Orlando,

not only is he

not only is he constantly cradling

the son but he is running around

delivering bottle breastmilk. So

what a super, superfamily.

Lovely, good to talk to you. Soap Box?

We are besieged by Villawood

detention centre riot comments. John says, "

says, "My wife and I are sitting at

the kitchen table to cut back to pay

the rent and we see millions of

dollars of damage to the building

paid for by our tax money, do we

want them as Aussie sit

want them as Aussie sit swrnts

stphaefplt Margaret said I was

offended by Kochie's comments, when

you said Australians don't take

kindly. Of course the action are

inappropriate but while condemnic

the actions can we not ask

simultaneously why? What situation

is driving the people to the course of action?

We certainly will, we have got the

immigration spokesperson coming up

and we will put it to them. But a

lot of these people are there

because they have asked for refugee

status and we said you are not a

refugee so you got to go back.

We have the right to do that.

Yes, one of the buildings that was

targeted was housing people who have

been declared not refugees and they ron their way back.

They give refugees a bad name,

They give refugees a bad name, we should be so welcome wg legitimate

refugees, the illegitimate ones turf them out. 70/ them out.

70/30 agreeing with you but Michelle

does not, often people fleeing war

and difficulty do not have easy

access to birth papers, your

comments may ineliteest and xenophobic.

You got into Indonesia, if you came

by boat, somehow you got there, so

just be patient. We have a process,

it is what this country is about. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Asylum seekers set fire to Sydney's Villawood facility in an explosive protest. We're live to the scene for the very latest. The budget airline that could be grounded ahead of the long weekend. This morning, what it means for passengers. The schoolboy allegedly strapped to a chair for misbehaving in class. The Queen meets the Middleton's for the first time ahead of next week's wedding. It's like a butcher shop and everyone is looking in the window going, "I like that one, that one's a bit old, that one's not as firm." Eamon Sullivan crowned this year's most eligible single bloke. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Good morning, great to have your company. It's a busy news morning so let's get the very latest now with Nat. Buildings at Sydney's Villawood detention centre are in smouldering ruins this morning after an asylum seeker protest turned into a riot. Sunrise correspondent Edwina Bartholomew joins us with more from outside Villawood.

The situation now is that the riot

is under control. Firies have been

able to get in and put out most of

the fire but I will just get you to

have a look, on the roof of the

detention centre therefour asylum

seekers sleeping. It started with

two yesterday morning, it escalated

to 13 and the fires started

to 13 and the fires started late nast last night, 11 o'clock and

spread across the 41 of this entire

section of the Fouler Complex, nine

building have been destroy

destroyed, moly amenities, the

kitchen and medical centre. An

oxygen bottle exploded. The Fouler

Complex is an area where the

refugees have been rejected, they

will not be let into Australia. They

are very frustrated. Took it out. At

one point, 100 detainees protesting,

only 160 in the section. The problem

was the jurz was the

was the jurisdiction belongs to the

Australian federal police so they

couldn't get in as quickly as they

liked. The riot squad were called

in, they are patrolling the area but

as I had, it is under control.

Thank you, Edwina. A South Australian MP has been charged with child pornography offences. Sunrise correspondent Amanda Bachmann joins us with more from Adelaide. Good morning, Amanda. What can you tell us?

Well, the identity is suppressed but

the MP was arrested at his home in

Adelaide's north eastern suburbs

yesterday and taken to the city

watch house and charged with four

childhood porn augoffences and

released on bail. It is part of an

ongoing investigation called project

dismate, it is believed that police

raided the MP's home earlier in the

week and they seized computers, CDs

and other evidence. What's happened has and other evidence. What's happened

has sent shock waves through the

local political scene. No-one is

commenting on either side of

politics but it comes as a time when

the state Labor government is

struggling with popularity and the

premier, Mike Rann is the most

unpopular in the polls. He has been

told of the charges but hasn't

commented. The MP is due in court

next month to face the charges, thanks. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has become the first foreign leader invited to visit Japan since the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Ms Gillard says the country has Australia's full support as it battles to recover. I'm absolutely confident it will rebuild stronger than before and Australia, as a good friend, will be working with Japan. Later today Ms Gillard will have an audience with the Emperor and Empress before talks with the Japanese Prime Minister. An Adelaide man abducted from his home yesterday has been found alive. Two men armed with a gun and a baseball bat shoved Phung Can So into a car boot in front of his family then sped off. He was found by police last night at Port Parham, north of the city. Mr Phong walked into a house near here. He is in a reasonable condition. Police found his car nearby but are still looking for his kidnappers. Phung Can So was due to face court today on drug charges.

So much happening on financial

markets overnight, the equities.

Global share markets had their

biggest overnight rally so far this year.

biggest overnight rally so far this year. Pushed ahead by tech

year. Pushed ahead by tech stocks like you hooand IBM in America. This

is yesterday's news, up 65 points,

boom! Across to commodities.

Look at the Aussie dollar! No, it is

not 1.

not 1.069, it is a 1.

not 1.069, it is a 1.0711. Up two

sents overnight, in currency

sents overnight, in currency markets it is pretty amazing. InUnited

States dollar has been smacked

overnight, there we go, because of strong share

strong share market and also

strong share market and also the Federal Reserve program of printing

money to try to stimulate the United

States economy, investors getting

very States economy, investors getting

verys nervous about it so the US

dollar pommeled.

Loving those numbers.

You are an exporter?

No, it is true. I am just loving

your excitement about it.

No, it is true. I am just loving your excitement about it. . Brisbane coach Michael Voss has warned that his undermanned side won't be a pushover in tonight's encounter with St Kilda at the Gabba. Voss insists the winless Lions are capable of breaking their duck despite the absence of a host of key players including skipper Jonathan Brown. And I'm more than content with our efforts, that's why it's been a bit gut-wrenching we haven't been able to get the win on the board. The Saints are also chasing their first win and welcome back Justin Koschitzke and Steven Baker. Former Blues selector Laurie Daley has labelled Jamie Soward the obvious choice to play five-eighth for New South Wales this year. Interestingly, Daley is one of the selectors who has shunned Soward in the past

despite his sizzling form for the Dragons. But with Todd Carney out of the picture, battling personal demons,

Daley believes Soward's time has come to graduate to the Origin arena. Arsenal's Premier League title ambitions have taken a massive hit following a 3-3 draw with Tottenham at White Hart Lane this morning.

It was end-to-end stuff in an epic North London derby as Spurs battled back from a 2-goal deficit to earn a share of the points.

Arson Wenger will be a hunted man. At Stamford Bridge, reigning champions Chelsea thumped Birmingham 3-1

to close to within six points of leaders Manchester United.

Let's check win Grant Saurus with

the weather. The wonderful movie,

'Jurassic Park', the velociraptor

was a major feech were, the one that

chased the actors. Stephen Spielberg

took creative licence and made them

a fair bit bigger than real life.

This is a velociraptor, taking a

look at Waterfront City in

Docklands. They are smaller in real

life, and they are not as

intelligent as in the film, or the

general theory, in Winton, in

outback Queensland they found a vulaus outback Queensland they found a

velociraptor as big as the one in

the Stephen Spielberg films so it is

a recent discovery, they were. But

not as big as an apex predator, like

the Tyrannosaurus rex, the biggest

badest dude to roam the planet. This

fellow here had two mega strong rear

legs, a little down fall was the

fact he only had two tiny hands and

two fingers, which were useless

because they couldn't reach his

mouth. It is why they had such a big

head and jaw. These guys could eat

250 kilos of meet in one bite.

250 kilos of meet in one bite. So they were enormous. So when they

found, basically the only, the

biggest intact skeleton that has

been found of a Tyrannosaurus rex is

85% intact. It took 30,000 hours to

dig that bad boy out and discover

what we know now as the

what we know now as the TeRex Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price.

so what chance would you have

against a T. Rex and his 60 teeth

and the ability to eat 250 kilos in

one bite? None, other than the fact

if you stood still, he wouldn't see

you and that was the only thing man

had to use to survive against him,

which of course, we weren't, because

we weren't existing then but that is

a minor point. See you in in half an


You mentioned the Winton dig, one of

the biggest in the world in terms of

dinosaurs. It is extraordinary.

You been there? I reckon we got to

go there for the weather. The only

recorded stampede in the world, 30 recorded stampede in the world,

30,000 footprints of dinosaurs

running this way and bolting other

way and big footprint in a chase, it

is unbelievable. Buildings at Sydney's Villawood Immigration Detention Centre have been destroyed by fire overnight. Detainees have run riot in the grounds. We're joined from outside the centre by Immigration Department spokesman Sandy Logan. Sandy, how many buildings have been destroyed?

Well, it looks, Kochie, with

daybreak here we've got nine

structures definitely destroyed. We

have still got some fires that fire

and rescue New South Wales members

are extinguishing. It has been a

tough night for all the staff

involved and also the excellent work

of New South Wales police and the firefighters. Absolutely

The annoying thing about this, it

givers legitimate refugees a bad

name like this in the eyes of the

public. Tell us about detainees

involved. These are ones we rejected

and want to send back?

Not entirely, some may well be,

Kochie, at this stage, identifying

around 100 who were involved in the

rioting overnight, we are still in

that investigationry stage but some

would have been on a negative

pathway and rejected. But it is a

sad fact and reality

sad fact and reality of how we have

to deal with decisions around

protection claims. Some people will

succeed and some won't.

The ones that don't succeed are not

legitimate refugees, they could be

criminals, they could be anyone for

all we know. We have every right to

put them through this process and

decide. What is going to happen to

those who have caused the

destruction? Of course there will be

a police investigation into the

affair overnight and there

disturbens and the fires and the

vandalism caused. Just as we are

undertaking a similar investigation

on Christmas Island, there may well

be, it is not for me to speculate,

there could be charges arising from

the police investigation.

Okay, Sandy, it is pretty sad when

this sort of stuff happens, appreciate your team.

appreciate your team time. One of Australia's major airlines is at risk of losing its licence to fly on the eve of the Easter holiday weekend. Cut price carrier Tiger Airways has been issued a 'show cause' notice by the airline safety regulator CASA. News Limited reports it follows problems with pilot training, maintenance and flight operations. The last time this type of warning was issued was in 2001 to Ansett. Aviation expert Neil Hansford joins us now. Good morning. What does a 'show cause' notice mean and how serious is it?

It is only issued when there is

serious and imminute po-- imminent

potential to safety. It means they

have tried to work with management

to come up and meet the Australian

safety regulations and it is not

getting there so it is the prekrbser

to get -- precursor to get a removal

of the air operators certificate.

How long could it have been building

up before the show cause was issued?

Have people's lives been in danger?

It could have been building frup 12

months, there is changes in the

management of Tiger, it is an

overseas owned airline, you can't

get the same standards as Qantas and

Jetstar with an Australian culture

of safety.

Cut price we get means you might be

a bit more squashed thore record of

being on time might not be as good,

we get that but safety, would you fly with them?

No. Bhut the other No. Bhut the

No. Bhut the but aother point we

have low-fares airlines in Australia

but not low safety with Qantas and virgin.

How did it get to this point?

They have tried to their hardest to

get to it and they have done what

they have to be done and the last

time it was done was Ansett in 2001

when the fleet was grounded and

there was major disruption. Today,

4,000 people would be looking for alternative ways to fly.

Qantas, facing potential

Qantas, facing potential strike

action over pay and conditions, how

much of a disruption could it have?

I wouldn't have thought it would

happen over. Easter, Qantas has an

ongoing reorieritation of its labour

force and there is responsibility

amongst the engineers and pilots,

although there is sword rattling, I

don't believe they would do it to

the Australian travelling public.

We can only hope. Thank you. A West Australian teacher is being investigated for allegedly tying a 5-year-old boy to a chair. Another teacher at the Northam school made a report last week. Justin Webb was allegedly tied to a chair for a few minutes for being disruptive. Justin spoke to reporter Reece Whitby.

I just was sitting on that and

I just was sitting on that and after I was going, and after that they

just done that. Justin's mum said he should have been sent to the office instead. So how should teachers discipline kids? And where do principals fit in? Norm Hart is from the Primary Principals Association. Good morning to you. Should teachers deal with naughty kids in class? Or should they just be sent straight to the principal?

As this kid's mum suggested?

Good morning, Kochie, the answer is

yes and no, of course. Teachers,

whatever they do, immediately after

kids behave in inappropriate ways

has a bearing on how the situation

plays out and how well the child

learns to behave in more appropriate

ways. So, whatever they do is really

dealing with the situation. But of

course, principals want to know what

is happening in every primary school

and want to be involved in these

conversations as well. In terms of

supporting the teacher and helping

the child to learn, let's get the

principal involved early.

Yes, norm, do teachers have sort of

guidelines in terms of discipline?

How to discipline kids and sort of

does it include tying them to a


It certainly doesn't include tying

them to a chair, there are

guidelines in every school,

behaviour plans and matchment

behaviour plans and

behaviour plans and management plans

in some places and those guidelines

are adhered to. But it is about

teaching children better ways to

behave and there needs to behave and there needs

behave and there needs to be a

partnership between the parents,

principal and child, including the

child so when they behave in

inappropriate ways there will be

certain consequences that will be implemented consistently.

What is the next step in all this?

Well, I think the next step is to,

when a child is behaving in a way

that is unacceptable in

that is unacceptable in the classroom is for the parents, the

carers, the teacher and the

principal to include the child in a plan for

plan for improvement.

plan for improvement.. Thank you for

your time, Norm. With just over a week until Prince William and Kate Middleton say "I do" William's grandparents have been meeting the bride's parents. With more, we're joined by Sunrise London correspondent Martin Frizell. This was the first time the Queen met Michael and Carole, isn't it?

Yes, Mel, and they shouldn't get

used to too many of the meeting

because the Queen does not do

in-laws very much at all. Bizarrely

he she didn't meet them for lunch,

the next chance would be on the balcony at Buckingham Palace after

the wedding so thank goodness they

got the introducks outside of the

way. They spent an hour and a half

at Windsor Castle where the Queen

spends Easter. Lots of laughter,

talked about the arrangements of the

day and also their mutual love of horseracing.

I wond were if they bought her an

early birthday present? She turns 85?

He is 85 this morning. Across

He is 85 this morning. Across the United Kingdom flags will be raised

on government buildings and anyone

with a flagpole, the union jack will

fly from 8am to sun set, 42 gun

salutes in Hyde Park and 61 in saint

Jamess Park. But spare a thought

Jamess Park. But spare a thought for Prince Charles, the longest heir

apparent in English royal history.

He waiting for 59 years, two months

and 14 days to become king. He has

over taken Edward VII who had to

wait until Queen Victoria died in

1801, she has no sign of giving up any time soon.

The royals do a bit of waiting. All

the best from us here at

the best from us here at Sunrise, talk to you soon. Modelling can be a tough game but Megan Gale's proved she's not one to take criticism sitting down. She walked into a city cafe for lunch and overheard two girls commenting on her new title of Most Beautiful Woman by 'Who' magazine. Gale quickly took to Twitter giving a firsthand account of what was unfolding. First the star was in shock, unsure of what to say, Tweeting to her 20,000 strong followers - After 14 minutes the model had had enough, telling the girls who were sitting behind her - According to Gale, the girls were quick to back-pedal.

The girls who have respond said with

a public apology but point out it is

the model who went public with

tweets and she craves public attention.

She was defending herself and did it

with complete class. It is one of

those things like cyberbullying you

don't say it to the person's face.

All Megan did was walked up and said

be careful what you are saying

because you never know who is

around. I think it is great she

stood up for herself.

Also, when you are public figure you

got to expect some of those things,

people have different opinions.

Of course, but you know, you have to

have thick skin and she is a model

but she didn't nominate herself to

be in the 'Who' weekly most

beautiful, they chose her so I

beautiful, they chose her so I think it is a bit different than she was

putting e herself up for it. But at

the same time, I think there are a

lot of people who get away with

being really nasty because they

don't know the person or have ever

met the person. It is very different

to say something to someone's face

versus online or in a cafe.

And online is sort of like, the new

version of the toilet wall. Allan

Pease is an old mate of Did Megan handle it the right way? Sunrise.

Well the thing about handling

anybody who bad mouths you, talks

bough you badly, do it in private.

If you do it publicly, you are in a

situation you are fighting with pigs

and then you get covered with mud.

She would have been better to ignore

it. She is a model and inmodel's job

is look at me, I am representing the

beautiful people of society, if you

are going to be in that position you

will cop a lot of flack, but

privately is better than publicism

She did have the guts to confront

them in a nice way?

Everyone who reads the story said

you know somebody has talked about

you behind your back and you want to

get stuffed is the bottom line but

when you come head on, everything

goes down hill and it goes from bad

to worse. The first rule, where

somebody is bad mouthing you tackle

it head on, if you don't tackle it,

things will always go from bad to

worse mism

Don't let the problem fester, avoid

sinking to their level and make the

first move, really good suggestions.

Thank you, Alan, good to see you,

Sell l Shelley, to - Just ahead - detention centre riot. How authorities are dealing with the protesters who set the Villawood facility alight. And, 45 years on from 'The Sound of Music'. Julie Andrews relives her famous role.

# Silver white winters

# Melt into spring

# These are are few of my favourite things #

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# The hills are alive with the sound sunny day across our Good morning.. A mostly

region. We can expect a top of 20 in Canberra.. 21 in Yass.. and

19 for Jindabyne. Hopes.. the Government will cough up more money for

ACTION staff to avoid MORE strike action.. when they meet

with union reps later this morning. It's as bus mechanics

will walk off the job AGAIN this long weekend. The union's

Jane Timbrell says they WON'T give up.

One of the largest solar set-ups in the ACT will be

unveilled in Kambah today. The Westwood farm site now has 216

new panels. It's the FIRST field-based solar panel system in the

capital. Good news for home hunters. 42 units will be opened in

Braddon this morning.. 15 of those for young people at risk

of homelessness. And Raiders coach Dave Furner will watch injured

players Josh Dugan.. Alan Tongue.. and Matt Orford

train this afternoon.. to see if they're fit for Sunday's clash

against the Knights. More at 11. Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar Low fares are just part of the story.

Just bopping along. It'shopy music,

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She is injured. No, she's not.

Let's phone another lucky winner, it

is, we are calling Queensland on

this Thursday morning.

(Michael Jackson 'Beat It' plays) Hello, Bridgette? Hello.

It is Mel and Kochie and the C