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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The high rollers caught cashing in on Centrelink. This morning, their double lives exposed. Schapelle Corby's final bid to come home. The study showing Aussie females want to do the housework as well as have their career. Has Kate Middleton's biggest secret been blown just 11 sleeps from her big day?

What kind of children do they have?

Po and Tigeress? They would be large

and in charge. Angelina Jolie and Jack Black reunite for 'Kung Fu Panda 2'. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Simon! Morning.

Morning, morning, happy Monday to everybody.

Snappy banter we start. Welcome back, Snappy banter we start. Welcome back, Nat. It

back, Nat.

It was. Better take it.

Good, nice to be here, good to have

your company.

Good to have you back. Not long now until we head to London to bring you all the latest on the royal wedding - it's just 11 sleeps away. Today, some mates of Wills and Kate have gone a bit gaga over it all, creating this tribute.

# Oh la, la,

# you

# Baby

# You might be the one

# The only problem you're Kate Middleton

# I want your love

# Love, love, I want your love

# Love


They are from Saint Andrews

Univrpsty, they just released this

tribute going around the world.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast tomorrow

on the show, it is very clever, will have more

have more for you for tomorrow. Support for the Labor Party has hit a new 15-year low, revealing voters aren't happy with Julia Gillard. According to the latest Nielsen poll the Coalition leads Labor 56% to 44% on a 2-party preferred basis. Primary support for the Coalition is also up. Voters appear to be growing unhappy with Prime Minister Julia Gillard

with her approval rating falling two points while Tony Abbott's personal rating remains relatively unchanged. Since the last poll a month ago, the government's efforts to sell the carbon tax have failed to lift support for the policy. NRL club the Sydney Roosters will reportedly sack player Anthony Watts after he was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend on the weekend. Watts is due in court on Thursday to face charges stemming from the alleged attack at a Coogee apartment on Saturday night. It's alleged he punched the 24-year-old woman in the face and struck the back of her head several times before pushing her into a couch. Obviously, any time that the club are in the news for the wrong reason that is extremely disappointing. Team-mate Todd Carney could also face the axe after reports he was drinking with Watts on Saturday night. Carney had pledged to stay off alcohol after being caught drink driving in February. Five people are recovering this morning after an horrific accident that claimed the lives of two others north-west of Sydney. A ute was travelling through the town of Mellong, just near Windsor, when it ran into a group of three oncoming motorbikes, throwing the riders onto the road. Upon arrival, paramedics assessed a number of patients. They found two to be deceased and another five patients were assessed. Police were forced to block the road for several hours and investigations are under way. With less than two weeks until the royal wedding it's been reported Kate Middleton's parents will contribute nearly $140,000 to pay for the event. Kate's bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses and honeymoon will all be paid for by Carole and Michael Middleton. They will also pay for several suites at the exclusive Goring Hotel, expected to cost $31,000. The royal family is sharing the cost of the wedding with the Middletons while the government is picking up the bill for security.

What a nice bunch of in-laws that is for

Lucky they can afford it.

Yes, $

Yes, $110,000 for the dress and

bride's maids.

Nice, isn't it?

Yes, as the dad, you think it is a

short straw, great she's a princess but...

Just pay for the grog, will you?

Markets bracing for a deluge of

earnings this week. GE, McDonald's,

Apple Apple the whole lot doing it. CommSec has released the latest quarterly State of the States economic performance report. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Craig, who's on top?

Who are the lagards?

Some people may be surprised but it

is the ACT on top. They were on top

last quarter and they are still on

top this quarter. A lot of people

scratch their heads but when you

have got people coming into the

Territory, population super strong,

greater demand for housing and jobs

and creating significant momentum

for the ACT economy. Housing starts

double the normal average. Western

Australia is in second spot as you

would expect with the mining sector

but the surprise packet is Victoria,

in third, due to the strength in the

housing sector. The also-rans which

is Tasmania, New South Wales and

Queensland but Queensland will get a

kick along in the second half of the

year because of the rebuilding and

refurbishment activity.

Craig, speaking of kick along, man

of man, you are in the man of man

competition. You are in the top 6

for Men's Health? I have?

What is the next step?

It is voting stage. So you can go to

the web site and go for your

favourite candidates. You can vote

for me or the others, I won't be disappointed. What's disappointed.

What's the address? Let's rig it, I

mean, get people to vote for you?

In politics they say vote early vote

often but unfortunately you have one

vote per person. Go to the men's

health web site, go to the Google

search, basically put in Men's

Health Magazine Australia.

Forget that, we'll find out. How

long you got to vote?

Until late May, plenty of time.

We will just have a strap across it,

leave it with us.

Alright, thank you.

Alright, mate, see you. How good is

that body for 49? Incredible.

A great body for 29.

Speaking of good bodies. Imp

Yeah! Right! After Craig! My God. No

more gratuitous top taking off,

also, Mr James, please. The Gold Coast and North Melbourne

are the early season strugglers in the AFL, with both clubs yet to secure a win. Newcomers the Suns showed some promise though walloped by 90 points by Melbourne in Brisbane.

While Fremantle comfortably accounted for the Kangaroos in Perth by 29 points. Geelong and Collingwood remain the only unbeaten sides in the competition. Defending premiers the Dragons will be chasing their fifth straight NRL win tonight when they go up against the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium.

Souths are hoping to turn around their recent poor form. They're sitting well down the ladder in 12th. And Roosters utility Anthony Watts is expected to be sacked today after allegedly assaulting his former partner. Australian driver Mark Webber has had a stunning finish at the Chinese Grand Prix, coming from 18th place to finish 3rd just behind Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel.

Just an incredible drive, so much unfolded in this race. Webber says changing from hard to soft tyres

was the reason for the brilliant comeback. Mclaren's Lewis Hamilton won the race.

We're not quite sure if he is on

hard or soft tyres, this morning,

here is Grant? Shoo I I think the

tired part in tyres, being a Monday,

we thought we would come to a pretty

location just to show you how

wonderful Australia can look

wonderful Australia can look early in the morning, location, say hello

to Australia. Hello Australia.

Don't be like that, they are lovely

people. Driving over, you know a bit

of a sleepy Monday, you

of a sleepy Monday, you are struggling to get going, the heart

is going bam, bam, bam, rather than

pumping too hard, coming over the

Anzac Bridge, the big, full, yellow

moon low over the sky was quite

spectacular this morning. Asked the

crew to get a shot on the way to work, I said, "

work, I said, "Boys, would you

work, I said, "Boys, would you mind getting a shot of the moon this

morning." Their answer? Where is it?

The sky. Well, done, everybody.

They're on to it for a Monday.

Yep, that's our team! They love

their weather, whenever that comes

from, let's look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price.

Like to take a closer look at that edge, mate?

They said they would get me back, the old, "

the old, "Would you like to take a

step back for our shot, meez?

step back for our shot, meez?." Yes,

20-foot drop. Coming up - their luck runs out. The casino high rollers caught rorting welfare. Also, Schapelle's last appeal for freedom. Will she finally be allowed to come home? And, dress designer dobbed in? The British woman rumoured to be creating Kate's wedding gown. All the details when Sunrise returns. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals. No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. An internet newspaper is claiming to know the designer of Kate Middleton's wedding dress. The 'Huffington Post' says Sophie Cranston of the Libelula has won the commission.

Whatever that is.

Oh! She made that one.

Did she? A little black dress coat

Kate wore to a recent wedding, gave

it a run, a test drive. The reporter behind the story says she's known about the secret for four months. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner is in London. Do you believe the newspaper?

Do you think it could be league law?

There has been so much speculation

since the engagement has been

announced, Bruce Olfildeand Alice Temply. announced, Bruce Olfildeand Alice

Temply.Efeen Victoria Beckham's name

was thrown into the mix. A highly

unlikely, if you ask me but now

Sophie cranstone. Libelula means

dragonfly in Spanish. There is

nothing in the report that proves

it. She does offer up tidbits,

apparently the dress is almost

finished, there will be two in case

something happens to other one, a

backup dress which is what Princess

Diana did, there was a spare one. Of

course, the palace could end the

speculation by telling us the

designer, they don't

designer, they don't have to tell us

the exact designer, they iddid it

with Princess Diana, they revealed a

month into it that David and

Elizabeth Emmanuel would be

designing it but they say they

haven't done it so the designer can

have privacy coming up with the dress have privacy coming up with the

dress. No pressure, eight million

people watching. You would hate to

send her down in a meringue.


You love the Internet with these

sorts of things, some students at

Saint Andrew's University are paying


The other guys, an all-male ark pelg

gugroup, where they attended and

they have rewritten Lady Gaga's 'Bad

Romance' and called it Royal Romance

and they filmed themselves around

the house where they lived and it is

about their pursuing their love for

Kate. Listen.

# You know what I need you

# I want it bad

# You're bad romance

# I want your loving

# So hard to convince

# You me could write a bad romance

# Oh

# I want your lovin' just get rid of

the prince you and me could write a

bad romance

# Oh


Gees, I hope Prince William can

dance better than news guys. You dance better than news guys. You can

see high he got her and not them.

And T-Mobile, have done rehash of

the popular JK wedding entrance

dance that we saw a few years ago

that 65 million hits, look alikewise

varying, not bad, he has got moves.

I am not sure about the Wills and

Kate ones.

Lots of chorography, flea million

hits. Go Prince William. Daring.

Cumilia looked so like her.

Yes, Camilla is good, not

Yes, Camilla is good, not sure

Yes, Camilla is good, not sure about Prince Charles and there is Kate Middleton.

He is the Adelaide boy? The William

look alike? The kid from Adelaide. I

love the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Aussie boy.

We will put links on our web site to

all those YouTube clips to give you

a smile during the day. Speaking of smiling. How to turn your life around in three easy steps. Plus, Hollywood hot shots Angelina Jolie and Jack Black.

We nee to get to that tower without

being spotted by those wolves.

Got it, stealth mode. They're back for 'Kung Fu Panda 2'. Up next though, Corby coming back home. The decision that could see Schapelle freed from her Indonesian prison cell. You're watching Sunrise, live on the Seven Network. VOICEOVER: Tired eyes. Yawning. Drowsiness. Loss of concentration. Driver fatigue. (HORN BLARES) Wake up to the signs. Stop. Revive. Survive. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. Schapelle Corby could find herself heading home much sooner than expected. It's claimed that the convicted drug smuggler could be released immediately if the Indonesian Supreme Court makes a recommendation to the country's President to halve her sentence. Her lawyer is still waiting on confirmation to the rumour.

Corby has so far served six years of her sentence. So, we're asking today, do you think Schapelle Corby has done her time for the crime? Interestingly, more than 1,000 viewers on our Facebook page say 'Yes, Schapelle has served enough time behind bars'. Email or Tweet us your thoughts. Yes. Let us Let us know. Also today - I know it's Monday but that doesn't give you permission to automatically be grumpy. Later this morning to guarantee you have a happy day. I've got something that's going

But, in the meantime, we're wondering what songs make you feel happy? When you're feeling a bit down, a bit whatever,

I have got a song that goes back

1969, a band call Spiral Stairkaist called "

called 1969, a band call Spiral Stairkaist

called 'Hoar Today Than Yesterday."

It has been on my play list since 1969.

Can you find it?

It has a fantastic old YouTube clip

of a daggy base guy bopping along

but it is a wonderful up lifting song.

I always smile at 'Always Look on

the Bright Side of Life." Every time

it comes up I giggle.

I look the ahreplts Jordan one, 'Happiness'.

What is your song.

I naam not a music person. You are not?

You know that. I listen to stuff, I

don't know who it is.

She is happy anyway.

I am happy when a song comes on, I

just don't know anything about it. Still to come - the casino high rollers caught ripping off welfare. the man with all the moves. Then later, Meet the world's best pick-up artist.

We talked about him Friday, now we

will meet him. But next, news, sport and weather together. Plus how you can win big with the Cash Cow. This is Sunrise, wishing you a very happy Monday morning.

(LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. The Sunrise Cash Cow is giving away $200,000. Today's codeword is: You need it to enter the draw. Call 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. Or SMS the codeword to 19 777 077 along with your name and address. We'll phone this morning's major winner next hour. News time now, here's Nat. Just days after Sydney woman Keli Lane was jailed for at least 13 years for killing her baby, a taxidriver has come forward with new claims about what happened to baby Tegan. The child hasn't been seen since shortly after her birth in 1996. The driver has come forward claiming the baby was alive when Keli left her at a secluded place after being picked up from Auburn Hospital. News Limited reports the driver claims he went back and retrieved the baby and gave her to an unknown woman. He's told a member of Lane's defence team he remembers her and the child

and is expected to speak with police and lawyers this week. The Queensland Police Union is calling for more officers on the Gold Coast after six hold-ups on the weekend. In one robbery, a woman armed with a butchers knife threatened a bottle shop employee. In less than 60 seconds she cleans out the till, takes two bottles of bourbon and escapes to a waiting car. And a gun was used to hold up a video store. The police union wants a specialised armed robbery squad and for the courts to hand out tougher sentences. It seems more Australians are leaning towards a push by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie to curb problem gambling. The launch of the $20 million ad campaign against betting limits on poker machines has done little to sway voters, with two-thirds wanting to see change. The latest Nielsen poll shows 66% of voters support a plan to require gamblers to nominate in advance how much they are prepared to lose before they start playing poker machines. The poll shows

both Labor and Coalition voters support the reforms. The Victorian government has dropped a controversial plan to fund the invention of a drink to keep school students alert. The government called for proposals on the weekend to develop an attention-sustaining drink but Fairfax is reporting the plan has been quickly dropped after health and education experts thought it was a hoax. A UK study has shown more than three-quarters of British women

are suffering from changing room rage. Dubbed CRR, the condition finds women becoming increasingly annoyed by cramped, cluttered and exposed fitting rooms. The study of 1,200 women found 75% have stopped using changing rooms altogether. The condition is usually accompanied by feelings of anger, disappointment and bad temper.

No! Well if 77% stop using the

change rooms, the other 25% will be

happy. It will be easy. That is just silly.

The blokes sitting there patiently

on the couch waiting for them to

finish, you beauty! Finance news now.

European markets were up 32 and 31.

Big earnings week on Wall Street,

McDonald's, Apple, GE, all

McDonald's, Apple, GE, all reporting

their earnings. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse.

Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Fremantle are sweating on the results of scans on defender Nick Suban after he was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken leg during the Dockers 29-point win over the Kangaroos in Perth yesterday. At best he'll miss two to three months, continuing a horror run of injuries for the Dockers who have five players sidelined. Roosters captain Braith Anasta says the club will move on in the wake of the latest scandal which has seen utility Anthony Watts charged with assault. I'm pretty shattered about it and I'm pretty sure the rest of the team would be disappointed about it as well,

But there's not much we can do about

it but work hard, getting out of

situations like this, that's all

that you can do. Tonight the Dragons go head-to-head with the Rabbitohs. And it's not looking good

for Adam Scott 's Texas Open title defence. He started the round three shots off the lead and is back to 1 under through 13.

Rookie Brendan Steele and Kevin Chappell are currently sharing first place at 8 under with six holes remaining.

There has been a bit of tension on

the set of the weather this morning.

Hope things have calmed down with

the boys and we are getting on nicely.

It is fine, after you

It is fine, after you threaten the

presenter with being thrown over the

cliff you back off. No, it is a

harmonious bunch but as the sun

comes up, we love to make the most

of our shots in the morning as we

bring you the weather forecast. The

only feature to talk about is the

rain for central Queensland, up to

100 mills is forecast in places,

really significant stuff and it will push towards the coast and

push towards the coast and the south-east corner of Queensland as

well. But not expected to be that

heavy. About 30 mills once it gets

around the south-east corner,

around the south-east corner, but

really heavy stuff, central really heavy stuff, central coast,

push towards Mackay as we look at

the forecast for you this morning, good morning. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price. Tropical Cyclone Errol is moving away from the Kimberley keeping strong winds and heavy rain offshore. A trough in the east is causing showers and storms over Queensland and northern New South Wales. A high is bringing mostly calm and dry weather to South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Ballast Point is where we are in

Sydney, just looking back towards

the bridge, called Ballast Set point

for a significant reason. If you

like colonial history well, between 1788 and

1788 and 1800, it was a fishing spot

for the settlers. But they used to

carve the sand stone out of the

cliffs to fill the ships heading

back to England after

back to England after dropping off

the naughty convicts. The

the naughty convicts. The guy who

owned the 800 acres is $ owned the 800 acres is $drill

William Balmain, who sold it for 5

shillings, one of the worst real

estate deals in history. Damn you, William!

Joke of the day, yes, we have got

Nat back in the judging seat. The

keeper of the paddles. The purveyor

of paddles.

Did you miss not judging.

No! You know.

How did you go laughing am.

She did well, a bit like her music.

Warwick Leonard from New South Wales

sends it in, I hope it will give Nat

a giggle, I am sure it will,

Warwick, thank you. Walking into a

bar, mike said to Charlie, the bartender, "

bartender, "Pure me a stiff one, I

just had an argument with the little

woman." And Charlie said, "

woman." And Charlie said, "How did

it end." And he said, "

it end." And he said, "When it ended

she came to me on her hands and

knees." And he said really? And he

said, "

said, "Come out from under the bed, you chicken."

Warwick! Maybe you shouldn't have

prefaces it.

Did you give many TiVos away?

With Bec, they were flying out of the door.

Nat has got to balance it. No Nat has got to balance it.

No they only gave away one or two.

No, they gave away more than one or

two, thanks very much.

Soft touches, sor e

Soft touches, sor e sorry.

Just focus. Let me start again, go

back up to the top because she flu

me, mumbling, grumy guts in the

background. You need to join your

happiness campaign.

Head for the hills. Sorry:

Gee, it's good to have you back.

It's really great to have you back. Don't blame me. Just ahead - royal rehearsal.

Kate Middleton hits Westminster Abbey for a run through but why wasn't William with her? But next, thousands of jobs and no takers. Where to find work, right now. And, Operation Bounce Back a success.

Play it, play hard. The team of volunteers

that have helped clubs rebuild from the floods.

# Fly

# Up, up

# Here we go. #

How stunning is that? Good morning to Sydney

as we take a look through the Jetstar Skycam.

Weather weather cameraman, L ege

Heubner is bringing us this shot this morning. Mostly sunny and 23 degrees. If you have certain skills, you could be in demand at the moment. A survey by contractor group Clarius says we've started the year with a shortfall of 11,000 skilled workers. There are shortages in construction and engineering. That's in response to the disaster clean-up in Queensland and the mining boom in WA. So here are the top five jobs.

Chefs were dropped off the skilled

migration thing a couple of month ago? Why? The food industry in general is also short on skills. So how can you take advantage of these shortages? Geoff Whytcross is from recruitment firm Talent 2. Good morning. Do you think we'll see skills shortages in other areas in the future?

I think we will see it, skilled

shortages in lots of areas, going

forward. Look at the national

Broadband roleout happening and that

is going to create skills shortages

further in construction industries,

in engineering industries and people

with a telco background.

Okay, so we have just

Okay, so we have just gone thru the

jobs and you have done some. What if

you are sitting at home thinking I

don't have skills for those

industries. Is it too late to retrain.

I don't think so, I mean, no-one

knows how long the minerals boom knows how long the minerals boom is

going to go on. But in the end, if

you do training you will have skills

at the

at the end of the time, whether the

boom runs out or not.

You have come up with tips, let's

look at those to take advantage. Be

prepared to move away from the city.

Retrain, even if you worked in the

industries, if you don't have the

qualifications, look at a supporting

industry. What do you mean?

A lot of the mining camps, or the

cities that surround the mining

catches have shortages in retail

industry, in the services industry,

all those sorts of industries that

are supporting the mines.

Okay, look, in the last federal

election, both sides of politics

made migration a political football.

The fear that migrants might be

taking our jobs, skilled migrants.

With this, we have got a shortage.

Skilled migration has baigest

basically halved. Is it adding basically halved. Is it adding to the situation?

I think it is a bit early to see at

the presentation time but obviously

it will. If there is a skills

shortage, and we are not training

enough people, we have got to import

them. So, it is certainly going to add to it.

And make the decision, bring the

best brains here, it is ridiculous.

Good to see you. Hundreds of sports clubs across Queensland were hit hard by January's floods. And three months on, many are still sidelined. But thanks to Operation Bounce Back and a team of volunteers players are slowly returning to the field. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper has more.

Michelle, you've been out to Norths Junior Rugby League Club in Ipswich. It's been a long road for the club hasn't it?

You have been to Norths Junior rugby

League Club in Ipswich, a long ride?

It has been long road for everyone

the involved. The club was

completely inunidate would the water

level coming up two stories high

level coming up two stories high and it was like that for three days

before it was receipted. Everything

was destroyed, including the brand

new kitchen which the ladies

committee had just renovateed and it took $

took third years to raise the $

took third years to raise the $-- 30

years to raise the $

years to raise the $70,000 but now

they have a new club house and

canteen. Let's look. These are the future rugby league stars of Queensland. Today they're not celebrating a win though but a victory of a different kind. This club is the heart of this community. It's bred some great Australian rugby league champions and there are some great Australian rugby league champions here today and they're going to be out there playing and making not only Ipswich, but the whole country proud. # Three months ago Norths rugby league club in Ipswich was swamped by water. Now it's a field of dreams with Premier Anna Bligh on hand to officially open the new clubhouse. She's open. Go and play, and play hard. Juniors coach Craig Stephensen says the club didn't have flood insurance and there's no way they could have reopened so quickly without the help of dozens of volunteers. Everyone's over the moon - they've now got a watering hole upstairs for the seniors and downstairs we've got a function room that we can start putting some money back into the club David Redding from Brookfield Multiplex coordinated the construction and says the smiles on the kids' faces has made all the effort worthwhile. It's been overwhelming. We certainly didn't expect the positive response to the point that they are almost gushing with thanks. It's fantastic. And as the biggest club in Ipswich, with more than 400 players - that's a lot of gratitude.

(ALL) Hip, hip, hooray! #

So plenty of happy players out there

and Operation Bounce Back and all

our volunteers are helping hundreds

of players throughout Brisbane and

the Ipswich community. They have

just finished completing the Goodna

Rugby league club thanks to

Hutchison builders and the

Hutchison builders and the Karalee

juniors club has finished thanks to

multi plex. It couldn't be possible

without all the volunteers who

donated hours, time and supplies

donated hours, time and supplies to Operation Bounce Back. Also to note,

Mel, that the flood inquiry today

out in the Toowoomba regions so

victims will get a chance to speak

out about what happened.

That will help them and all the work

being done is just amazing. Thank

you, Michelle, appreciate it. See

you soon. Stay by your phone. After 7:00 we're calling our major Cash Cow winner but first here's Kochie. News is next, then, the game's over. The casino high rollers caught living on welfare. And, will she finally be coming home? Schapelle's new chance at freedom when we come back.

(LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. The Sunrise Cash Cow is giving away $200,000. Today's codeword is win. You need it to enter the draw. Just call 1902 557 707 and follow the directions. And don't 'moove' because we'll calling our major winner live in the next 30 minutes. Could it be you? Stay watching to find out. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us from New York. And Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth walked the red carpet for the highly anticipated world premiere of 'Thor'. Nelson, what's he got to say about the film?

Welcome home. You know, this guy

just has movie star written all over

him. I talked to him here

him. I talked to him here in New York for Fashion Week a couple of

months ago, talked to him in LA and

as you say, he brought the charisma

back to Sydney for the red carpet of

'Thor', here is some of his take on

becoming an action star. Icht Norse

muthology, I had to read up and

wonderful people to educate me and

support me. I notice the character

was huge so I had to get in the gym

and eat as. As I could and lift

weights so it was more exhausting than the film.

He is truly massive. I think it is a

the beginning of a

the beginning of a very long

franchise, not just 'Thor', he has a

very big career ahead of him.

Seeing it this morning.

Maybe he can help train her if

innext race? He is married.

It is her sort of movie, she is really keen on it. Moving on, and actor Nicolas Cage was arrested on the weekend but what was he doing beforehand?

Does it mean we have a new mug shot?

Yes, we do. He kind of looks

Yes, we do. He kind of looks sleepy in the mug shot, Chris Hemsworth, an

actor playing a comic book hero,

Nicolas Cage is a comic book fan. We

have seen on security vision from a

tattoo parlour in New Orleans, he

and his wife Alice and the entourage

where in there and it an argument

escalated to domestic violence. He

did have a cup, a lot of people do,

he did sit down in the tattoo

parlour so he probably wanted the

superman or Green Larnturn. His son

is named Kalel, the crip toneian

name. His

name. His sources say he didn't know

where he was living at the time and

needed help. Another one for your

collection. No tattoo was received.

Thank you, Soap Box Nat? What are

the songs that make us happy.

Hamish Hello" by the Cat Empire,

Hamish Hello" by the Cat Empire,."

Who Says skwaefplts. The."

Who Says skwaefplts. The." Zippedy

Do Da." And." Reminiscing' by LRB mism

It is my sad song, it got me kicked

off 'It Takes Two' when I murdered it.

Her song has happy memories.

Not that Simon is psychologically

scarred by the experience at all. The high rollers caught cashing in on Centrelink. This morning, their double lives exposed. Schapelle Corby's final bid to come home.

The study showing Aussie females want to do the housework

as well as have their career. Has Kate Middleton's biggest secret been blown

just 11 sleeps from her big day? What kind of children do they have? Po and Tigeress?

They would be large and in charge. Angelina Jolie and Jack Black reunite for 'Kung Fu Panda 2'. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in, thanks for joining us for breakfast. Right now it's time for the news of the day. Here's Nat. There's little for Labor to smile about this morning with the latest poll showing the party has fallen to its lowest primary vote in 15 years. Today's Nielsen poll shows the Coalition leading Labor 56% to 44%, 2-party preferred. Voters are also turning back to Kevin Rudd

with Julia Gillard's approval rating falling two points,

while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's rating has remained relatively unchanged. The proposed carbon tax and pokie reforms have had a big impact on the poll results. An investigation is under way into a deadly crash in Sydney's north-west last night.

A motorbike rider and his pillion passenger were killed

when a ute trying to overtake another vehicle

ran through an oncoming group of motorbikes near Windsor. Two men aged in their 40s died at the scene. Five other people, including the driver and passenger in the ute, are injured in hospital. Victorian police are calling for drivers to slow down ahead of the Easter long weekend after another serious accident in Melbourne. Two men were trapped inside their car when it ran into a tree in Cranbourne. It doesn't matter what road you're on or what vehicle you ride in, the message is - you need to be safe. The men are in a serious condition in hospital.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of a suspicious blaze in Melbourne last night. Crews responded to reports of a factory on fire in Campbellfield just before 6:00. When they entered the building they discovered a truck already burning. The blaze has damaged offices and a number of other vehicles. At least 45 people have now been killed in tornadoes sweeping across the United States. Around 60 tornadoes hit in North Carolina alone, bringing destructive winds. Buildings and cars were tossed into the air as the storm system began to move off the coast.

Authorities are warning the death toll could rise as rescue crews continue to search for survivors. The storm is the worst to hit the region since 1984. Former 'Home and Away' star Chris Hemsworth has returned to Australia for the world premiere of his new Hollywood blockbuster 'Thor'.

The dreary Sydney night provided perfect conditions for the god of thunder to walk the red carpet. Hemsworth will spend a few more days at home to promote the film about a powerful warrior. I looked at the comic books and noticed the character was huge so I had to get into the gym and eat as much as I could and lift weights. 'Thor' opens in cinemas on Thursday.

Gees, 'Home and Away' can produce

some superstars, can't they? And

they are all terrific young blokes.

An earnings deluge will be on the

way this week, GE, McDonald's, Apple

will all be announcing earnings. To

our region and we were down 33 and

32. Over the weekend, China

announced their economic growth, 9. announced their economic growth,

9.7% for the year. Industrial

production up 14. production up 14.8%

production up 14.8%. Retail sales up 17. production up 14.8%. Retail sales up 17.4%

production up 14.8%. Retail sales up

17.4%, but inflation is 5.

17.4%, but inflation is 5.4%

17.4%, but inflation is 5.4%, so it

is a bit of a snap shot of the

Chinese economy at the moment. Time for sport. Here's Simon.

A bit late on to talk about the

Showdown on Saturday?

Never too late. What a fantastic result.

Go Port Adelaide!

Go you good things, a huge come back.

Massive! A big night on Friday

night, a whole bunch of supporters

got together to get the club out of

debt. A big weekend.

Heading in the right direction, good stuff. Defending premiers the Dragons will be chasing their fourth straight NRL win tonight when they go up against the South Sydney Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium. Souths are hoping to turn around their recent poor form, they're sitting well down the ladder in 12th. And Roosters utility Anthony Watts is expected to be sacked today after allegedly assaulting his former partner during the early hours of Sunday morning. Arsenal's title hopes are fading after conceding a late penalty to Liverpool overnight. The Gunners thought they had it in the bag when Robin van Persie slotted a penalty in the 98th minute but four minutes later, with the last kick of the match, the Reds equalised through Dirk Kuyt, leaving Arsenal six points adrift of frontrunners Manchester United. Aussie Mark Webber has had a stunning finish at the Chinese Grand Prix, coming from 18th place to finish 3rd, just behind Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Just an incredible drive, so much unfolded in this race. Webber says changing from hard to soft tyres was the reason for the brilliant comeback. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton won the race.

Grant, we have had an e-mail from

Peter who is slightly concerned

about OH & S situation, near a drop

and all that sort of stuff? What can you tell us?

I probably shouldn't be sitting a

lot closer to it than I was before

then, Simon. A fair point. Fair

point... Look, I am one for personal

safety, as you know, Simon.

Yes, mate, living on the edge.

It is why I have five Guiness world

records for jumping out of

helicopters and driving a V eight

supercar at 300km/h, I need to

rethink my life, given what I have

gone through. But you can't wrap

yourself up in cotton wool because

you don't experience the true gift

of living every single day. I feel like an e like an evangelist. Hallelujah, Grant Hallelujah, Grant.

And I say to the lord, thank you

lord. After the accident people lord. After the accident people go, " lord. After the accident people go,

"You shouldn't be doing these

things." And I say, "

things." And I say, "I have got a

second chance after my second and I

am going to take the second chance."

It would be crazy not to take it.

That is my ethos.

That is very deep for 7am That is very deep for 7am.

We did a couple of minutes ago think

it would be an awesome place to glue a $

a $2 coin to the footpath and see

how many runners stop. That is the

other side of my life. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Right now, buy two items from their pendants, lamps or exteriors ranges and you'll get your second item half price.

He is a Virgo and likes long

He is a Virgo and likes long walks in the path, it sounds like an ad in

a dating agency earlier but it is

good to get it out. We learned

We learned something. Here to share.

Thank you, Grant, see you in half an hour. Now to a shocking waste of welfare money. It's been revealed some high rollers at casinos have also claiming Centrelink benefits. Some had concealed income or assets, in order to get welfare. Their casino details were checked against Centrelink records. More than 500 people will now have to repay the government $9 million. That got us thinking, how much welfare money is gambled away by regular punters not just the high rollers. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is pushing for gambling reform. Good morning. Do we know how much welfare ends up being gambled away?

It would be hard to estimate how

much welfare is gambled away? In

In terms of the weekend, it is clear

money laundering is going on to some

extent. Anyone with that sort of

money shouldn't be on welfare

money shouldn't be on welfare but there are people on welfare who are

gamblinging their pension cheques. I

know it from agencies who provide

food parcels and emergency

assistance because the kids go

hungry because they are blown

hungry because they are blown their

pension cheques on the poky machines.

If someone decides that is how they

want to spend their pension cheque,

it gives them fun, entertainment or

pleasure what should we do to stop

them and should we?

Dawn donestone told da -- Don

Dunstan, not a wowser said

Dunstan, not a wowser said people should be able to choose their own

poison so long as it doesn't harm

others. The problem is those in your

family misout or the person will

need to go for emergency assistance

and we have to pick up the pieces.

If We have precommitment technology

so you decide what to spend, choices

that are low intensity, you don't

need a card for precommitment but

you can't lose as much it will mick a difference.

Pubs and clubs last week making a

campaign against it, do you think it will happen?

Yes, I do think it will happen

because the committee that is

looking at this mow, both the senate

and the House of Representatives

will hand down the finings a at the

end of the month. Too many people

are being hurt by poker machines,

extraordinary damage, literally

hundreds of thousands of people are

affected. We need to do something, sensible prag

sensible prag madic reforms. The --

pragmatic reforms. Clubs cannot rely

on getting 70% of their income from

problem gamblers.

With precommitment, they can still

gamble but just decide how much they

are willing to lose. Thank you. Schapelle Corby has a final shot at freedom. Indonesia's Supreme Court has asked for her sentence be cut to 10 years. The bid for clemency now needs to be approved by the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. If successful, Corby's lawyer believes she's already served enough time behind bars to be eligible for parole. Her appeal is based on psychiatric reports saying she's mentally ill. The former beauty student was arrested 6.5 years ago when Balinese airport authorities found marijuana in her bodyboard bag. Joining us now is lawyer and long-time supporter of Schapelle's, Kerry Smith-Douglas. Good morning. Kerry, what's the likelihood that Corby will get presidential clemency? And when will we find out if the bid is successful?

When are we going to find out?

First of all, I would like to let

you know I brought my grandson in to

say hello to you. Oliver Kershw, say hello.

Hello, good to see you.

He has been dieing to meet you. I do

believe that she will get clemency, it is

it is about time, as you said it is 6. it is about time, as you said it is

6.5 years this has been going on.

Julia Gillard did say he would take

up the cudgels after Kevin Rudd did

absolutely nothing. And after he

criticised John Howard. At

criticised John Howard. At least Julia Gillard has gone over and

spoken with the President of

Indonesia. However, we do need the

final push from Julia Gillard to

ensure that she does get the

clemency and comes back to Australian soil.

Kerry, the ind neegsz President has

always said he is going to take a

hard stance when it comes to drug

smugglers, do you think it is enough

to change his mind? The psychiatric

issues Schapelle is going through? It could It issues Schapelle is going through?

It should be, it is a humanitarian

issue. What I would like to see is

every Indonesian in our jails go

back to Indonesia, all Australians

in Indonesian jails come back to

Australia, let them have their Third

World country jails,

World country jails, Schapelle should be back in Australian soil,

all our Australians should be back home.

Describe Schapelle's current mental

state for us? We are getting all sorts of reports?

Right, well, she is in a very bad

way, she is, in fact, scratching the

cement, she thinks her parents are

buried under the cement, she is

scratching to the extent her

fingernails are bleeding. She has

got to come home, we have two

psychiatrists indicate she is

mentally ill, leave it any longer it

is too late, the girl is not

is too late, the girl is not have

children, she has lost that

opportunity in life, she has gone

from a very beautiful girl to a very

sad statef o affairs.

Thank you, catch you next time and

thank you to you and Oliver for coming in.

Thank you for having me, goodbye. One of the biggest secrets surrounding the royal wedding has been the designer of Kate's dress. But now a US Newspaper claims to know who has scored the commission. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner is in London. Who is the designer that's been named?

No Kate or William? Just checking.

Tell us about the designer who has been named.

Not even some of the dodgy look

alikes, just meal I am afraid but I

do have the inside on the new

do have the inside on the new scoop from the 'Huffington Post', Evonne

York claims she has known for four

month and kept it quiet due to an

agreement with the palace. But

apparently it designer is Sophie

cranstone, who designs out of

Dulwich in London, Libelula, which

means, I hope I am pronouncing it

right, dragonflyen in Spanish. The

dress is almost

dress is almost finished according

to this report and they are making a

backup one in case something happens

to the original one. As for Sophie

cranstone, Kate has worn her before,

in January she went to a friend in

Yorkshire and wore the black velvet

dress coat, she has designed

dress coat, she has designed for Jerry Hall and Emma Watson. Alice

Temply, Alexander McQueen, I don't

know whether it is true or not,

Evonne York Thinks the palace will

soon announce it anyway because the

dress is nearly finished and the

only reason they didn't announce it

earlier was to give Sophie cranstone

privacy. Three billion people will

watch her come out with the dressch

wanted to give her a couple of

months to get the dress.

What publicity for the label.

If you get it right.

Of course it will be beautiful. Kate

has had a rehearsal, she has

has had a rehearsal, she has gone

has had a rehearsal, she has gone to Wesminster Abbey, William didn't go

but the groom gets the easy bit.

One of the look alikes I am told

stood in. No, only joking.

stood in. No, only joking. But Prince Harry was there, all of the

bridle party -- bridal party. Where was will

Where was William?

He was unable to be released from

search and rescue helicopter pilot

duties, busy at work, typical, the

groom off enjoying himself, and the

bride left to do it all herself. You

can imagine the details and the

planning, it has been timed down to

the minute. Kate has 11 minutes to

get from the Goring Hotel

get from the Goring Hotel to Wesminster Abbey and the security is

intense. Apparently it is costing $ intense. Apparently it is costing

$31 million with lots of James

Bondesque things with snipers on

roof tops. There are people

threatening to

dovariousdomenstrations on the day

of the wedding. Better to be prepared.

She has the luxury to have road

closures and make lights green for

her to get through, so she will make

it in the 11 minutes.

Don't we all have that?

No, I didn't but I made it on time.

Thank you for the update, talk to you soon. The NRL is awaiting a report from the Sydney Roosters on Anthony Watts, who's facing an assault charge. The future of Todd Carney is also under a cloud after he was out on the town with Watts despite being on a good behaviour bond for drink driving. Joining us now are Sunrise Sport's Jim and Rebecca Wilson and Seven AFL commentator Tom Harley. Jim, will this be the end of the pair's footballing careers?

Can you believe we are talking about

this stuff again? This is bad.

Yes, it is bad. It is bad on number

of front. Now, Anthony Watts,

hitting his ex girlfriend, allegedly

at this stage. He has got to have

his day in court, it seems to be

alcohol fuelled, allegedly. But Todd

Carney, a repeat offender and caught

up again and out with Watts at some

night spot, if he was at all

involved in any way and on the drink

again, and been warned off it, he is

at Alcoholics Anonymous, he should

be shown the door and osWatts if

guilty. I know he -s superstar but

he has got to be shown the door, it

cannot be tall rited.

Someone like a Wayne Bennett will

say there is say there say there someone

say there someone who can fill the

shoes who won't behave stupidly and

be recidfast. There is an admission he was

he was drinking vodka and sodas all

night, he is at Alcoholic Anonymous

and 4 o'clock in the morning when

the alleged offence occurred. What

the hell are they doing out at 4

o'clock in the morn? Look at the

results on the field, the Rhysers

are gone -- Roosters are gone for the season.

The scoreline was flattering

considering the weather but the

Broncs, it is it a culture thing.

It is no dick heads?

That is it, you recon the penny just

drops especially with the

performance things, it is a bigger

issue with the alcohol abuse but if

you are in a team sport and the team

is performing look what the team is doing.

What would you do if you were the

captain of Todd Carney. The leadership group, without

knowing the details you would say

knowing the details you would say he would be in strife, two or three

strikes and out.

Wouldn't You go like that.

AFL, third draw in 4 rounds on the

weekend, usual lee two or three a

season, does the AFL have to go the

way of the NRL and play a golden point?

No, I love it, I got a Tweet

No, I love it, I got a Tweet and

someone said the AFL are kidding

themselves but it is a a

themselves but it is a a great

value, everyone knows when the

sireren gos and the points are level

you get you get two points. Outstanding

game. The big debates in Melbourne

are more about the interchange and

the substitution rules, the bombers

had two massive injuries with Massie

and Winderlick. A great result.

As a Carlton supporter, I had Joey

on the plane at coolen gota and he

said -- coolen gota and he said we

are gone dad. Bec told me there was

a draw and you should have heard

Joey, as good as a win.

A fantastic tradition, that game

deserved to be a draw, sensational.

We might say, there is Jason but to

Nick Suban, all the best to him and

his recovery. You hate seeing that.

That is a double blow to Essendon,

to lose dumpsy and Suban. -- to lose Dempsey and Suban.

Great drive for Webber, third in China. Fantastic. Coming up - calls for a commission to monitor the price we pay for milk. Plus, Jack Black and Angelina Jolie.

We need to get to that tower without

being spotted by those

being spotted by those wolves.

Got it, stealth mode. The Hollywood stars reunite for 'Kung Fu Panda 2'. But next, the $200,000 Cash Cow. Stand by your phone.

We're calling our major winner right after this. You're watching Sunrise, wishing you a very happy Monday. Good morning.. ACTION's bus timetable should be back to normal

today.. after mechanics walked off the job again.. at

the weekend. It's as they step up their fight.. for better pay

and conditions. Union rep Jane Timbrell hopes ACTION will put

a better offer on the table.. when they meet.. later this week.

Work'll get started today on a new building at Mt

Stromlo.. where ANU staff will develop and test different

space technologies. A highlight will be a new billion

dollar giant telescope. Several research

projects will get underway there.. like monitoring the

movement of dangerous space debris. A new campaign's been launched.. to make

Canberrans aware of how guide dogs can help our

visually impaired decrease their risk of falls..

depression.. and other health problems.

And our Brumbies will have a much deserved day off.. after

yesterday's Western Force clash. Our boys have a bye this week.

Back at 11.

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Let's see if we can get someone to

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the Cash Cow..

My gosh, thank you.

Well done, Megan.

You excited.

I am so excited! Like gosh.

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A very demure lady.

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No, don't peek! Move away before you peek!

peek! Sorry. Just scared the children, it is

school loll adays. Hooly-dooly.

Supel carby, with whether she should

be released. Jill said she is guilty

she has done her time, she wouldn't

have receivered that amount of time

in an Australian point, they made

their point, let her go, but Chris

says who cares? Just let her rot

there and be done with it, very

passionate responses either way. Happy songs?

Yes, lighten the mood a bit.

Beautiful Dey by U2 says dobe.

'Coconut' by Harry Nielsen. And

'Time Warp' says Lisa.

I love a bunch of coconuts? Is it that one?

No, but that No, but

No, but that is a good one.

# Put your lime in the coconuts. That is a good song.

It is very happy, makes you very

happy. Do you reckon it is a happy song?

It makes you feel happy. # Doctor #

Mel is doing a dance.

I don't know what I'm doing with that. Just ahead - Shane Warne's beauty tips. Why the 'Spin King' is denying he's had work done. Plus, Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Jack Black. Right now though it's news time.

Here's Nat. The Federal Government's poker machine reform is gaining momentum with more Australians backing the changes. The latest Nielsen poll shows 66% of voters support a plan

to require gamblers to nominate in advance how much they are prepared to lose before they start playing poker machines. The evidence that we've heard is that too many people are being hurt by poker machines, it causes extraordinary damage - literally hundreds of thousands of people are effected by this. The poll shows both Labor and Coalition voters support the reforms. A man who's lived in Australia for more than 40 years will be deported to the United Kingdom later today after having his visa revoked on character grounds. 47-year-old Clifford Tucker moved to Australia as a child but never applied for citizenship. He has numerous criminal convictions including spending 12 years in jail for attempted murder. He lived in Adelaide but is now being held at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre. The Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has defended his decision

to revoke the visa but the man's lawyer is calling on the Prime Minister to intervene. A search is getting under way in North Queensland this morning for a man and two children who've failed to return from a fishing trip. The group set off in a dinghy from Kurrimine Beach

south of Innisfail early yesterday and were due back in the afternoon but haven't been seen since. A family-run video store in Melbourne's east has been destroyed by fire overnight. When seven crews arrived they found smoke and flames billowing from the roof and windows of the shop. Firefighters had to work quickly to stop the blaze from spreading. Firefighters worked diligently in putting this fire out. It was very hot work in tiring circumstances. It's unclear what sparked the blaze. For many women, housework will always be a chore but a new study has found most still take pride in cleaning the home. Despite some women working up to 70 hours a week, a University of Western Sydney study has found

more than 85% still do most of the chores around the house. 49% did admit they would hire a cleaner if they could afford it while 18% said they'd be happy to let someone else do the ironing.

Give up the ironing.

A woman's work is never done, girls?

No, but the other bit of research

you failed to reveal, is most women

would not let their husbands do and

and do it themselves.

Because they put dark socks in with

white and get grey.

No, I let my husband.

We mix the smalls, as my grandmother

called it, with the normal wash,

your undies.

If they are going to step up, let

them do it, I am not fussy.

Finance news now, glad we

Finance news now, glad we solved that. Yes.

The Dow finished the week 76 up.

Look at that Aussie dollar, it is heading towards $

heading towards $1. heading towards $1.6 United States. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. The Gold Coast and North Melbourne are the early season strugglers in the AFL with both clubs yet to secure a win. Newcomers the Suns showed some promise,

though walloped by 90 points by Melbourne in Brisbane, while Fremantle comfo